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Dan Bowkley
Dan the Trucking Geek! Linux freak, gun nut, vapemonger extraordinaire, builder of cool and interesting things.
Dan the Trucking Geek! Linux freak, gun nut, vapemonger extraordinaire, builder of cool and interesting things.

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Four years ago today. I'm thinking mom just told her she could have some tuna...

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Well, let's try something new!

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Abus 34/55 padlock (marked as property NYCHA) single pin picked. It's a six pin, very high security padlock with five spool pins.

Kinda proud of myself right now.

On a side note, the bastard GMS clone of a Schlage five pin mortise lock that I bought for practise is still giving me fits. It has ZERO security pins, its manufacturing tolerances are just that bloody tight. Excellent security for an $8 lock!!
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Stupid question: are there any Navy mess specialists/culinary specialists who know which brand mix the spice cake was made from? I love the stuff and miss it dearly, tracked down a copy of the Navy recipe cards...only to discover it tells you to make it from a box of mix and a bucket of water. So does anyone know if this stuff is available to civilians and if so, under what label?

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Please help I have called all the places for help nobody will.Please pray for him.Anything will help even a dollar. God bless.

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While you are cozy and Comfy, filling the tummy today, here are folks providing a meal for those totally without. No tv. No heater. No running water. No toilets. Possibly a camp stove to cook on. Just a tent-shelter to live in.

This is how it was shortly before noon on Thanksgiving day in #Stockton, Ca. A city of over a quarter million people.

I don't know why they are this way. Mental Illness is likely for many, accompanied with self medicating with drugs and alcohol. Perhaps they simply lost a job, could not pay rent, and ended up living out here. or over there. Or possibly on the doorway that is mostly unused.

The fact remains, they are here. They are people. And some person or group has taken it upon themselves to provide at least one good meal. To share the food. To spend their time. To some some kind of respect.

As you move into turkey coma mode. Consider. Could that be you next year, eating at the table provided by strangers?

You might break a leg crossing the street, knocked down by a kid on a bicycle. You cannot fix cars with the broken leg so your boss finds someone else to do your job, sending you away.

You wonder about how to pay rent, State disability may help, but is rarely enough. Now, three months later you are evicted. But where, your disability ends next month when the cast comes off. No place to live, at the end of a long waiting list for subsidized housing, and the shelters are overfilled, and you are slow.

Something like that is how it begins for many, and they struggle for dignity, a shower and food.

Thank you to those that do help those in need. It is written into The Old Testament and Torah. The New Testament teaches that one is to care for the needy. The Koran similarly engages the individual and the community to help those that come to them. The Buddhists are likewise mandated to help.

Yet too many won't. Not can't. Won't. Be a person of worth to society, and actually help. And be very thankful.
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