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wow! what a radical difference between the hatred coming from Fred Phelps and his son, Mark who said " If I had to take my family to court and convict them of being followers of Christ, I am not sure where I would find the evidence."  "My father has been hateful and violent for as long as I can remember. He made a practice of abusing his wife and children horribly. I observed and experienced the violence from my earliest memories..." "My family does not display Christ-like behavior." 
Mark Phelps graciously shared a bit of his story with me over the last couple of weeks.
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It's very sad state and a dangerous thing to hate. Jesus taught to "love your good to those who hate you."  There is a difference between judging what is wrong and hating. A lot of misinformed people, including Christians even think that one should never judge, but they don't read the entire context. Jesus concludes that it's best to make sure your own affairs are in order before making a righteous judgment so you don't become a hypocrite. Many leave that off.  But the whole Westboro cult was just full of hatred - and seeing Mark's answers just confirms all along that his father's heart was just filled with violence and hate.  "Out of the mouth speaks the heart." Christ said in Matthew 15:18.  I just pray for the rest of the family, as Mark himself is praying, that they all would close those doors to that cult of hate and be saved by Christ.
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Google Plus cover. I cleaned up a screenshot from the movie "The Final Countdown" you can see all the clips here:
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I like that movie too!
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Today’s the day to become a Glass Explorer

We let the cat out of the bag, you marked your calendars, and the time has finally arrived. If you're a US resident who is 18+, you can purchase Glass and join the Explorer Program at

The Explorer bundle costs $1500+tax and includes your favorite shade or frame, a charger, pouch, hard case and mono earbud. As an Explorer, your feedback will help to shape how Glass evolves over time. 

We’ve got a limited number of spots available, so don’t wait too long – we can't wait to meet you and hear about your first adventures with Glass. 
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I can vouch for the authenticity and quality of Google Glass as the place where I work just got one. I recommended it and in fact I'm on the TV production team that's helping others to use it. We are experimenting with it as we speak. I just can't afford it personally.
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Total Lunar Eclipse Special

The moon is big, bright and beautiful tonight in the L.A. area, perfectly clear, no clouds.
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A total lunar eclipse will be seen over Los Angeles and most of North America beginning Monday night Pacific time.
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made a Google+ event if anyone needs a reminder...
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Beautiful footage!
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If you missed this morning's Lunar Eclipse and want to see another. We are going into a series of Total Lunar eclipses called "Lunar Tetrad"

"The action starts on April 15th when the full Moon passes through the amber shadow of Earth, producing a midnight eclipse visible across North America. So begins a lunar eclipse tetrad—a series of 4 consecutive total eclipses occurring at approximately six month intervals. The total eclipse of April 15, 2014, will be followed by another on Oct. 8, 2014, and another on April 4, 2015, and another on Sept. 28 2015.

"The most unique thing about the 2014-2015 tetrad is that all of them are visible for all or parts of the USA," says longtime NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak."
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The best my little point-n-shoot camera could do on this dark night. Lunar Eclipse April 14-15, 2014. The white moon before midnight, the red moon after midnight (about 1:30 AM). The star to the lower right of the red moon is Spica of the Virgo constellation. The planet Mars is in upper right of the red Moon. Saturn was also out, to the left of the Moon (it's not in the photos).
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You might have another chance to see it again later, there's a series of them: The total eclipse of April 15, 2014, will be followed by another on Oct. 8, 2014, and another on April 4, 2015, and another on Sept. 28 2015.
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B-25 Mitchell flying over my house. Love the sound of that plane.
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Traditional fine artist specializing in mediums as oil snd acylic; pencil and pen drawing; digital painting and drawing; visual effects with 2D & 3D animation and compositing; photography; Graphic Design. Experience with these software packages: 20 years with Adobe Photoshop; 15 years Adobe Illustrator; 11 years with Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects; 4 years with Eon VUE.
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My name is Dale Jackson. I am a professional graphic and VFX artist. I work in traditional media such as acrylics, color pencils, pencils, technical pens, oil pastels, oils, and digital art.  

I love producing traditional and digital works of art, particularly aviation art, landscapes, and people and animal portraits.

I've always had a love for aviation. I grew up around planes on USAF bases and often spent afternoons with my sketch book drawing them. When I was out of college I entered the USAF and was a crew chief on the KC-135. I'm particularly fond of military aviation, historical and modern. For me, painting aviation art is a burst of nostalgia and a history lesson. I'm honored to have had the opportunity to do some 'nose art' on various USAF aircraft, and more recently to have had a couple of my pieces chosen to hang in both Hill Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field Air Force Base. 
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