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Hi, thank you for your support, this is the new song I hope you like it, feel free to share,
Peace & Love
+Motion Alert
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This track is epic! Very cool.
a good fit for Peace. Sound & Lyrics
Uahooooo i didn't know them,thank's so much...........
What can we say to such nice compliments :)))) +Mark Underwood and to be considered worthy of being in the same sentence as, Peter Gabriel portishead. Peace & Love.
Yes it does make sense, it is something we like and it allows us the freedom to blend the Live with electronic, hopefully allowing the melodies and vocals to shine a little :) I will send you the tracks via we transfer mp3 320kbps and you can download straight to your computer. Thanks for the feed back it is always helpful :)
Hello, Art, I like it very much (and the other tracks too)
Would you play it on Radio RéseauNances ?
Best regards
+Christophe Hénocq Thank you, Be happy to. should we send you a copy of the ep, if yes, can you send your email address.
Hi you can send the mp3 at this adress :
and mention that you allow me to play the tracks on the radio
Best regards
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful music :)
Beautiful, meaningful...very nice!
This is really good, loving it.....
cool man but not ma sean ppp420luv.......
Thanks for sharing. I liked the song a lot.
Interesting track +Motion Alert. I like how it flows. Will definitely check out your other tracks!
Excellent sound mellow with a lot of feeling. Keep playing your music it has something special
Thanks all for your thoughts and kind words :) peace & Love
Hey you did a great job on this one, it's got that Moody Blues/Pink Floyd thing going on well done, :)
Galley slaves summed it up perfectly...You got a new fan
Hi +Art Bilaisis !
We are both in a circle for Independent Artists Musicians etc.
Thank you for sharing your music with this circle. You sent me a post introducing yourself so that those receiving the song would know where & from who (an actual person) it was sent. Since 1982, I have studied & worked as a producer, director, instructor, & consultant for individuals & group adult artists who work, train or explore in the field of Performance Art which includes music, dance, theatre & performance under the auspices of my own company called Performance Art Workshop, LLC located near Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.

Is this a demo tape you might use for a promo pak? Or is this a draft working tape? Who recorded it & where? I a variety of suggestions, information & DRN (director's recording notes - for recording artists). I really like your work but ... if you can, I'd like to give you some news before you use this recording in a promo pak or for an "official" demo tape. Please send an email to I will send you an attachment with "the news" ! (don't worry, it's GOOD news!!) Look forward to hearing from you!
Elizabeth M Hennigan
Performance Art Workshop, LLC
Beautiful song. great production values!
Well done. This has a beautiful structure. Using background voices as harmonics works very well. Brill
The songs sound great they will done!
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