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Testing for pending migrations in Django
DB migration support has been added in Django 1.7+, superseding South . More specifically, it's possible to automatically generate migrations steps when one or more changes in the application models are detected. Definitely a nice feature! I've written a sm...

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eBPF, fun times in the networking world.

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Continuous Testing with Patchwork
As promised in the post introducing my recent work on Patchwork , I've written some more in-depth documentation to explain how to hook testing to Patchwork. I've also realized that a blog post might not be the best place to put that documentation and opted ...

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Augmenting mailing-lists with Patchwork - Another try
The mailing-list problem Many software projects use mailing-lists, which usually means mailman , not only for discussions around that project, but also for code contributions. A lot of open source projects work that way, including the one I interact with th...
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