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Given the scale of life in the cosmos, one human life is no more than a tiny blip. Each one of us is a just visitor to this planet, a guest, who will only stay for a limited time. What greater folly could there be than to spend this short time alone, unhappy or in conflict with our companions? Far better, surely, to use our short time here in living a meaningful life, enriched by our sense of connection with others and being of service to them.
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being spiritual is gr88 v learn lot
the secret can teach us all this
Thanks Lama for this intelligent words
thanks for this words...i spend most of my time volunteering to patients just for goodness sake and o enjoy the compony
actually every ones of this worlds need to think like this ,,,,,,,hats upp........... to this status
You´re right Bokang. Where do you work?
More Love Dalai Lama, thank you for the wise words
the Particle of Jesus and Buddha and Ghandi is small?
Especially wen the others destroy you stiling your things money or in the worse case killing your life as China as done with Tibet or the international economy is Now doing on the entire globe
stop it mr if u dont know spirituality get the f... out of here fine shut it
For many people their sense of self is greater than their sense of community.
seth taylor u notin in front of the master dalai lama
Unfortunatly, when wealth is in the hands of very few people and many of those people are only interested in their own happiness, many continue to go without. 
u r rit bertina ortiz gud one
can u get the fuck out ta here
There is only a lack of a receipt for bearing all these injuries
abusing is bad but respecting u is bad
a friend Joan Russell said: i am responsible for myself, for my impact on others, i do useful things. i think that is similar to what you're saying. =)
tanx it is all becuz of the secret and the great lama i changed
life should be simply and happy.
ter is somtin called commonsense and respect follow tat
A leave gliding in the wind, floating over the water.
This has been on my mind lately as well. So timely. 
tutor jaen...i work as pre graduate pharmacy tech at hospital pharmacy in lesotho...
Perhaps the endless energies of countless numbers of Gods creations vibrant throughout.
You say we are a tiny thing in this universe right.. that means it wont matter to the universe even if the whole humanity dies!! So what ever we do , it will not matter the universe!! even If I kill some one.. or some one kills me , it wont matter the universe!! But still we consider all these things as a bad thing , a sin!! the only place all these good and bad would matter is the human mind... because it is full of emotions .. which the universe doesn't care about!! So that means the reality is ~ there is no good , no bad , no sin , no law , no happiness, nothing in reality!! 
Ah! a nice job. I am psychologist in Spain
under our mind, within our heart, it's the space of the universe.
You miss the wonderful point the Dalai Lama is trying to make! It has nothing to do w/ what the "universe" wants, rather what we as human beings should be doing for human kind. We should be doing for others what we would want done for ourselves. We all want and need peace in our lives.
I din't miss it!! I just shared a new thought!! totally separate from what he said!! emotionally yes we should do what he said.. but hey wait a second ... emotions stand no where in this world!! in the first place!!! 
thats what i've been saying all this while .
 but i guess you'll listen to him ? he doesn't even speak english . 
Helooo I am Pradeep ... new 2 Google +.... 







































































































































































































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God tells us "you are beautifully and wonderfully created." To reduce a child of God to insignificance like that is not appropriate!
Very true..., let be happy n enjoy life
I just read the Holstee Manifesto (my wife just hung it on the stair walls) and I now find the same message from you +Dalai Lama The universe must be telling me to believe in what I am doing, for I am living my life, I'm a creator, a sharer of passions, trying to connect with laughter and love with everyone around me.
Dalai Lama;
I am not a fan of you because I am Pakistani and Every Pakistani believe on United Republic of Chaina.
But sometimes conflict is what makes things interesting. Life would be extremely boring if we all got along.
that is called a perspective ... when compared to life of a firefly ...human life is very long and we have come here to stay in the form of our children and there children and so on ... now many would be searching for a -1 button ..but that is a perspective too !!
Love makes you live in harmony with Nature and the entire mankind.
The path to enlightenment is always fraught with challenges, yet we are often humbled by the simplest of solutions, words to lie by
There is an old saying, which I'm sure almost everybody has heard, that it takes two to make a fight.

While mostly true, it is not an absolute truth. I'm sure we have all met unreasonable people with whom no accommodation is possible while respecting your own values.

So I understand His Holiness' point of view but I respectfully submit that one should not make themselves a 'doormat' by submitting to the whims of everyone in their lives. There is no happiness or contentment to be found in complete submission.

Conflict with others is inevitable. It is how we manage that conflict to resolution, if that is possible, or negotiate an understanding of each others boundaries that defines us.
Not sure how I got to read these comments but they almost made me throw up the nice schnitzel I had for dinner... 
Wish life was like that, but the truth is harder
Yes a great Ideal many will never entertain because there is no profit in it for them.  Eternal respect. Tony
such wise words from a wise man. if only the establishment would listen to what he has to say.
I am against people setting fire to themselves. Are you?
That is a good sentiment. Very logical and thought provoking.
I'm cooking for this guy in two weeks so excited and honoured :)
HH, can I have the honour of meeting you day after if I am unable to make it to leh due to bad weather here in manali?
Conflict is progress in all forms. If there was no conflict we would become stale and just fade away.
True! Selfless service to the NEEDY always gives so much happiness!!
HH, can I have the honour of meeting you day after if I am unable to make it to leh due to bad weather here in manali?
Oh, and getting paid or recieving in kind renumeration where it is appropriate for our services to otheres may serve to preserve this productive capacity in ourselves and give others the idea our services are valuable even as bold and overarching the universe may serve to dwarf our contributions.
I'm cooking for this guy in two weeks in so excited and honoured 
How i wish everyone could see it that way.
Before the end of our short time,We should try to know our destination exactly before depart from our short time.
Cosy always blissful to here from your loaded Jar./(
Live Life 2 The Fullest.
Ray Gao
Easy to say, but much harder to do.
But only if you try to make a difference
Positive and negative - energy great words from a wise man... No comment to bloke with bad attitude sad life I guess lol
hi u look like some nice people im harry styles from one direction and im just wondering if u like our music ask all ur friends to post to me and to tell me what they think :D xx
Not being flippant here but do not let institutions like the British pub or coffee/tea house die. Too many people today abandon such places and sit home alone instead of getting into good discussions with friends and strangers and building community. Back then they would head out to such places and be safe knowing they left their homes unlocked! Places in the US are not so open to making friends but they should be. This was a damage caused in part by a failed experiment in US constitutional history and of course TV. Go out and befriend someone new today. We ARE all in this together.
Very wise words as one would naturally expect. Sadly our societal conditioning through education, religion and the media does not always endorse such approach to life.
Loved it... and so true... If we could only be having with what we have and try to make everyday count...
We do not know at this present moment in time whether we are sharing this Universe with any other intelligent organisms in this dimensional Universe, so for now in our opinion we are the smartest living things in this world, and so we are probably very important
Damn.... this puts it in perspective folks... copy, paste, print, forward....
Certainly puts it in perspective, but is anyone a little suspicious of this post, i.e, do you think there may have been some sort of payola for this particular piece of wisdom. ;)
Jesus loves you Dalai Lama
Oh Corbett David...its a shame you've allowed your problems to cloud your chance to live your life to the fullest. If we were all to put our problems in a pile and we see every other person's problem, we'll all go grabbing our problems back.
Whoever thinks badly of this post is clearly ignorant, obviously the llama isn't the actual poster but that's not what matters, wow
PH Lee
Human being 
wow! full of inspiration
I loved what yousaid above so true
what i needed to see for the day. :)
Death is our real mother who call us back after giving us short time to play on the ground of Earth.
if everything we do is of no mean at end y to do anything if all has same end at death (((
I'm not a believer in a god or deity but I have great respect and admiration of dalai lama as he is human like us all. Dalai Lama practices what he preaches and gives respect kindness and knowledge wherever he goes also trying through dialogue to change our world for the better.  
Life is pretty if all happens according to your wishes. It is such boring and ugly if it goes against you.
I thought the Lama believed in reincarnation
I connect with others with my Galaxy s3!
Just the meer fact that one would admit they do not believe in God or any Diety means you realize God is real. How could have belief or disbelief in anything if it don't materialize in the phyical world as we know it? So you were Born of yourself and the air you breathe was developed by unexplain event. How could you believe in a man and not believe God is a Man? You are made in Gods image or how do you explain it all?"
The more I travel, the more I realize this truth. 
funny thing about reincarnation is, you dont remember your previous life and its not certain that youll be back as a human.
No matter how big your house is , that little black case will be your eternal home... rama....?
your policy & your peaceful mind
We respect you......
take care......and........keep your style......

shyanty......your style.......

if coud make a time.......I returne.......

The most important truths in life are so plain that simple heart and humble philosophy are sufficient to understand them. I do not ask for scientific proof to understand and accept these words as they stand.
That is truth. We are all one and to live in disharmony with another is to live in disharmony with ourselves.
To me . Death is just the end of  one chapter, of an endless journey, through the story of life.
Some I would agree with... but I would simply reply that no one human life is simply a tiny blip.
The perfect way of life I try to practice everyday.
Perfect teaching.  Most people may find difficult to live up to it.  Trying my best to practice.
I'm so tired of backwards logic... The denial of something proves the something exists?!!!??!?!!?! WTF

Most Aethiests take a more rational approach. Is there a god? Highly unlikely. Can I prove it? No. Can you PROVE god does exist? No.

Is there a sentient being in the Universe of such immense intellect and power that it could be seen as a god. Perhaps. 

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

Just because we don't have the answers, doesn't mean the one someone made up 2000 or more years ago is correct. Those people didn't even know why the sky was blue, or how fire burned. Everything was a mystery to them, and they invented ways of explaining those things. Even THEN rational individuals questioned the whole god/s thing. From Aristotle to Caesar there have been doubters.
yeah. it is easier if you do not have a mortgage to pay and never need to work in your entire life.
look into your soul and u know these words to be true
visitor to this planet? Dalai, are saying we are aliens?
+mike ruban, I think you have to work a bit harder on being more like the Dalai Lama. Of all comments here, yours are the least like his.
That's about the only thing that makes sense to me.
So very true. Thank you for posting.
Reproduction is trivial and sometimes overwhelming.  It is the culture we bring our children and grandchildren that separates us from the animals.  Sadly, in a post carbon economy, most of the world's population is toast. So get walking and gardening, and share.
Very inspirational!  It's a shame others feel the need to attack instead of contemplating the message.
This statement is a very eloquent "why can't we all just get along?"
ur highness,u r so right,visitors &guests.that s truly what we really r,thnx
Wow...he said all that? People wake up this is Lama propaganda....
In response to "God tells us "you are beautifully and wonderfully created." To reduce a child of God to insignificance like that is not appropriate!" ------ (1) The Dalai Lama's words are not to reduce the significance of life but to expand our mind to embrace the infinite complexity of our life amidst the Cosmos. For many a pebble in the stream seems rather unremarkable, yet that pebble in its place plays a part in the shaping and direction of that stream. Take many pebbles and there is greater shaping and direction and if there is too many, the water in the stream can be blocked causing ecological waste and preventing life to wither because vital resources cannot reach their intended destination.

(2) The Dalai Lama has applied the attribute of time to convey that (a) even though our lifespan is brief in comparison to the years the Cosmos has on us, our existence is best served not by being an obstacle to humanity but serving humanity for the common good (b) our ability to realize time allows us to enjoy, take pleasure and truly honor our existence - it can be for some a curse but it is indeed a gift. The brevity at which life can be snatched. We live longer than so many creatures and we experience so many things deeply. We have gifted. However, when we hoard and think nothing of what can I do -- to only focus on to have this and this and this and this then WE discard other human beings and what we can share with each other - which doesn't necessarily have to tangible and for this WE lose. Our deepened communication is a treasure that is spent too often arguing over this and that and never appreciating the basics.

Ultimately, I think the Dalai Lama is conveying words that ask us to return to ourselves, to realize the basic and that a blip is not derogatory but to realize that basic and unfettered, finite existence each human being poses and that a moment is something to be captured and relished not punished with suffering. We truly guess at whether we have an afterlife. We do not know. We do know that while we are alive and in the presence of a universe that is infinitely older and not exactly sentient as we are, we can live and experience life by the choices we make.

Yes, there are things that happen to us, but we can choose how we deal with them. We can choose how we deal with others. His words wake the consciousness to stare at the fact that yes each of us is small in amongst the expanse of the universe, yet no matter how small we have a decision. We have choice. Choice is a great power in the universe. The universe cannot choose to change itself. We can. Silently and quietly, his words speak to a power. We have a power to be beautiful and infinite and accept a wisdom that strives to bring the best out of mankind. Be kind to one another. There is nothing more simplistic. We want for so much. We suffer too much. This for the most part is our undoing. So, yes, some of you can easily dismiss his words or escape to a place of egotism (i.e. don't reduce my God). You miss the point entirely then. Even if you don't agree with me. I hope my words spark some thinking.
Yes, we should enjoy life, because it is a gift from God. Though our lives may be a blip in time, it is not Gods will that any one of his sheep be lost. Because we are important in the eyes of our maker.
Oh great and wise man, i do believe that you may have attained the highest spiritual truth that an earthly man can achieve. I am trying for that highest truth, by living my life accordingly, and have a motto for you that I live by and strive for every day:  ' Be the change that you want to see, live it, dream it, believe it and other's will too'  We especially need this attitude of tolerance, understanding, peace and love of all humans and animals in today's uncertain world. Keep us in your thoughts Dalai, we try to live to our highest spiritual attainment, which is possible for each person, if only they would listen to their inner truth and see as you see.
Nice one if truly the thought is practiced.
Oh shut up, each of us is the crown of creation, a shimmering eternity, not a leaf on the water or sme other greeting card nonsense. Enough of this pointless zen nihilism, we are all golden gods, act like one and fight for your homeland already!
Let this summer be dubbed, The Summer of Harmony.
Thanks, well put ........
easier said than done unfortunately.
Everything he says comes from the heart -- his morals and philosophies directly into his quotes. Very inspiring.
Conflict is the essence of progress. How that conflict manifests should be the focus.
Kenyans should know this and live in harmony as they prepare to go to election, no more blood should be shed
Hi, nice to hear from your, Dalai Lama. Am so glad can online and hearing from you this way. You are truly a wise man.
I don't think that we really know what the scale of life is in the cosmos. The earth could be the only place in the entire universe that has life.
You must read the Bible, Mr. Lama.  Good message...old, but true.
Gabe M.
The Dalai Lama is the man!
I tried all my life to be good and caring, but I never receive a thank you, for the things I have done
It is So true.the Path to enlightenment is a journey, know one can give you what you seek or carry you to the end for the path of one is not the path of others. If you already know the fire is hot, the meal was cooked a long time before.
This what our Allah say in Holly Quran staying in world is like dream and on day of judgement when asked By Him how long oh son of Adam you stayed in the world he would say a day or may be half day so please make this stay like transfer time to an other flight ,while waiting at the airport .May Allah grant us wisdom to under stand His command and safe our skin being burn in the hell fire Ameen

A mere blip we may be but within us all the is a whole universe of thought, imagination & energy. What an exciting journey of discovery that is, and yes, what a waste of a life to fritter away such an opportunity.
If only more people could undersrand our connection to the energy of the universe. They would then see and understand just how small we are and how large. It is not about "me" it is about "WE"...
Yes, thank you, this is what life is about.
Do what you will, the universe will impose its own constraints on you without regard to your awareness or disposition.  What we do know is that life is multigenerational and that it builds upon previous attempts at perfection, and of this, we are all integral to evolution.
We must live in the love and the light.
No shit Sherlock! Stating the bleeding obvious while making it seem profound.
Life finds its purpose and fulfillment in the expansion of happiness.

~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
I think a sense of humor helps also
That is very true. Thank you!
I agree with the practice of service to others…
We have a devine imperative, to make this planet, a fitting place for the presence of G-d.
Discovering why you were born,living it out and gaining total fulfillment from is a definite way of not only being of service to others,but also a sure of not wasting the time we are given here.Overall,being in God is what will only make this happen.
If we are visitors then it is not tiny, if it is not tiny we are not visitors.
+Francois Bellami Do you know ,in Buddhism , there is no ´mine ´or ´yours ´ therefore ,there is no pain .love and consciousness is the point
Someone should tell the governments of the world this
تابلو داره خالی می بنده
What did God have to say about the span of life in humans?
John 3:16
Book recommend on the cosmos, The Wonder of the World by Roy Varghese, ISBN 0-9723473-1-3
Always a great read sir. Thank you for being part of Google+.
Today I will do my best to not be in conflict with anyone.
If only everyone lived life like that. World would be a far nicer place.
Vicces, hogy ilyen gyorsan megjött a kalapács:-))))
De ez már tényleg fura, valaki magyarázza meg!!!!!!!
Our mani padome fum! love&平和! 
enlightening words of wisdom. hallelujah-
some body knows how they should live their life. i got to say AMEN
M Way
Here, here.
His view only would be true if resources weren't limited. 
This man should not be in exile from his people. China sucks!
If we were completely unaware of the universe,what would our philosophy be?
I appreciate your words of wisdom but I do not share all that you believe. I don't believe we are a blip in the cosmos.  Souls are infinite.  Man is but one link in a vast chain. we are of nature, the planet, and the cosmos, not just visitors.  We have responsibilities to more than our connections with humankind.  We do not advance in our spiritual journey to truly "Be connected" until we find solutions for problems that exist in our lifetime.
well..if its a blip, doesn't matter whichever way it goes!
It's known fact that today conflicts and scarce resources drive progess (I'm not looking at direction of progress this time). Unfortunately it's by mordern human nature to have these two things as main driving forces. Curiosity or wilingnes to know more works only for handfull of people. Having said that I must admit that majority of great discoveries in human history comes from this handfull of people. :) Dilema? Curse? Lack of proper life education?
How about the purpose of life
+Teresa Lien I see your point but disagree with the assumption - he specifically refers to "human life" and not "soul".
we have enuff resources ... it's the distribution that's the problem ...
Dalai lama u simply speak of the truth and I am a big fan please add me to ur circle!😨
You're right as usual your excelence. Our life on earth is very short and people should be as good to one another as is possible. AS it says in the bible, love your neighbor as yourself. Thank you for your wise words!!!!!!!!!
This great evil. Where does it come from? Howe is steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who is doing this? Who is killing us? Robbing us of life and light. Mocking us with the sight of what we might hawe known. Does our ruin benefit the earth? Does it help the grass to grow, the sun to shine? Is this darknes in you, too? Have you passed to this night?....Be good to each other...
+Deborah Fisher    Distribution is definitely a problem, but it is also true that the earth cannot sustain 6.8 billion people.. not unless we make some staggeringly giant jumps in technology, and we do it tomorrow.
+Bhavin Vyas I'm just saying:  What is a human life but our souls journey within infinity or the cosmos, does it end? If human life is limited to this one time frame, we can sit back without concern or responsibility.  What if, our human life is but a manifestation of a life force that is passed down by way of one generation of living being to another by way of individual organisms. Are we simply guests to this planet? Conflict, is unstable and sometimes is necessary for growth, it does not mean it has to be exercised in an insatiable appetite for war. Service is subjective, whom do you serve and for what purpose, is it humankind?  We have placed humankind above all else on the planet. Maybe conflict has been the planets path to survival. Maybe, humans should look less to service of our fellow human and follow the path of preservation of nature.
Compare with God Medium, I am a tiny blip 
#holycrowballs If I would have known this yesterday I would have spent more time looking at the #transitofvenus  
on the other hand, some people reason: life is too short and difficult, i need to struggle every day and fight for survival. Better for me to become the strongest and eliminate the enemy.....
What if ...................... this hippy hippy is just another way to sooth our journey to the slaughter and hide the theft of our labor? 

I'm not trying to "troll" but anytime I hear about the service I should provide to the "public good" I think 'what does this guy want from me?' or 'what have they done now in the name of selfless?'"  There are bad guys in this world and they want every ounce of your sweat. 

People who know their place in the universe make for docile slaves.
Cu Lu
thats true.. :)! thx.
Or, as i belive, we are here for a reason.  That reason is to share the right faith with everyone: Christianity. God created the heavens and the earth. He created humans and animals.  Fish, lions, dogs, cats, lizards, ect.  If you dont believe my word for it, think. Who els could be the one who created single cell organisums? Who els could have created you and me? Who els could have created agressive lions and sweet dogs?  Please think about what i have said and if you have any questions to go deeper in this or any questions at all, ask me or buy a Bible. Thank you for your time to read this.  Bye and God be with you, always.
Good Karma out brings good karma in. do something kind for a total stranger each day and live in peace
a great person once said "The many factors which divide us are actually much more superficial than those we share. Despite all of the things that differentiate us – race, language, religion, gender, wealth and so on – we are all equal concerning our fundamental humanity."
It is the big true, but very difficult....
We might be small but the same atoms we are made of are the same atoms that were in a massive star and maybe were in a black hole once.
I once heard of a planet.
good words but is the real dalai lama on g+? i question that...
Some days/weeks this feels like a loooong frickin blip. Just Sayin'
True wisdom is simple to state but not too easy to enact without focus and commitment enhanced by selflessness, where there's a will there's a way!
I would like to have you as my mentor can I keep you Dalai?
Jesus is the way the truth and the life. I love how Jesus spoke more wisdom than any other man in earth.
[Psalms:19:1]The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. Having in His mind you and me, the creator of this amazing beautyful views (and the whole universe) became flesh and gave His Son, also 4 u and 4 me.......tks GOD.
A thread by soemone who was exiled and persecuted for his religious beliefs, recognized worldwide as an intelligent and wise man, a post about avoiding conflict and division, and a bunch of intolerant Christians decide it's a good time to insult his beliefs. The lot of you are philistines.
What a waist of time is devoting seconds in nothing but to love and to serve.
So why are you wasting time reading this comment?
We are not that important after all. Life is not about us, rather we are about life.
it must be our roll to improve mankind.not in monetary wealth but in goodness and the joy of making others happy. smile and the world smiles with you
We supposed to do this. Its very nice
Just remember that you're standing on a planet that's evolving
And revolving at nine hundred miles an hour,
That's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned,
A sun that is the source of all our power.
The sun and you and me and all the stars that we can see
Are moving at a million miles a day
In an outer spiral arm, at forty thousand miles an hour,
Of the galaxy we call the 'Milky Way'."
+Joe Glsty IQ has nothing to do with social, or economic status. There are geniuses from the lowest corners to highest precipices of our society. Having privilege does not prove ones ability to think, it only proves they have privilege.

There are many barriers to entry for people with low economic means; this has been proven time and again in real world situations. The poor may be ignorant, but ignorance does not equate a "low IQ", nor does upward economic mobility equate "high IQ".  "Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow" (William Pollard).
Colombia  necesita la visita del Dalai lama para encontrar la paz
Thank you for this wonderful insight.
i had a conversation with God how about you?
Poverty has resulted in many negative impacts. Poverty is a global problem that must be resolved by the world community. Poverty is one of the elements that destroy the balance of the world. Poverty if the leave would be a threat to the world. Poverty continues to increase in size will someday destroy the world.  Poor people do not think about the cosmos or the atmosphere, their time has run out of time to thinking about what to do to survive in life. there are even those who have bet on with their lives purely in order to stay alive in this world. Lots of people in this world especially the poor who can only watch and hope. Poor people are not greedy people who want power and control the world. Their expectations are very simple, which is "only" hope despite poverty. In your opinion who are the people who could solve the problem of poverty in this world? The concept of what should be done to tackle global poverty in the world? Do you think in human history ever peaceful and prosperous era as a whole on this earth?
A man lives two lives, the outer and the inner.  The outer is but an illusion, or a shadow of the real, or inner life.  The real journey in life is the path taken to enlightenment.  The real value of your life is the enlightenment you gain.  The real life you live is the one you live inside your mind.  It is inside your higher mind that the Great Spirit dwells.  If you will but listen closely you will hear him as he softly speaks to you of love, enlightenment, and the impeccable values he would have you learn and incorporate into your soul.
well i respect what he says, but no human alive can not make enemies, even if it is unknown to them, so i would like to ask him, If you are in a position to act and resolve a conflict shouldn't you try? and how do you change the world?
Certainly like  what Dalai Lama says above on June 6,2012. Life is so short we need to be using our time here on this earth very wisely!
Oh I see Earth  so beautiful and amazing, full of attractions, that are of may differnt shapes, colors,sizes..Look at the clouds, so pretty.
The Ocean and the energy it gives, and the breeze, as it echo's to you, so lovely..Look at the trees, how they grow and the strenght in which they stand.
Have you just gone to a tree and admired the different colors, of the leaves, and the branches how well and proper the stand, and they provide so much for us..
Even if you go touch the tree, you can actuallu feel the energy with it, its awesome people..
There is so much life to tap into, on this planet, and there is plenty for everyone, if we just knew the purity of love, and remembernce......
I will always have this at the back of my mind....thanks Dalai Lama
Dear Your Excellence,

As a Buddhist and I wish you healthy for your precious service to beings. 
yes that is true that we are each nothing more than a grain of sand (my Word) but i expect more from life, i want to be and do something in my life, im tired of everyone saying life is what it is and there's no changing it, what if we just stood up and just did the right thing and acted with the best intentions to make this world a more of a place to live in?!
i like the budhha concept of social religion n behavier.but now a day it is not in natural form,modified to more suitable that also.
May all beings be happy
May they be peaceful
May they be free
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