You may think you know what it takes. But it might surprise you to know the number one trick to getting your post shared:


1) VALUE – people want to share your post because they think their followers will appreciate it

That’s the key. You want people to want to share your stuff. Before anyone ever shares something, they ask themselves why. Answer them by making it really easy to share your content.


2) CONTENT – your content should either be; funny, informative, impressive, useful

There’s a reason for that order. People will share funny posts (or ones that make them look like comic geniuses) over anything else. This post unfortunately falls into the last category.


3) TOPICAL – it must be relevant at the time of posting

Post something about Wikileaks now and nobody will give it a second glance. Cats are like gold here – they retain their value.


4) FORMATTING – must be easy to read, not a wall of text

Make reading a joy, not a chore. Preview your posts to a 'Drafts' circle before you post.


5) LUCK - sometimes that's all it takes

The right time, the right place, the right person sees it. Who knows? Only Google.


That’s about it folks! Hope it helps.

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