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Damian Settle
The art of walking in circles
The art of walking in circles

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My first WhiteBoard Stop Go Animation.
Submission for Tropical North Queensland Innovation Awards

#carbon #climate #QLD #Queensland #Tropics #Cairns #Forest #trees

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“I do not want to be alive any more.”

“I will kill myself.”

“I will not stay here. I will be dead.”

“I will do what I want to do.”

“Enough is enough.”

“I don’t care any more.”

“One more week until I die.”

“I cannot control my thoughts.”

“My head is full of crazy.”

“I need poison so I can kill myself.”

“I want to die. I want to die.”

This is how Australia tortures people escaping rape, war and ...torture

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Tropical Carbon
Cubic Forests.
A normal forest will sequester (absorb) ~250 tonnes of Carbon in 50 years. My Patented Forest matrix will sequester 80,000 tonnes of Carbon in just 10 years.
My Cubic forest use Augmented Ecology to significantly increase the amount of carbon that can be stored in any given area of land.
#carbon   #climatechange   #forest   #biodiversity   #environment  

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Crunching Data. Was nice to have this one pop-up. Has been a while. There is a really good Re-mix of it out there, but cant remember name.

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#LNP   #auspol  
Over $1.3m on top of his salary.

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I won the Toastmasters Speech Award! I gave a speech about cow poo.

#toastmasters #publicspeaking

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Solar Eclipse From the International Space Station.

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Where are the cries of outrage now?! If only they were Gay Americans...
#Orlando   #orlandostrong   #hypocrisy  
Just in case the shooting in Orlando didn't convince you that Islam is a religion of peace.


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200 people?! 😱Where is the global shock and sadness? What time is the candle light vigil? 😨Oh that's right, we only care about white people....
At least 224 people were killed in the first week of Ramadan in Syria, says a monitor.
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