Between Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th of May, we (3 Enlightened level 8 agents) played Ingress for 24 hours in Paris.

It all started on Thursday 2nd at 6 PM when +YoYo L (yoyo75) told us : I miss Ingress, I need to play more or something like that and he asked our high level agents who would be ready to play with him for 24 hours from Friday 6 PM to Saturday 6 PM. Yes, we only had 24 hours to decide if we wanted to/could join him. Only 2 agents answered yes : +Nicolas Broquet (aka Nic0w) and me (Morka). Other agents told us we were crazy but they supported us.

The challenge was to play Ingress for 24 hours and nothing more but having fun. Of course we thought about agent veneficia (+Deborah Tolkien), Enlightened in Munich who managed to become level 8 in 28 hours (read this story here : http://goo.gl/A4Ptq). In 24 hours we gained about 1.2 millions AP together.

The challenge lasted 24 hours but in fact we didn’t sleep for more than 36 hours because we were working on Friday : at 8 AM we created a level 8 farm and at 12 PM we destroyed a blue level 8 farm. This was before the event begins.

This was a great and crazy experience. We ran and cycled until the end. Many thanks to our Enlightened agents who helped us and joined us to create level 8 portals. Many thanks to the Resistance too : they reacted quite fast so it was much more interesting. During these 36 hours Enlightened created about 55 level 8 portals and 120 level 7 portals around the most beautiful places of Paris.

We are Enlightened, we are from Paris and we are Crazy

More details about our story :
- We started at 6 PM in two different gardens of Paris : I was at the Jardin du Luxembourg and Yoyo was at the Tuileries. We both created a level 6 and level 7 farm with other agents.
- Then we went to Aubervilliers north of Paris. A bunch of L6 and L7 Resistance portals needed to be destroyed but just before we arrived other agents told us those portals were level 8. Nic0w was already there and surprised 11 Resistance agents, preventing them from exchanging items and hack L8 portals any further. 10 minutes later Yoyo & Morka arrived to destroy the portals. We were then racing against Resistance Agents, in the streets, in order to destroy the portals faster than they could hack them.
- No other enemy level 8 portals were created during our 24 hours run. We went from point to point to destroy blue portals & fields and deploy new green ones. At 11 PM we met other agents to create our own level 8 portals just in front of the Eiffel Tower.
- After that we took the subway to go to La Défense, north-west of Paris. We arrived around 1 AM and we had to be fast because the last train to Paris was leaving around 2 AM. In fact we almost missed that train, we had to run 4 minutes to catch it and when we arrived at the station it was about to leave.
- Around 2:30 AM, we had dinner at Châtelet in the middle of the town, then we headed to the Hôtel de Ville (City Hall) and started our job. 2 Resistance agents (Arael and oreka) who weren’t asleep told us they were coming and expected to meet us. We didn’t really want to see them because they would have broken our challenge. So we left the place and took a bike to go to the Sacré Coeur. It was about 4 AM.
- Once this place had been Enlightened, we left for Opéra. We couldn’t find any bike so we went by foot and arrived around 6 AM. Our job done, we took the subway, to be at 7:30 at Gare d’Austerlitz, where we had a good breakfast. We then started to create level 7 portals at Jardin des Plantes. One agent joined us in this garden.
- After the Jardin des Plantes we went to Bastille (10 AM). More agents joined us.
- At 11 AM we went back to Hôtel de Ville to build a level 8 farm and we had lunch with about 8 other L8 agents in the sun. Some of them brought fully charged battery packs for us.
- At 2 PM 7 level 8 agents headed to the Louvre. We started to create level 7 portals but we found an 8th L8 agent there so we were able to create new level 8 portals (this wasn’t planned nor expected).
- At 3 PM we were 5 level 8 agents at Trocadéro (in front of the Eiffel Tower), building one more time a L7 farm.
- At 4 PM,  we decided to split up. I went to Jardin des Plantes (it was under attack), to defend our portals built that morning. Nic0w headed home and continued to play by destroying blue portals on each train station that was on his way. Yoyo continued to play at Champs de Mars and Pasteur on his way home.
- At 6 PM, it was a relief : our feet and legs were so sore ! Agents from both factions congratulated us, it was amazing. We were at home but we didn’t and couldn’t go to sleep immediately because of the energy drinksl and all the others things we had to do before the end of the day.

Full schedule :
- 06:00 PM : Jardin du Luxembourg + Tuileries
- 08:00 PM : Aubervilliers
- 10:00 PM : La Villette
- 11:00 PM : Champ de Mars (level 8)
- 01:00 AM : La Défense
- 02:30 AM : Dinner at Châtelet
- 03:00 AM : Hôtel de Ville
- 04:00 AM : Montmartre
- 06:00 AM : Opéra
- 08:00 AM : Breakfast + Jardin des Plantes
- 10:00 AM : Bastille
- 11:00 AM : Hôtel de Ville (level 8)
- 12:30 PM : Repas avec tout le monde
- 02:00 PM : Le Louvre + Tuileries (level 8)
- 03:00 PM :Trocadéro
- 06:00 PM : everybody was playing at home

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