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Such joy to see one of these out on the road.

#madmax #straya
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The flow on of movie magic from one of my favourite scenes in Apocalypse Now

When the crew of the film Apocalyse Now, gave a surfboard to a local on a Philppino set, they changed a life. 
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Such an epic film +Anthony Idle .
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had to check it out ;D
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Happy 35th Birthday Warriors
Cult classic film "The Warriors" turned 35 today. 

The rumors of The Warriors' brutality have been greatly exaggerated. Though it's often cited as one of the most controversial movies ever made — in 2009, Entertainment Weekly ranked it number 14 on its list of the 25 most controversial films ever, way ahead of Caligula, Kids, and Cannibal Holocaust — writer-director Walter Hill still sees The Warriors as a fun little fantasy film. Kind of like a musical. Thirty-five years after pushing its way into theaters, in 1979, where it promptly incited a string of vandalism and violent acts, Hill takes us back to his summer in the city.

Read more in this Esquire mag interview with
Director Walter Hill;

Can you dig it? #coneyisland   #warriors   #cultfilm  
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"Warriors, come out and playyay!"
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Damian Hoskin

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Not sure what kind of bird this is...but he owns the sky.
While out flying...

#djiphantom   #goprohero3   #perth  
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Have him in circles
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I just spent 2 hours in a Pinterest halloween pinning frenzy with my 8 year old. Who would have thought Pinterest would be so cool for kids?!

#pinterest #halloween #inearly
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Damian Hoskin

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What happened when they let our film crew into Fremantle Prison (Western Australias oldest convict built jail)? This...
Here's a five minute film we made for a local 24 hour film contest where we placed third. We shot and delivered this five minute escape from reality in 24 hours. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. We were lucky enough to be given the States oldest convict built Jail (Fremantle Prison) as a location.

#perth   #fremantle   #aussiefilm   #filmfreo   #ff24   #fremantleprison  
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Thank you for sharing, +Damian Hoskin!
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Damian Hoskin

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What's up with people Plussing their own posts?

Do these people high five themselves on a regular basis?

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lol I think usually they are just new to it all and don't know better yet. 
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Damian Hoskin

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Real or fake?
What happens when a GoPro camera falls out of a plane and lands in a pig pen?

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awwww, real, fake, staged, I don't care, I love it, pigs rule :)
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Damian Hoskin

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If you are a parent you need to see THE KIDNAPPING CHILDREN EXPERIMENT!
If you aren't a parent then you could learn to save a kid.
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I think all of the by-standers acted really well. Glad the 'kidnapper' got pepper sprayed at the end because he was a bit of an idiot; there just had to be some ramifications!
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