Couldn't fit everything in one shot, so here's a fraction of a panorama
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Very unique Command Center, Agent +Damon Devitt. We assume the Industrial Ducting Hose snaking from behind your desktop is used to supercool your PC.
You may have given away your position- GPS was on when you took this...
I missed the creeper. That's why I stink at mine craft.
Hey +Damon Devitt , so youre blowing hot air to the outside?

It would be much, much more effective, if you blow cold air in! 
Think about it, now youre just not heating up your room, without the tube it will go up very fast, above your head.

But what if you press the whole pc-case full with like 20C lower than the whole room? 

Thats why I blow more Air in my computer, than sucking warm out of it. There are so many wholes in the case, its better to blow :P
+Matzen Schiller This is Vegas, so its 90-110F out now. I have nowhere to get cold air for it
Also, I'm using an HAF X with almost all intake fans. The vent is attached to the two GPUs, so it isn't taking air from anything else
Well then you have an air conditioning, right?

How about taking that tube, put the one end to the ac, the other one for the pc-in fans.
And moreover, do you have any temperature monitoring software? Take a look at speedfan, a bit complicate to do the settings, but you get awesome control.
That was my original plan, but the room hits 90F with the A/C off without a PC running at 70-80C
I use MSI Afterburner for fan control on my GPUs. I don't really have a cooling issue with anything else so I haven't looked into speedfan
So you only have control over the GPU fan?

Hm, thats the only one I dont have control :)

For me it is very important, to have a silent system, when doing office.
Only when high power is called, the case-fans speed up.

That gives me a nice low noise environment when watching a movie, but a stable and intelligent cooled system when there is a lot to do :)

Here is a video that shows the advanced fan control, where the real trick comes from :)  Control Fan Speeds With SpeedFan [Tutorial]

Or try out something like that :D :D

freon CPU cooling
I use a Corsair H100 on my CPU and the fans are almost silent, even on max power. I actually used speedfan when I started gaming on my laptop before I built this tower. The fans were always too low, causing the system to overheat and burn skin.
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