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Using AutoRemote Directly From the Chrome Search Bar

I just realized that you can set up AutoRemote so it can be triggered directly from the Chrome Search Bar. I find this really convenient because it allows me to quickly send messages to my android on the fly straight from the search bar.

It’s not too difficult to set up either.

Step 1: Go to the short personal URL of your mobile device.
Step 2: Type “Test” into the Message Box. Doing so should automatically display a blue box on the right with the URL to directly send the message to.
Step 3: Copy the entire URL, except for the last part which says “Test”.
Step 4: Go to the Chrome Settings and click “Manage search engines…”
Step 5: Add a search engine for each of the commands you would like to be able to use from the Chrome Search Bar. The URL you copied in Step 3 should be pasted in the URL box. After the equals sign at the end of the URL, add the command that would be recognized by AutoRemote on your device followed by “=:=%s” (without the quotation marks).

Be sure to give your new “search” a title and a keyword. The keyword is the equivalent of the shortcut key you will use to call the command. I would suggest using something like “arcopy” (for a copy command), or “arnote” (for a note command) so that you don’t accidentally call it when performing a Google Search.

This trick is really useful for when I want to use my PC keyboard to type instead of typing on my device. One other added benefit is that Google Chrome syncs search engines across PCs, meaning that once you have set this up on one computer, Chrome does the rest of the work over your other computers, without the added hassle of importing and exporting.

If you try this out, be sure to let me know what you think.
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I just found this post by chance and wanted to add another tip:
by using some javascript, it´s possible to send mesages via the addressbar witchout changing the current tab: simply set the searchengines link to"[KEY]&message=[Message]=:=%s&close=true")

The script itself will open the "searchresults" (i.e. the tab that sends the message) in a new tab and the &close=true in the end will close that tab afrer the message is sent successfully.

another usefull sideeffect is that you can sent a message that contains two parameters.. all you have to do is to set the message-part of the link to
[Message]=:=%s=:=_ !_[2nd Parameter here] _ ! _ (without the spaces.. )
i use that for example to create custom notifications (that are part of a bigger "pin-notes-to-the-statusbar System" and have certain actions, are restored after reboting the device, etc, so i won´t use the AR-Notification feature) and now i can set the title and the text independently
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Have him in circles
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