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Dalia Anderman, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therepist. 356 Providence Mine Road Suite C Nevada City, CA 95959.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therepist. 356 Providence Mine Road Suite C Nevada City, CA 95959.


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A deep gratitude and Thank-You to all who participated, attended, referred, and promoted our workshop. Your vote of confidence always touches me and help keep me inspired and sure footed on this workshop path.

Our Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop this weekend, (October 13-14), here in Nevada City CA, ("Hold Me Tight®" is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson), was an amazing, powerful, touching, and transformative experience. (Thanks to all of you, we were sold-out. We keep the groups small and intimate, which invites deep connections and a special form of the workshop).

It was like watching a miracle over the weekend, as couples shed their walls, took the risk to became vulnerable, and opened up to each other, to create a secure bond.

During the closing ritual of our Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop, there was not a dry eye in the room.

Once again, I am struck with awe, and immense gratitude to Dr. Sue Johnson who embarked on this journey of figuring out couples relationships, and broke the code for 'what it is to love', what are the obstacles to secure attachments, and how to form long lasting bonding connections, with our loved ones.
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As a couple therapist I talk about SEX all the time with couples. It is one of the most difficult things for couples to talk about, and it is also what they mostly want to talk about.
Here is another brilliant segment of LOVELINK, where speaker, and psychotherapist, Ester Perel talks about Developing Erotic Intelligence.
According to Ester, in our times, we are trying to create what has never been known before. Finding a balance between commitment and freedom, love and desire, passion and stability...
listen to this incredible podcast.
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Today is Yom Kippur the Jewish holiday of atonement and forgiveness. It is also time to pause, contemplate, and remember. As part of the coming autumnal equinox, it can also be time to create rituals of moving inward, with gratitude and appreciation.
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No matter what brings couple into my psychotherapy practice, to work on their relationship, inevitably we end up talking about the longing for sex, desire, and intimacy.

Ester Perel is one of the experts in the field of sex, intimacy, erotic, and desire.

“One element of sexual health and well-being I have focused on for many years is erotic desire.

Today, our entire sexuality is organized and powered by desire.

For the first time in human history, we want to experience passion — for the long haul — with a partner (or partners).

Just because we feel like it.

Not because we want to have eight babies and not, at least in the West, because it’s a woman’s marital duty.

We want sex at home for connection and pleasure.

And we want that desire to last.

The couples I work with are diverse in infinite ways. But two basic questions invariably come up, across cultures:

1. How can we keep passion alive?
2. What do we do once desire is gone?

These questions are common even among couples who describe themselves as loving, trusting, and caring.

Desire and passion are our human life-force.

So in the name of sexual health, today I want to lay out my own definition of this important term. “ Ester Perel

Learn more about my practice and our Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop:
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This summer I got to combine three of my passions; my passion for traveling, my excitement and commitment to facilitating the Hold Me Tight® program, and my love for my country of origin, Israel....Read about my adventures, in my blog..

We have ONLY few spots left in our up coming Hold Me Tight® Couples Workshop, October 13-14, 2018.

Learn how to feel safe and take risks in your relationship, how to become more vulnerable and have a deeper connection with your partner, and renew your intimacy and sexuality.

Please register ASAP to save your spot.. love to share this amazing program with you.

** Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.
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I have just completed facilitating and leading a unique Hold Me Tight® experience in Herzliya, Israel.

We created a two days workshop, designed for therapists, which was a combination of experiencing the workshop as participants, learning about how to facilitate a workshop, as well as, getting more familiar with the 7 conversations in the Hold Me Tight book and program. The group of therapist and myself, emerged from the two days, with a new practice that I felt was enriched, interesting, and delightful.

It was mostly in Hebrew with group efforts to help me with the translation of the material as we went along.

Big Thanks and Toda Raba, to Osnat Cohen-Ganor, for organizing, hosting, and being the force behind this great opportunity!

Yet again I was so grateful to Sue Johnson for creating EFT and giving us a map we can use to help our couples, over and over again. (Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson).

I was truly honored for the experience in Israel and the opportunity to meet a group of dedicated and professional therapists who are part of EFT Israel.

** Learn more about my workshops in California:

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This is my latest blog, it is a tough topic but one we need to talk about. As depression and suicide rates are reaching epidemic crisis levels, so is loneliness and the sense of being left out. At times, it is possible to become hopeless and helpless.

We used to belong in tribes, where we felt connected. Now sometimes we live in tribes of ‘one’.
We are blessed to be living here in a community where we feel that we are not alone.

Isolation and loneliness are danger cues for our primary survival. Our DNA is wired into that connection as a basic safety cue for survival. Our DNA codes loneliness and isolation as a threat to our survival.
PLEASE, do not hesitate to reach out for help.
You are not alone.
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I am excited to share my experience and expertise, with the EFT ISRAEL community, and have the opportunity to give back, all that I have learned on this journey of discovery of the most effective way to help couples, Reach, Connect, and Re*pair. Thank You Sue Johnson for leading the way.
Hold Me Tight® is a registered trademark to Sue

Learn more:
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How Do We Know If We Found The ‘One’..

There is one question that keeps showing up for all of us. It sure has been on my mind, and in my heart, ever since my first ‘falling in loves’ when I was a teenager, and throughout my adult life… ‘ARE YOU THE ONE’? ‘How would I know that you are the one’..
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