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NEW UPDATE - For a look at our entire hike, please check it out on my blog!:

UPDATE! - How this image was made:

Once we reached the lava, we were greeted by a passing raincloud, so +Ed White and I made the best of it. ;)

I framed the shot and pre-focused the lens, instructed one of our friends to press the shutter while another friend held the speedlite behind us. We took a couple photos just standing before my husband said, "Just one more!" and dipped me with a kiss.

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Wes Lum
Love it Dallas!
Kab Yaj
Incredible! A one in a million shot!
Awesome kiss in the heat of the moment :+)
Hehe... uh... speechless here... 
Uh.. Topping this one will be really, really, hard to do as far as portraits of you two go... My new favorite by far
Wow, Dallas... This is amazing! Truly unique and inspiring.
What a spectacular shot! Well done! Thanks for sharing.
Absolutely, fabulousistically the hottest shot! Thanks for sharing!
This needs to be the cover of a romance novel. Maybe Love Erupts or Pele's Tears .
I don't think the heat from the lava was even relevant after that kiss :-)
most of the elements and the kiss to top the moment. great shot!
I am curious what technique was used to trip the speedlite? Thanks.
I'm loving all of these "hot love" puns :3
Well done. Making the most of a difficult situation.... the challenge can push us into new creative territory. Thanks for sharing the shot.
WOW, I like this! Just a little Lava :) Honestly bringing that element in as the one of the only ambient in contrast with the couple and that flash burst + rain really really makes it dynamic :) I"ve scored on this rain technique a few times... +Tony Hoffer would love this one :)
Uhhh....what +Dave Veffer said, because I don't know what else to add. It will be an award-winning photograph, one of the most striking I've come across on Google Plus. It's one thing to go photograph such an amazing sight as that lava field is, it's quite another to take a picture like THAT!
Brilliant shot - never thought of using a speedlite like that.
Taiwanese proverbs: volcanic dutiful son XDDD
Gorgeous Dallas! Congrats on a definite award winner.
This is an outstanding picture. Amazing!
I really love that pic! I discover it with Trey Ratcliff various hour and really look for you on G+ to follow your work! Congrats! love to go on Big Island!
One of the top pictures of 2012.
Wow. That is one amazing shot. I'm not usually someone who goes wow over 'couple' shots, but you've nailed a good un' there.
really beautiful photo! congratulations!
 O oo o , . . . .   COOL !       
Ole A
WOW....just WOW
OMG......................... speechless 
Really would like to have a print. Though, shipping costs to Europe really are a pain. :-(
Is there no way to have this printed more locally (in particular Germany for me)?
Simply AWESOME!!!!! Might be THE most beautiful picture I have ever seen! Have it as my screen background!
terrific approach brilliant idea and execution
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