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Posting a screenshot of my Lava Kiss photo before & after in Lightroom if anyone is curious. I imported my CR2 RAW files as DNG, as seen by having my mouse over the file below. The file to the left of it is the .PSD file generated by opening it in Photoshop so I could resize and sharpen it manually. You can also see the other photos in the film strip - those haven't been edited yet at all, but I'll get to those eventually ;)

As you can see, all I did was bring out more color and detail in the shadows, and warmed the highlights a bit.

If you missed the technique of how it was shot, it was as followed:

I'd already taken the group photos of my friends in the rain (see filmstrip shots on the left), but I wanted a photo too. My camera was on the tripod already framed and pre-focused, so I just had one friend press the shutter while another took over holding the speedlite behind us. (+Ed White had been the speedlite person for the prior images). In the photo immediately after the selected one, you can see what happens when the speedlite goes off directly into the lens - flares that wipe out everything!

So fancy Photoshop compositing, just a wireless flash system, helpful friends, rain, lava, and Lightroom. :)
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