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MEd, Educational Technology
MEd, Educational Technology

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Limits being reached? interesting.

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Classic. Basic. Easy way to approach something every new trainer wants to understand better.

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Betsy DeVos: 9 Things The Nominated Education Secretary Wants You To Know

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Coursera launches Data Science Masters program for a fraction of university prices Stackable education on the rise. Traditional institutions are flexing to the future marketplace.

Content Marketing VS Native Advertising (Chart) - Heidi Cohen (via

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A living thing in two places at once? This quantum quandary test is limited
I particularly enjoyed the definition of consciousness in the second half of the article and why our observation collapses the other potentialities.

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Great explanation of how quantum entanglement enables teleportation and how it's measured.

What Happens When You Teach Math in the Garden? | Civil Eats (via

Infento: World's First Real Constructible Rides (via

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