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There is a saying in Tibetan that “at the door of the miserable rich man sleeps the contented beggar.” The point of this saying is not that poverty is a virtue, but that happiness does not come from wealth, but from setting limits to one’s desires, and living within those limits with satisfaction.
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what if you're not satisfied with the limitations
Awful lot of miserable rich men in the world today. They just keep trying to get richer.
Better question, are the limitations reasonable?
wow that saying made to start looking at things at a different perspective.
Limits to our own desires... It is sad most people doesn't realize that as a virtue. Happiness is more living true to yourself than trying to live like your desired yourself.

Thank you for your thoughts sir. Your wisdom enlightens everyone willing to listen.
Joey De
Satisfied ...!
En français ça donne quelque chose comme ça :
Il y a une énonciation tibétaine qui "à la porte de l'homme riche malheureux dort le mendiant contenté." Le point de cette énonciation n'est pas que la pauvreté est une vertu, mais que le bonheur ne vient pas de la richesse(fortune), mais de mettre des limites à ses désirs et vivre dans ces limites avec la satisfaction.
En France, Cette sagesse déclencherait un tollé voir une grève générale.
Autrement dit : Devient riche si tu le veux et si tu le peux, mais saches que ce qui te manque maintenant te manquera encore (Maitre Eckart Tolle)
+Nate Kasper I think you are getting your buddhas mixed.
Siddhartha was Born a rich prince yes but he gave up and left that lifestyle in search for enlightenment he was not happy being rich and he shouldnt be, material wealth never eliminates suffering it only adds craving. after much trials and tribulations on what to follow, he sat under a bodhi tree and vowed not to leave the spot until enlightenment was reached.
+Nate Kasper he never really begged. though after his enlightenment, he did teach of the bowl and robe for monks. but that's just to connect the ascetics priests of that time to a new way of thought. It is not necessary to beg and be a Buddhist. there is no paradox in what he did, people offered the enlightened one food. The giver should be thankful is what he taught, he was gifted food and places to eat. his followers ensured his survival to teach and liberate as many people as he could. he did not invent the dharma, but merely rediscovered it. he taught it in such a way that the people of the time got it they understood the message once again.
+Nate Kasper actually his father was dead when he left. he left his wife and children behind as well he rode a horse with one servant, took off his jewlery and princely robes with a long sword cut his hair and told his servant to go back to the palace with the horse. he has those iconic long ears because he used to wear extravagant and heavy earrings and when he took them off whats left are those long floppy ears after that he was only seen in monk robes and begging bowl (filled with food not money)
Happiness must be sought primarily in themselves and then also becomes a virtue out of poverty.....
Thanks. As I get older I realize more and more that happiness comes from my attitude rather than my surroundings.
And it is SO TRUE !!
Buddhism has the tools humans need to create better lives for themselves !!
You are blessed, Your Holiness !
Namaste !
J450N D
the saying is too simple,too naive
living is a comicality of both things but you deal with what you have and expect no more but waiting and wanting is like true value of understand patience is what we need to love above all things
Sometimes I get hated on for thinking the way I do but when I read these posts from someone so revered it makes me forget all of what "they" say and lets me know I am truly on the path of enlightenment. Thank you for these words.
the dharma says protect me and i shall protect you..
God says follow your steps and do the given job..
leave the results to ME..
to follow or to not follow but always the good tends to be just good and always remains good...
+Nate Kasper so did other monks. what im trying to tell you is, there's nothing wrong with begging also the english word has to much connotations of weakness. its more of giving others oppertunity to be generous. The giver should be thankful
buddha put it bluntly The cause of suffering is greed, selfishness and stupidity. If people get rid of these negative emotions, they will be happy.
Thanks for a great thought.I think it is very important thought in present situation becuse now a days people are running like any one for the money and that is only for fulfilling desire/wants which are finally unlimited.If we are controlling the wants then we will become happy.
Thanks for your thought if such thoughts we will get it on regular basis then we will continuously get the perfect direction toward the beautiful life.In the present situation there are lot of chances to become direction less or on wrong direction.So thanks for the great thought.
With the richest man over $50 billion, and the poorest at $0, amazing fact
some people don´t know what they really need or want... They can´t be able to set limits in their lives!!
There are people that are so poor, that all they have is money !
Such a simple expression for such a profound and thought evoking fact. I only wish more people could understand and be satisfied with what they have compared with the quick-buck society we live in.
beggars can't be choosers, but ask and it shall be given.
Well Said. Even true satanists, need to know when to limit one's desires
Good talk sir. That is word of wisdom. More wisdom for you sir.
Let's say that having some money in the pocket isn't so bad. Then we can add that having some money in the pocket doesn't mean owning everything in life. It's an important ingredient of life but you can't absolutely cook the recipe of life only with this ingredient. No way.
I DO AGREE YOUR HOLINESS,This is what Hindu Dharam is all about.
As one of my friends once said,
"Power leads to happiness" And some believe that money is power, therefore they associate wealth with joy. But I agree with you, that wealth will only bring happiness on the surface, but true happiness comes from deep within. no one man, can be a slave to money, even satanist, worshippers of the living flesh, could not be posssessed by wealth, or become drunk on their own power. Hence why Alistair Crowley's final word were "I'm confused".
but how would one determine those limits? would one strive to keep those limits as small as possible, or should one try and balance the comfort zone according to one's feelings? Limiting one's limit seems to be the most difficult :)
I am sorry to question your comment, but desires in this earthly plain are to accomplish happiness. The one and true desire to happiness is God realization, right? I am not saying that we should not do our best to succeed, but our success we give to God in heart and actions having one desire, to please God. In this thought, to have true happiness we could only have one desire, right? Our worldly actions to achieve this desire would be done in the thought of pleasing God. Would you agree my brother?
wi shud realise wi livin in two worlds the idealistic notion of livin n realistic notion,n to my worry why wil Aleister crowley claim he freemason
I think money give you power, if you don't have money and if you have the inner feeling is completely different
+Andres Arecco Do you mean my comment? I would not know how to interpret God realisation. I'm no atheist, nor do I strongly believe in a deity per se. I do consider religion causing more bad than good at times. I live to do good which is very close to God :).
You're also right, the bottom line should be, whatsoever we desirer to become in life we should not forget it is temporal where we will spend our eternity is most important.
+Andres Arecco there is no elimination of desire, where does the desire to become enlightened and love come from. all things in this earthly plane are impermanent, all that comes into existence will decay. therefore holding your happiness into anything that comes into existence is a recipe for suffering. It is like grasping piles of sand free falling beside you. there are different spectrums of desires, any desire that is not greedy selfish stupid or harmful is pretty much an okay desire as long as it is not overly done.
Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.
+Nate Kasper The motive or desire behind the action is more important than the action itself. In my view enlightened people like Buddha can not be said either good or bad, so their action. Instead we can say they live by nature. So his begging was neither good nor bad, it was just to fulfill the natural requirement of the body.
set limits to one's desires,key to happiness.
why would you say religion causing more dad than good,look at it this way if there was no religion den life would be a complete mess , religion is associate whit good are God ,to me its better to have a religion of some kine
Its correct happiness only comes when leading a satisfactory life
happy chinese new year , mr dalai lama
It is good to hear or tell this But very hard to get actually this world many people does not need to limit their desire bad luck has set their destiny to accept the hardship of life and live with it.
The happiness I am speaking of is the one most of us do not look for. The happiness within. Outter desires could never fulfill the feeling of true happiness or joy. Think of it, some Great Power made this world and everything in it. This Great Power we call God and many other names. If The is Great Power / God made everything can you imagine what joy one would feel to be one with this being? The one that created joy! On the comment on religion. religion is not bad, when it is it is due to the missleading work of men that use religion for personal gratification being power, money, ego etc...
Religions like to stress that people should live within "limits" because it's always been the tool of those in power to control and suppress the thoughts and actions of the population.
is not happiness an attitude. or more precisely how one view the world and things around them. 
@Dan Booth - wow, that's quite cold. I think that the misinterpretation of living with limits leads to your POV. From what I've observed, few can actually handle the accumulation of anything in great quantities with great care. A person that has power often seeks more, a person with money, often seeks more. Often times, seeking to continuing grabbing for more - means you feel like you don't have it in the first place. Being content with what you have, there's no need to worry about being without something because you don't have it in the first place.
That reminds me of the John Muir anecdote: John Muir once declared that he was better off than the magnate E. H. Harriman. "I have all the money I want," Muir explained, "and he hasn't."
THe rich man frets about the money he has the poor has no worries
I've found myself comfortably poor on a few occasions, like now, and must say it puts things in to a nice perspective.
Its true that the lesser desire leads to the true happiness. But for this should be start suppressing our desires?
First we need to understand why desire comes in our mind? That is because when we think something can fulfill us, can make us happy, a desire arises to get it. But when a person realizes that nothing external can make him happy, desires evaporates by itself. Person with knowledge need not to suppress them.
For me wealth may be happiness, therefore I say, Happiness does not come from riches!
I find myself happy alot of days w/ no car ,2$ in my pocket,IN DEBT and in the Heartland of America, the guy in the fancy Hummer that i regularly see is always mad about this or that ,it makes me think & ponder sometimes.
+Dan Booth The original statement does not mention what those limits are: actually it intimates the individual should set them. Do you think youshould set no limits to your desires and appetites? Surely this is what maturing and growing up is all about?
i thk a beggar is neva contender, h/ she jst gives or in his her gestation period
Not all people are spiritual enough to absorb the thoughts of the Dalai Lama. I think that sometimes the goal is to bring peace to those who suffer needlessly and not a question of power.
Thank you. I think I have realised this in the past months I've lived on my own. My path to enlightenment is much more enjoyable and clear the further I travel along it.
The PATH is always more enlightening;it seems- when you are poor!
Indeed, one of the secrets to happiness is managing expectations.
I do not believe in a creator god that is to say that god will soon become not. there is nothing solid that lasts forever, only change is what lasts. like my sock, I just lost it. but anyway I do believe in greater power. stars, cosmic rays the moon all put much effect into our lives. cycles and traditions are to be respected but not worshipped do not look at the footsteps of wise men but see where they are headed
That is sooo true just look at the dept problems we all have...
we try too hard to have thing we really don't need...
Needs are a home , food and human contact...
not a car that go 0 to 60 in 3sec or a House that is the size of a small shopping mall....
It's like the movie "Lord of the Rings"....Every one want the ring...
But the ring is evil...the longer you lust for it the more you lose your soul....Happiness is easy to find if you are not focus on the evil ring...
Happiness lies not in reaching the stars, but in finding contentment in reaching the ends of your fingertips.
Van chuong VN ta cung co cau : " tri tuc tien tuc dai~ tuc ha` thoi tuc, tri nhan tien nhan dai~ nhan` ha` thoi nhan`"..( biet du? thi` du?, doi. du? biet bao gio` du?...(NCT..?)..Noi no^m na "tham thi` tha^m va.y "..!!!
We olders now, that money is not everything, but that is sometimes so hard to explain to children...
Human aspirations have no limits and no ends. But this life has its end. Therefore, the humans must act cautiously every moment. - Maakhanlal Chaturvedi...
Thank-you dearly beloved master. I am trying to teach my wife that lesson as well and will become more peaceful when she embraces it. Years ago I found a parallel lesson: happiness is the ability to make a bouquet out of the flowers within reach." Namaste.
i think that which one of us think differently and we have to adjust our way to live with our selfs
I would feel so much better about this quote if it read, “at the door of the miserable rich man COULD sleep the contented beggar.” Jesus is quoted as saying that the poor will be with us always and it is one of his most abused quotations, often being taken to imply that actions to fight poverty are futile. The original quote here is equally, and more subtly, open to similar abuse by implying that we do not have to worry about the state of beggars because they are content. Similarly, slavery, apartheid, and segregation have all been justified by implying the simpler life, with no material wealth, is better for inferior childlike people who need to be taken care of. But poverty makes simple survival stressful, difficult, and discomforting. The wisdom of the contented beggar is a wonderful, admirable thing we would all be better off emulating. When he exists his example is worth pointing out. But let us speak up whenever it is implied that we should be contented in the face of penury and let us not imply that poverty naturally leads people to contentment.
Our time is limited and each new technology diversion slices our lives into smaller and smaller segments. Inanimate objects competing for our attention, while life passes us by....
I'm learning this now. Happiness can never be falsely manufactured. The hard part is identifying your happiness when you have been taught it comes in such superficial ways.

Being rich is having everything you want in this world. Obtaining what you hold valuable and precious in this world is what being rich is.
that is so much true i am also trying to find happiness and yet i haven't got it i am still searching what makes a man happy really happy . This post gives a sort of answer
Anyone looking to be comforted in poverty, please message me. I have a paypal account that you can send your burdens to.

The empirical data disagrees with most of what you say... Most human beings do find contentment with a certain degree of financial success. There will always be some that aren't happy no matter how much money they have, but many (like me) are very happy with the amount we do have. I would always accept some more, but I don't expect it will make me any happier, however, it would allow me to help others a little more.
That's anti capitalist ! ....according to capitalist ethos, desire has no till you drop ....who gives a damn about debt.....ha...ha..
Discovering the truth of this idea was the turning point of my life. I do not have to live up to other peoples limits only the ones that satisfy me.
There is a Christian saying which is somewhat like this: " It is easy for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for rich man to pass through the gates of Heaven"
C'è un detto tibetano che recita"davanti alla porta di un miserabile uomo ricco dorme il mendicante contento." Il punto di questo detto non è che la povertà sia una virtù, ma che la felicità non venga dalla ricchezza, e che dopo la definizione dei limiti dei propri desideri, si possa vivere all'interno di tali limiti con soddisfazione. Traduzione italiana di E.F.
Видеть в страдании-счастье-ложь;видеть в счастье-страдание-правда.
it,s tru that no amount of wealth can bring u satisfaction an sense of contentments in life
+Willie Wabi-Sabi Sanchez In regards to your explanation of Siddhartha's quest for enlightenment, it seems to me you left out a significant portion of his journey.

While it is true that he found that the path of the wealthy man was not the correct path, and he renounced all his possessions, he also found that the life of an ascetic was also not the right path.

As the +Dalai Lama pointed out, the true virtue lies, neither in poverty or in power, but in the middle path, which is what the Buddha found when he attained enlightenment in the scene you described.
Set limits on your desires? That makes no sense.

How about just prioritizing your desires (deciding what is most important to you) and doing something to achieve them. You only have this one life. Live it and do what you want.
+Jimmy Ipock The message is not about finding happiness in poverty. It is a common misconception that Buddha found enlightenment after his great renunciation. His actual enlightenment was when he realized that neither extreme was the correct path.

Buddhism, as I understand it, does not eschew the accumulation (or rejection) of wealth, it merely points out that it is not the path to happiness. Since you see an addition of wealth as a means to help others (you recognize your cup runneth over, as a Christian would say) I would say you have already reached a level of understanding of the true nature of happiness for which many yet search.
+Jeffrey McAnarney I pretty much covered that with the guitar analogy. yes he went through 6 years of ascetic hardships barely eating, sleeping in thorns his body was nothing but skin and bones he passed out once and almost died before finding enlightenment when a young kid offered him goats milk and he took it, his ascetic friends thought he was a quitter and left him. only later out of what can only be divine coincidence that they later become his first disciples. the middle way is best way
Good thing I'm not a Buddhist. Since I can desire to be loved with infinite love. Maybe it isn't wise but at least it's more human than to put reins on one's desires.
A serious problem that particularly Americans have trouble with.
Please share this with the American GOP.
Simple meaning but the way it was written is what makes it powerful
Very true wealth can make you happy up to a certain extent, but is it real happiness. Are you truly content within? This really matters.
Do not set limitation. Dream big, reach far, always outperform yourself. "A man’s reach should exceed his grasp"(not my quote)

Look from another angle the happy one is nothing more then a beggar. If you limit your self to what you have you'll never be more than a beggar.
+Dumitru Corobceanu, you seem to have missed the point; this is about materialism, not about what a person dreams of accomplishing.
+Dumitru Corobceanu - I never respond to comments on the public figures I follow, but your post... its initial force struck me. I am actually of your school of thought that one should not set limitations, but your response is what struck me. There is no right or wrong only variation in perspectives. The point is that contentment is created in one's mind, and if you set your perspective differently, you can be satisfied even in poor conditions. Now, you do not have to accept your condition, or be satisfied, that's a choice. However, you should not declare Dalai Lama's statement "wrong" (in caps, no less), simply that you (and I) do not accept the limitation of our condition because we wish to achieve more.
Controlling your desires makes you rich, but not in the form that most desire. We all try to play God to a better or worse degree, therefore, we are all a dime a dozen. Have a Good Day. Don't forget to pray.
Embrace who you are . Happiness is a temporary state. Strive to be content where you are in your journey called life. I was a caregiver for the terminally ill.I never heard anyone on their deathbed say I wish I had made more money, Cars etc. The love of their family and friends is what mattered to them in the end.
The rich man is miserable because that beggar is content to lie there creating an obstacle for the rich man as he leaves for work every morning to pay for that doorway.
Even while agreeing with what Dalai Lama quoted, one cannot miss the hard fact that basic necessity of survival like food, clothing, and shelter are essential for physical existence, and ‘happiness’ comes next. Present world still falls short of that. A well known poet rightfully said ‘...the world of hunger is made of prose (rather than poetry), the full moon resembles fresh oven baked bread...’
it must not be a rich man if he goes to work every morning;) and so much for compassion! he doesn't know what the problem is with the beggar
If you are constantly grasping for more, you can't take time to appreciate what you have. If you appreciate what you have, you don't have need to grasp for more.
bullshit. easier to set limits when not hungry. or not homeless. heard about this thing called "stress"??
Very wisely said, To set limitation for your desires is one thing and living HAPPY & Satisfied with it is completely another .it's the choice that every individual can make.
I completely stand against Shaahin A's comment and support Charlie Lieu's comment .
I have recently graduated University of Colorado Denver, I have not been able to get a job and all I desire is a Job right now. Will This desire for getting something that I've worked for is a reasonable desire. But what I cannot satisfy is my feelings of self worth and self due to my accomplishments, how should one find a solution.
Read-- Thich Nhat Hanh and just work at something-something ;set aside a certain time you devote to job search and certain time for meditation and your solution will come!
+Mukhtar Satar understand that the current situation does not define you, it is merely a fact of the landscape at the moment. Live within your means until such time as you are able to get the job you seek, live in the moment you are at currently and all will be well with the world. Happiness comes from within, not the job, material things, or the goals we set, whether we reach them or not. Break down your goal into smaller pieces for now, and keep your mind open to other possibilities you may not have imagined for yourself, but will be able to see if you live in the moment.
So true
Somesay curbing desires leads to stiffling with innovation .
Guess we have to curb our personal desires nd desire for the betterment of all.
In such way innovation stands out.
Xin Li
Oh cut it Dalai. How much longer are you gonna babble about this happiness crap? How much about Buddhism do you really know?
You must feel fear or pain Xin Li .
this is so true..i don't want anything I have to secure with my life except my life!
+Mukhtar Satar In my view there is nothing wrong if this your need. The simple thing is like the worldly things cannot fulfill us. It is vain to expect that these can make us happy all the time. When we get these worldly desired fulfilled they cannot keep us happy for a long time, and if we cannot get them fulfilled there is anger, disappointment. The true happiness comes from within.
Thank you great teacher. May I be still and listen
Massive horse-shit (as usual) from one of the world biggest hipocrites.
That is a strong statement about one of the most respected men in the world!
Before you classify anyone look in the mirror. What he has forgotten you would'nt begin to understand
Piotr Sienkiewicz, you're insane. i don't think you even understand what the dalai lama is saying. you're absolutely insane.
I am catholic... a bad catholic btw..,
but this is true... and i will try to stick to that..
I think the biggest problem with this (and similar sayings heard elsewhere) is that it suggests that contentment comes from lacking wealth. The statement misleads by connecting rich man = miserable man and beggar = content man. The reality is that the content man can be at ANY level of wealth in society and the miserable man can be at ANY level of wealth.

I can say honestly that I've seen far more miserable beggars than content. And having moved from a state of perpetual stress over money because housing > income, to a state in which income > basic needs, I am far happier and content now - even without great wealth.

As the Dalai Lama added, though, the point of the saying is not that being impoverished will make us content. It is that contentment is simply the state of finding satisfaction in what we do have and can attain in our lives. (I disagree with using happiness as a replacement word for contentment - the two states are different.)
+Jennifer May Guerra it does not mean that at all. contentment comes from within and wealth is not a factor in happiness. the miserable beggers are helpless in their desires and create their misery. greedy people become miserable from not feeling they have enough.
+Willie Wabi-Sabi Sanchez - I understand that. My point is that the statement (not the Dalai Lama's, but the old saying which has other forms in other cultures) tends to lead to that misunderstanding by falsely connecting the conditions of the men.

The Dalai Lama's point is fine (with only my comment that contentment =/= happiness).
thank you so very much for your wisdom.I find it very helpful every time you post such wisdom and insight.thank you :-)
To create wealth, we destroy what we really need. We ll understand it, in the end.
Greed ends when we cannot breathe..
Id never hav guessed that the dalai lama would have a google plus account!! :) 
There is a saying in America that goes, "Wow, money can buy happiness!" (usually said after buying a new flat screen TV)
I wish I can live as wise as Dalai Lama.
I'd love to argue this point, but heavens, this is the Dalai Lama. LOL
Well i believe in giving but life can be great with happiness , it how we get there that determines it
Xin Li
+Aaron Bottom I feel no fear nor pain. I just think we deserve words of wisdom from a person as holy. Something that can be leveled with the Plato-Socrates dialogue. You should study how our Zen founders' teaching for comparison. I'm tired of the repetitive hypocritical comments dealt out from Dalai.
you have a point but wealth does make it easier to reach satisfaction.
Money and wealth are but man's creation to keep society unknowingly enslaved!
+Christopher Murillo

Wealth is nice, sure. Not wrong by any means. But it doesn't bring satisfaction. If you have a million dollars, but you wanted 10 million, you're not satisfied. Wealthy... but not satisfied.

I certainly wouldn't mind having a million dollars, but I probably will never have it, and I couldn't care less. Satisfied.
Perfeito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! É exatamente isso!!!!
Intelligent words from an intelligent man.
this only makes sense in an industrialized, more or less "democratic" country... if u cant satisfy your basic needs like hunger, you cant find "happiness", or at least not like i understand it. sometimes the limitations of your surroundings or the place you currently live in... are just not enough. im all in for "limitations of desire" but there´s clear bottom line.

if you dont take that thought in consideration.. this saying gets quite a dark twist in the direction of "to give oneself up to fate".
a frozen beggar with a smile on his face is not my definiton of a metaphore giving good advices to achieve happiness.
I have lived in both of those shoes, I know their feeling all to well. The spaces in between take time and acceptance to learn and appropriate but there rewards become evident to those who observe without thought.
Very wise words! those words were like food to the soul..
Yes yr holiness - there is a lazarus in each one of us. R
whatc if the beggar is contented because the rich man gives him money and that is also why the rich man is miserable.
Enough talking! Time for some action so that we all can enjoy. People should just shut up and DO instead blabbering for centuries. Where is that immortality cure, where? Travelling to other galaxies? Teleportation devices? Phew! :-)
Dalai Lama you better learn people something useful, like levitation or magic tricks, how to teleport or I don't know... Even materializing golden dust could be of great benefit to us here on Google +... Also yes, we do need money, money is good. Why always saying "material is bad, spiritual is good". It is ALL GOOD! That's why we are here, to embrace all, enjoy inner and outer life. And what not.
Stop being so fucking rich then, and being a complete disgrace and hypocrite to your supposed beliefs, in almost every other possible way.
I agree, i'm tired of being called a contented beggar.. I m a late bloomer to finance. I always practice mindfulness, as the dalai lama says. I think beggars can be choosers, when the rich get over them selves.
Fulfillment comes not from wealth but from action. I would rather be rich than poor, but I rather be productive than idle even if that means being poor. The wisdom to know what your needs versus wants and choosing to be happy rather than sad is more precious than gold. That kind of wisdom gives us security in all dimensions of our lives (spiritual, social etc.).
Outstanding quote. Covers "life/living" in general.
Happiness is just one doorstep outward - Unhappiness is just one doorstep into mansion..
am sla
your weird
Your holiness thanks, i am really great full for you words
Money will not make you happy it does not last
It's a simple reality... but too difficult to achieve...Hope to be able to set those limits...<3 <3
so very true your Holiness thanks& respect♥
Very hard for people that expect more out of someone else
Peace, contentment, and joy lives inside of you and should be shared with all.
I think that the difference between the beggar and the rich man, is the rich man thinks only in himself, dont´t understand the suffering of others and want to have every thing. In the other hand the beggar maybe think in himself but only want to have food, a roof and a job, he understand the suffering of others because he known what´s suffering.
I thing that to be free we need to help the others and stop think in oneself.
This is so true. I personally have lost most of my income during the recession, but I have found that my greatest achievement is selflessness and my greatest worth is self mastery. I am happier than I was before by realizing that while I do not need to repudiate material things, money, or my old life, I just accept that they eventually pass away.
The real is that we find miserable rich and miserable beggar. On the other hand, we also find content rich and content beggar. The fact is that happiness depends more on the amount of good things you own on your heart than the amount of money in your accounts. For rich people, the problem comes when they are more aware of making money than in people (The only way to do good things is when we do something good for someone). For poor people, the problems come when they loose their faith.
Even in the western world we know that ..............Sadly Practice when we want !!
A jouny of a thousand mile"s. starts with one step.[IN TOO THE VIOD]
happiness does not come from wealth, but from setting limits to one’s desires, and living within those limits with satisfaction.
YEAH, that's another definition for what people called"happiness".Happiness here does not come from wealth, prosperity,...,it emernates from our soul, on how we've tried our best in the competition of life and on living up to our expectations.Then, when time goes by,when looking back, we don't feel regretful for what we'd done,Sooooooo meaningful!!!!!
+1 if you think like me
Unless peace comes into to ones spirit the desires of one's hearts become one's motivations. As one came from the womb desiring wealth one must reenter the womb and be reborn. Only through Jesus Christ can one be set free by his truth the word of God. ANd live in satisfaction and peace.
+Micheal Smith--Just read what the Dalai Lama says and over time you will see that he is preaching the same sermons Christ did. His upring and life has ben different than what we Americans have in our lives. That difference is what made his life and thoughts slightly different than ours. I'm an older man and I have traveled half way around the world in two directions and enjoyed learning about their ways of life and their faith.
Earth share itself with all living things whatever it has to share. We human take from others (Men, animal and all other on this earth) whatever we can for ourself. If only we can understand our mother earth, and start doing what mother earth do- we can get PEACE, SEATISFACTION AND HAPPYNESS.
thank you.valuable words
Material wealth doesn't give satisfaction. It comes from the inner part of soul.
Can we be certain this saying doesn't just mean that the beggar has found a profitable place to sleep? :)
I would like to say thank you that you always support our world for everyday it's important for me and the people are around the world.
bem, as vezes temos os nossos comentarios, particulares, pois ser pobre nao e defeito,sendo que o maior rico e dono de tudo , e o pai de todos, independente de qualquer crendice!
Mr. Booth said that religions preach to live "within limits" to control the people. That might have been true about other "God" religions. HH Dalai is not preaching that. He is suggesting people to be compassionate to be happy. Living "within means" and being compassionate can be a path to happiness. Mankind can not go back in history and live in the savannas but we need to move forward to providing the basics for all humans and enlighten ourselves to happiness. We all need the "basics" plus savings for future but greed is what got us into realty bubble in the West and the entire world is paying for it.
Does it help us if we find guilt in others?
I do not understand why anyone would chose to follow His Holliness +Dalai Lama only to write some of the hate I read here (not you, Peri, my comment only happens to follow yours). That being said, I have found great peace in limiting my desires or "living within my means" and have far less stress and worry than my family and friends who seem to have much more than I but have also chosen to Want much more than they have.
Aceitar os meus limites e saber o que me faz feliz segredo da felicidade .
hallo ich habe großen respekt vor ihnen u ihrer arbeit schade das ich sie nicht persönlich kennen lernen kann herzliche grüße michael manten
e' difficile riuscire a evitare i bombardamenti consumistici a cui siamo perennemente sottoposti, ma arrivare al punto di essere soddisfatti e felici di quello che abbiamo senza desiderare morbosamente altro porterebbe a un mutamento totale nelle nostre vite... splendido! Grazie per le sue parole
Sorry, but I cannot agree with this. Why should my desires have limits to them? There shouldn't be a cap on a person's desires. I believe all the things we have today are because someone decided not to have limits to their desires. Humans have done the impossible. We can create fire, harness electricity, split an atom, fly, and even go to the moon because someone took limited resources and decided to become limitless.
+anthony feliciano - Anthony, I'm inclined to partly agree with you with the exception where my desires infringe on someone else's rights. But I'm sure that's not what the Dalai Lama is saying. I agree with you, however, that limiting desire limits potential. Contentedness, to be sure, is a virtue. Being satisfied with what you have at the moment, enjoying what you have been blessed with already. But in some cases, if we put a cap on our desires (as you say) then we shall never realize our potential to reach greater things. If we strive to do our very best with the resources that we have been given, who knows what will happen. All that said, I think the Lama is trying to convey contentedness with the limited resources that we possess. Not desiring more, but doing more with what we have.
if you are not Buddhist why would you reply. your ideas are well rooted but inconsistent with basic Buddhism. i would either becoming more informed on topic or simply entering an alternative forum which is more similar to your ideologies. i think you would be similarly incredulous if someone questioned the basic tenets of capitalism on the Economists blog
His Holiness has no concern about your limited desires. Spread your desires limitless and then see the consequence and then if you suppose that desires should be limited then Bow down to Master otherwise live as you are living. Blessings of God and Master.
I suppose that if it was good enough for "Dirty Harry" it should be good enough for me. Somehow I keep thinking of Browning - "“Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for?”
The saying speaks well to what our attitudes should be about gratefulness, contentment, and desires.
^ I'm a christian but this isn't the time nor the place to proclaim christianity bro
when IS...we all brothers anyway...god ain't got time 4 all those sitting on the fence...williamt jeffrey at SYDNEY N>S.W.......Australia.
me encantari conocer el idioma para entender , lo que dice .
people RUBBISH ,ISLAM beleivers....but they pray to GOD...we pray to that same GOD...this one god IS the only GOD that hears any prayer.other "gods" are like AAron's god...IDOLs...rock is not god or stone isn't,gold eye is NOT.....some fanatics waste their EFFORTs to prey..P.R....E...Y.../play on god...he don't listen to fools.../who convince their foolish selves....SO get out, see your 'ugly NEIGHBOUR...and mix in the CROWD...and speak as a friend...friendship will follow....YOU all...WILLIAM T. JEFFREY,22 JANUARY,2012 ----this year of CHANGE & eventual PEACE+ JOY.
one day my goal is to find freedom for tibet peacefully and win the nobel peace prize as a doctor
^ I know you will
Jeffrey pushing people that hard won't really help them come to Christianity and all your words are falling on deaf ears. This isn't the place where people need christianity will go. Clam down and work face to face on the internet you just sound crazy and impersonal
The internet is a crowded room; many talk, some listen
i think for once i disagree with the dl. setting limits and labels are often pointless semantic exercises. besides, it's really hard to sleep in a doorway.
Shaahin A - What you did see as the intention of this story?
Barca,the best without the duths plaiers,
dido,my sentiments exactly I'm considered too be a poor person but
I never let that get me down to much,a day in america is like paradise
considering all the hardships other people endure everyday I know that I'm blessed by jesus christ.
Hey Dalai, check my site out, I got rock, coffee, the blues on guitar, man things are good here in Vancouver, I well I guess I got famous then, man ain't it great!
Dalai, your door proverb is very inspiring, I still wanna get rich! Good Lord, This computer is a luxury though! Generocity, great quality, I have it somewhere, the kind of thing you don't want to keep to yourself, your a smart guy Dalai Lama, you say good things, I think good people hear them. Jesus said many things that were inspiring also, I read the Holy bible often, I also have a friend, Larry Johnson, he has your tapes, he's more educated in Buddism than I, he's into all kinds of stuff, I call him Count Larry Johnson, because I count on him. He's an interesting good friend, he's also Anglican.
Rightly said "Contentment comes from within.It comes through sincere efforts (karma) & most importantly thankfulness & faith in the God for whatever you get in life.-Amit Katoch,dari
What a peaceful place this planet would be if everyone had enough.
I cen tell, that I'm sinful because of pronouncement. I have many pain because the church goblet, which was acided, leaved charity. I'm very poor. I'can tell you that I'like your chinese pictures.
I Genuinely Respect you and what you preach makes a lot of sense. What would you convey to a dimming light which feels it has used / or abused what`s been available till now and is lost in the shadows ?
Holiness: At the door of the very comfortable miserable rich man sleeps the contented beggar who has just successfully begged a hot meal. The poor do not beg from the poor. And if one must be miserable - and we all are at some times in our life - misery is better accepted on a sunny tropical beach with a full stomach than in a damp, dank basement on a snowy cold winter's night. With respect, Holiness.
I also just want to say that amongst all the religions that I`ve been exposed to I feel most comfortable with the Buddhist philosophy and it`s tempered way of expression.
I don't think that is literally a common occurance where I live but it sounds nice. I welcome the poor and offer them help when I am able but sleeping on my property these days might get dangerous for both of us. Just a bite of reality.
Dalai Lama and other saints and sages are such a blessing by their example of being happy and satisfied.
I have made a point in my life of mixing with people from all economic levels of society and have time and again found this to be true.

An unhappy person will be an unhappy person now matter how much money they have in the bank. True happiness lies within, not in the bank.
Realy grt efforts are needed to achieve satisfaction.
I'm working on it....recognizing the limits seems the hardest part. How to parse selfish from there a way?
What is the measure by which we judge our achievements? Money is too often a wrong measure that is insatiable. Spiritual enlightenment is a much better measure that rewards us with peace of mind as we make progress.
Though I am an ardent follower of your post, I have other opinion in this context as my experience is a bit different. If I limit my desire, rather than being happy I experience pain. We deals with work, friend, family and love life, health, spirituality in our everyday life and in every matters if I limit the desire, I can’t be happy. What I find is that happiness is some “peculiar” state of mind and we can reach to the state if we learn the art to gracefully accept what we achieved irrespective of what we desired for.
Would completely agree that whether we are happy or not, is at least in part, within our control – for us to decide.
Happiness is just being content in the moment. While I may desire much if I chose, that does not mean I can't be happy with less. Desires are what we achieve in the future, Happiness is what we experiences in the moment. Just as we are always working to achieve our desires, be they money, spiritual, relationships or other. There is no reason why the journey to them should not be filled with happiness.
indeed there is a nice song by Jonny Cash, "A satisfied mind". (or at least he did a nice cover)
In it it has the lines.

The wealthiest person
Is a pauper at times
Compared to the man
With a satisfied mind

How right that is :) it the way you put it...Have a great day, T
@ Mukund Rajamannar.

Success, It is not measured by the amount of money that you have earned, but in the Quality of the time that you have spent.
Success is measured by the amount of money you have - earned or not - because it improves the quality of time you spend and can be used as well to improve the quality of the lives of others. Poverty can do nothing.
+Francis Moran, there is some truth to what you say, but sadly, you have missed the point of the saying. Success can be measured many ways.
his holiness dalai lama servant of love and humanity. I'm Brazilian and my is name Khris santos can be your friend ?
@ Francis Moran - There are still cultures in this world that live with out money, and with no personal possesions. Who live for each another not off one another. Almost with out exception you find these people the most content and happy on the globe.
You say money can help others, and while that is true, no amount of money can solve the poverty and problems in the world. Bill Gates a man who has poured Billions in to good causes has said, it is not the money that will solve problems, but the coming together of people to work together and help each other, provide support for each other is what will do it.

poverty - the inability to acquire the basic goods and services necessary for survival with dignity.

Money or Lack of money does not dictate dignity. it can be a factor, but you can have either with out the other.
+Aaron Street I'd be interested if you could name a culture that lives w/o any kind of "money" in its loosest term (barter) or personal possessions (clothes?). With perhaps the possible exception of monasteries - though not really - in any society there is a certain amount of inevitable living "off" one another, some sort of dependence. That is the reason for a society in the first instance. Whether or not such persons are the most happy on the globe strikes me as a personal judgement not demonstrable objectively. As you indicate, I said "help" not "solve". Life has problems. That is unavoidable. Money can provide options for resolution and/or can make problems more endurable. That too is a matter of personal choice. Bill Gates has wasted money on questionable causes some of which I do not consider good at all. I agree working together to help others is good. People w/ money can do that as well (maybe in some cases better) than poor people. Your last statement about money & dignity is, of course, true and it is very profound. But people who like money and possessions and see good in them are not bad & can be quite good. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be rich & have things at least not as far as I'm concerned. There is a misguided arrogance among those who think themselves "better" because they are poor. I won't indulge my reasons for why I think it is so. But I believe money is a good thing.
The parable is about a "miserable rich man" who does not sleep well even though he as amassed possessions and wealth. It is a warning against possessive materialism wherein you measure your "success in life" by your possessions and wealth and not in what you have achieved with them and with your service to others. The rich man must worry about protecting his wealth and acquiring even more to maintain his lifestyle. The beggar is anyone who is comfortable with his status and lifestyle; not necessarily one who survives purely by begging off the rich. It is not anti-wealth, it is about how you should not measure your success/happiness against your wealth alone. The rich give from their excess/surplus while the poor give from their poverty. Yet, both can achieve peace/happiness from these successes of beneficence.

Also, I don't understand why such angry people choose to argue about these postings of peace and love ... :D
+Francis Moran I will find the name, but there are a number of tribes from Africa as well as some rain forest tribes show language has no scene of possession. There is no sense of possessions or "what is mine" and no formal ownership or reward for work carried out.

A hut will be built because a hut needs to be built, by those who are available to build it. People will hunt and collect food because food needs to be collected.

Food is shared with the others in the tribe, not exchanged for other items. Stealing is also unknown as with out ownership there is nothing to steal.

I must find the documentary it was a few years back now, one thing you noticed was that every one was equal, every one did there part for the tribe. And most surprisingly no one took advantage of the system, and it was not an easy living, with most of the year the tribe surviving on very little. But what was clear that was when you forgo possessions and every one concentrates on the good of the community, you don't need any kind of monetary system, it becomes defunct.

Money is a virtual man made thing, it has no sustenance out side of mankind. It is a meaningless idea, that we invented and now need it for the type of society we chose to live in. We need it because we are in competition with others. Because in our society we believe that to have more is to be better, to be above others is to succeed.

Competition is a necessaries part of the development of any species, finite resources drove it in the past and now money is simply a continuation of this.

But that does not follow that money is a mark of success.

For every rich person who has had a "successful life" I can name a poor one.
Good dalai lama, agree with the Tibetan saying, besides summed it up brilliantly, I fecilitarle by the work of many years, and in a progressive firm and has been as good at telling the world what was happening in the Tibetan, or against the Tibetans, and the resolution that you and hang you head in particular, have wanted the world to know of all this as they have achieved, I congratulate the people and of course Tibetan Dalai Lama. perdone pero es que soy español por la letra jajjaj
Coincided appealed to me saying it. I still have to learn to live like that ...
You can have what you like if you like what you have.
Very nice allegory. Money, like so many other things, is a tool. Money is a tool that should be used wisely in order to get us what we need and want. It is, however, not always used wisely, so can lead us into trouble.
As well, money is a total construct of our own consciousness. And so, true contentment can only arise from within. Perhaps one day, we will be ready as a species to transcend this concept of money that keeps us so bound.
We have made money the measuring stick of success. Isn't it often the case that to some, money and wealth is not the motivator, its just a byproduct. Many inventions are a result of a thirst for knowledge that drives the inventor not the financial rewards. Though it can said that these advances in technology would have not been possible without funding.

I have also heard rumours of cultures without money that are constantly happy, but what i can safely assume is that they are not unhappy they cannot watch Bear Grylls because they dont have a television or because they have a headache and havent heard of asprin yet. But I would bet their society has other barometers of success that are pursued. The saying is 'ignorance is bliss' and I cannot agree. I simply cannot see how you can be happy because you know nothing, you may as well be dead, or a mushroom - kept in the dark and fed shit.

My opinion is that, along the lines of what the wise Willie Sanchez wrote above, the reason we feel like we are always pursuing happyness and never catch it, is because in reality we have caught it in our lives, and have experienced happyness, the enigma is we dont realise it at the time and its not until some time in the future we look back and remember we was happy then. We can never enjoy happiness as it happens, or if we are lucky maintain that happyness for any length of time. It seems our latent instinct to strive for improvements, as though it is key to ouir evolution.

In that sense Money and Happyness have a lot in common in that no matter how much we have, we always want that bit more, then we will be happy!!

Despite my tone I do not have the answers but am happy looking!
thanks, it is simply and true! I like it very much!
Faithfully! Our modern karma this money on which we buy meal and pay for formation.
For money we much work this disturbs to develop to consciousness.
When it is enough facilities, no need gravely to toil,
he can be dispensed from heavy karma.
People run so hard only to be greeted by death at the end of the road.
I love this Tibetan saying. Very insightful. Very true.
True, when we had very little money, I was the happiest. Now we are pretty well off, but I lost my mom two years back..I have never been more unhappy in my life before. No matter how many shoes I buy or how many dresses I wear or how much food I can afford to eat, that contentment does not come back...
a palabras savias escuchar con oídos abiertos; es triunfar en la vida con buenas energías,
dejar las malas influencias, que son las energías negativas & siempre, hay que tener metas en la vida.
para construir un futuro mejor
So true. I was in a marriage filled with anything and everything anyone could ask for.The only thing the bank acc couldn't buy was love respect and self worth. I left the marriage and everything I'd accumulated behind. In time I accumulated happiness, peace, self respect and self worth.I found my soul and who I really am: the greatest asset one could ever own. No money, no matter what, would have ever bought a greater gift.
the persons whose eyes opened after marriage are foolish( sorry, please do not mind.) and the persons whose eyes opened before marriage are wise.
This is a timely and meaningful message for me right now.
This is the way how the religions have tried to make the poor self-content;the gap between the poor and the rich goes on widening!
The best thing we can do to help our fellow humans is to not measure them by what they have but by what they do.
it is correct once the temperature of the assessment, wealth does not necessarily bring spiritual and physical happiness and happiness is not necessarily able to be sold traded by the life of the world.
also in human life there is always a limit to recognize the interests of our adjustment to life with people or situations where I live, is a culture that worships in the unification with do; a religion of Islam, made in strength and feeling has its own knowledge of ancestral beliefs without learn the truth of the purpose of human rights in respect of religious beliefs from the teachings of the Hindu or Buddhism without knowing the meaning of the natural science of the origin time of power between heaven and earth to witness the truth in the life of religion or belief of the state emblem, national unity,
we should want what we have and not have what we want...
+Elisa Miranda I am not sure about that, wanting to achieve goals is a good thing. I want to see my Daughter get married and live a happy full life, and I want my Dad not to have a heart problem..

I am never going to want my dad to have a heart problem, or strive to insure my daughter lives a happy life.
By Setting goals you have defined your limits since you have set nothing beyound that... therefore the Dalai Lama is still correct...
можно быть богатым в материальном плане ,но не иметь счастья ,или быть бедным но быть счастливым ,все в нашем мире связано без одного не будет другого ,связь она намного глубже чем мы ее представляем
something agree with you. but happiness is not just from satisfying our limits.
obviousyly you don't know what happiness is if you think that :
but happiness is not just from satisfying our limits.
ну наверное не пределов а потребностей ,это раз ,а второе можно быть счастливым от того,что ты делаешь других людей счастливей ,и получать от этого удовольствие
If every Wealthy Man will donate 1% of his wealth , Thousands of poor people will be happy and there positive energy will help making the world a very Beautiful Place to live in....
This is the most real me that i have read in a long time about myself, thank You Dalai Lama for sharing Your knnowlodge. You are realy a good source of wisdom.
i am so much happy to see such a perfect comment from you keep it up
I love and worship the things i have or at least think i Do. Wishing for Love and Peace wards everybody living or PAST. Is i think none reconsideble? You Can not [soory to say] Please them All? aCtually that was or is evantually what it's all about. People no more Killing Each other for the thing's They don't have themselves Yet. Never thought about it this Way. Still most people Do?
Impossible a better advice.
God DID NOT allow some men to become wealthy... for their own pleasure, BUT... to create work and jobs to other men, in order to have bread, justice and joy.
bullshit!!!all bullshit!!!
I don't agree with the previous comment. I believe that it demonstrates too much anger. Is the anger from pain?
our Buddha had intrusted us how cause and effect relates to who owns it.
you can change thing in life, but you cant in death ! the thing that he did in life was dead ! On no one could remove them from the earth ! Now he is dead all that he did in life is his in death ! On no one can take them away from him ! death is the end on all so for aver, that what he did that was his for aver on aver in death .... king of king on lord of lord ! The preparation of the heart is Nat form God but from man, you now that you can stop all this ! On tell the love of you heart is equally share to all human den you will sea the way thing work .you cant love God on don't love human, it is in the bible where it say to prove your love to God you have to love all human, if you don't love human you don't love God, i now it may look heard to love human according to the thing you sea that we all do but there is now way out , the first step is to love if you love from you heart you cant treat are be this hones to human are treat the earth , in real love there is no this honesty on you now that . i now that because am the first one to love all human on the dead sea that on now that , the thing that we all do on the earth is still here for aver on aver on the dead sea the thing that we do on all so here our vice on also the thing we say on do from hour heart . the dead bear wickness for the thing that we do on say on also the thing we put in our heart , the dead cant sea what you are going to do but can sea the thing that you do on say on the thing that you put in you heart, remember the bible say the perpetration of the heart is Nat for God but from man but God judge the heart , so please put you heart like mine love all human 100%, On you now that we all have been feed my our love on humility so love human that love can come on to you, if you don't love human your love is vain , just like how you love your son , girl, mom ,dad are friends ,you have to love me the same on all human on all that is on the earth, i now i love you all the dead bear me wickness for that ! on please do get upset over any thing on the earth, if the time is good give thank on if the time is bad give thank that is acceptably by any God , put those thing on the table of your heart , On remember that you can change thing in life but in death you cant, the thing that you do on put in your heart on say out of you lips is dead ! on cant be change are remove from the heart are the earth,On will be your also in death, so your life is your on you do what you want to do with it , the word that i put here today 10/07/2012 is God on also life , you don't have to tell any one that you are going to love all human sincerely from your heart 100% you can keep that to your self, if you want to,are if you want to let some one now are tell the would please do, (I have love human 100% from my heart for years on now one did Nat now) , but do it am your God i love you 100% on always love you 100% am the one that take you from your mom worm, I was with you all along in the sprite now am here with you i pro miss that i right to you, now i do it , you now that from your heart i come to you in many ways but you did Nat accept i come to you again ,yes its you am talking to i have love you 100% from i take you from your mother worm stand by you in all that you do now its time for you to come on to me the spirit on the dead is my wickness that i call you today to love all my human sincerely from your heart a 100% that's where i live , on i love you from my heart 100% on its time now for you to live with me now........
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