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Like anyone else, I too have the potential for violence; I too have anger in me. However, I try to recall that anger is a destructive emotion. I remind myself that scientists now say that anger is bad for our health; it eats into our immune system. So, anger destroys our peace of mind and our physical health. We shouldn’t welcome it or think of it as natural or as a friend.
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Controlling anger feeling is difficult for layman. 
Indeed :) I try to remind myself every day as well. It certainly helps in all aspects of life and the people around me.
If it is not necessary, why we should have this emotion?
Mr. Yin it is a test of both our patience and endurance.
Wise words always!
If someone hurt you, and you have that destructive emotion,
how do you remove that emotion from your body.
I agree, this emotion is not part of MY character.
We need anger as a form of protection, related to fear, which is our animal instinct for survival. What we needed when we were cavemen and cavewomen we maybe don't need to the same extent now ?

Anger lust – these enemies of mine                                                                                                  Are limbless and devoid of faculties.                                                                                                  They have no bravery, no cleverness;                                                                                              How then have they reduced me to such slavery?
Too sit in seclution.
Thinking of nothing,
Breathing with your belly
eyes closed.
Violence in anger is surely the wrong path.  However, there are times when violence is the only means we have to protect that which we must.  
There are many situations still to work on. Especially if there are (deep) fears involved, or negative stress bad habits can suddenly appear again. Deep healing work is a possibility to overcome it!
I need to try to remember this too. It's so difficult, but nothing worth doing has ever been easy.
Zay Nyi
Absolutely we try to remove our anger ...
Lama your so humble - your admitting that you too are human and not perfect. Some people like the Westboro baptist church openly say they're gods chosen people and stuff, but they aren't perfect. Far from it. But you, your holiness are humble enough to say you, a wise man like yourself aren't perfect and have the same emotion everyone else has :)
It sounds like an obvious thing to say but I think people often forget the link between their emotions and their physical health. Thanks for sharing your message!
May be Anger is not permissible in all religion.
if I am angry, i will accomplish more in my life than if I am happy... I don't know why... maybe it has something to do with the "comfort zone"
Jaz Zie
I'll try to remember this, thank you! You enlighten me.
Sir Lama, i'm also a buddhist fellow. I wish to know what is the practise to the emotion control in our immiune system.
who pissed off the dalai lama?
I think its suppressed anger that's bad for our health, if it can be channeled into appropriate action as above you can accomplish much by using it.
But anger is a part of us. The key is, how we can hadle with,and most important: accept the anger, not be angry with anger but treat it with a small smile.
I would like to know how to stay calm and patient when everyting around me is hitting/hurting me. It's so damn hard.
In the words of his holiness John Lydon:
Anger is an energy.
- May the road rise with you.
always remind ourselves not to get angry~
Wow thats crazy my tempers out of control lately ...a rough bailiff took my car can't get ova it needed to read that seriously x
+tianjun yin  anger has much negative energy, it's bad for our purification. like the action and reaction, one makes you up and the other makes you down, it  is the law of human body and cosmic, like yin and yang. so keep your mind unmoving. so we need reflect our mind constantly. further more, anger will cause bad karma.
Your holiness, a very wise man once told me, anger is the easiest emotion the human condition can express. Thank you for adding to my knowledge.
Religions were always to complicated for humans... so we go on to re-order the confusion we have fallen in...
he's able to play o lots of, i guess ;-)

Wang FY
In Chinese, anger has same meaning with fire, it ruins yourself.stop anger, and please stop the fire also.
i'm so cool dat I can go any where on my own!!:) but sometimes mum makes me take the dog or my wimpy brother,:(
There is something called "Holy Anger"... seams okay to me ;-)
I don't think Mr.Lama and his follower will ever be able to control the destructive emotion.. We can see many Tibetan refugee living in exile in different part of the globe who were/are using their 'destructive emotion' as a weapon of protest. Am i wrong?
Given that Buddhists are supposed to be peaceful people, what do you think about the murder/genocide of Muslims by Buddhists in Burma?
Patience is sour...its product is rather sweet though.
Off course this is not bad idea but it is so ritualist and traditional one. Some scientists also say that anger has its positive side in it. It contains the power and or energy. People having no-energy is better than the people having anger. The best way is people should not care the anger much so that it could not reach to the harmful conclusion. Paying less attention to respond the anger badly may lead the people to be positive gradually.
a human can do any thing if he would b firm with his aim.....
not according to HULK...... just joking.. totally agree!
Anger is one of emotions. Because we have different emotions, our life is colorful. The point is, violence not only from anger.
yes anger is a part of humen behaviour but we have a mind and lots of thearpy to learn how we avoid angerness when we face the situation
and in every religion books are provide the way .which helpfull for a peac full living

A very wise man once said "anger dwells only in the bosom of fools"  (Einstein).

 I always hope that one day humanity may surpass this evolutionary baggage in its quest for peace; I respect the Dalai Lama in that he advocates a policy of compassion and mutual understanding which all people of all nations must either come to accept in the future or be forced face the inevitable consequences of their refusal to do so.

Should it honestly be so difficult as to place yourself into the shoes of others and see a situation from their point of view? Without such willingness to do so, perhaps humanity will continue to plummet deeper into the hatred and ignorance which has separated us for so long. But I have hope, and I hope that all of you do as well.

I myself have felt how self-destructive anger can be, as everyone has in at least once circumstance. It blocks the mind, is closely related to fear, and the two, when combined, lead directly to the sort of ignorance and intolerance that is preventing greater peace from being acheived by our race- the human race.

People like the Dalai Lama not only teach, they inspire. And I am proud to say that such people have indeed inspired me to take a stance against prejudice and the primitive traits which perpetually hold us back from attaining our true potential as a species.

And I surely hope that he has inspired most, if not all, of you as well.
Anger is fear turned inward, heightened by memories of inadequacy and ferociously projected onto the present, feeding negative expectation. Without the presence of that projected fear, one's experience would change b'cuz that defensive energy - or pushing back - would be absent. The experience would look and feel - and therefore be remembered - entirely differently. The removal of fear in one instance could change one's experiences forever, since the memory would then be positive, the next experience would be embraced defenselessly; thereby creating a new intention and releasing a whole different energy which would generate a positive expectation since expectation is simply desire mixed with belief.
now a days love and affection are also becoming unhealthy to human life
Indeed it is natural; but have we as a species not evolved past the point where such primitive emotions (such as anger and aggression) become futile in our efforts to unite and thrive?
Ori Oba
Positive energy LAMA!!
thanks for tell me“should", tell me “how"if someone knows.
There is a purpose for anger. A reason. To ignore it is to ignore yourself.
we hv truelly evolved hence the need to resist all forms of anger. thus we should control our bad natural instincts less they enslave our inner beauty
Pride causes the anger . Those who have no pride are just dead people ..Do you want to see peace in the deadly  society or in the lively one .. Pride is ultimate thing for human... That is the only thing that makes human to achieve their goals even they are good one or bad one or great one or worst one.. With out a goal there is meaning for a life ,, you cant describe what is life ...For great goals to be achieved they need to have the great pride which causes themselves to get them the extreme anger on themselves ,, about to reach their goals no matter what they have to scarify ... One's sacrifices in life makes him the best or the worst .. Oh come on I dont meant to say that some one is wrong or right .. I support to be anger is not bad at all if you can use it in a proper way to reach your goal .. or human beings are just simple human beings .. Greed n lust n anger they are just common .. No one cant erase even any person even the phiolosophers or sages if they live in physical society ... they will have all of these feelings .. Erasing them is impossible but we can convert them in to our strengths if we really want to live the peace ful life or happy life or what ever that one should have .. Thats it my stupidness ..I know every one has their own view but viewing view as itself as it is, is the impossible thing... People cant digest it just I will stop this ..bye
We are all the same  which is great to hear from the Dalai Lama but what is quite revealing is that anger is the opposite of Joy. Laughter makes us feel good so walking around being angry must have the opposite affect. I for one won't dwell on anger although i feel it regularly i let it wash over me and pass by. My life is precious and so are those around me i want them to feel happy and i want to feel good.
Is there any good way to channel anger and not to outburst with negative outcome?

 hey accidents usually happens on the road ,, so will you stop going on the road ? why some one wants accidents while using the greatest weapon ... so care ful ness is mind's spantaneous thing .. no one need to teach it ,,if u r really want and u need to get along the way ,, then you must walk but changing the way or stop walking is foolishness instead of facing yourself ,, there is nothing you can achieve in the world not even yourself 
Anger is an emotional response which we can control. How we handle our emotions is a learned behavior which are formed by the outcomes we have experienced with the emotional responses we have chosen to display over time. 
nah i am mad as always i am .. sorry if i make disturbance here ..but still i want to see people coming with their great effort ..
we all get angry how we react is the key,anger-management we all have demons how face is important   
hey when you are anger at your parents .. will it burst out or it just controlled by itself ... Its the love that even can changes the anger into your strength ..I supposed to say here ..
Thanks your words will help me change my perspective for today and those to come....
yeah ,, exactly .. no one cant accept our own faults ..cause we dont have the technology that can make us accept our faults or mistakes .. if u do mistake u must get retail output of punish .. u should accept your defeat or your mistake.. cause its life .. you must try not to repeat the same mistake..
Anger is a energy that you learn to focus.  Bit like traveling on a busy train to work, it's stressful, I use that stress as a alternative to coffee and in that save money.

Focus thru meditation is not just about calm it's about focusing the negatives into positive.
thank you paul but meditaion is what ...staying calm ..never ..exactly focusing on y
Anger is best sublimated into something constructive.
thanks bo peng .. Even the lie can make someone happy with out hurting any one ,, i chose the lie over truth or even the god
I would say, " ._." or "YOU LIAR!" or something, but I think we all know I'm just jealous . . . . .
like seriously? can you tell penn and teller bout this???
I accept that I am a lier .. but if it can make my life as I wish then I wish to continue lie alll over my life .. life is life alone .. how I want I must live ,, cause I can only make the lie into truth one day while I am in life
hey what in the world a human being needs .. can any one tell the right answer ..though there are many answers I want the answer which can be possible for a common human being ..
J Hyung
Wow is this rly dalai lama on google plus? Google have done a good job getting him to gplus.
Don't be angry at injustice, just accept it?
I say that anger is not intrinsically bad. In fact, it can be a positive source of energy. However, for this to work, I believe that instead of trying to control or restrain anger, which is rather difficult, one is better off channeling anger into something righteous, making it righteous anger. It is much easier this way. Instead of trying to contain the steam, it is much easier to just release the steam through another, less destructive opening.
hey..dont u have your own opinion..i think u forgot it
i will say the guy is a human like everyone else
true whisdom .hensz purson do take a vantage off theis power weckness to agree cool.
i just ask my self do i really care, 9 times out of the anger is just a knee jerk reaction connected to Ego.
Thank you for your wisdom thought. It makes me feel much better now.
+Gareth Huxtable thank you, my thoughts exactly. Double H would do more good to teach people to embrace and understand all aspects of their selves, and find balance. I believe Buddhists call it the Middle Path? 
wow, well written and totally agreed but sometimes we totally can't control our tempers flying. Wish I can do as you say then my life will be like a calm river.
Does life only happen in two dimensions so that we only need to define things as positive or negative? Good or bad? Seems childish.
nah life happens in only dimension ..that is your own view for your own llife ..its the life view
being childish is lot better than being a stupid
Just disliking is not enough have to face it if the true situation comes..@silvia
Not all anger is bad or unwarranted.
Your definition +Kenneth Yerian and someone else could be night and day.  What seems childish is labeling someone else "childish"...because it's not your opinion.  Consider that, if you will.
Why didn't criminals in Burma hold their anger when they killed 200+ Muslims last month?
thank you for stating the obvious.
Everyone.has.anger uses it.wisely it can.change

dont know how its obvious? i would think it would be as healthy as laughing or crying
mental health especially if u can face it 
it is known that arthritis is a major flow-on in the body from supressed anger over the years..We sometimes imagine that we are indestructable but we are not and our bodies wear the brunt of emotions that are better expressed than witheld...
hey brabko .. that is because of you he made it here .. to let yourself to control your anger
I thank you so much for sharing this.  I often struggle with anger and to know you feel that you have anger in you as well but are able to deal with it gives me hope
u just hit the nail on the head bro, i am on a peace campaign and this post just comes in handy. thank u!
Controlling ones's emotions should be taught as a class in school.
... so timely, your holiness. Righteous anger - it is difficult to make sense of it.
anger hurt one`s heart . abstain from it . feel good . u thought to attract wishful thinking for happiness
its just that much easy to understand thats why no one can able to follow to do ..i mean that much hard to do may be@hannah
I think we should defuse our anger to fight against devil . As gurbani said anger can make you sick , either control it or use it to defuse to save weak and poor helpless people .
Thank for the wisdom that you have chosen to share!:-)
Is anger directed towards machines (say for example computers :^) similar or different from anger directed towards people?
Thanks in advance...
In my ministry which I have being called by God ,I have willingly with love serve him by feeding his poorest of the poor. Formed crèches for poor children have soup kitchens for poor children a feeding scheme for families who are sick and jobless. I help the dying where ever I can to make their lives. Comfortable before they pass on. I work on the squatter camps in dangerous areas I am protected by God who has called me. To help his poorest Its a blessing to serve our lord and I do it with love 
Thank you for these calm gentle words
Look at all the animals they all have violence to survive but they use it in different ways .We are all animals ,but have the gift of conshonce  and if we used the energy that causes us to get worked up Stopped  took a beep breath and listen to the earth as she speakes thig will be better 
I think of it this way: Yin and Yang.  
We have both inside us, the good and the bad. We must harmonize with both. One may get angry, but one must act appropriately; never lash out in anger. I am a software developer, and I learned long ago, being angry at a program not doing what I want, does not help me solve the problem.  Need to stay rational even in moments of anger, so anger does not cause you to do something you will regret. 
Good one!!! Unnecessary anger will display the animal inside like anger for money, material and lust. Necessary anger/bravery will show the love you have on your loved ones like protecting your kid,family from anti social elements...:)
This gives a hope that I too can cultivate humility
I admire your words that we can reflect on to improve ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.
I agree with most of this, but i disagree about anger not been natural, in the bible even Jesus showed anger at the people in the market for disgracing the temple, its a human emotion it is part of us. The point is not to let it control your life, its a matter of been in control of your emotions to be able to channel that negative energy onto other things like sports or phisical exercise, even taking a walk around the corner would be a way channel it. Remember living in peace is a choice so is living with anger.
MEGAN JAMES asked what do you do when your boss “blames and harasses her… and does things dangerous to patients and staff”.

Workplace Answer:  It sounds like you and staff are legally “mandated reporters” of dangers to [abuse of] patients.  And, it appears this abusive behavior has been going on for some time to multiple people, so start by asking those people what they see and do.  

Personal Answer:  If you know who you are, and Who to trust, then how can a desperately sick, self-righteous hypocrite like me help you?
"Don't make me wouldn't like me when I'm angry"
Doctor Bruce Banner
Two straight days in a state of grace. No anger at all. 
Not only the anger is the destructive emotion but a lot of things are also responsible for the destructive emotions like continued interference, making the person to agree to one's pathetc
Thank you this is fantastic !
ah duhhi, my father sososososososososo mad at me even im a adult:c so bad
Thanks +Dalai Lama for sharing your wisdom with us. It's really useful knowledge for us to be aware of these kind of emotions that every human being associate with. Thanks a million for this!!!!!!
Talking about violence. I wonder if the Dalai Lama has some comment about the massacres committed in Myanmar by Buddhists against the Muslim minority.
i think you are right
Oooh..., poor poor +Ethan Lee I personally think that he really do cares about you that why he got mad at you sometimes if not every single hour in a day or may be because he thought you'd done something wrong in his eyes.
Wide ranging comments.  It seems we have differing definitions and feelings about ‘anger’… and a lot of conclusions about what “it” does or does not do.  Yet it seems this and other emotions are a dynamic within and between individuals, in a dynamic physical and spiritual situation, continually and individually colored by each of our perceptions of what is going on.  It would seem then, that any person who perceives himself as an author or definer or measurer… does so on a most inadequate basis.  Not that that stops us… from naturally helping and harming our fellow man.  
"We shouldn’t welcome it or think of it as natural or as a friend."

Just like arsenic isn't natural... Or belladonna... Or cocaine (coca)... Or carbon dioxide.

He had a good point right up to there.  It would have been better to say that just because something is natural does not mean it is good for you.
Forced your anger..
+Ethan Lee my father deceased, sometimes I missed him so badly, even though when he still around he used to get mad at me quiet often. Sometimes he beat me up if I'm a bit rebellious that why I think you'll miss him when he's gone (believe me, I even miss his anger at me, I meant the way he got mad at me).
Grand it is but we are human beings capable of feeling and emotion not expressing your emotion damages you more than not venting it. Like poison do you remove it or let it slowly kill you. I agree with the moral understanding that your saying just not the practical side. Because happiness is food for the soul but we need anger and sadness to truly appreciate what happiness is
Without anger, would we be motivated to fight injustice and atrocities in this world? Is it really enough to have just some other negative affect like discomfort or rational evaluation about things to be motivated to change this world to a better place? I fully agree that excessive and especially unjustified anger is unhealthy and dangerous but I also do think that anger can also be an important driving force behind positive change. 
 It's a good idea not to be ruled by any of our emotions. Experience them without guilt, but use your rational mind to determine your actions. That's what it's for!
Anger is just one letter short of Danger.
this increased my respect for you. I too try to keep my anger in rein and to know that a person like you also needs to constantly work on it   inspires me. Thank you.
+Alexander Neumann I don't think the message is to not have anger... that's impossible. Nor is it to suppress anger, since suppressing anger doesn't get rid of it. I believe the message is not to hold on to anger; not only will it harm you, but if you let it guide your actions when addressing atrocities and injustice, you may be doing more harm than good.

+Alexander Neumann Interesting take... but couldn't love of the people suffering such things also be the motivators? It would probably propigate a bit more understanding and make the toll of such changes less painful. Just a thought.
+Alexander Neumann Even by curtailing our anger we can see the need to remove variables from society that are creating trouble for citizens participating peacefully. Even if we were a completely angerless race we would still put criminals in jail and ticket the minor offenders. 
What a wonderful reminder.... if ONLY I'll remember these words the very next time I feel like a "pressure cooker" inside!!!(:
Dear sir, with all due respect i beg to differ with you, its easier said than done... i am sure until you create this anger inside you... you can never control the result of your deed's... and on a stronger thought.. there is no harm in controlling emotions.. whats more harmful is not bringing them out when there is a need for it...
Cat Fox
wow rly that must be why when im mad i dont feel good after it
+Nicholas Howard, I personally think of the Dalai Lama as more of a spiritual leader than a religious one.  I think that there is a big difference between faith (foundation of religion) and spirituality.

I think this is even more distinctive in regards to this particular post about an emotion and how it affects physical and mental health.  If he had mentioned how it affects your soul, or your eligibility for entry into an afterlife paradise, then we'd be talking religion.  :-)
I am thankful that the revolutionists that founded the USA were not afraid to show their anger.
Anger is poison to the body, mind and soul.
+Chris Butler  Hmm, good question and I am not sure. My comment was not so much about that anger is necessary but that it can be constructive. I mean certainly in principle love for justice can motivate equally as anger against injustice, However, could not both together be more powerful motivators then any single one of them? Let's do a thought experiment: Somebody plans to execute someone who is innocent and poses no danger to anyone. There is a chance that you can rescue him/her but also a very high chance that you would fail at your attempt and die. Let us assume the chance of dying is 90%, so there is a very high cost attached to the rescue attempt. What would motivate you to rescue the person more? If you just feel love for the person? If you feel just anger against killing innocent people? Or if you have both emotions?

My intuitive answer would be that both would be the most motivating emotions. Of course this is just my intuition on a a very artificial example, out of the top of my head I do not know about empirical research which would argue for it but I do not think it is unreasonable to guess that both emotions simultaneously would motivate the most.
actually... I think that anger is something natural .It is bad to limit human feelings to only good ones -that makes us puppets.
but sometimes this world not giving peace,,,,,,,,so everyone can't be patient,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, but everyone love to be patient
Desi C
What about the anti-social they are innocent people with anger???
+Jeff Demers I do not doubt that. Like I just replied to Chris, my point was not to argue that anger is necessary for positive change but that it can be constructive because it can motivate positive change (Just think about all the revolutions which lead to positive change, e.g. the arab spring as a recent example (when you are optimistic that it will be positive in the long run :) ), anger played often a huge role). This is the reason why "however, I try to recall that anger is a destructive emotion" seems to me to be too simplistic because anger can be destructive and constructive. So I agree with the Dalai Lama post with the restriction that it applies to excessive and unjustified anger but not universally to all anger.
its because he is just like everyone else mr.neghann
that's right sir,but some times we are handicaped according to the circumstances.
for a person like you, you sure got alot if comments here
+Steffi Wiese
Before naying, just attempt to follow what Dalai Lama told: he does have anger too. What he does not recommend is to let yourself to be ruled by your anger. When you clearly know that you are angry with something, then you are still in control. You have certainly seen someone shouting on top of his voice that "I AM NOT ANGRY" and behaving on a way he will regret. Do you think this is natural?

This is how I understood the words of Lama.
Anger can rule us if we let it. But lets not. It only leads to more negative emotions.
Thank you, +Dalai Lama. Though I'm not that great at it, I do try and avoid anger with myself and others. I suppose this is not the only way to help our health, but I know of a  close relative who seems to get angry very often and often is sick as well.
Desires fulfilled make you greedy. You want more. Failure or desires unfulfilled lead to anger. So the root cause is desires. But its very difficult not to desire as humans. The only solution is that we can divert these desires to the Supreme Lord. It's like a small baby who does not worry about what to eat, drink and other activities. He or She is totally depend on parents.
anger sucks. It can also destroy the body in other ways , for instance u could get mad . Punch a wall and accidentley find the stud, break your hand and be in a cast for several weeks. then you miss work! not saying it happened to me but you get the picture. 
As a former health care worker, I can tell you that this is so very true. I've seen it in so many people. Anger eats at you and thus at your body. A good friend gave me the best advice I've ever had. She told me I was the one in charge of my happiness, and I've tried to live by this. 
Anger is part of life, We all need to feel anger to make us whole, it is how we choose to act on it what makes it bad in case we make the bad choice. Anger is a expresion of lack of control.
+Dalai Lama Thanks for sharing a nice thought. I feel, anger is also one of the integral part of our feelings and serve as an outlet for emotion. I think it is kind of necessary to relieve pressure within by expressing it ! Rather than suppressing this natural feeling one should express it, of course in a manner that it wont harm other being.
Ephesians 4:26--Be angry,  but do not sin.
If there is an occasion to express displeasure at what is wrong, and to reprove.  It's ok to be angry, but do it without sin.  We give in to satan when the first emotions of sin are not grievous. Anger is one of those emotions that take us by surprise.  No one is looking forward to being angy but it happens . We need to be very careful how we deal with anger; Because When we consent to sin and repeat an evil deed we notice that sin invites satan into our lives and this is something we need to avoid. So, yes we can be angry; but we need to find a way to resolve the issue without sin.
For sure,the people,who read you and listen,are trying avoid anger in them,but it's really very difficult to do this with such a life,which is full of problems..Even the thought,that you are not able to help at leat to your friends and your family makes us more than angry...I always remind myself,that the anger will not help me,but it needs a loooong way to take it away..
Knowing a person is like music. What attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.
+Dalai Lama 
So very true! We are wise to remind ourselves of these things!
Even the most high Supreme Being is capable of anger, you may call it wrath, and for this reason there is respect.

you anger yourself for what?
Anger is like pain it tells you that SOMETHING is wrong. Not inside your body but in the world outside. If the Anger Alarm rings told us that something is wrong, we should calm it, because it served its purpouse. After clearing our mind we then should analyze what problem the Anger wanted us to warn us from and take calm and intelligent actions towards finding and solving the true source of the 'pain'.
I remind myself daily ThaT anger and violence are noT my naTural sTaTe what great pointers to the truth.
With great respects to His Holiness let me add: Scientists must turn their attention to find out proper medicine, in pill form or injection or additive to food or drinks, to suppress the violence generating harmone. That is the future medicine.
Anger is not a destructive emotion. Anger, channeled properly, can be a great motivator for doing good. Anger must be channeled. 
"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering." -- Another wise elder.
Anger is just another variation of Love
How do we learn, especially under these conditions, to identify the causes of anger and take effective action against the root? What if the only effective action is digging something up by its roots and burning it to ash? Otherwise, completely avoidable suffering by countless hundreds of millions of people will increase?
+J.L. Ziegler I don't think you have to be nailed to a couple of boards in order to give good advice! Why not just think about these words based on their own merit?
+J.L. Ziegler Woa...not biting your tongue.  I don't know what DL said because I didn't suffer through the comments, but I can idenitfy with your choice of voice.
Couldn't of said it better myself.
Obviously not a Dalai Lama quote. The dude can barely speak English. Nice try Google. Nice try.
Especially now that they want to make a theme park in Tibet...
So true anything that you say or do in anger takes away from your spirit. I myself never benefit from it. It usually makes things worst. But when i remain calm and peacefull i can see and do things right. This way i always win.
+Joshua Johnson  It's a verified account, but yes of course it is extremely unlikely that he is physically at the keyboard updating his G+ status.  Many celebrities don't update their own websites / blogs either. 
That is vary true advice and I thank you for that 
Any way you look at it, violence and anger are destructive, to ourselves and the universe. Thank you HH Dalai Lama
Jesus goes even further, He says having anger towards someone is the same as committing murder. Self-control is good, thought-control is more beneficial. Matt 5:21,22.
Thank you so much. Most people don't realize this.
Well-said - Words of wisdom... 
I agree with +tianjun yin . Without anger, you could not be a complete human being. Certain, expression and emotion exists because they serve a purpose. Not every emotion is detrimental. Besides, that's what anger. The earlier you release your anger the easier it is to get over it. +Dalai Lama is wrong. You keep your anger inside you and you die. Either by heart attack or suicide. Psychology 101. Not everything that a spritual figure said is right. Most of the time, they just put it in the proper context by proving the wrong-er things with the wrong one. Like they say, lesser evil.

Let's give ourselves a break and teach ourselves to think.
I read the thread and there's a lot of people who used their brains to nullify this statement. The words of the wise aren't always wise. Most of the times, it just sounds wise. Every thing inside the human being is essential. If it isn't why was it created anyway?
It is important to not fight our anger. While it is a destructive emotion, trying to erase your nature is equally as destructive. Feel your anger but don't give into it, and listen to what it is showing you.
+Vher Samuel Mitra Aggabao That presumes we were created and that we are now exactly as we were created, whenever that happened, and that the purpose of a person is immutable over time.  I have nails.  I probably have nails for some reason.  That reason is of no use to me.  There's also a cost for having nails (harder to type, gets caught on things, etc etc).   Therefore, I cut my nails, and improve my initial state.
to VK Shenoy - an anger pill...and thereby making us all zombies with this?? so if there is any injustice we will all be ok with it? wow, talk about power!
That is so true, that's why I laugh a lot.
I find anger hurts the one who is experiencing it more than the object of the anger.  Blood vessels constrict and the heart races with the intensity of the emotion. Sometimes your brain feels like it is being squeezed as well.  Why is the body so connected to this feeling?
Everything to a certain limit... as an Asian saying goes " Use as required --- Medicine, but use excessively - It becomes a danger"
Chi-Meegwetch (Thank You Very Much).  Well timed.  
Prophet Muhammad said: "The man is not a good wrestler; the strong man is in fact the person who controls himself at the time of anger."
Then, +Oscar Morzan, Jesus was a psychopath. 
Wise words though easy to say and difficult to follow
+Vher Samuel Mitra Aggabao I think this only shows how much our today's society has differed from the human beings we were made to be. Anger is a natural instinct to defend your territory/freedom/position in a group (like monkey alphas fight). Now today if you look at the world, you can see first how many humans we are on this planet, and then how close we live next to each other.
We are a huge mass of living creatures put together and we have to follow certain rules (society/law) which do not agree with our instincts.

We are just too many and we are not living the way we were supposed to live, when we were made.
+Chris Cornell if you would use your hands for stuff, your hands were made to be used for, your nails would shorten themselves and you would not need to use a nail clipper.
thank u anger couldnot stopped but we can be present to it and take action.vetri
I guess there are both positives and negatives to each of our emotions. Even fear: While some of the fears we have may prevent us from developing and reaching our potential, others protect us from danger and keep us safe. Bottom line: Everything in moderation
How true. Anger and internal conflict so often produce disease in the body. One of my sons is prone to anger and other stressful emotional disturbances, has been all his life, and is often sickly or complaining of some low-level discomfort. I always say "It is okay to be angry," but happiness is the best medicine!
Needed to hear that. Thank you.
Has anyone tried to tell this to The Hulk?  LOL
I struggled with that type of anger since I came home from the military.....thanks for sharing.....I'm getting help from V. A. hospital now
bolna easy h but reality me isko apnana bohut hard h........
It's very hard to let go of your anger but it's important to keep trying!!
Way back God also talked with Cain about his anger and the need to not let it take over his mind. Cain chose to not get a grip on his emotion and killed his brother Abel.
It's not exactly easy to get rid of anger. And shut up everyone the Bible is all false until proven true, not the other way around.
Thank you Dalai Lama, very true words to live by.
+Tyler Diffie Whether the Christian Bible or the Buddhist Canon, the insight can still be found of use to many. One need not make separation where none truly exists.
it's just so hard to peace angers sometimes.
I was going to say something about the Bible but Tyler ordered me to shut up so now I can't say anything. Everything HHDL says may be true. But c'mon now. Fess. Everyone thinks of a little revenge once in a while, eh? The Bible records "Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord.". Maybe that's because it's the most fun. Oops! Sorry Tyler. Amen. Haha
Jimmy A
Thank you for the reminder, I will work harder to remember
... Anger is a healthy emotion, all things in moderation.
hard to imagine that a man in his 77th year can post messages on Google plus and communicate with his followers. it seems incredible
Sometimes anger can be righteous though, properly directed.
As John Lydon says: Anger is an energy!
This is divine wisdom that takes only the wise men to understand and to understand means you're healthier physical and spiritually matualled.
I completely agree! Reducing anger is tied to surrendering love for this world, refraining from major sins, and guarding against shamelessness.
Anger can be used constructively, if you know how. It can deepen your resolve, strengthen you when want to give up, and actually give you clarity of purpose among other things. Don't fight your anger, redirect it into a self-positive force.
Gracy M
How I can have a peace of mind when I saw the crime is going on, people are being treated badly. Anger sometimes give you the courage and strength.
Elise H
Great advice!
But boy does it ever feel good! Esspecially righteous anger!
anger is the devils weapon to make humans do things God hates :|
With respect, I completely disagree with this judgment of our emotions. Anger isn't destructive, how it's used, misused and abused can be. Avoiding our anger can be just as destructive as expressing it violently. Allowing ourselves to feel anger also provides the ground for real compassion, rather than idiot compassion.
reju ps
violence is a worse thing in life..most of the times innocents are tortured ...anger and violence is byproduct of  lot of factors most of the countries there is no peace...
All life forms would instinctively use force for their survival, be it killing for food or self-defense. Violence is the use of unnecessary force not related to an organism's survival, social or individual. 
+Dalai Lama - Thank you so very much for your honesty.  Do you have any specific practices besides trying to recall that it is a destructive emotion?  Mine comes up at bedtime, when my day is done and I am trying to sleep.
Thank you for your wisdom.  Do you have any advice for jealousy?  
I read this in a book: "Anger is a natural emotion. It is the tool you have which allows you to say, “No, thank you.” It does not have to be abusive, and it never has to be damaging to another. When children are allowed to express their anger, they bring a very healthy attitude about it to their adult years, and therefore usually move through their anger very quickly.
Children who are made to feel that their anger is not okay—that it is wrong to express it, and, in fact, that they shouldn’t even experience it—will have a difficult time appropriately dealing with their anger as adults.
Anger that is continually repressed becomes rage, a very unnatural emotion. People have killed because of rage. Wars have started, nations have fallen."
I would agree, though my experiences have taught be that channeling anger into something positive in other words divert it into a content in which it will strengthen one understanding of oneself and generate a positive income is a much sufficient way to dispose of it appose to simply ignoring it. I believe that ignoring things just prolongs the lessons that come and can be gain from them ( this suggestion of not ignoring is only meant to be applied for something that is of a natural nature as is the emotion of anger but not to be applied to the superficial logical state of mental thinking of people because conclusion of physical thought not of nature but of a conclusion of that is uncertain is at times best to be ignore.) In other words understanding your anger can facilitate your understanding of how to control it and give you a glimpse of your mental weakness and strength, for anger usually comes from a selfish want unachieved of one self due to the restrained from a situations, or other people, so an unaccomplished sense that overwhelms our rational thinking and emotions takes over one's essence of peaceful being and we are fluttered by a false sense of an un-accomplished feeling that unbalances one's state of being. When one understands this and one experiences anger then you spiritually upgrade your emotional strength gaining more control and strengthening the mind over the body.    
I am 46 yet evry moment teaches me about life and living.Each day is a learning experience for me. When negative emotions flood my being I just close my eyes for a few minutes n sweep away the same.
Yoko T
+Marta Olle-Laprune Books have all kinds of stuff, both right and wrong.  What is your experience?  Because HH is not saying to repress anger but to understand that by its very nature, it is damaging to us.  
Any bad feeling is bad for our health, because no bad feeling is going to help us solving problems since behind them there's always a limiting believe.
Thanks for sharing
Anger doesn't just dwell in the hearts of the foolish or the proud. Sometimes it is felt by those who've been very badly wronged. Wronged in such a way that it's very difficult confront these memories in their minds. I think we sometimes need to support people to acknowledge and feel their anger, so that they can release it and move on.
that doesn't make any sense. I don't believe it
I hope someday to have anger leave my life, as well as the lives of all I love. In the meanwhile, I think it is important to try to harness any anger one DOES possess and direct that energy to perform a positive act. Thank you Dalai Lama for bringing so much peace into this planet! 
consequence of anger is more harmful than the cause of anger.
uhhhhh,  ya think? really? i wonder if he came up with this by himself.  we've known this for yrs......sorry some of u r jus findin out....hav a nice day :)
Makes absolute sense 
Whatever. Bet I could kick yr ass. Yr only small.
Anger feels destructive to others and yourself so anything which can help to avoid anger can only be good. So much goes wrong based on anger and when you start looking at history it seems the main source of great conflicts. 
That is very interesting Your Holiness, thank you for your wise words
I don't agree. When Dalai Lama says: "We shouldn’t welcome it (anger) or think of it as natural or as a friend.", I think this is a hurtful statement. When we say NO to ANY emotion we experience (and anger is one of them), we immediately create a state of WAR in ourselves. And this state of war is very harmful for our health, and NOT the anger itself. Instead, we can just welcome the emotion, whatever it is, and then we have a choice to release it, when we feel its not good for us (as in case of anger). Doing so, we are in acceptance and embracing state, instead of war. We don't want to be at war, we want to be at peace. I know this works for me, when I resist anger, I suffer. So, welcome the anger and release. Don't resist, don't fight.
+John Robinson You're missing the point here. Clearly you're just masking your anger with a desire to impress by intimidation.
I see a lot of people who seem confused on what anger really is.  The Dalai Lama did not say not to have anger, but instead resolve the issue that is causing the anger and not welcome the anger as normal in our life at that time.  Everyone has had anger, and everyone who is human will always have anger at some point in their life.  It is how you deal with it (and everything else in life) that defines you as a person, so be the best person you can be and deal with the anger appropriately (hopefully without voilence).
I used to carry a little piece of paper in my wallet with a quote on it that I clipped out of a newspaper.  It said "Anger destroys the vessel it is stored in."  If we could all try to remember that anger is like an acid that eats away at us if we carry it inside, it would change many things for the better.
Philipp Dunkel. My apology. But anger makes me work on manufacturing and production machines much much better than peace. Anger makes invention. Its a necessity in humans. Dalai lama must be a masaai in Asia...that is absolute to mother of all inventions. Be in any position in life anger and anger makes you progress. Dont play smart, dont play clever. Just be your own self.
ﺍﻧﺎ ﺍﺭﺩ ﻓﻘﻄ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﻠﻲ ﻳﻜﺘﺒﻮ ﻋﺮﺑﻲ ﻟﺎﻧﺐ ﺍﻧﺜﻞ ﺍﻟﻌﺮﺏ ﻣﺎﻫﻮ العجم
Were still animals underneath , its a basic emotion that occasionally is still needed at times unfortunately , i agree with what he is saying but i don't believe it can just be removed
Abd al Rahman Adeel. Thanks for that instant move. Dalai lama of burma and Dalai lama of Tibet... politics. Remember Yugoslavia? Bush senior let muslims slaughtered while moving the world to somalia. They lost the plot and when Bill Clinton was in office removed all troops from somalia and took care of yugoslavia for re-election. Play chess but understand it.
Gracy M
Second thoughts: calm down your anger body, but still work with problems. That give you a clear mind to decide what you should do and not do in the situation 
Actually, from a psychological (well, western psychological) point of view, any other emotion...possesses neither a positive nor negative value.  It is merely an emotion.  Thus, anger in and of itself is NOT a problem. 

What IS a problem is HOW anger is expressed.  If one chooses to keep their anger internalized and not express it to others, then the Dalai Lama is becomes destructive.  If instead we choose to express it violently, again it becomes very destructive.  However, if one chooses to express one's anger in an assertive, yet non-aggressive manner, it becomes a healthy emotion that can actually further one's peace of mind without doing harm to one's mental, physical, or emotional health.
Thank you for kind your words and kind your heart
Keep telling yourself that Dejan....
yeah, that's all cool, mr. Dalai Lama.....but at times a little violence can be a good thing.  Everything isn't always honky dorey.  And the power that you can feel when delivering a right hook to some mofo's jaw is enlightening.  I am not saying that to be angry all the time is a good thing.  Choose your battles carefully.  You will know when to use that anger in a positive way.
yes, pacifism...If you are near my age; then you know exactly where lots of pacifists ended up.  World War II anyone?  I didn't see anyone not minding the States getting involved in that war.  We went and kicked some Nazi Ass.  And here is your history lesson for today.  What country was one of the American's most important Allies.  Hint...They are in northern Europe.
But is it ok if take it out on my pillow cause that helps everyone and me because after I punch it and I feel better and people around me won't feel awkward because I'm upset and I can sleep better at night because of a soft pillow. 
Man I wish, I wish, I wish I could have that state of mind
The most important thing to remember in this life is that jesus said i am the way, truth, and the life no one comes to the father but through jesus, my sheep know my voice and follow me but a stranger wont, the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to us it is the power of god to save
J Krah
in your anger do not sin : Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 
Ephesians 4:25-27
For the man who made the private comment to me about not reading the bible.  First of all, my dear man....I am a student and practitioner of the Esoteric Arts.  I don't believe that you will understand what that is, so wiki it.  I don't need to explain.  As for bibles, I have studied many and their religions.  There is good in all as there is negative in all.  Now, I don't feel a need to defend myself or my opinions to you anymore.  You cannot talk sensibly with others who are pig-headed, narrow minded, or just plain fucken stooopid.  With that being said; if I were you, I may consider reading the Wisdom Books of the Bible.  Good Luck on your journey and my peace follow you.
Don't think I dare disagree with my inner most deep feelings on this topic, amen!

Mr. an wish all you want.  Sometimes wishes do come true. very careful what you wish for.
Its good to know this, but requires alertness and control to be disciplined
anger & resntment hurts the one who harbors it.
My first TV was in order to watch Kung Fu.  Maybe it should rerun for the young.  I absorbed much to take from it on my lifes' journey.  From one grasshopper to another....
True words indeed and it needs a strong state of mind to combat it effectively.
What about anger toward oneself? I usually internalize most of my negative emotions.
When you make 22 million dollars a year, worshiped by millions, and lives in a palace, get to travel any country of your choice in the world. There are no reason for you to be angry at all. But for average people like me, who is trying to earn a living, paying the bills, raising the young, being stuck at traffic, or put up with jerks at work. A little anger is part of life, part of life journey.
Well, I'm not a type of guy to get mad... But when I do, I ain't myself no more :-\
Dawn B.
I love you Dalai Lama, spread the love with your Google+ <3
j l
I guess if you want to age early and have multiple physical ailments you could embrace anger.
+Jonathan Cutting See my comment earlier with regards to answering your question about keeping anger internal.  However, to speed things up and sum up...

Internalizing your anger can lead to feeling depressed, lowered self-esteem, poorer physical health due to a depressed immune system, and difficulty concentrating and poor memory recall.  That should sum things up quite well for internalized anger.
I am going hold onto them thoughts and reasoning until i really have to think about it. Should a moment or something make angry
as much as y'all respect this Lama guy, you shouldnt. hes on his way to hell as is every one of you that hasnt accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour.
Matt T
Nathan you my friend are the reason I want to punch things in the face.
Anger is a vice often challenged and controlled as though a vexative spirit is well and fruit bearing.  A meaningful soul seeks out fruits of the spirit!
I need to work on controlling my emotions
thank you for your comments. I agree with your comment on anger. People use to tell me they were afraid of me because i was so angry. Why because I held resentment and felt bad about myself took me 60 yrs to over come and en lightment to understand I needed to release it.
+Nathan Weadock Despite your hateful attitude while preaching acceptance of Jesus, I love you. Weird coming from a non-Christian, huh?
some will all ways hate hate as keep us alive  hate will be with me to the day i die marine combat vetren
I have learned that only by taking responsibility for my actions and not allowing myself the excuse of using my anger to hurt others can I be free of violence and respect myself and others.
+Stan Oborn im not hateful---no matter what you may think, im just saying it how it is. And no, its not so weird, non-christians can love...i understand. 
Mama bear's baby cubs are being attacked by wild dogs, she rips the dog to shreds, was she angry, was she violent? Was she right?
I don't understand the "before I start the car I know where I am going. If the car goes fast, I go fast. The car and I are one." When I honestly don't know where I am going in life; I take my time to enjoy the beauty in life, yet I still am out of sorts with life and people for I am not fast or smart, beautiful enough. I know all of this angers me.
+snippy menotnice --its an can they be "right" or "wrong" they only have instinct--no internal conscience saying whats wrong or right.
Emotions contain a huge amount of valuable information. They are an "input". Your task is to develop the ability to recognize the input and use it to your advantage.  Cognitive psychotherapy, emotional intelligence training, and meditation practice can help. Dedication and hard work are required. 

The only thing that annoys me is my disobedience to my Lord.anger is unattractive! I have great peace of mind.there are way too many people with issuance it can only be resolved by believing and submitting to the all Dominating Creator and thus acquiring peace.
if every1s dad was like him we would have a better world
Unfortunately, there are people in this world who thrive on anger and destroying others...they believe it gives them the power and confidence they don't have.
Yes, we therefore replace anger, with peace and harmony . .
But aren't there times where it's almost impossible to turn that frown upside down...
hello Sir Dalai Lama, continue loving God and teaching to people
I think any emotion is our friend, because every emotion helps me understand myself. But giving anger the power to control me, that is how it can hurt me.
Stop the BURMA violence!!
Anger is all the same: destructive. Yes, destruction is sometimes necessary, but use with extreme caution.
if a man mus do something with caution in his mind he should be asking himself am i doing the right thing.
Embrace the anger, burn into the chalice of the heart and love the emotion unconditionally, transcend this emotion, gratitude, peace, love
Its true. Anger is dangerous and can kill.
anger, despair, doubt, fear, hatred and violence are all evils that are inevitable because we are humans. But still try to calm it down, and embrace happiness.
Yes like a old pair off smiling horse teddy ruxbin teeth yes.
what exactly are u responding to..i don't follow,,,peace
Destroys physical health for sure, heart failure is one of the out comes   I am a example of that, even if I get angry now my heart responds in a negative way. It takes much more control to remain calm in life, being calm has its rewards. It seems it is always hard to build than it is to destroy  even ourselves. 
Then why did God give it to us? it must have a function, a role to play. and if we control o suppress it, it goes against the law of nature which is to experiences it. i think when we 'talk' to our anger, and listen to it we will find the solution...the solution points to the 'belief' we have about ourself ...which is more difficult to handle than being angry at others!
Righteous anger leads to the destruction of evil.
Anger is natural and good thing if used well and in it's place. We use anger to defend our self, contries, values and... 
There are scenarios where someone should get annoyed for example in a  situation where a person pummels you, blackmails you, robs,divorce you for the mistakes you have not actually done ; I would tell you brethren that anger is one of mankind's feelings but you can control it.
who gave you that name Awadaland
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