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Our first Google+ Hangout with DeMarcus Ware was a success! Nine lucky fans sat down with Ware and heard about what motivates him on the field, past opponent "interactions", and some of his goals as a player! Be on the lookout for more hangouts with other Cowboys players coming in the next few weeks! Here's the link to the Hang Out
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Yes..we will be posting the Hangout on soon...when it's ready we will put the link here on our Google+ page.
Thanks +Dallas Cowboys for featuring DeMarcus in your 1st hangout. We'll be doing more hangouts with Red Bull athletes on our page in the coming months.
Very cool. When's Romo coming on? : )
This was one of the greatest things I've been apart of since technology really has taken a stand. Its great being apart of Cowboys history!
Today's hangout was a lot of fun. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it! I'm proud to see America's Team leading the way on Google+. 
Hey Alyssa! Just be on the look out for future Hang outs coming soon and you might be chosen!
+Dallas Cowboys did you all pick the 9 fans at random or were we supposed to be online at a certain time? or were we just supposed to add you to our circle?
How the heck did i miss this, cause i was on facebook... dang it.
Dang. Missed the notice yesterday, and missed the chance for this. Will be there next time. Go DeMarcus! I'm pulling for you to get the all-time single season sack record!
I can't wait to take part in one of the upcoming hangouts!!
how do you get in on this??
I was glad to be apart of this. Thanks D Ware and the Dallas Cowboys Organization.
Congrats to the lucky 9!!! I'm so jealous …
This is awesome! Demarcus you are a beast! Keeep up tje good work! Live the smile too! I am a huge Dallas fan!
Even thow I did not talk to him, I was really excited COWBoYS R gonna put the BEAT DOWN on the redskins hahahahh
What a cool idea! Missed it but it's awesome that there's video of it saved for later.~ :)
This is BIG TIME! I can't wait for the next one.
I really enjoyed meeting Demarcus Ware 4 years ago at a autograph signing dinner , he was down to earth and very nice to all the fans that came.
Ahh! I was chosen for the hangout and missed it! Stupid work got in the way. I won't let that happen next time. :-)
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