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NFL's 5 or 6 Commandments

1. Thou shalt not rape. Punishment is indefinite suspension. 
1a. Unless you are a franchise QB. Then it's only 6 games. 
2. Thou shalt not become involved in brawls and shootings and such at nightclubs. Punishment is 1 year suspension. 
3. Thou shalt not possess unlicensed firearms and shoot yourself accidentally at a nightclub. Punishment is 1 year suspension. 
4. Thou shalt not use drugs. Punishment is cumulative, ultimately 1 year suspension. 
5. Thou shalt not hit a women. Punishment is 2 games, unless there is a video and ESPN plays it a lot. 
6. Murder--well, it depends.  Ask the other Ray.

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Yes, that is Derek Trucks. Hard to believe your eyes and ears.

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"An exhibit of Jordan’s photos showed at the International Center of Photography in New York earlier this year. It marked one of the first times a prominent museum devoted an entire show to a “community photographer”—a man who lived and worked alongside the people whose lives he documented—and the first time Jordan’s work received national recognition."
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