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If you're hiring a #SocialMedia  Manger do you know what to look for?
Learn how to avoid the hype and get serious about social media with tips and an eBook from the author and expert marketer Jay Baer.
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Pretty cool "hackathon" in #Houston  for people who want to learn how to #code .
The Iron Yard is planning a tech conference by the community, for the community - right here in Houston! We are collaborating with companies like January Advisors ( Two Sigma ( RED Labs ( and the C...
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Damien Franco

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Why does almost everything come with mayo? Or mayo based sauces? So gross. 
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It could be worse, it could be miracle whip. ;)
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Smart #marketers  know this. Google using Search to bring users to G+? Duh!
Google+ has overtaken Twitter in terms of monthly active users, Forrester says.
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Damien Franco

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The more that you read...
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Damien Franco

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This is an interesting finding on the aftermath of +Copyblogger removing the comments from their blog.

It makes sense on many levels.
How Copyblogger Increased Their Google Plus Growth Rate by 157%

I noticed +Copyblogger's Google Plus growth rate took off after they removed blog comments on March 24th.

They went from an average of 15.72 new followers per day to 40.42 new followers per day based on data from +CircleCount. They did this by including some subtle CTAs in the copy to "join the discussion on Google Plus" after removing comments, and also including a bigger blue CTA at the very end of the page.

Example posts:

At first I was totally blown away by this. Google Plus has comment pages well optimized to get you to follow accounts (check out this link:, and it seems like Copyblogger will see some great growth with this strategy over time.

I actually drafted up a blog post entirely on the subject, then started to feel weird about removing comments even still. It doesn't feel on-brand for us and despite its potential as a growth engine for Google Plus accounts, it might still not make sense for people in the tech space based on what it does to community and also, what it might say about the brand overall.

For that reason, I won't be hitting publish, but I still wanted to share our findings, as this might still make sense for your brand, and Copyblogger's new growth on the channel is still impressive.  

You can see the data here if you login to CircleCount:, which is also pictured below. As you can see on March 24th, the day they removed comments, their growth trajectory saw a substantial uptick. 
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^doesn't increase follower count per se, but it encourages sharing and discussion
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Damien Franco

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Back up your photos. I don't really care how you do it as long as you do it. All. Of. Them.

Big photos. Little photos. Photos from your camera. Photos from your phone. 

If you've already got something in place then you're one big step ahead of so many people. Kudos to you.

via +The Next Web 
If you use Auto Backup to instantly store your smartphone and tablet photos on Google+, you'll soon be able to add them to new Gmail messages with just a few clicks. Starting today, ...
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Google gives you enough free space it would be very hard to use it up with phone backups
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Damien Franco

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This is an interesting article on branding and what it means for artists.

Your brand is important. How much time do you put into it? How often do you think about the brand of YOU?
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Damien Franco

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un pic nic en pleine air
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Damien Franco

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This is what I have to resort to when there's no #coffee in the house!
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LOL! Ok then; #respect for your resolve. I would have eaten it. ;)
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Modern Marketer and Relationship Builder
Blogging, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing
  • Boxer Property
    Community Manager, 2014 - present
    This is a new position at Boxer so we're still working on the job description and duties. Responsible for increasing tenant retention and satisfaction. • Implementation and analysis of tenant satisfaction data through surveys. • Implementation of tenant business and networking events. • Stay up to date on current trends regarding networking and business events.
  • ATRS
    Social Media Manager, 2013 - 2014
    Responsible for all social media channels and blog management for American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS), tactical execution of outgoing communication plans and aiding in promoting company events and partnerships. • Stay up to date on current trends/issues regarding textile recycling and clothing collection. • Stay up to date with current trends and best practices on social media marketing as it pertains to ATRS. • Maintain the company image on various social media platforms through timely content creation, curation, management, monitoring and reporting. • Maintain a high degree of written professionalism while injecting personality into social media content. • Ensure company representation is on target with ATRS mission and company values. • Utilize social media and inbound marketing to establish ATRS as a leader in the recycling industry and a respected member of the green living community online. • Prepares various types of reports and correspondence regarding specific marketing campaigns utilizing stats and data gathered from various sources. • Coordinate efforts with marketing team regarding events and other marketing initiatives for distributions across demographically specific platforms. • Assists in research for the development of marketing event initiatives. • Continually seeking new opportunities to engage with ATRS online community members and potential partners.
    Expert Contributor, 2011 - 2013
  • Plains All American Pipeline
    Controller, 2007 - 2012
    Operate pipelines remotely from Pipeline Control Center via SCADA system; diagnose potential problems and respond to alarm conditions that may exist; and interface with schedulers with regard to pumping orders. • Assure the accurate, efficient and on time movement of commodities to and from designated locations as scheduled • Remotely control and operate field equipment via SCADA to initiate, terminate and re-direct commodity movements as defined by the pipeline schedule • Monitor and provide real-time surveillance of the pipeline systems, by whatever means available, to maintain knowledge of the current operational conditions of the pipeline, equipment, instrumentation, and communications • Maintain contact with Field personnel so as to be able to leverage support and assistance as needed • Recognition and response to unexpected conditions (UC) or abnormal operating conditions (AOC) • Maintain required training (Operator Qualification). • Follow procedures in the Control Room Management, Operations & Maintenance, and Emergency Response Plans
    Online Editor, 2011 - 2012
    In May 2011 with the merger of and I stayed on as a contributor as part of the deal. In July 2011 I was asked to join the Sterling Publishing Digital Marketing Team as the Online Editor of in a consulting role. My assignment was to work remotely (Midland, TX) on in coordination with the Sterling Digital Marketing Team based mostly in New York, NY to increase reader engagement, social network outreach and branding, and manage the many expert contributors. I located and changed inefficiencies with the website regarding reader activity. Website UI and design changes were implemented as well as updates and upgrades to the website (Drupal). Next we tackled social media encouragement and engagement with our readers and contributors both through the website and our social media channels. I implemented ongoing education on best blogging tactics and social media practices for our contributors. By the end of my tenure we were able to realize growth in all of our key digital marketing targets including a 225% increase in Twitter followers, 109% increase in Facebook fans, and an 865% increase in E-Newsletter subscribers. Administrative duties included; management of a major website with multiple expert contributors, brand reputation management and continuous improvement in public communications, increase and manage reader engagement. Common tasks: • Monitoring all social media for reader and consumer insight • Pulling internal reporting data and following creative workflow tasks • Creating monthly reports and presentation • Brand and competitive analysis - analyze, measure and report on reader engagement • Working with global contributors on social media and best blogging and content creation guidelines • Researching and maintaining cutting-edge social media developments and identifying key points of opportunity for the social media strategy and the organization as a whole
  • Your Photo Tips Blog
    Editor/Photographer/Contributor, 2007 - 2011
    In 2008 I started as a hobby. I was interested in the idea that other photographers would be able to learn from my past experiences as a portrait and wedding photographer. I knew it would be fun and a little scary to put my ideas out into the wild, but I never imagined how much the website would grow. Digital marketing and social media became a passionate driving force behind the success of From the beginning brand management and outreach was essential. I utilized the high concentration of photographers on Flickr to create a Flickr group for the website and sought out sponsors for contests to help drive traffic to the website. Twitter was a seamless transition for social media engagement and the website's Twitter handle grew to over 25,000 amazing followers who frequently shared links and engaged in great conversation. In March 2011 I was approached by Sterling Publishing, a wholly owned subsidiary of Barnes and Noble. In May merged with I stayed on as a contributor until July 2011 when I became the Online Editor of in a consultant role to the Sterling Digital Marketing Team. Administrative duties included; build and manage a technical website and blog, brand reputation management and continuous improvement in public communications, SEO, and SEM. Common tasks: • Monitoring social media for reader insight and engagement opportunities • Pulling internal reporting data and following created workflow tasks • Working with global advertisers • Brand and competitive analysis - analyze and measure reader engagement • Researching and integrating cutting-edge search engine optimization and search engine marketing best practices and identifying key points of opportunity for better placement on search engine page placement • Researching and maintaining cutting-edge social media developments and identifying key points of opportunity for the social media strategy and the website as a whole
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Modern Marketer and Relationship Builder

Hi, if you're checking out my profile you're also likely deciding on what circle to put me in. Here's a little help.

I am passionate about marketing and how social media and relationship building works in the current landscape.

I am a photographer.

I am an artist.

I post things about marketing, photography and art.

I live in Texas and I'm a vegetarian. Now that I'm in Houston it doesn't feel so weird anymore!

I still believe that art can change the world.

Great art is supposed to make you think...

Bragging rights
I know a guy who knows a guy...
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    Everything, 1978 - present
    Lifelong learning is described by as: the provision or use of both formal and informal learning opportunities throughout people's lives in order to foster the continuous development and improvement of the knowledge and skills needed for employment and personal fulfilment
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