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Hi, thank you for your support, this is the new song I hope you like it, feel free to share,
Peace & Love
+Motion Alert
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This track is epic! Very cool.
a good fit for Peace. Sound & Lyrics
Uahooooo i didn't know them,thank's so much...........
Thanks for sharing. Great musicality.
What can we say to such nice compliments :)))) +Mark Underwood and to be considered worthy of being in the same sentence as, Peter Gabriel portishead. Peace & Love.
+Motion Alert my pleasure, where is the best place to review the whole album and potentially buy some tracks ?
Very cool, thank you so much!

Best for You and Your Sun Will Shine are my favorites, but unless you can send me lossless versions I would be quite happy to pay a few dollars for them. They are great tracks! I like your use of space in the music if that makes any sense?

If you want to try sending me the two files by (2 separate) emails you can send them to Otherwise you could just shoot me a message when they are on iTunes.

Anyway thanks again and best of luck with your music !
Yes it does make sense, it is something we like and it allows us the freedom to blend the Live with electronic, hopefully allowing the melodies and vocals to shine a little :) I will send you the tracks via we transfer mp3 320kbps and you can download straight to your computer. Thanks for the feed back it is always helpful :)
Hello, Art, I like it very much (and the other tracks too)
Would you play it on Radio RéseauNances ?
Best regards
+Christophe Hénocq Thank you, Be happy to. should we send you a copy of the ep, if yes, can you send your email address.
Hi you can send the mp3 at this adress :
and mention that you allow me to play the tracks on the radio
Best regards
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful music :)
Beautiful, meaningful...very nice!
This is really good, loving it.....
cool man but not ma sean ppp420luv.......
Thanks for sharing. I liked the song a lot.
Interesting track +Motion Alert. I like how it flows. Will definitely check out your other tracks!
Excellent sound mellow with a lot of feeling. Keep playing your music it has something special
Thanks all for your thoughts and kind words :) peace & Love
Hey you did a great job on this one, it's got that Moody Blues/Pink Floyd thing going on well done, :)
Galley slaves summed it up perfectly...You got a new fan
Hi +Art Bilaisis !
We are both in a circle for Independent Artists Musicians etc.
Thank you for sharing your music with this circle. You sent me a post introducing yourself so that those receiving the song would know where & from who (an actual person) it was sent. Since 1982, I have studied & worked as a producer, director, instructor, & consultant for individuals & group adult artists who work, train or explore in the field of Performance Art which includes music, dance, theatre & performance under the auspices of my own company called Performance Art Workshop, LLC located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.

Is this a demo tape you might use for a promo pak? Or is this a draft working tape? Who recorded it & where? I a variety of suggestions, information & DRN (director's recording notes - for recording artists). I really like your work but ... if you can, I'd like to give you some news before you use this recording in a promo pak or for an "official" demo tape. Please send an email to I will send you an attachment with "the news" ! (don't worry, it's GOOD news!!) Look forward to hearing from you!
Elizabeth M Hennigan
Performance Art Workshop, LLC
Beautiful song. great production values!
Well done. This has a beautiful structure. Using background voices as harmonics works very well. Brill
The songs sound great they will done!
Just had a listen, what an Awesome Track! Great Job! 
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