Report for the Niantic event of 21.04, by Enlightened Paris team

This event was really interesting and we really wanted to connect Geneva to Paris. A dedicated Google+ community was created with European Enlightened agents for this special occasion and we quickly found players in Geneva ready to fight. The two destination portals for Paris were located in the garden called Jardin du Luxembourg at the heart of Paris.
- Portal for Enlightened was called deer statue
- Portal for Resistance was called statue od lion with the killed (notice the typo)
- The portals are about 200 meters away from each other..

Despite the fact that we had gathered keys from Geneva through different sources, it became obvious from the first Strategy Meeting with the Geneva Enlightened that the opposing faction was vastly superior in numbers, and that we would therefore not be able to maintain control over our origin portal. From this moment on, we decided to opt for a defensive strategy : we would create as many links as possible around the Jardin du Luxembourg and around Paris. We’d also leave blue links up to complicate the attack by the Resistance. These 2 instructions were given to every agents in Paris and France.

Each day since the event was announced, many agents from both sides went to the Jardin du Luxembourg to collect keys. There clearly was more activity in the garden than usual.

On Saturday 20th, Resistance from Paris made a great move : they created large fields over Paris during the night. Some of our agents thought this was perfect for the defense because it would have been very complicated for them to link Paris with 3 blue links around. But the fields were really too large and we had to destroy them. The fields were destroyed around 10AM, I could have prevented new fields but we had some plans to create a control field over Orléans, South of Paris. But we waited too long to create the field, and the Resistance created their large fields again at 14:00. This time we waited to be sure we could block any new link, and at about 17:00 we destroyed the blue fields and created ours around Orléans.

On Sunday, at 13:30, both Enlightened and Resistance destination portals in the Jardin du Luxembourg belonged to the Resistance and were level 7. Around 14:30 the battle for these portals started. Around 17:00 the Enlightened team finally took control of both portals, and soon they became level 8. I arrived at the Resistance portal at 19:30 and was really surprised to find my team sitting around the portal, and soon other agents arrived. In the end there were 12 level 8 Enlightened agents and about 6 lower level agents. Around 20:00, the Resistance team arrived, they destroyed our portal and tried to take control of their own. Jardin du Luxembourg closes at 20:30, and at 20:20 the wardens started to make people leave. Almost everybody left but some Enlightened agents resisted and made the statue od lion with the killed a beautiful level 8 green portal. This portal remained level 8 all night long.

Some agents had to go back home, others were hungry, so we had dinner all together, blues and greens.

Finally, Resistance won this challenge because they managed to link 5 cities from Geneva. Berlin and Paris defended their portals. Great job everybody, I think we all had a very pleasant day.

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