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So I've gotten a ton of new followers over the weekend and I need a roll call. If you're into photography let me know so I can put you in my photography circle.

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yeah, pls. thx. seem i am not the first...
Sathya here :)
btb added u to my photography circle as u started this :)
I belong in your photo circle ;-)
Not a pro, but yea I'm into photography ^^
What is your favorite lens?
looks like i'm a little late to the party, but count me in!
I'm sure I'm already in that there circle of yours, but just a reminder. I could also be put in a circle called Midland Expat.
Ben Lee
+Damien Franco Thanks for asking the question - I've found many more photogs I can now circle myself!
Suggest everyone also check out +Chris Marquardt He is a great photographer and awesome educator in this area.
I believe we are both in each other's Photography circles...
Ant J
photog here #pictures #capturinglight #cameras #composition
Count me in! Cheers from Brazil.
+Damien Franco absolutely TXN to the core. It still blows my mind that you are based in Midland and you are one of the more influential photogs around.
Hi~ Getting back into Photography after many years & loving it. Thx, & have a great week.
Photography and tech, (if you have that circle).
That would be me my friend.
Steve H
<aol>Me too</aol>

And a good idea to use this thread to find other photographers to follow.
You can add me also!
I'm a wonderfully amateur photographer. :)
Been playing with cameras for 30 years or so. Google+ is very photography friendly so looking forward to following other photographers.
trying to learn photography
I was following you before the weekend, but me!
I do, already added you to my photographers circle! :)
Higher-Ed multimedia specialist and photo instructor.
Picture taker extraordinaire here! :D
you can slap me into your photography circle.
I too would like to join, Thank you.
You are in my photography circle ;-)
I just got pointed to this thread, Super stoked!! Helloooo all you beautiful fellow photographers. Add me in the mix!!
and me :-) (from spain)
Me, Freelance Photographer, Documentary and Blogger
I am only a beginner but too like to be in your photography circle
Action/Adventure/Landscape Photographer from Denver, Colorado here!
photo-based visual artist here ;)
Photographer and journalist, sometimes mix the two...
Me too! Thought I was on this list, but apparently not! : )
Amateur photographer here, though looking at doing more...
That would be great Damien, i manage the reuters photo blog. Cheers
herb g
Raises hand.... photographer!
240+ comments... you keeping track? :)

Photo guy here too :)
Wow... reminds me of my BUZZ post awhile back. Looks like we've got quite a few togs out here...
Yes. Just getting into astrophotography, but avid photographer for about 35 years now.
I followed...and I love photography! :D
me too, don't have my work up, will be working on that
Hi Damien, I'm writing the book on landscape photography in Southern California, from Yosemite to San Diego. Publisher Laurent Martres will have it out under his PhotoTripUSA series in 2012, but you can catch previews as I share photos online. I also lead landscape photography workshops. Love to interact with other photogs... on those rare occasions when I have power, Internet and time simultaneously. Just getting onto G+...
I am pretty bad about posting pics (work keeps me very busy), but I will get more up eventually.
love it!!! There sure is a bunch of us can I add everyone to mine?
Yessir, and getting better every day (I hope).
Hay Hay! Would be great to be apart of your "circle" :D
Mel M
Amateur at best, but would love to see some more inspiration!
Right here baby, and always adding more! :)
I added just about everyone on here, so much to learn... being able to look through this Photog Circle, it's unbelievable. So many jaw dropping photos, love Google+!
I'm into photography, but still green and amateur only. Looking to connect and learn. :)
Adventure and Portrait Photographer here. :-)
Here too. But oh Lord is this overwhelming! :-)
Best add me to your photography circle too :-D
Iam an Amateur Photographer from Incredible India :)
Woohoo...great list! Makes finding other photogs so easy! Count me in!
yea ... what they said. BTW, Great tutorial/intro to Google +.
little late to the party, but present!
Been a full-time pro for 12 years.
I'm a severe weather photographer. Hoping to make myself more social using Google+
I am! I wish there was a way to share circles, then we can share photographer circles.
I'm a semi-pro photographer hoping to get more pro :)
Here too. Overwhelming is right David. I would say there are lot's of photogs here and lots of photog lists.
added you to my photographers circle. I see it getting large as more photographers from Flickr, and more pro's join g+. I hope they have hierarchical circles soon so I can divide these up in to interests (landscapes, urban, people, etc.) but keep 'em all under a main photography umbrella circle too.
Adam M
I do a lot of Automotive photography - Hit me up :)
Gene C
Photog checkin in!
This is a great idea, and I'm in too.
Photographer for a Louisiana University
I consider myself a hobby photographer since my career focus is on psychology right now, but I have a BA in Photography.
Australian fashion & fine art photographer!
Self taught photographer from little ol Tasmania, Australia.
howdy from Los Angeles, I'm an amateur adventure and nature photographer, feel free to follow!
Erik Ny
Photographer, of the amateur kind.
Hi - I'm a hobbyist photographer in Auckland NZ
I am into photography, but by no means am I a professional. More like a hobbyist, I suppose.
hobbyist here.. :D and thanks alot for the list..
Added you to my Photographer circle!
Adding my name to the bottom of this mammoth list. Sydney based, I mainly shoot film these days.
gatcha. right here
Another photographer from the bay area! Thanks for the great list!
Just arrived in Google +, and yes, into photography! :")

Overall rating
hopping onto the g+ photog streams, wooo. based in portland oregon! BEST place EVER!
Just added YOU to my "photographers" circle. :)
I'm a children's photographer based in Seattle.
I'm in photography too, amateur street photographer :)
Greetings from Cape Town, please add me bru
Photographer from south texas!
Feel free to add me. I'm active in the HDR community and in photography, in general.
From Tulsa area, I'm still learning a lot but working as a wedding photog. I'm wanting to learn more about strobes and dynamic lighting.
photographer from Paris France ! (read your blog post about google + :)
I am a photographer that travels all over the USA, I tend to shoot more people than anything else, but trying to buck that trend a bit by stepping out of my box.
read your post, havent used g+ much yet but thanks to you....(yes i do shoot)
I can dig it, but are you really going to take the time to add alllll these people?
I am by no means a pro, but I love it and blog about it:
Feel free to add me to a photography circle, I am doing the same :-)

I am in the process od putting some pictures from Flickr to G+, if anyone knows of a tool or something to do that, I would appreciate the info.

Happy shooting!
Me too. IT Analyst by day...Photographer by 'all the time' :)
Yeah, non-pro follower of yourself on both flickr & twitter (Used to follow 'YourPhotoTips' community as well).
Me, too. Thanks for writing the Photographer's Guide. It has been a big help with getting started with Google+.
me too please. many thanks. list. Can't wait to start exploring. Add me. I'll figure this thing out soon enough! ha
I'd love to be added (thanks for all the recommendations, too-- looking forward to a robust photography stream)
You added me from Twitter, so I think I'm already there? But just in case -- yeah ;-)
I'm definitely into it. Just starting to get into Google+. Amateur, struggling photographer here!
Nice to find a bunch of fellow photographers here :) feel free to add me as well
Paul Uy
still setting up my + but amateur here. feel free to add me
I'm a photographer and digital artist with over 10 years of experience.
I'm in.
And now I can add some of these other people in my photography circle, too! (if they want)
Wonder if our sharing here will begin to influence G+'s overall identity..? Might be a fun outcome: "G+ - the largest shutterbug hangout on the Web"...
Capturing light and playing with pixels can be fun.
Ja, nee - me too... (oops. Did I just type "me too"? Online? *blush*)
I hate photography! Just kidding. Yes I am a photographer...sometimes, used to be, still am. Kids change things, temporarily.
@ Damien - Thank you for the post. Austin TX Commercial Photographer, Figital Revolutionary :-)
fashion photographer from singapore! <3
I don't take pictures, the pictures take me!
Hello, Thanks for the article. I'm new but will be adding photos to G+ soon. I'm a Photographer, practical & digital artist/designer. Film. Games. Travel. Action Sports. Landscape, etc...
Hello and thanks, I'd like to be considered :)
Hello mate, I´m a fotog. In fact, that´s all I´m posting at the moment. Cheers!
Hey, I'm currently using G+ as a photography site. I am an amateur photographer, check out my stream!
I'm a landscape photographer based out of Seattle.
Late to the party, but here now! :)
Just joined Google + and loving it already! Buffalo, NY Photographer
I'm a semi pro mostly sports and events shooter (still own a retail gallery) but trying to earn as much as I can, and am NEWBIE at google+ and could use all the help avialable to network and spread my brand. NAPP member, been shooting since 1964, Nikon. I'm also a seminar junkie and always open to learning ANYTHING about photography. I've "been around the block" but there is always a new street or alley way to explore. Now to find a decent photo for my profile.... Jock
Google+ newbie. Always looking for motivation and new ways to learn. I am also a NAPP member.
I am a serious Landscape, Nature and Travel Photographer and very new to the Google+ community. Hope it's not too late to add my name to the list / circle. Many thanks.
Into it and new to g+....thanks for your lists!
+1 getting serious about G+ and photography :)
That's right. I just made this thread come to life again after a year of dormancy. 
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