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Sometimes, living, can hurt.
You don't need to suffer alone.
Handling emotional pain, grief, loss, stress, depression, anxiety, illnesses, career choices, financial hardships, changes of life phases, family issues, parenting struggles; can all become difficult and be overwhelming.
Psychotherapy and counseling can help support you in those tough moments in life.
Call for free consultation.

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Though extremely painful, infidelity and affairs, can sometime be a 'Game Changer', not a 'Deal Breaker' in a relationship. It can also be a call for help. It may not be easy or feel safe to 'reach to', your partner, rather then to 'move away', resulting in breaking bonds and trust. But at times, partners can learn how to make the 'breakup', into a 'breakthrough' and learn to repair and forgive. Read how... 

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Looking forward to our upcoming Hold Me Tight couples workshop here in beautiful Nevada City in northern CA, next weekend.
It has been SOLD-OUT for many weeks. We are going to schedule another date ASAP.
Here are some of the testimonials from past participants....
"We learned that being vulnerable is the best thing we can do for each other”
“It was a very delightful and very productive workshop, and it was also so much fun!!”
“This is an excellent workshop that will bring you closer as a couple. Dalia’s knowledge and experience helped us feel close, and be so much more vulnerable then I could imagined! You wont regret it! It will make your relationship so much better.”
“Superb workshop. Helped us learn new skills and connect on a deeper level. Highly recommended”
“The Hold Me Tight workshop was worth the investment. a safe place to open up to my partner on a deeper level. I am so grateful for this opportunity. I am grateful to this space and I know that it was an important step in taking our marriage from good to great”
“Stuck in the same old patterns? This workshop with help you learn how to safely break those patterns and feel great about your relationship.” feel great about your relationship.”

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I'm not sure about 'soulmates'. Many of my psychotherapy clients are in search of that 'one'.. but as this article points our, 'What does exist — at least for many people — is a person who you know instinctively, who you connect with on the deepest level and who allows you to grow as a person within the relationship. When that person is a romantic partner, you’ve come across something truly special'. 

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The dance of our relationship is complex and at time frustrating. Wishing to change and tripping on the same steps. It's easy to get disheartened and disconnected, yet our longing for connections brings us back every time. To learn about how your dance gets stuck look at:

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Dr. Sue Johnson has helped us to crack the 'code of love'.
Come learn how to understand and improve your own love relationship.
Only few spaces left in our Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop in January 28-29, 2017 in Nevada City, CA.
"Romantic love is an ancient wired in survival code- More and more research, and more and more couples, are helping to crack the code of love! We now know that you must go towards the emotions in order to understand the who, whys, hows, and whats of romantic love. Adult bonding and all the emotions involved in this is the key. So much of previous couple’s therapy and relationship advice has focused on skill acquisition and controlling cognitive thinking, but as most of us have experienced, skills usually go out the window in the face of enormously powerful emotions. Emotions are not byproducts of interactions, rather they are the music of the dance. Emotions organize our interactions. When you are lost, confused, stuck, remember Sue Johnson’s exclamation as she really looked into the research: “Oh my! This is ALL about attachment bonds!” And it is. Your mammalian brain is wired to perceive relationship threats as a matter of life or death, because in many ways they are.

- They key question in love from an attachment point of you is: Are you there for me?" ~ Sue Johnson.

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This is a text I received from a client the other day. Touched and honored to be present to those who trust me with their processes..

"Mustering the courage to express your deepest fears to someone can feel insurmountable. But, when that person hears you and responds with love, compassion and understanding, it is priceless ❤️

Thank you for being honest with me on Tuesday and giving me a much-needed answer 🙏🏼It is making a world of difference..."
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