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I love this quote from an article on the problems with native advertising:

"The FTC is pretending that there is such a thing as non-biased news and that it can be cleanly, dependably distinguished from advertising."

This recalls a classic quote from journalist A.J. Liebling that "freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one."

These quotes are a great reminder that it is very tricky to try to define where opinion begins and news ends and, in the context of the article, the FTC will have a very difficult time creating a definition for native advertising that doesn't threaten news.

Is Fox News a news channel? Or native advertising for the Republican party.

Is MSNBC a news channel? Or native advertising for business?

Is the liberal media media? Or native advertising for the Democratic party? And other organizations that news should embrace opposing ideas.
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Damon Gudaitis

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This is a great read for any b2b marketing geeks on the challenges of corporate communications in a world where control sits with the consumer.
Oracle's chief communications officer talks to the Media Network about meaningful content, native advertising and why Larry Ellison is a worldclass storyteller
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This is cool, a new iPhone app for conquering jet lag.

My only question is about the example they used. In particular, why would anyone consider waking up at 6am to be well-adjusted?
Looking for a jet-lag cure? A new mathematical model may help you overcome jet lag faster than anyone thought possible.
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Damon Gudaitis

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"We may not see a petri dish of slime mold on an urban planner’s desk anytime soon..."

I saw this and thought of you, +Lia Gudaitis.
Summary: Slime mold has proven it can design highway networks, but computer scientist Andrew Adamatzky thinks its next step might be in the world of computing.
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Really enjoyed this, thanks D!
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Damon Gudaitis

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Does anyone know how to get in to the closed beta that allows us to set User-ID?

It seems like it would be so full of awesome combined with imported dimensions and metrics.
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Thanks for the information, however disappointing from my respect.

It has been a fairly long time since they first mentioned this feature (15 months?) and I was really hoping they would be close by now.
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Facebook didn't waste any time leaving their mark on Oculus Rift as this leaked concept photo shows.
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Photo credit PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE via Flickr
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A beautiful day for a ride to Deep Cove.

The park was hopping and there were a lot of riders out on what is undoubtedly the nicest weekend of the year so far in Vancouver.
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Damon Gudaitis

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If you're looking for something to read while avoiding other tasks, I highly recommend this article for the irony alone.
Denis Duvauchelle is CEO and co-founder of team collaboration tool Twoodo. How many times have you read that procrastination is just a characteristic of a lazy person? That people ...
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Damon Gudaitis

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I was just admiring the Conversion Rate Experts's half flat design when I started thinking about how my eye had been drawn to one of the few gradients above the fold (in this case, the breadcrumbs on a blog page).

I realize now that it was an accident because, after exploring their site, the use of gradients seems minimal, but not deliberate. But I would love to do a half-flat site where only the key conversion elements got gradients.

Looking at the page I linked to, the minimal-gradient-on-flat aesthetic works well for me and I think the deliberate use of gradients could be the difference between yet-another-site and a site that is subtly awesome, keeping you ahead of the next generation of banner blindness.
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Damon Gudaitis

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It's nice to see my initial impulse reaction to the Snowden revelations were strong enough to be used in this article by +Techvibes.

The irony is that I've moved on from +Optimus Information Inc and now work for +SYSPRO Corporate, who are primarily known for on-premise ERP, but I'm quoted, accurately I should add, as saying "like it or not, the future of business online is in the cloud."

It may seem a little hypocritical of me, but ERP systems are such a big, critical investment with commensurate risks that the vendor you choose should be the one that gives you the best chance for a successful ERP implementation.

The stakes are so big, the difference between cloud and on-premise should not even be a factor.

And, for the record because I'll get in trouble for not mentioning this, SYSPRO has cloud-based options. They just do more on-premise installations.
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The brisket is more tender than more expensive places BBQ places downtown. Very nice.
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