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If they ever created a Pugliese version of Indiana Jones, this would most likely be the plot.
LECCE, Italy — All Luciano Faggiano wanted when he purchased the seemingly unremarkable building at 56 Via Ascanio Grandi was to open a trattoria. The only problem was the toilet. Sewage kept backing up. So Mr. Faggiano enlisted his two older sons to help him dig a trench and investigate.
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Damian De Virgilio

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Italy's regional dialects are a reflection of its intricate history. Once discouraged, they are now treasured aspects of cultural identity. For an inaugural post, here's something for my fellow descendants of immigrants from Molfetta. #Molfetta #Molfettese
An essay on the dialect of Molfetta (Italy)
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Damian De Virgilio

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A humbling and inspiring life.
Mr. Zamperini’s experiences as an airman who crashed into the Pacific and spent 47 days adrift before his capture by the Japanese were told in a best-selling biography.
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Damian De Virgilio

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Fascinating story on many levels.
Second Lt. Onoda was one of World War II’s last holdouts, a Japanese Imperial Army officer who guarded his post for 29 years, returning home in 1974.
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I know it's just you and me for now, Guy, but hopefully that will change.  In the meantime, I'd like to share some videos that my cousin in Molfetta sent me.
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Hi Guy, I'm very happy for your sharing....
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Damian De Virgilio

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I'll assume this is the closest thing I'll ever come to time travel.
An addictive new interactive project marries a vast array of archival photos with a detailed map of the city.
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Damian De Virgilio

Helpful Links  - has been around for a while, but this new site allows you to see granular regional surname distribution more clearly.
Do you have an Italian last name? Find out how many Italians have your own last name.
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Damian De Virgilio

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Looking forward to some epic history-geeking-out this weekend....
The 2014 Hudson County History Fair will be held Oct. 18.
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A slideshow of postcards from Molfetta
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Damian De Virgilio

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Finally it's back!!!
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This was okay, but as others have said, Black and Blue is better.
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Basic Information
Proud history & genealogy geek, son of Molfetta (Italy), native of Hudson County (NJ), amateur Italian genealogy blogger, and more.
I've been mainly using my Google+ profile as a means of networking with others interested in genealogy.  Besides benefiting my own research, I hope to foster interest in genealogy among descendants of Italians across the globe.

Researching Italian Surnames
  • Abbattista
  • Abruzzese
  • Addanti
  • Adesso
  • Albanese
  • Altomare
  • Andriani
  • Angione
  • Annese
  • Armenio
  • Attanasio
  • Balacco
  • Bellapianta
  • Bellifemine
  • Binetti
  • Bosco
  • Caldarola
  • Calò
  • Campanale
  • Camporeale
  • Cappelluti
  • Caputo
  • Carabellese
  • CatanzaroCorlé
  • Ciccolella
  • Cirilli
  • Corlè
  • Conte
  • Coppolecchia
  • Damiani
  • De Bari
  • De Candia
  • De Dato
  • De Gioia
  • De Gennaro
  • De Nichilo
  • De Palma
  • De Pinto
  • De Ruvo
  • De Santis
  • De Stena
  • De Tullio
  • De Venuti
  • De Virgilio
  • Del Vescovo
  • Del Rosso
  • Dell' Isola
  • Dell' Olio
  • Di Bisceglia
  • Dinetti
  • Dragone
  • Facchini
  • Germinario
  • Giancaspro
  • Gigante
  • Grillo
  • La Forgia
  • La Grasta
  • La Rocca
  • La Vacca
  • Leone
  • Lucivero
  • Lunanova
  • Manente
  • Mangiatordo
  • Marzocca
  • Mastropasqua
  • Mastropierro
  • Mastrorienzo
  • Messina
  • Mezzina
  • Minervini
  • Mininni
  • Modugno
  • Mongelli
  • Morella
  • Muti
  • Palombella
  • Pansini
  • Paparella
  • Pappagallo
  • Patimo
  • Pennelli
  • Pepe
  • Petruzzella
  • Petruzzo
  • Piccininno
  • Piergiovanni
  • Pisani
  • Raffaela
  • Rana
  • Salatelli
  • Sallustio
  • Salvemini
  • Santeramo
  • Sasso
  • Scardigno
  • Sciancalepore
  • Servodio
  • Sgherza
  • Spaccavento
  • Spadavecchia
  • Spagnoletta
  • Squeo
  • Tattoli
  • Tridente
  • Vallarelli 
  • Valente
  • Visentino
Researching the following Place Names
  • Molfetta, Bari, Puglia, Italy
  • Ruvo Di Puglia, Bari
  • Giovinazzo, Bari, Puglia, Italy
  • Hudson County, New Jersey, USA
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The results of the remodeling are solid, and their ice cream is better than ever. Best pistachio ice cream in the area!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Their Park & Sixth Bloody Mary is the best in Jersey City...No joke. Love the Lamb Burger and Sweet Potatoes Fries. The ironically entitled Garbage Salad is a very tasty healthy option. Brian and team are among the most accommodating staffs in the area.
Public - 3 years ago
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3 reviews
A very welcome addition to the neighborhood. Small, creative, high quality menu with friendly service and cool atmosphere. BYOB, and there may be a long wait for a table. However, it's all well worth it.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago