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Happy Birthday Miles Austin!  
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Best of luck Miles and Happy Birthday... God Bless You
happy birthday...lets have a good year
I was going to say happy birthday, but I dropped the words. It was close though, where's the cameras at.. look at this smile! Happy Birthday Miles!
Ah, my Cowboys. How 'bout them Cowboys!!!? Go for it. My prayers are with all of you!!! Shalom.
Give yourself a Super Bowl for your birthday this year buddy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Do great this season
When you blow out the candles, wish for a healthy season.
Pat Hau
Miles, lets make at least 2 touchdown today!
happy delated birthday idk untill i  finally checked sorry but we are really big die heart fans of the cowboys are whole family
i know hes good but sometimes he mess u  but its ok he made a change  win loose we are still die hard fans :)
u know it but they sometimes need to get rid of romo
idk thats my opinion but yeah u might like romo but i think they need too
im a dallas fan but we lost 2 the readskins and im mad 
I have your Nike jersey and will be at the game on dec 16 2012 so you all do the dam thang. Lets do this
right but when we lost 2 the redskins i my family was mad but where die hard fans we go crazy when when the cowboys come on 
Happy birthday Miles....catch lots of TD's this week...we must be the beast of the NFC East11
Anyone who can contact Jerry Jones please do so for a very good friend of mine. Her name is Michelle Cox 47 years old with ALS and will be lucky to live through the year. She has always been a Dallas Cowboys fan and has a wish to meet a player while on her tour at the cowboys stadium on April 13 at 2pm. At this point any player would be great but her all time favorite is Emmit Smith. Please contact Steve Cox her Husband, at 918-798-4477 if this can happen. I just learned today that no player will be present on this personal tour we got for her. This is request for a very special person. Please read her story written by her husband Steve Cox . This was written on Nov 2012. (Steve's words) She worked up until June when she started having speech problems, and problems swallowing, and using her hands. She was forced to quit her job in June. I had just started a new job and was there 70 days when this happened, so we did not have insurance yet....As she was unable to stay alone, I was forced to quit my job to stay home with her. We have always worked opposite shifts so that one of us could always be there to take care of the kids.
I am currently working a temporary job with the State of Oklahoma. I started in July and am allowed only to work 999hours/year at ten dollars an hour. At this point this is our only income source to support us and our two children Sara 17 and Dillon 15.
Sara is enrolled at Tulsa Tech in the nursing program and is top of her class.
Michelle's diagnosis is ALS and condition has been rapidly deteriorating. Will have a feeding tube put in this week.
Her dream is to go to the new Cowboys Stadium and see a game and would really love it if she could meet some of the players. She is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan.
I wish I could help but I can say that nobody on this earth knows when your time is up. Have faith in God
Hi when was his birthday January's a good month us water baby's go with flow jan.25 is my birthday
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