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Mike Jenkins has been quiet during mini-camp, but the team is glad to have him back.  "He's a pro. Like all pros, he came here ready to work," secondary coach Jerome Henderson said.  Check out more:    
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  Left CB: Brandon Carr
  Right CB: Morris Claiborne
  Slot CB: Mike Jenkins
+ Safety: Brandon Poole
A tough time for QBs around the league
Wicked, the defence is looking stronger, watch out NFL the cowboys r strong n r gunna kick ass this season. Go Cowboys for Eva 
can't wait to see him July 30 in Oxnard I'm gonna hold his jersey high ,I might have it signed lol :) go cowboys 
The defense does look very much improved across the board. Let's see if the upgraded talent translates on the field. I could care less about Jenkins crying. The guy needs to play his ass off and earn another contract.
I was referencing the trade requests more than anything else. Whether it was him or his agent driving that, it's still him. It's like, dude, you're under contract. Shut up and play.
and I wanted him to sign my jersey on opening day of training camp in Oxnard but that d's not happen :(
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