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Dallas J. Moore
poet. writer. the bystander zine founder and contributor.
poet. writer. the bystander zine founder and contributor.
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The website is finished and now published! Please check out the bystander zine and the amazing authors, poets, and writers involved!

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Volume 1 of the bystander zine was published today. Feel free to read and enjoy, share and support the authors, poets, and writers involved.

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Open house today at 2pm-4pm. The house is move-in ready!

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Open house this Sunday. This house is move-in ready!

Please share.

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We are having an open house today from 1pm-4pm. We added new pictures this morning.

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We are having an open house tomorrow from 1pm-4pm. If you are looking for a house, or want to move, come by.

We have done a lot of updates to this house and it is move-in ready!

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I just added 13 limited edition haiku prints to my +Etsy store. There are 5 of each and once they are sold, I won't ever be making them prints for sale again. They feature my original photography, using my iPhone 6 and a micro, wide, and fish eye lens. They also feature my newest poetry and haiku poems.

Take a look. I would appreciate any insight, thoughts, feelings, or words of wisdom you would like to share. If you think any of your circles would appreciate my creativity, writing, poetry, haiku, and photography; please feel free to share this with them.

Thank you in advance.

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Check out my +Etsy store. You can pick up my first book of poetry and streams of consciousness, "Chaos Mind: Inspiration from Moments of Desperation" and/or my second book Introspection: "Deep Within the Frontal Lobe". 

Not interested in the books, no problem. I would love if you would share the link! Maybe your friend's uncle's girlfriend may want one. 

Thanks! - Dallas

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My second book it now out! Introspection Deep Within the Frontal Lobe. If you fight an internal battle with yourself, maybe this would be a good read for you. If you enjoy poetry, poems, and or streams of consciousness, you will enjoy too! 

Give the gift of deep insight and thought this holiday season. Yes, that was a real sales pitch. No, I don't feel guilty about it. 

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Photo by Michael Watson. Design my Ashley. 

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I've started to hear the one question that over the past couple years has made me question who I am and what I want out of life. 

What do you want for Christmas?

In theory, it is a very simple question, but I also find it very complex. As we near the end of the year: this, apart from New Year's Eve (a holiday I have never truly understood) all things culminate for a beginning and an end. In this time, and now, I reflect upon the goals I had, those I didn't accomplish, and those I didn't even start. It is a time of year, in truth I dread; for many reasons. 

The truth is, my list for this year is simple. I want nothing, and that in a sense gives me everything. I have more than I need. In fact, I've been in a constant state of downsizing since January of 2013. By adding more things to my life, it creates an unnecessary stress. These things need to find a home, within my home. The things I want begin to own me. I feel shame and anxiety from not devoting the time to them. The things that are most important to me become neglected and again I feel shame, anxiety, and guilt. 

The things that are most important to me can't be purchased at a store, or online. They can't be paid for with cash or a credit card. You can't put them in a box, or tie them with a bow or have them shipped from anywhere. 

If you want to get me something this holiday season, below is what I would truly like for Christmas. 

1. Freedom.

The ability to choose what to do with my time and my life. The time to explore and think and write and reflect.

2. New Experiences

I want to see new things, go new places, be part of things that matter, that I care about. I want to travel to new places and meet new people and connect the dots to this paradoxical world in which we live. 

3. Choice Without Judgement

I am going to be me. I am no longer going to make excuses about it. I am going to be very up front and honest and live my truth. Your judgement is not welcome; your friendship and honesty and humility are. I am not going to give in anymore. I am not going to apologize for the way you see or think of me. Those thoughts and feelings are your truth, but unless they are positive, keep them to yourself. 

4. Family and Friends

Look, I know what you are thinking. Why did he put family and friends fourth? Well, if that's what you are thinking, please refer to number three. Fact: family is complicated. Drama is stupid. We are each our own person and the sooner we all accept that of everyone (even outside our family, friends, community, city, state and town the better the world will be). Fact: I have had weird things happen in my life related to friends in the past few years. I am guarded. I don't let everyone in, and maybe I should, but I give and you take and there is balance. If I give and give and give and get nothing. Without reciprocation, family and friendships become lonely. I will sacrifice quality over quantity in this category, always. 

So, after my soapbox and deep thoughts, feelings and ideas, please enjoy this classic SNL Holiday wish list staring Steve Martin. His Christmas list might be the best ever! 

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