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Sky of Fire

Wild fires burning In British Columbia helped to create possibly the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen.

Healy Pass, Banff National Park, Canada

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Stunning Dan!!! I would have loved to have seen this!
+Gail Beerman this is what I was doing yesterday morning.....what were you doing.....sleeping??;) No, I was sleeping yesterday morning too:) Last summer.
Stunning! Looks like a very rich morning!
I believe that this is only in +Dan Ballard's world where he goes to make magic happen and shame us mere mortals. I fear you Dan ;-)
What a magnificent vista and beautifully captured. Just love the light on the distant mountains. Lvoe shooting under skies like this!
It's a stunning landscape without the colour but then WOW!
Great shot, Dan. The colors are amazing!
Wow, stunning image! Those clouds are intense.
Damn, what an incredible view! Great shot!
Wow, what a great image, such a good feeling to be in position when the light is like this!
Wow, that's a very gorgeous sky plus great mountain scenery.
so many things to say about this picture but each word would be wrong. so I just say: speechless
wow this is awesome Dan, very nice to my artistic eyes
Dan your images seriously blow me away.. my jaw dropped looking at this.
Thanks for all the great comments everyone!!!!!
The sky is on fire, and this is epic, Dan.
Eli L.
- nádherné, slova nemohou vyjádřit, děkuji - Elli
Oh my you have seen some amazing places and done a perfect job of capturing them for the rest of us to see! Thank you for sharing your beautiful landscapes!
Eli L.
You have an amazing ability to see everything nice and pass it on. wow.... wow,,,,Congratulations and greetings from Czech Republic
Spectacular! This is an amazing shot!!!
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