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Damon Law
Pleasantly misanthropic composer, designer, gamer, inventor, and polymath
Pleasantly misanthropic composer, designer, gamer, inventor, and polymath

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Oh! That's how the 4th dimension works. :)

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Love this. Mesmerizing Maths!
An Amazing visualization of a mechanical wave.
#Math. #Physics
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I've been quietly putting together a new collection of compositions. I'm calling ■ (pixel).

It contains some new works, some old, put together in a way that I haven't done before, a work in progress that I have no end date or goal set to - it will be done when it is done, though I suspect it will eventually have at least 16 pieces.

Last night I found a number of bits I've written over the years that fit thematically with some of the newer ones I've written in the last year. 

I know that music is very subjective and can be very hit and miss. My music tends to be impulsive, but very often paints a picture in a way movie soundtracks do for certain moods. I'd say this album is shaping up to be another contemplative soundtrack, good for work, study, or quiet contemplation... or even a noir movie set in a dystopian future.

4 new tracks for you to listen to if your so inclined, and 4 tracks which were initially released last December.

As always you can download, stream or purchase at

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Action speaks louder than words or thoughts. Do or do not. 
As a human being I acknowledge that my well-being depends on others and caring for others' well-being is a moral responsibility I take seriously. It's unrealistic to think that the future of humanity can be achieved on the basis of prayer or good wishes alone; what we need is to take action. Therefore, my first commitment is to contribute to human happiness the best I can

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The cast of Richard III

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Snaps from NYC
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I'm extremely excited. I found out that I get to fly to NYC to see my theater company's production of Richard III! They are using 70+ minutes of my music to score the show! Learn more at http://spoon hear more at #excited #composer #pdx #nyc

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It's a great concept and interesting enough to be compelling to gamers new and old. For me Well done text adventures are like classic Hitchcock movies. You just don't need fancy special effects when you have a great story well told. +++++
dawg game update

for those of you who have followed it, i'm still at work on my wasteland dog text adventure game.

recently i started rebuilding it from scratch in HTML5/JavaScript. previously it was built in the tool Twine, but ultimately couldn't hold the dawg. i'm very new to this level of JS but learning as i go. still stuck on very basic problems, but most of the design is pretty well thought through so it's more a question of implementation than planning. that's a good place to be in.

visually it is coming to borrow a lot from ascii roguelikes. i'm creating a custom font to use for the game maps, so it's literally ascii but reskinned to look better than just a bunch of characters on the screen. i'm experimenting with a very grainy low resolution pixel vibe, looking back at old games on early cel phones and gameboys and the like. the browser game a dark room is becoming my greatest inspiration.

soon it'll be two years since i started this project. ("just a little thing to take a break" i said, sitting on my balcony in LA eating breakfast one morning. "i'll just make a little game to pass the time," i said. ha!) still i can't put this thing down. it's not just sunk time cost, i'm very invested in this game. since it takes place in an environment very literally drawn from New Mexico i started studying the mythology of that place and have been completely overwhelmed by its lore. plus i'm buried in nearly every dog reference imaginable. 

more later....
dawg z
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+Kraftwerk in #pdx in #3D. A very fun show. Lots of electronic goodness from the founders of the art!
Kraftwerk PDX
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