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Dan Blank
I am the founder of where I help writers share their stories and connect with readers.
I am the founder of where I help writers share their stories and connect with readers.


Still checking in here on Google+, trying to find a meaningful and unique use for this channel. Each time I log in, it seems like a much more visual version of Twitter - lots of links. And I do like that, but it is also missing maybe 50% of the folks I normally see on Twitter. I'm very much trying to resist the urge to just use Google+ as another promotional channel, or just view it as a way to build Google-juice. From a purely logical standpoint, that alone is more than enough reason to just share share share here on Google+. But from a true connection standpoint - connection to other human beings - I'm still searching for the distinction. 

Today on my blog, I'm reflecting on the power of small moments:

I've spent the morning redesigning my website - all is going surprisingly well. Months of thought went into it, and weeks of whittling down content. But only a couple hours of actual design/development (thanks to the amazing power of Wordpress, themes, frameworks, plugins, etc.) 

A lot of folks I know spend MONTHS on expensive and complicated (and frustrating) website redesigns...what has your experience been like?

My respect for Google+ continues to grow, and I am hoping to make it a daily habit in 2014... Nice to see all of you here!

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Already finding wonderful things. I schedule my day in a similar fashion to +Joanna Penn - placing creative tasks during times when I have the most energy. Nice interview! 
"I love quiet and even wear earplugs in the library to work. If I do listen to something, it is usually rain or violent storms, which helps me reach some level of concentration for creativity. I used to think I was a bit strange, but there’s a site called RainyMood which is tremendously popular, so I think it’s more common than most admit."

Interview with me about #writing practices, travelling and sense of place, the future for books and authors - and more!

Taking another look at Google+ after awhile away...

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+Dan Blank challenges writers to accept and embrace the risks inherent in writing and use them to expand our work in new ways in this thought-provoking post

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Build Your Author Platform - my 6 week online course for writers starts Wed! 

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Reflections from seeing Seth Godin speak, attending the Creative Mornings meetup and walking The High Line:

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