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I don't usually share my circle's but i have been asked to, so here is my circle of Liverpool FC fans all across the world. As i update it, i will always share the updated versions

I am looking forward to a vibrant #lfc community here on Google+

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introduction ... i'm from indonesia.. but i'm bonek also liverpudlian
No problem +Damilola Oni . :O)
You'll Never Walk Alone is a beautiful song, and especially for LFC supporters.
Sissel Kyrkjebø is a famous artist here in Norway and Europe( and probably you have heard the voice in the Titanic movie?).
But it was actually not until for some years ago I discovered that she had made a version of that song ....(on youtube of course)...
Finally I have a nice circle of Liverpool fans thanks to +Damilola Oni :) Let's keep building this liverpool community :) I'm sure we can find more than the ones we currently know!
Cool, thanks for the circle. YNWA.
I think you need to remove me from here I'm a Port Vale supporter!! :D
+Richard Dowd Booooooooooooooooo lofl.

I think apart from a Liverpool Circle, someone should try and gather an english league fans circle. I barely know anyone who knows something about football over here
There's doesn't seem to be many scousers here.......
I need to expand my #LFC circle too. Add me if You've Never Worked Alone #YNWA. I'm a Kop for life!
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