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hi Dan--the example Schema links provided within this document return ~server errors. Any suggestions where to find example schema for a MedicalWebPage?  thank you!
Extremely helpful--thank you!

Do these data types or properties exist:
 -Elective Procedures (ex:-cosmetic procedures which are not medically necessary)
-Medical Procedure Cost
I see 'DrugCost' listed as a data type, but can $ be associated with cost of a medical or surgical, and elective procedures?  Healthcare is really craving pricing transparency. 
If you don't see them in that list, they're not there! There might be a way to handle the cost aspect with one of the ecommerce-related constructions, I'll have a think. Thanks, noted these issues...
Consider that here in the USA consumers are already price shopping all types of elective surgery such as cosmetic surgery, LASIK, IVF (fertility), etc.  It is standard for these physician offices to quote total cost over the phone. 

However,  consumers should have the ability to price shop medically necessary routine procedures such as colonoscopy, MRI, etc.  Insurance does reimburse, but most consumers have a co-pay based on a % of the total cost! So even with third party payors, it makes a huge diff to consumers.  Healthcare pricing has been hidden behind a secret veil for way too long. The gaps in pricing of services within  USA is staggering! 

Total Treatment cost of disease indications with  hospital stays will be  a much harder nut to crack, but the data is leaking out. In this example, treatment of COPD ranged from $7K to $99K.
What is even more criminal is that most patients have NO CLUE that this monster gap in pricing exists!.  

Thanks for listening. You have a great opportunity to unlock the  pricing flood gates with schema!  And this is something that the Star Trek Computer, whoops, I mean Knowledge Graph is going to want to know.....:)
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