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More fundamental than religion is our basic human spirituality. We have a basic human disposition towards love, kindness and affection, irrespective of whether we have a religious framework or not. When we nurture this most basic human resource – when we set about cultivating those basic inner values which we all appreciate in others, then we start to live spiritually.
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Much needed sentiment in this time of protests.
Thank you. This reinforces what I discovered long ago: Buddhism is not a religion, but an education.
They revere Buddha as a teacher, not as a deity, unless I'm mistaken. The whole world could benefit from this type of teaching, but here in America, it is my opinion that the vast majority are simply too self oriented to comprehend it.
Lo basico me parece lo primitivo y lo primitivo del ser humano no es bueno igual gracias por tener fe en nosotros los seres humanos
Nice words if only the masses could adopt such mantra.
I always look forward to your posts / photos, thanks for being here and guiding us
thankyou. I know this will help me in the days coming
Italian translation:
Più fondamentale della religione è la nostra spiritualità umana di base. Abbiamo un'umana disposizione di base verso l'amore, la gentilezza e l'affetto, indipendentemente dal fatto che abbiamo un'inquadratura religiosa o no. Quando nutriamo questa risorsa umana di base - quando ci mettiamo a coltivare quei valori di base interiore che tutti noi apprezziamo negli altri, allora cominciamo a vivere spiritualmente.
(Dalai Lama)
Umbe Re
Mi inchino alla tua saggezza e mi piaci sempre di più perchè parli all'intera umanità ...grazie mille!

I bow to your wisdom and I like you more and more because it speaks to all humanity ... thank you so much!
Allah said in holy quran :
"...but help ye one another unto righteousness and pious duty. Help not one another unto sin and transgression, but keep your duty to Allah..." Almaeda - 2
" And there may spring from you a nation who invite to goodness, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency. Such are they who are successful" Al-E-Imran - 104
"...So forgive, with a gracious forgiveness" Al-Hejr - 85
" Keep to forgiveness (O Muhammad), and enjoin kindness, and turn away from the ignorant"Al-Araf - 199
Tudo começa a se modificar no instante em que você faz ao seu próximo o que anseia que seja feito a você mesmo. Namastê!
yaa but most important to know wat humans are???????
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OK but when is he going to be reincarnated as a woman?
Is killing a mosquito a crime??? If not then where is the kindness according to Buddhism ??????
Are you The Dalai Lama or rather a person who puts his quotes in here?
Sharing this love and set of values with one another will takes us closer to the collective soul, that thing that we all share as one. I believe that in this current setting, such values should adquire relevance in finding an alternative to the selfishness of our social system nowadays. Such is the case in the way we look at the future, with the hope that we can all be the drivers of a different world.
Sería increible que todos pudieramos vivir espiritualmente, pero entonces, ¿quien tendría, para que esto fuera posible, que vivir fisicamente?
+Enzo Cdt La idea es que todos vivamos físicamente cultivando nuestra espiritualidad. Una cosa no inhibe la otra, al contrario mientras más espiritual es tu vida mejor fluye tu vida física.
Is that what spirituality means? To me it sounds more like part of a humanistic worldview.
Espiritualmente de acuerdo. Físicamente algo esceptico.
The situation in #Tahrir Square Square is like a war, the security forces and military police attacked the demonstrators with live bullets #Egypt +Dalai Lama
Thank you very much. Thanks to the kindness and love.
Thanks :-)
Those who do not respect love, kindness and affection, are the enemy of mankind !
Listen here mr. are completely correct lol
This is the way i feel about religion.If we struggle to embrace the most basic of our human abilities,then how can we embrace a religion.?
Example;Why will a prodestant turn there nose up at a catholic,and so-on.!!!
Why the hard push towards non-religious types lately? Untapped demo or do you just not have any luck with the fundies?
god told-
"religion is the word and idea created by those who no more needs me....who no more believes in me and my words....the impostors who make others feel they r my messengers, but in reality is nothing but grave robbers...."
wel....i feel god is right....
Nobody knows God but most people, atleast theoretically, know about 'good values'. And trying to imbibe these values into life is what any 'religion' is all about.Give the 'religion' any name but the good values which r eternal, remains the same.
+Kuldip Pandey - Which explains why the world is getting better and better and wars have all ended....wait...
Perfect sir, i agree with ur commandes.
I believe this disposition towards love and affection is not only a human condition but the felt consequence of the fundamental truth that WE ARE ALL ONE. This truth is often obscured by survival strategies of all living things. Many of these are genetically inherited. The need to feed is one of the most basic. In the case of humans however, there is a much more complex and potent survival tool at work: our mind. It has a dualitarian character, it categorizes, judges and gives birth to the ego. This makes us feel alone and disconnected from our fellow humans, nature and the universe.
actually when we are depressed and need a help, we pray god. In case the one disbelieve god then either he will die or commit suicide. whether we get any help from god or not we believe god just to survive.
Carry on sir, i keep telling those that care to listen that you can give what you don't have
give me a break "Dalhi lama" dont sell us your spiritual crap when you shaking hands with the Illuminati and new world order globalists and bankers. . . XX let my people go!
I vote for the Dalai lama as worldwide leader to oversee all countries and help bring world peace...anyone at occupy spread the love... take care of 1 another ... power to the peaceful .....
ya ur write only the dalai lama help us to sirvive in world

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This unknown "spirituality" is not something which we inherit. It is the God-given conscience that allows you to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. In fact, The Bible clearly states that we are born with a sin nature, and all the thoughts and intents of the heart are "evil continually". You do however have a solution to your inherited sin nature. Jesus came to earth to live a perfect life, and to fulfill the Law and to complete the man. He paid the price for our sins with his suffering and death. Put your trust in him today, and ask him to use you to your full potential.
I really wanna start a nationwide prayer time.....everyplace at the same time... and I'm hoping maybe the dalai lama could help with making this become a reality....
we are 1 we need to start acting like it ....occupies just beginning coming brothers and sisters help to bring this world ...worldwide peace ......everyone is ready... the time is now ..
john lennon martin luther king looking down right now ...with a big smile on my face ....
whatever may be the basis manusaia. he origin of mutual respect. ok
Insightful, profound and true.
Your Holiness,I agree with the you.Deep down in every,man women and child id the fundamental nature of spirituallity,we just have to find,or sometimes it finds us,Every human has the idea of God and spirituality ingrained in their DNA .Each human being is the idea of God and spiritauality. People go to Church ,because they dont want to go to Hell, I have been to hell, and I dont want to go back. What do you think?
sharing the wisdom
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I agree that fear is at the root of far too many pew riders, you know the type, those who curse and destroy all week long then put on a suit and speed to church on Sunday to pay their tithe and hope God noticed... Want to see something REALLY SCARY about HELL? Google "Steve Jobs is in Hell" and see for yourself what ppl are sayin..............
I pick 9:11 and pm eastern standard time.. I would like everyone to start a nationwide prayer for peace this time 911 morning and night I would like everyone to join together to make a stronger bond instill peace in one another and help spread peace and unity.... I am starting this this morning ....everyone please join me spread the word and help this grow to something truly amazing ....thank you....peace be with all of you
Basic human spirituality is just an idea, one that has been with us for a long time and has helped us contextualising and categorising a large number of human behaviours like caring, feeling for and grieving. Religions are unwelcome set of controls devised by ruling classes over the ages that use the idea of spirituality as the carrier for the interests of the religious class. Live well, do good, embrace spirituality and most of all refuse religion.
All religions may be banned. Also the Lamas in the Tibet opressed the people to work for free for them. Do not know why G+ put this in my timeline, but I am not interested in religious dictators.
the nationwide prayer will be from 911 to 930 .....
Well said 1 should be religious they should all just be spirituals .....religion breeds hate...even though they all from the opposite ....brainwashing through scare tactics .
The basics of spirituality is to love God more than anything else. Then everything comes in the right way. It is above any religion.
it's not a religion...Juan....its spirituality... A way of life ....not promoting hate.. maybe someday you'll grow up and come out of your shell to think for yourself..don't worry until then you have fox news to cling on to and watch .....can you say baaa...sheep..anyway getting back to what's important nationwide prayer will start in 15 minutes please spread the word join me thank you ....
people that speak out like than instead of the use of common sense need to be educated that's all help education don't put them down.. they can change
a profound definition for human spirituality and that leads to inner enlightenment...
I know this to be true. The sad thing is how the status quo and the powers that be teach us otherwise and try to hide this from us.
we are now going to start nationwide prayer for peace ..please join me spread the word and help make that happen each and everyday at 911 .morning and afternoon time eastern standard time ..thank you now for a moment of silence .....
Ok, so what is this spirituality?

It's a term, if used broadly enough, can be interpreted to mean anything the reader wishes it to mean.
Actually, people need Christ to be able to convert their self-centered nature into a caring-about-others nature.
For why then do we need religious sects that have done nothing through the ages but sow division? Too much blood has been shed in the name of one God or the other. It is time that the human race evolved into the higher consciousness that we have destined to be.
My goal for the week, love, affection and kindness!
thank you to go in killington and I hope to see you all again tonight at 911 join us once again... please spread the word ...thank you...peace be with all of u...
clear thoughts from the clear-minded person..... he represents the real humanity
yes i see that truth ,an offer you respect or sharing it as the holy DALI LAMA . trurely a man of peace and compassion...
We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another
The key object is that humans require to be Love from birth into adult-hood; until that happens - hate and wars shall continues! All the basic values need to be taught also respected again.
There are people that don't understand this as a basic human right. They believe that this is only attainable through religion and the division of the population. When Human rights are infringed upon by anyone there should be people that stand up for those that don't or can't. The people that stand up are the heros of mankind. These men and women are Peacekeepers.
This makes me feel that organized religion has hijacked responsibility for making us kind and the rest, and convinced us that we require their help to be who we already are...
é essencialmente necessário que os seres humanos interajam religiosamente...
Agree. Of course, nobody is saying that religion is not important. But you don't have to practice one to get in touch with those basic inner values.
+Margaret Brown Nobody needs christ to care about others, you simply need to care.
+Zachary Blikstad Is there no way of knowing wright from wrong without believing in a god? Is there no way to be good without (a) god? Morality and moral values are human inventions - and good ones.
As an atheist I LOVE this post. I feel sorry and sad for those that believe the only reason to be good, to do good in this world is because of a fear of god and of a hell... and not just because that's the way one should be in life.
S Ion
+Elham Sarikhani - given that the 'about' info page is written 3rd party I'd say this page is maintained by someone else
This is such a lie it's not even funny.
This is a great belief but there is no evidence to support that humans are naturally loving, sweet, and kind creatures. Put into different environments and having chosen different leaders, humans can just as easily be what we would today consider cruel, evil, mean animals.
La religion es lo que nos distingue de los animales. Religion is what distinguishes us from animals
Having worked as a volunteer in prisons I have seen great acts of kindness from inmates towards one another even in a system that views kindness as weakness, both by the inmates and the guards. Kindness is a choice we choose to make out of feelings of empathy to those around us, which over time can grow as we mature to include the whole world. I know that ignited the flame of spirituality within me, instead of just following the dogma of religion and has lead to following the path of Buddha.
@ ken... not looking to fight, but i would contend that it is the wealthy (the 1%, if you will) that have the resources and power to end suffering, especially suffering from hunger, but it is they who do not seem to care (leastways as a collective unit). the rest of us care immensely and are getting increasingly more angry about the fact that we lack the resources to do what needs to be done (although, most of us paying attention to the dalai lama are concurrently doing our best to counter our anger with peace). i wouldn't recommend opium, though. too addictive. stick with weed. it's cheaper and safer. ;)
Our (mankind's) basic disposition is toward selfishness, greed, dishonesty, lust and many other nasty behaviors. Since we've been created in God's image, we have the ability to be loving and kind, but because of our inherited sin nature, it does not come naturally.
Tom B
You start staying that religion and spirituality are fundamental to humans, what exactly are they, according to you, and what makes them fundamental?
Unfortunately, my Dear Mr Lama, the evil and sin in all people will eventually overwhelm whatever good there is left.
There will always be a few truly good spirits, but, the next Apocalypse, Armageddon, "End Times", whatever you wish to call it, will come from within us. We contain the growing seed of our own doom and destruction.

Already, the signs are clarifying; the end approaches.

It is not the purification of Good that is changing, it is the purification of Evil. The World is aligning on it's sins: greed, gluttony, perversion, loss of "self", murder, war - are all becoming globally acceptable as long as you have a good excuse for it.
Most of people don't realize Buddhism is really "atheist" in essence. The most important thing is to "uncover" the "basic inner values" from within, where we can't really rely on others but ourselves. Then there comes the "life wisdom" for all the ordinary people in the mundane world.
You can believe whatever you want. "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God." - (Psalm 14 verse 1) You can believe that all men are basically good, but that will not negate what Jesus has proclaimed. Read in the book of John and read chapter 3 all the way through - I dare you.

If you aren't inclined to reading, then watch this video and tell me that Adolf Hitler had a "a basic human disposition towards love, kindness and affection."
This version of LOVE, sung by Peter Joosten, is about unconditional LOVE.
It cures and supports healing from all kind of pains and diseases.
No matter what kind of situation you’re in, or if anybody looks you in the eyes, feel the energy of your feelings and think or whisper “LOVE…” first… before you act or react.
It forgives and brings you peace in your heart.
It's a Universal law, that the more LOVE you give, the more LOVE you will receive...
Send this LOVE song to as many people you can and ask them to do the same...
When LOVE goes around the world, who knows..
What goes around, comes around.!
Don’t worry it’s free..!
Peter Joosten
But which good book should I read Peter? Which one is the TRUE book of the one god?
when will your people get freedom? what is your goal? is your love and humanity makes any changes of hearts of your border enemies. even though I like your dare to fight for a Indian I appreciate it.
Salvation by unconditional love / forgiveness
Way to put Jesus & Hitler in the same context Peter! You're not helping to make the world a better place. Perhaps we should also criticize Jesus for essentially saying to all mankind 'believe in me or you'll go to hell"
You're missing the point: Hitler was weak and succumbed to evil - it takes a strong mind to be loving in the face of hatred. That is true liberation.
Read into what the Lama is saying, don't just look at the surface and start touting your convoluted Christian philosophy to counter..

Hitler too had affection in his heart for his so called "Aryan" people of's just that he did not nurture this resource to extend to other human beings, that was his ego and had nothing to do with a human being's predisposition to love.

The Lama is saying there is a disposition, but it has to be nurtured...besides Mr. Bible Thumper, wasn't it Jesus who said "pray for those who hurt you"...isn't that recognizing and trying to encourage that human disposition for love and affection.

It's sad that people like you read religious scriptures, get riled up in religious fervor, yet the esoteric message contained within the verses is completely lost

....Egocentrism is the cause of fundamentalism...
those of you preaching that humans are all sinful, and that an apocalypse will come... YOU are the cause of any apocalypse! You are so SURE that the Bible, or the Koran, or whatever silly book you read is right that you actively work FOR an apocalypse, just to prove you point!

When the world does go down in flames, I will blame you for it, because instead of LISTENING to someone like the Lama and TRYING to be better, all you do is find fault with everyone around you, and sit around praying for an apocalypse, its a self-fullfilling prophecy you idiots!

Get OVER YOURSELVES! GROW UP! We as people have to fix this, because we as people CAUSED it! God didn't reach down and cause 911, God didn't cause the Holocaust, God didn't cause all the suffering that has gone on through all ages of human existence, WE DID!!!!! And ONLY WE can fix it, but STOPPING the hatred, stopping the fighting, and most especially STOPPING fighting about what GOD wants! If you know what God wants, then go do it and shut up and quit bugging the rest of us! Your own "Holy Books" say "nobody knows God's Plan, Nobody knows the hour" and yet you all preach and preach as if YOU have some special knowledge - and THAT IS a sin, as well as sacrilege! YOU DO NOT KNOW THE MIND OF GOD! Most of you don't even know your own minds!!!!
sorry to get so angry about it... but sometimes a little yelling seems to help
Casey C
How nice to see someone living the deepest, most fundamental values to humanity. You make me strive to be a better, less selfish person. Thank you.
The two largest religions on our planet began in the same area of the world a couple of thousand years ago and that 'Holy Land' has been at war ever since. I don't know if the teachers or the students were inept but both teachers preached peace and harmony; it's not working. Religions have been co-opted by money, power and politics and seem to have dismissed spirituality. The current Pope has allowed pedophile priests to continue their practices. In 1941 Pope Pius XII announced that Nazi policies did not conflict with Catholic teaching. Personally the Golden Rule has served as a good way to live my life. I treat others the way that I'd like to be treated. I cannot but love the Dali Lama and his predecessors; their words and actions teach and illuminate without the trappings of rules and power. Thank you, kind sir.
ever since, Charlie? sounds like you need to read up on history. The place has had long periods of peace. Sure there have been tribal factions and infighting but ultimately, the endless stream of world wars fought there in the last century has, unsurprisingly, taken it's toll. I'm an atheist, but I do like to get the facts right when i'm bashing religion
The words imagined by the Dalai Lama are like music to my ears. Thank you for helping me adjust my perception daily
couldn't have said it better myself
"Más fundamental que la religión es nuestra espiritualidad humana básica. Tenemos una disposición humana básica hacia el amor, la bondad y el afecto, con independencia de si tenemos un marco religioso o no. Cuando cuidamos este recurso humano más básico - cuando nos pusimos a cultivar los valores básicos interior que todos apreciamos en los demás, entonces comenzamos a vivir espiritualmente."
Last night I was given a task by a heavenly source to share a place to be THANKFUL, I've never had anything like the experience before and I certainly was not going to let the messengers down. I started this first thing this morning and then BAM! I don't know what I'm suppose to do next, but I've got to say today is very different and I am very THANKFUL to have every minute of it! Thanks for sharing the message of LOVE!
Such an approach would surely deepen one's understanding of the religion one practices.
Kindness is the path of all awakening beings.
We are blessed by Tenzin Gyatso's grace and role model example.
To live more spiritually and less according to our instincts, biological impulses, and emotional desires, is what the world's great religions teach at their core. Unfortunately, over the centuries that have passed since each founder revealed a new way, people just like the rest of us have manipulated and re-purposed those original liberating words to give power instead to institutions and ordained leaders. We must study the writings for ourselves. We must develop our own spirituality according to the sacred scriptures, not according to the theologies that came later.
Sir...You spend time to type all dat???WOW
When the ideals of 2000 or so years ago are to be applied to societies that follow them, because of the changes that naturally happen in every society, interpretation is inevitable. Interpretation is a personal matter and carries with it diversity. Therefore, even if we read the original manuscripts we may interpret them differently. Theologies that came later reflect the readings of people like you and me from the sacred scriptures. So, there is no guarantee that we won't get there either.
We begin to live spiritually when we know Jesus Christ. The power for truly love is only in Him.
Well I am taught to behave rightously, just towards others. the problem comes with recriprocation I am not treated the same way. As life moves on I stop.
I am told to do my duty. Results are not in your hand. I dont think its apt for the above situation.
Can I get help in this regard?
Standing right and speaking good when belonging to a belief is seen to be belonging to that source.If Buddha could meet Jesus Christ he could ask him how to live.As a spiritual leader i know you wish to feel peace and talk good to make the masses who seek the same thing follow but Only Jesus Christ can, not Christianity do not think am saying that.
Spirituality begins with a belief of something greater then ones self whether you place a name upon that something as God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or any number of other spiritual beings. It is the belief and acceptance of something greater, better; something to achieve or reach for that brings peace and improvement to ones life.
On the other hand, human sacrifice is also at the root of all the ancient religions in the world and though much of its stain has been diluted out in modern forms, some aspects still remain, whether symbolically or actually...

That, too, is the inheritance of human-kind...

In societies where capital punishment is practiced, we can prevent suffering just as we put sick, elderly pets to sleep, but we don't. Why? The only real explanation is that we want the "guilty" to suffer before they die, a blood sacrifice to "civilization".

As we come to the Yuletide season, think of why there are gingerbread men on the Christmas tree... It harkens to the time when nine men were hanged in sacrifice to the god Wotan, Odin or however you wish to call him...
i dont believe him he is a ordinary man
No, sorry I can't. But I can speak English and Occitan. What about you?
Die Liebe überwindet alle Grenzen – sie verbindet alle Menschen. Sie liegt allen Religionen zu Grunde und verbindet sie. Lösen wir uns von den Worten unserer Religionen. Leben wir unsere Liebe, die tief in uns verwurzelt ist und darauf wartet von uns gelebt zu werden.
Hans, entoces todos estariamos en la quiebra....
Cool, even Dalai Lama has a Google +. Why do i get the feeling the Pope doesn't do Google +??
i found a book two to be accurate...a teacher on radio freqency and comunication sudgest it to been read...the funy thing is light is the most spiritual like a are this you are that...forged to state creation and attraction...the autobiography of light...i study it so much i kind live the spiritual condition of it...matter and antimatter obey to attractiveness and enlightment...many questions are to been delivered as the reader understand the generation and the allo einai h komh ths beronikhs
Human beings are like gardens. When tended to with love and kindess what is sown is reaped.
I'll stand behind that!!
Sabio mim manda umas palavras em portugues. sou brasileira.
I always say I operate on the channel of Love not Fear! :)
Good one Alexandra. I'll be sharing this.
That was actually a surprisingly secular view on spirituality. Food for thought.
Good words is what the world needs.
And people have to listen and keep it.
hahhaahah asiannnn
Thank you for this wisdom. You are my favorite spiritual leader! May God bless you!
life is beautiful with your nice perspective toward humans
Nice words, but I hold those values without recognising spirituality.

Buddhism is not as hocus pocus as the Abrahamic religions, but still contains magical theories like karma and re-incarnation.
I don't really agree with the spirituality aspect, but I definitely agree that humans do not need religion to be good people.
The divine spark at the core of us all has been nearly smothered in the past era of materialism. The coming era of reduced resources combined with unprecedented connectivity will make us all aware on a more personal level of the pain caused by selfishness to others.This empathy, once felt, cannot be ignored.
Shelby, I agree with you. "More fundamental than religion" is a fundamental respect for the dignity of individual persons and an essential human obligation to exercise responsibly whatever freedoms each of us may enjoy.
thank you for your guide to the peace in the world as well as in the mind.
Long live the His holiness The 14 Dalai lama.
+Curtis Adams: I'm sorry, in order to assess the value of your statement, I'd need to have you define nearly every term and phrase in it. (1) Humans live, breathe, and move about in a material world, the nature of which is continually defined and redefined by material processes. It is the only world known to "us all." (2) At a very basic level, "selfishness" describes a state into which humans are born and which comparatively few learn to manage. (3) Empathy is not so much what one feels as what one experiences consciously--empathy is a mode of awareness of oneself in relation to another person. In sum, to me at least, your comment more closely resembles an adaptation of lyrics from "The Age of Aquarius" than any cogent statement about the import of current events.
Truth. The Dalai is deep. Check out his series of meetings with Western scientists. See my tweets at
I'm voting this up because it starts with a beautiful sentiment and then, eventually, Hitler is brought up in the comments
+Ken Graham why do you have to resort to insults to make your point? If THAT is how you behaved when on the "front line of starvation" its no wonder nobody wanted to help you!

Anyone who comes on here and has to call other people, that they do not even know, much less know anything about their life or whether they "smoke weed" or anything else, is nothing but a loud mouthed fool, and should just keep their mouth shut...

Little piece of advice, to many people out there: somebody much smarter than most of you once said "its better to be silent, and be thought a fool, than to open your big mouth and remove all doubts"

If all you can do is insult people, you would be much better off being silent, because you only make yourself look like an insensitive jerk, just like you are accusing 90% of the others to be!
Это должно быть главной целью в жизни каждого человека!
I have learned, through my Catholic faith, the true meaning of love. A love demonstrated by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who died so that I might live. With him, does my comfort rest. In whom shall I fear?
@ Paul a guy died over 2,000 years ago so you can live. How is that?
Why do you have to fear anyone or anything? You have confused me. My God is a Loving forgiving Omnipotent Being who never strikes out with Fear to keep me Loving him and obeying his word. My God makes the sun rise and the shadows fall. My God loves not only you, but every other Person, Plant, or Animal no matter how small. My God Loves from the most insignificant microbe, to his greatest creation of all: Mankind. Never with Fear,or Torture would my God try to hold his believers Faithful. Shalom
p.s. I beg his Holiness' Pardon. This is his Forum not Mine.
you are an active man! wish you have a good day!
Birds created humans and all the mammals with the help from the insects as well
truly agree on this, but it also starts with parents... teaching children basic human disposition in which most of the time, teaching them was discarded by challenging situations.
Mmm relate to each other in peace with love with humility and suddenly it doesn't matter to whom or how you pray we are simply people together. The way to end conflict perhaps?

Profound and enlightend ass man is only another
Species coigsisting on this planet

That't tho only way to think new and save the world... Yes I believe in me
Richard Dawkins kind of says this thing in his book "The Selfish Gene".
No sir, religion like ISLAM teach us to love with humanity respective of religion, region, race, color and country. Religion means the guidance of Allmight God (Lord) who never teachs hate, he always teach love to all human beings.
Wise words and a welcome, sane voice in a world full if noise and intolerance
rrr... so why we should die if we can live spiritually?
Wow I didn't know you were on google+.
I really enjoyed your thoughts and put into practice whenever I can in my daily meditations, because I am a mystic, I contemplate emu inner self, the sun, moon, and my fellow humans and all life, from the mineral through the vegetable and animal life that I would like to know your wisdom, but I think a little impossible, and that a brotherly embrace the cosmic will keep in full health, wisdom and safety.
Old stone age people do not practice religion nor system of government, but never of them have the thought of terrorism and the annihilation of the innocent lives in massive proportion. Modern human did it without respect to the teaching of today's religion. Better chart a new way without religion and government.
Schön wäre es, aber bis dahin ist es noch ein weiter Weg, den die Menschheit gehen muss... :o)
Thats some deep stuff mannn!where you gettin yur stuff from?
That is very great what you have done for the indian's children. Spirituallity is very difficult to reach, when you live in town, in countries where allways something happen.
i think the same, we had to hear the kindness in our deepest
The problem is when we start judging people where we should only be watching, listening... and acting whenever necessary.
i'll admire you if i don't realize you are both a spirtual leader and a politician.
et si la liberté n'était de ne rien posséder...
le mal c'est installé par l'argent!
I totally agree. you can be devoted to a religion but if you lack compassion, kindness, love and other basic humanity senses, you are not spiritual. spirituality is not about where you will be when you die, it's about what you do when you are alive.
um Deus como símbolo do bem estar e do bem servir
To all the people commenting here talking about how their god is the only way to find peace and happiness: No, religion is not the way to find happiness and peace; not for everyone, at least. Religion might make you feel better about yourself, but when you talk to others about how they're worse off without your religion, or you discriminate against others because of your religious views, you are doing evil.
our inner being is has all authority its just a matter of maturity.
Vou usar a primeira frase "more fundamental than religion is our basic human spiritualty" do texto acima no meu facebook para enternecer certas colocações sobre as concepções religiosas nas pessoas que passam pela página. Afinal a autoridade de Dalai Lama fala forte no coração das pessoas.
The human race is the one who has the ability to Evolis, and learn all you want ... looking good for us, when we evolve spiritually, we become divine, but when we corruptly, we'll match the animals ...
Humans are animals. We're silly to raise ourselves above the animal race, and become "divine", which we aren't.
Agree on all counts but I think you have not accounted for other spiritual disposition humans have such as survival, this amongst many are in many ways more useful and relevant to life in nature. Can one not live spiritually through survival?
Yes, they can, but have not bears survived? Have dolphins? Have penguins? Perhaps you are implying that they are the same as us, which I would not blame you for, I would just that you realize that perhaps bears, penguins or dolphins believed that they have risen spiritually above us.
Let's all practice it together....

Translation for Brazilian followers:
Mais fundamental do que religião é a nossa espiritualidade humana básica. Nós temos uma predisposição humana básica para a bondade, amor e carinho, independente de se nós temos um enquadramento religioso ou não. Quando nós nutrimos este mais básico recurso humano - quando nós começamos a cultivar estes valores básicos interiores os quais todos nós apreciamos nos outros, então nós começamos a viver espiritualmente.
Y sin espiritualidad seriamos humanos...?
I agree with you, but When We cannot fiind the spiritualityway, and We don'tknow what mind that, how to do to begin?. and overall everybody can follow that feeling.
Glen P
Indeed, I have all of those qualities and I'm an atheist, and like every religious person I also have my occasional foibles.
Es darf aber nicht dabei bleiben, dass wir spirituell leben. Wir sollten die gegenwärtigen gesellschaftlichen realen Missstände auch benennen.
We should raise our voices as well.
how sweet! Please start from youself ok?
Tellement vrai, mais tellement difficile à mettre en œuvre... L'égoïsme est le maître mot pour certains, malheureusement :(
Mais bon, restons optimistes :)
But how many of us actually have the strength to start cultivating these basic human resources?? Most of us address this primeval spiritual need by either giving a couple of handouts or as it has become customary post a comment and feel we have some how done included:-) have been trying very hard to break out of this inertia...and am seeing small successes...wish all of us do the same...atleast start with a smile towards strangers...which comes very hard for us indians...
Never stop trying. Necessary straight is never appearing out of nowhere. It comes from a hard work.
One day strangers answer you with a smile)
So well said! I'm loving the 2011 November global awakening/increased draw to spirituality. I work hard on never ceasing to open the heart even more every day, which seems impossibly difficult at first, but with constant practice and carefully placed attention on self-love, comes this magnificent sense of a desire to serve others. That's where I'm at...and I never loved the world more than today.
Da C
When humankind will understand the meaning of spirituality, and how to live in tune with the universe, religion in its earthly and humanbound form will become obsolete.... that`s the day when we`ll all be free.
The essentialelements of giving are power and love - activity and affection - and theconsciousness of the race testifies that in the high and appropriate exerciseof these is a blessedness greater than any other.
Religion is, as many other things are, the jail of freedom and peace. That's why there is so much unfairness and wars in this little planet, and what worst is that we are fighting against ourselves because of it. We should think about it every morning when we open our eyes for a new day...
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Couldn't have put it out there any better. The truth! It will set us all free.
Dear Bill Long just to help you out a little bit selfishness is separate from concern for ones needs.interconnectedness as represented by the vast media exposure and the reduced degrees of separation afforded through the internet<last count is down to 5.3 or so> causes individuals to find more in common with total strangers than at any other time in our history. I believe that the result of these events will be a new mind set with people learning not to fear the stranger and instead see them as a new friend.I understand your individual world argument but I never liked Solipsism.I also like to use the word empathy to describe feelings which at the heart of your "experience " define how you will react in the future to comparable events. And we both know feelings are not logical in some cases. And yes, I do have Fifth dimension on my ipod.
+Gabriel Ionescu I welcome and applaud your biological perspective. I, for one, am convinced that without recognition&respect for the biological realm, which is integral to our beings , a "spiritual belief" is simply spurious.
i am mved by these great words.truely the application of these human resources doesnt need orders but a free will from the heart.
Puiku laukia ilgas ir geras laiko praleidimas.Nuostabus mano kolektyvas pirmyn ....
Obrigada por difundir o verdadeiro valor do ser humano no mundo. Todos podemos ser melhor ou pior se assim desejarmos, a religião apenas é um instrumento de ajuda (para alguns), na decisão que tomamos.
Expande your mind , love it....!!

Avaliação geral
This beautiful attitude is key to creating a world of peace. When people of all faiths (and "none") seek to unite centering on these "basic human dispositions", paths to peace will appear . . .
I disagree that humans have a disposition towards the more positive human emotions. I believe we have a longing for spirituality, but it must be cultivated in an ethical human community. If we were left to our own devices, we would be feral.
I believe that man and womankind are basically good, however we have been taught the opposite for so long that we create what has been expected of us in error. We need to return to the truth of who we are. We are growing and developing towards a greater good for all now.
Thank you. This statement will help me protect my monograph, "The Phenomenal Actor of Objective Art". Theatrical conservatives ignore the spiritual component of the actor's art.
c green
thinking I need to re-acquaint myself with these teachings :-)
God and Religion do not go hand-in-hand Your Holiness. The thing that destroyed the fabric of spirituality was when the Gods got a name and religion. One can't compare God to any thing made of matter and thought. God is not to be comprehended. If one can, then that entity is no longer God. That is my belief.
I agree God and Religion do not belong in the same sentence . God is a name because that is how people relate to their spirtual being . I do believe in a higher power which I refer to as God , but religion is a man made concept that I do not believe in . People use religion to make themselves feel better about the lives they live . You can fool yourself but not God a spirtual being .
A wonderful, poetic way to describe how spirituality can indeed transcend religious frameworks. I am drawn to those who see above and beyond such limitations, such as yourself and other theologians, who do not pit one framework against the other, but rather underscore that which unites across the spectrum. You are a true inspiration, and I thank you for your tireless efforts!
I agree with his holiness about anger.. although not everyone can be the prophet Job. Something gives or as they say people "vent" every now and then
I am inclined to accept that spirituality operates at a deeper layer than religion. But is the love and compassion simply a form of spirituality or humanism? When I look into myself, it seems to be something even deeper, more primal. I accept your call to transcend religion, to lead a spiritual life but love and compassion seems so much more to me. With the greatest of respect and a heart-felt hope for a response.
And to accept other Relion, Case 7 largest share common ground, source, and spirit. Love of the universe, which we are a part of and respektive'gud'är, he is love itself.
These are beautiful words to live by. I hope everybody learns this. Humans have the potential for kindness. We just have to get to that place.
Whats that all, people most of cant understand and follow that, because it is truth and truth is always like poison,there is nothing in the life like values, people will commonly give priority to their needs and they cant come out from their selfishness. I know that cause I am one of them and love my people cause they live their life just living their life
Couldn´t agree more. Still living on the present we can see that those who try to live accordingly are smashed down, runover and end up on misery. they become the stepped aside by society. The Religion that has grown more over the years is "THE GREEN" (money). Possession, control of others, (power). even peace of mind must be now on sell, because you don´t see any of this people that i refer that is plenty, getting crazy, suicidle or any other phsycolical desorders that you find on poor people, that end up homeless, talking alone.
the genuine spirituality is better than false religion
Agreed kojji - religion is a conditioned thought or abstraction. But it is a useful tool for the unenlightende to walk with until reaching self knowledge.. after which it must be discarded. As i was talking to Pra Ajarn Sonbgchai at the temple a few months ago, i commented that when Maitreya comes and all the world attains moral virtue and purity and become noble persons, then Buddhism will have to be discarded and will end, for enlightened beings do not have any more need for religion.. The abbot agreed, but said he found me brave because most Buddhists would be too scared to even consider a deliberate and wilful end to Buddhism.. Maitreya will come to awaken our minds and then destroy all religions - including Buddhism
Julia O
I believe this is true, and beyond that will be the end to the need for this "world", and then the universe itself will end.
Great thought!!!!!!! i think religion is nothing more than a code of conduct.we have made it complicated.human beings should know its limits for if he violates this code of conduct there will be disaster.Sea following the code of conduct of nature is life giver but if violates it there will be floods is as simple as follow religion i mean code of conduct in its true spirit.
Exactly said, Mr. Dalbir. Indisciplined can't be declared religious/ Spiritual personalities
Dalai Lama is always incredible!!!
I love it...
Oui! His Holiness the Dalai Lama is correct with, pardon me, one exception: There are, in fact, flawed human beings. Genetics being what it is, sometimes the genetic code is damaged and the resulting entity is also damaged - even to the point that their basic disposition towards love, kindness and affection, is damaged. They are missing these fundamental guidances. These individuals can become the murderers, the despots and dictators, the corrupt politicians, the ruthless CEOs of the world. They do not see their own flaws and hence will never listen to reason, to compassion, and will almost always rail against just causes. What to do with these individuals?
Tito MC
if everyone want be honest the world would be better.
Children show love and affection. As they grow up, these are partially lost and only few can fully recover.
I have been asking myself also why that?
we can feel love and affection with others only when we will break religious boundary It is religion which is responsible for wars,and crusade.
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