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LaDanian Tomlinson retired over the weekend ending a legitimate threat to Emmitt's rushing record.  Here's more from Josh Ellis:

Is Emmitt's record unbreakable? 
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Barry was Much Better and it should be his the only Reason Emmit had it is because of that Beefed up Line
No one asked who was better... Just will Emmitt's record ever get broken..
The O-Line had nothing to do with him staying healthy all those years. 
Jam Master, Emmitt was more durable than Barry.
The increase in teams using multiple-back rotations will also cut into individual rushing totals. +Matt Jones
No its Not , It was gained by advantage of Big Line , an adverage runner can break it with the new rules now , Hope its soon so we wont have a tainted record
Barry Sanders should be on Top
Hey, if Emmitt owns records because his team was be it.  I'm not complaining.  All I know is I WITNESSED GLORY!  GO COWBOYS!  Those were some GREAT teams.  Too bad for Barry because he was great.
...and that doesn't include TD's, number of attempts, MVP's, Super Bowl rings... ...he was a horse and a champion.
Hatred overshadows his eyes.  Emmitt was a horse, champion, MVP, and GREAT.
Love both guys...just remember though, Barry only played 10yrs...
Not sure if that's bad or good.  I consider the length of time Emmitt played with all those attempts is a tribute to him.
maybe Adrian Peterson has a chance
during the normal season AP plays well even though the O-line is not that good
records are ment to be broken
If you want to talk about Barry Sanders there is a Detroit lion's fans page. We are on the Dallas Cowboy fan page. Barry Sanders is a quitter. To answer the question. All records are meant to be broken? How long was the record there before Emmitt broke it.
Yes, it's unbreakable.  A back would have to average 1500 yards per season for over 12 seasons to break it.  The average NFL RB's career lasts less than 3 seasons.  In what's becoming a passing league, it'd be beyond extraordinary.  
About Barry, all I'll say is that he could be the record holder, but he quit!  He didn't have the heart, or the desire.
until then i am partying.. i have the chips!! lol
all we need is charters cable with HD  and we have the people with coor light in our door man!!
Ron, we all are NFL fans and couch coaches, but you seem to hold the "prospect" aspect over our heads just a bit. Did I ever say Barry wasn't great? He was a great running back! I just stated the facts. He quit! He had plenty of years left in him, but he just retires out of the blue (lions blue). As a fan I was upset that he just left. I Would have loved to have seen him break the record, but he didn't and that is why we are talking about Emmitt Smith the greatest running back ever! Barry is second though if that makes you feel any better. Peace Man. CB4L.
No Big Ron. We are family. We are all welcome to our opinion.
Saying that Emmitt doesn't deserve credit for the record because he had a great O-line is wrong. Yes the O-line made it possible for Emmitt  to hold the record, but thats because that O-line was probably the best O-line ever. The fact that Emmitt holds this record proves that. When ever you look at an individuals record you have to keep in mind that its a team sport and that team deserved to have this record and while Emmitt might have his name on it, we ALL know and recognize that the entire O achieved that record!
Theres been quite few backs who havent utilized outstanding O-lines. Dont penalize Emmitt.
Emmit Smith the man fuk every one that thinks it diffrent
fuk your statistics
The difference is Barry Sanders is a quitter period!!!!! GO COWBOYS!
ron arouas....what i cant believe is how you have been in your comments here to other people...ex nfl prospect indeed...its now wonder the nfl rejected you like a stale piece of meat...have a nice day
When ppl go to the pass, one or more teams will look to the running game, will it be broken? Well, yeah i think so - one day someone will go hardcore for the run - off course many points is fun to watch (and gives more revenue) but not all players and not all teams can play that way in the long run.

But in NFL, owners are fickle - if something works for others everybody does it lol so its going to take a visionary and a HB with stamina + a decisive o-line. A team with a superb rungame could beat up a lot of teams these days, many o-lines are based on fast passing meaning lighter guys and d-lines are also lighter based on coverage and fast guys up front.

But to beat the record, you have to find more than just the right HB, so its gonna stand for a loooooong time, and hey - cowboys(n'22)4life - i aint complaining ;-D 
I hope not but "ever" is a long time! Think of the old fans that died before Emmitt broke Payton's record, thinking it would never happen. Emmitt will always be my favorite RB.
Smith and dancing with the stars, is the only
trophy dallas football fans will ever see.  giddy-up
cowboy losers.
New York Giants,
              Has the current super bowl trophy, not a trophy won by emmitt on dancing with the stars.
Emmitt is a true winner... he never gave up... Barry Sanders quit because his team wasn't any good so he just gave up!
The Giants just get lucky @ the right times... Da Boys man handled them in Week 1... Da Boys will always be "America's Team" & just for the Haters... Emmitt won Dancing with the Stars because he was ALWAYS in the EndZone doing a TD Dance
romo sucks ass...get him out of there.....emmitt smith is the best
The record is going to be unbreakable for about 10-20 years.
Emmett was one of the best but Tony Dorsett will never be touched
Jam Master what happened to Barry oh yeah injuries.

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