Well, we finally did it. One month ago, we tried to create a big field over Paris but a link couldn't be destroyed because of a bug in the game. We were very frustrated, but we planed this operation for later.

Now is "later". One link in starting in Paris was destroyed at 6 PM, then we only needed to destroy 2 more portals north of Paris in order to remove 4 blue links. The field was created on 7th March 2013 at 9:21 PM.

Cities and portals liked :
- Omerville - Manoir Omerville (1)
- Viels-Maisons - Jardins de Viels-Maisons, Viel (2)
- Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire - Saint-Benoit-sur-Loire (3)

Links length :
- Link 1-2 : 125km
- Link 2-3 : 145km
- Link 1-3 : 154km
- Field value : 2,4M MUs

Many thanks to +Atomusk Bo, +YoYo L, +Tristan Lar, +Rumesh Mapalagama, +Denis MENEZ, +Alban Poinssot, +Julien Lamy, +Mohamed Khalil El Mahrsi, +John Séraphin, +Ludovic Lefebvre and many many other Ingress Enlightened agents!

Now you can call Paris City of [En]lights!

Edit : Well, that was quick:
11:00PM novies destroyed a Control Field @Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire(2 Avenue Célestin Chateigner, 45730 Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, France) -2413073 MUs

Good job everybody
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