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"Light on the Moon" Mt. Bromo, Indonesia

One of those moments........Wow......sometimes I am very happy to be a photographer!
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Beautiful mixture of colors and light in this scene, the warm and cool just mix together so elegantly.
Tuan Le
I'd be happy just being there to witness this scene, but being able to capture it is an extra bonus!
Thanks everyone!!

+Tuan Le Yea, it was an incredible site!! Watching the smoke shooting out of the volcano and the light wash over the "sea of sand" at the same time was intense.
Every time you post a photo, I am happy you are a photographer ;-)
WOw, I had to come back and throw in another couple
Dan, you may not post often, but when you do...
I need to go to an outlying planet to find the words for what I'm feeling, because they don't exist here. You have conjured another fantastical image that I am too small to comprehend.

I don't want to stand beside you and witness this (though it would be a privilege), instead, I want a front row seat to the workings of your mind, your creativity, the light and the flashes and the smiles as you give birth to these vision. It must be even more wondrous than the indescribable imagery you produce. Your last one was the best I've seen until this one. And going back through all of them. They're all the best.
Ger Vue
Great shot well done. Indonesia is a parodies for a photography.
Would like to have had my KTM in a sick wheely smack dab in the center!
miu miu
Woooaw~~~nice shot o∩_∩o
This is just an awesome spectacle! Well caught. I feel like I'm on Mars!
Great Job and good Camera Job. That's A Very Unique Image, Thanks For Sharing It.
looks kind of like a face.. cool!
Holy shit! Beautiful. Love those low angle rays through the clouds.
David D
That's a really great shot!
Wow - stunning scene, great light, great colours, great composition. I am sure this would make my heart beat faster in real life!
It's like something that would be in a very vivid dream!
What are the odds. Perhaps someone was showing you and us something truly out of this world.
wow , that is a very good photo luv it
Could you tell me what's camera you use?
Mt. Bromo is amazing, and you capture it beautifully.
I'm Indonesian, thank you for sharing it to the world.
amazing what secrets mother nature lets us in on sometimes
wow thank you of share image photo .beautiful ,view mountain I am indonesian proudly
Gabby D
i need to do whatever you're doing. i've only been to mexico. i did see the mayan ruins, though, and it was awesome. you should take some shots there.
Very Nice.. I'm from Indonesia and East Java too.. so many more beautiful object here.. just get some more... :))
r u free so dat we can hv live chat wahyu
beautiful lighting and the scenery is just WOW!!
Amazing just shows that there are things great and small
If only we could see this type of thing all around us and maybe we would realise just how lucky we are x
That looks awesome! 
Great photo. More please.
worm sign keeps popping through my head! lovely shot :)
still a lot of natural beauty in Indonesia
Gabby D
time to take up photography!
Thanks for the comments, shares and +1s everyone!!! I appreciate it!

+Lee Daniels Thanks for the great, great comment. You really make this place great!!

+Peter de Rooij Yea, it was crazy shooting this....hoping that everything was perfect exposure wise for this tough light along with being blown away by seeing it.

+Jesse Speer Hey, Jesse I have loved your work and designs for years, would be great to meet up for lunch or something at some point.
It's hard to express how I feel about this image. This is grandiose !
An extraordinary picture .... Amazing sight
Great shot Dan. ;) Mega busy atm with Adobe/Hasselblad commitments. Will catch you soon for an update on my new USA dates. ;)
Perfect light, perfect subject, perfect processing. Well done.
W O W ! ! ! ! +Dan Ballard, this is one spectacular image my friend...I'm really speechless!!
CJ Cox
oh wow, I'm glad someone shared your work so we can get reacquainted! awesome!!!
très jolie photo ! la Momie 6 ., LoL 
Wow, I love it, what a great moment: The rays give trust, but the red tones scare a bit. Wonderful impressing. 
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