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Dan Boabes
Technology is the new smoking
Technology is the new smoking


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Devra: "Resistance, fight for ADA!".
#ViaLux #Ingress

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Posting as Niantic's #IngressEmbeddedReporter from Prague.
Stay tuned. More to come.

#ViaLux #NL1331
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I've been keeping all my emails since 2002.
Browsing some of old ones and found "predictions for 2004" ...
"WAP page impressions will grow to 13 billion next year."
This sounds like from ancient times... But only 12 years passed.
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It seems that Chewbacca will not be able to attend the official launch of Star Wars 7...

Few minutes before arrest:


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Exactly how I knew Frank: always with a smile.
Rest in peace, Frank!


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Deeply impressed! Thank you +Moldovan Cosmin
And there is that...
My humble contribution for the wonderful people playing Ingress in Romania, Enlightened Faction, especially those first time partners for whom I feel deeply connected.
On 2nd of August 2015, after a 5 hours continuous climbing from The 2 Towers Cabin (1520 m), I reached The Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m) în The Făgăraș Mountains and installed this plaque and so the names of some great players : +Ramona Ionescu​, +Alex Cruceru​, +Dan Boabes​ will always be remembered by all that reach the highest mountain in Romania.
Cheers to all!
PS : Happy Birthday, +Dan Boabes
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That's standard. So we can provide a better service.

via +netzpolitik 

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 I should have invested in bacon 😎

"With each bacon lovers festival and Bacon baby conceived with bacon-flavored lube, the price of pork belly futures rose. At one point in 2010, futures jumped from 90¢ per pound to a record $1.40 in just four months. Bacon prices rose from about $3 a pound in 2005 to around $5.40 today, according to government statistics"

+Joe Philley 
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