Level 8 Easter Eggs

Sunday was Easter day. Usually you go in the morning in your garden to find some Easter chocolates. For this special occasion, Ingress Enlightened Paris level 8 team wanted to surprise everyone, green and blue : we deployed a lot of level 8 portals in Paris so Enlightened agents will have to move a lot to hack these portals and Resistance agents will have to go everywhere in Paris to destroy them.
The goal only was to have fun together and not to gather as many level 8 items as possible. So we only hacked the portals once. Finally we got 42 portals in Paris and that’s funny because 42 is THE answer! (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/42_%28number%29). We drove more than 30 km.

Well, this project wasn’t easy to plan. First because we wanted to start at 3AM and not so many people want to spend the night playing Ingress. We found our 9 craziest agents just the day before the operation.
Another difficulty was the daylight saving time switch. Indeed at 2AM the time officially became 3AM. Luckily we all managed to be on time at the meeting point.
Last issue was the communication : we had 2 cars but no walkie-talkies. We tried some mobile apps but it was too complicated. So one car took the lead and the second one tried to follow it.
We also got small issues with our GPS or data connection and it’s not easy to move the car in the middle of the street to reach a portal.

The run
So we started our run from South-East of Paris near 2 portals (see the map here : http://goo.gl/maps/4SqAr) and started to drive mostly at random and when we found an isolated portal we stopped and made it level 8. Around 7AM, for personnal reasons we had to go back to South, but we continued after that. We had an expensive breakfast together around 7:45 AM at Montparnasse, just before going to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomph where we could enjoy a beautiful sunset.

We’ve noticed during the last days that Resistance in Paris is less active than before. We had the confirmation with this operation : 2 portals were destroyed by Barjack at 12:00. Arael and craven took a car together in order to destroy almost every other portals. They started at 6:25 PM and finished the work at 10:37 PM. Only blendidos at 7:22 PM and pae at 9:55 PM took 2 other portals. Too bad only 2 agents destroyed 38 portals :(

Being a level 8 agent in Ingress
It seems Resistance agents aren’t motivated anymore, it’s too bad. We had hard times in Paris because they were very active but it’s not the case anymore. I hope they’ll play again.

Being a level 8 agent in Ingress can be very frustrating : you are very powerfull with your weapons but almost anyone can destroy what you build. That’s why Enlightened try to find other goals and nice projects like this one to create a game within the game. It’s not all about creating huge control fields, and there are many other ways to have fun with Ingress. Unfortunately we couldn’t do anything interesting for the Saint-Patrick’s day in Paris, but we have many other projets for later. We even have some nice challenges for both Enlightened and Resistance.

You'll find some nice pictures in this post :)

Thank you
Thank you to the crazy team, our 8 level 8 agents : Morka, Atomusk, Kanchi, Siguchi, Thus0, sehdatcha, StrangeWorld, yoyo75 and to our level 7 lady Ihou. Thank you to many other agents who helped us preparing this project.

Agents involved :
+Khalil El Mahrsi +Atomusk Bo +Pierre Nguyen +Simon Rubat du Mérac +Thomas Strangi +YoYo L +***** +Gilles WEBER

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