Yesterday, Thursday, 24th January was a great day for Enlightened in Paris and France!

In the evening, Resistance was destroying our Headquarter at Jardin des Plantes and we didn't react. In fact, we gathered somewhere else, in the center of the city for a big operation : the first level 8 portals in Paris were about to be deployed.

Indeed we got our 8 level 8 players on Monday and planed this operation for Thursday but yesterday another player became level 8. Together we started to deploy our level 8 resonators. The portal chose for this was the same we have chosen for our first level 7 portals : Place des Victoires (Victory in French). It was freezing outside but we were very happy to make this surprise to everyone, Enlightened players included.

But we wanted to do something very big for this special occasion : we brought cameras, go pros, stickers and green filters to put on the lights of the place. The statue of Henri IV in the middle of the roundabout was completely green!

Unfortunatly, once the Resistance noticed these level 8 portals, they came to this place and destroyed them quite easily (sic), they even removed our filters... No matter, we took some pictures and filmed this beautiful green place.

So for now we have more level 8 players than Resistance (only 2 for now?) but in fact we are outnumbered (they have 130 players more than us in and around Paris). We need some backup! Please send us some #ingressinvite . Paris is called City of Lights and we would like to it to be called City of green lights!

If you are a level 8 player in Europe and in the Enlightened team, please contact me! We have plans for Europe!

Better pictures and videos coming soon...

Special thanks to +Eric Larchevêque +acyd klorydryk +Philippe Lentz +Berrie Giebels +Guillaume B. +Simon Rubat du Mérac +Pierre Nguyen +Romain Sans Nom (level 8) and +Rumesh Mapalagama +Raphael Piédallu.

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