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Dale Van Dyke
I'm Dale Van Dyke - Dad, Husband, Friend, and Web Programmer.
I'm Dale Van Dyke - Dad, Husband, Friend, and Web Programmer.
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Hi everyone I am new to Macronos and have a question, Is there a way to use voice to search google music? I can not find a way to do this.

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Wow kitty has skills! 
The Jaguar is the third largest feline (after the tiger and the lion) and the largest in the Western Hemisphere.  Boasting of the strongest bite of all felids (2,000lbf), the jaguar employs an unusual killing method; mainly it bites directly through the skull of its prey between the ears to deliver a fatal bite to the brain. The Jaguar is also the second strongest of all mammals (after the spotted hyena) enabling it to tackle and drag 800 lb bulls and vicious reptiles such as this Yacare caiman.

Check out other crazy animals here:

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"AutoVoice Tasker plug-in blows Commandr out of the water" feebly addition

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storm over Denton, Tx

Facebook Intent,  has anyone created a Facebook intent to update status or post on someones wall? 

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Great Bugout Bag idea.

Happy Birthday, +Dan Patrick! Hope you have a great day.

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Cowboys want DE DeMarcus Ware ($27 million over next 2 years) to take a pay cut (ESPN)

This is a bad joke. Can't believe this is even on the table. Sad Mr Jones truly sad.

I am working with contacts+ to search for a contact but I am not able to find a intent for the search in auto share has anyone used contacts+ that can help me?
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