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I am happy to call St John's my church.

I have officially started my two year hiatus.

Generic Liberal post concerning anything regarding a conservative
1) They are so stupid/out of touch
2) They are manipulating everything (which frankly would be tough if you were stupid)
3) They are mean people
4) They hate (and the word has to be some variation of hate - not disagree) Women, Men, Gays, Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Poor, or frankly whatever group you have decided to be defined by

The great thing for them is that they don't ever have to stray into actual arguments, supporting actual ideas. There is simply an emotional outburst, which in the end passes for logic.

Don't get me wrong, I have many friends who are liberals (one of the reasons I know I've got this right). Some know my leanings (and are shocked) some don't (I don't talk politics with people I have to deal with on a daily basis in my real life). Most of my teacher friends are, most of my acting friends are, but thats OK. I only wish I could say I felt the same feeling coming back at me.

Fear and loathing drive people to lash out at others. These actions increase as the pressures of life increase. In a world that is in desperate need of hope, we can't sink to the level of those that espouse hate.

It is tragic that good people lost their lives in Libya. The attackers must be brought to justice and the world needs to hold those in charge in Libya responsible for providing that justice. We will see where that goes.

As for those of us in the US, we need to understand that this tragedy doesn't require us to become less human ourselves. We need to be prepared, but lead the world into a brighter future - not aid in it sinking back into a darker one.

If there was an idea you could start from scratch and have it be the central meaning to every day for the rest of your life, I wonder what it would be. 

I find myself wondering these days about how to spend the next 20years of my life (if I am fortunate enough to live that long).

The fact that you can get a lot of different people to link to the same mistaken story doesn't make it any more factual - any more true,

I have used this example with young children before.
"If I told you 2+2=5, would that make it true?"
"What if I got 10 people to say it?"
"How many people have to say 2+2=5 for it to be true?"

Of course that is the the case with much of what passes as truth. Lots of people saying the same thing replace whether something is true or not.

I remind myself of that when I start falling for the mob. Then I remember to do my own work and look for real truth. It is harder to find, but generally not impossible.

By the way - it won't be true because I believe it either. It will be true if it is true.

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