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So someone took this photo and then added what appears to be the preamble to a very common opening line of a bad joke - when this is likely something a little more serious during training camp.  Think of standing up in a movie theatre and then saying 'The reason I called you all to this meeting is...'
I hope the Boys play better football than their attempts at creating memes.
Can't wait til the season starts!! I'm so pumped!! 
Why does Jerry Jones want college football's new championship to be played at Cowboys Stadium? 
Actually, I tried to paste a link to a cartoon about Jerry, but the new iPad app let me down. Coming up in a bit.
Don't tell me this is how practice is going to be this year....
I'm ready to get it started. Sick of the Romo jokes... time to show and prove!
its like a rainbow i get hypnotized by the photo
Cowgirls. Falcons will make JJ fire your Princeton alum head coach. 
I know things look bad now, but looking forward at their schedule I'm pretty certain they will end the season with a winning record.
I think we should try Cowher. Id like to see Shawn Peyton come but I don't
think he will. Rob is a great coordinator but unfortunately due to our
needs that's all he is.
podre ou estupidamente podre ou putrid or rotten stupidly
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