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Starbucks new business plan?
I tried figuring out where this came from originally, but, alas – no luck. If I can ever get good enough with an espresso maker to do this, I would be one happy camper.


So, decided to stop procrastinating and fix the EUFC's website for this years influx of members. A rather boring Sunday morning, but it was done and I didn't feel like a lazy bastard. Monday rolls around and suddenly its all "NEW REGISTRATION SYSTEM". All my work on the login system has been rendered useless.... Lesson: Just don't bother.

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Oh wow....

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Over wifi!

Getting SVN and Git to play together on the same project is a nightmare... 

So whenever I see screen shots of iOS apps I now imagine how they piece together and the individual controls which make them and how they are styled.... Totally ruined the magic.

Hell yes. 23 days. 10 exams. Done. Next:


If the read/write head on a hard disk were a Boeing 747, and the hard-disk platter were the surface of the Earth, the head would fly at Mach 800, less than one centimetre from the ground and count every blade of grass making fewer than 10 unrecoverable counting errors in an area equivalent to all of Ireland.

Computers are awesome.
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