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The quality of everything we do: our physical actions, our verbal actions, and even our mental actions, depends on our motivation. That's why it's important for us to examine our motivation in our day to day life. If we cultivate respect for others and our motivation is sincere, if we develop a genuine concern for others’ well-being, then all our actions will be positive.
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How does one cultivate a motivation to be interested in one's motivations?
🙏 བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས།
THANK YOU Dalai Lama!! But... what of those we must love and live near who bring entropy to the motivation and refuse to feel compassion?
Yu Mok
喇嘛 你好~~
I think I'm looking at some sort of motivational -- or goal structure -- infinite regress.
so he princepal of enlighnted self intrest at work
the words are beautiful and very deep understanding. i like it..
Chao Chen
(中文)我们的身体行为、言语行为,甚至精神行为——总之,我们所做的一切事情的品质,都取决于我们的动机。这就是为什么每天都要反省自己的动机是如此重要。如果我们培养对他人的尊重,并抱有真诚的动机,诚恳地关注他人的幸福, 那么我们所有的行动都将是积极的。
Have A Nice Monday of peacefull,Dalai Lama,When we do positive things in sincerity with ourself,and others people we just have Win the good way of serenity,y think..........,Everybody can find The Peace Spirit.;;Your words are very beautiful thank you to take time to share it on Google!!!!!!'s like a check and balance - it's called being honest with yourself...because sometimes you think you are doing something "good" yet it is actually quite selfish...
Tenzin Gyatso's English is quite impeccable in that paragraph. I know he speaks English very well, but someone must be cleaning the text up for him.
always all people are GOD but they don't no they are GOD for knowing they are GOD they have to go to GURU
most of our miseries are rooted from the BAD 'quality of everything we do'
"The earth is billions of years old and all Gods were man made about 6000 years ago."

The gentleman here originating the post is almost certainly in agreement with that. He has gone so far as to assert that Buddhist theology that is contradicted irrefutably by science must be thrown out.
I certainly hope my motivations are correct - but it is hard to be objective in self examination. I try not to judge myself to harshly but the choice of desires to enable or disable seems to me linked to the moment at hand and to eternity in the same instant and without great discernment we can only ask what is right for this moment and hope it will wend well with the flow of life in our part of the continuum!
yes I agree. our stance is helper always and if our heart is white, we can move all things.
sometimes we ask for another , May I help you? that word is so important.
That´s exact!...:) Thank YOU
Without the proper motivation, how could we motivate other's.. In life others do recieve motivation from us, while we get motivation from our heroes of the world..... Thanks Dali Lama ........ Universal Disciple .....
Yes, this is like your 'intentions'. Most definitely true. X
We concur then Leonardo Rodano! It is to my own thoughts I should return!
达赖开始教化美国民众了,you do a good job.
Joe Lay
+GREZ MAWS religions don't lie, they believe, just as you believe we don't go to heaven or hell when we die. I dunno what the real answer is but I find it hard to believe that this world we inhabit and the planets we have sent rockets to around it are all there is. Personally I see it as human arrogance to assume there is nothing more to life than what we already know..whether it is heaven/hell that follows death or something else I dunno but I'm pretty certain there's more to life than simply the universe
Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts. Aristotle rightly said that "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit"
I appreciate your advice &
with sincere Motivations , we can improve the quality of life.
Joe Lay
truth...there is no such thing as truth, only what we assume to be true, we didnt create the world so we cannot be certain of all of its secrets
Thank You! There is far more appreciation of the offering now and so I am encouraged!
Motivation is like brushing your Brain, U need to religiously follow it daily !
Yet the words you speak have been around for lifetimes, upon lifetimes. Why do you not place responsibility on the shoulders of the teachers of it. The dysfunctional religious leaders that meddle in politics, that condone war, so much so in the second world war they were, in the name of God, sending soldiers to kill those in other lands who shared the same belief. TEACH WHAT YOU SAY TO THE DUMMY RELIGIOUS LEADERS.
Joe Lay
+Leonardo Rodano can explain your point to me again? I'm 16 and my understanding of vocabulary is lesser than my understanding of life
John Townsend - the responsibility is already on their shoulders but those who are obsesses with themselves and their position in the church are to often to distracted to notice. If they were available to learn - perhaps teaching them would be worth while - but while lost in themselves the are not!
sky xie
Hitler was a Catholic, the Pope of the day was aware of the situation, said nothing, did nothing. It would have caused a problem to speak up and say No to Hitler, but the Pope places himself as Gods spokesperson on Earth. That human reaction to not do a thing caused the deaths of millions of several faiths, Jews, Jehovahs Witnesses, Romany, Homosexual, etc IS IT SO HARD TO STAND UP FOR YOUR BELIEF< TO LOVE YOUR FELLOW MAN< TO SAY NO TO WAR>
I've been trying for like an hour to scramble that to say something satanic. This is the best I could come up with:

motivation If we positive. concern a then we all everything be verbal The quality our physs is and if our actions on to day genuine life. actions, depends in our day others’ respect our develop, mental well-being,ical will we our motivation. our motivation That's why it's important for us to exaate for mine of do: others for our actions, and even our action sincere, cultiv
No John - it is not - it is much harder to accept that there are those who will not and that grief is the great sorrow of the wise!
Joe Lay
I think to say any pope has ever been a spokesperson of God is wrong, surely popes are instead very wise men who focused most of their ideas on God
So his holiness should speak loud and clear to the religious leaders, the hypocrits.
+Dalai Lama I'm happy to hear you back,
om mani padme hum
om mani padme hum
om mani padme hum
IF you realise what is respect and sincere, then do not let your secretary post this for you.
It's so hard to me. My physical actions, my verbal actions, and my mental actions; how could I let these actions always keep pure in every moment in my day to day life? Moreover, how could I help people awareness these actions' important and correctly help them pass through their suffering and unwisdom? I feel I am so commonness, but I also hope I could be a man whom could like Buddha so sapiential and so merciful. My great teacher Dalai Lama, I bowed to you, may you teach me how to get the smart way.
So if anyone wishes to offer a mantra - this is not the right time or place? Humph!
Guidance will show you the way. Follow the great gurus...
hey someone want to be my friend on gangs of boomtown and help me out
Sorry son - I only play Vampire Wars to practice compassion for the fallen!
Can you tell me your motivation ? Your real intention is to separate Tibet from China !
Albert Einstein
"Try to become not a man of success, but try rather to become a man of value
God is not one to be mocked. Try saying those words to the religious leaders of the world.
Thank you. I shall find that motivation.
This is a beautiful insight. Cultivating and living in a state of positive reality benefits not just ourselves but those whose lives we touch. Clarity of thought and motivation can provide us with an innate glow - we are able to build our fires where others may come to warm themselves
what you said is positive , but what you have done was also positive as you said?
Of course it has to do with religion, religion are the hypocrites that tell the masses to do the opposite to Gods way's, is not the message to address the errors. Why are religionists so protective of their errors.
There! William Johnson! See it! And who is one with the Lord if not you - and who takes up that burden is not doing the Lords work?
Jz Kang
How do I live in a society where my very presence is considered an offense and when retreat is impossible?
All actions should always be positive.
Tom Rondelio - WITH GREAT COURAGE! Kapla!
Personal view: Compassion need not be bound and fixated on what is evil but must also see what is good and to be nurtured!
In our life +ve thinking is neccessary and that is come from way of thinking .Way of thinking generate from the physical actions,verbal action and mental action...
If one sees evil - create good - thus goodness enters the world! _Lao Tsu__
Prayer is action - action has effect - especial;y on the doer!
You appeared again
So! This ain't my first rodeo! LOL
+James Kohler... Nothing fails like prayer!
Read the Chinese translation,learned a lots.Thank you.
We have choices, to do Gods will, or to do Man's will. Sometimes we need to stand up and not be bullied into doing what we do not want to.
great lines.+*****
Failure in prayer is an opportunity to recognize the fault of the prayer - many people pray for what is not in truth what they need or deserve - Man proposes - but God disposes!
Peace.... Make it... Thank u mr.dalai lama
喇嘛 请讲中文 我英语不好 看着太累了
Back in the 80's you made a visit to UCSB and my chiropractor took me to see you. You called me to my feet from the audience and we spoke about what I wanted to do considering all the things that I could do. You guided me into a lesson about how to find my true desire. I used that lesson and found my true desire and have been following it since, mostly in awe of my good fortune for having walked this path. I have gifted that lesson to people for the last thirty years, and am delighted to inform you that experience is becoming a new short story entitled, "What the Dalai Lama taught me." Happy to close the circle with you. LC
:) Peace, Love, Unity and Respect ( PLUR )
Dude I AM the most motivaited individusl you'll ever meet Dali Lama IAM the ONE.
My Friend Nix is a big fan of your work and has read every book of yours. He is very spiritual and meditates every day
Thank you
Regards Kate Evans
God bless you Mr Lama . May it be made known to you that Jesus Christ never claimed to be a prophet , he claimed to be God .
The notion that everything, including your own psyche, can be defined by only "positive" or "negative" is a primitive and two-dimensional view of a complex universe. It is how we get extremists in the world. If you accept this 2D model of life, how do you hope to achieve any balance by denying one half of who you are (the "negative" half)? Would not an enlightened person embrace and validate all of themself? 
Dear Dalai,

Thank you for pointing out that motivation shouldn't be selfish, however, I can't seem to escape my selfishness. I'm sure everyone else has this problem too. Even meditating to achieve nirvana is selfish, since that nirvana only comes for me and for no one else. Since it's impossible to ever be fully unselfish, I'd like to propose that the motivation should come from something else, something that forgives selfishness, something that affects the whole world and not just the people who meditate, something that is 100% easier to live by.

Motivated by Jesus Christ,

Kenneth, you need to identify that the negative exists but not with yourself. and realize the only negitivity you can controll is your own. 7 days ago i would have said that human beings normal inclination is to be negative. But it is the opposite. all living things strive for positivity rather than negativity, because in the end feeling good is so much better than feeling bad. LOLZ! =D
So what your saying is, motivation is the key? that's just too much motivation in the morning and not enough coffee.
Trisha, i enjoy how much effort you put into trolling the dalai lama's google+ page. =D
U Get My Respect :-)
But How Can A Saint Use Google+ ??? :-D
Thank you for the wonderful knowledge and wisdom oh great wise one!!! xD

Even if it may be one person, or millions. Yu have the power to change lives for the better. Even if it is one person who`s life you`v changed.. that is enough and in my eyes to grant you a pass though what ever may lay ahead. Please keep sharing your mind with the world and +Google If this place had more people that are willing to understand and accept life as you do then I think it may be a better place in this day and age. Thank you +Dalai Lama=)
Maybe I should think about what I do,宗教无国界
who said saints can't use technology ?? He is a very learned man. this is nothing ..compared to him.

Learn what he is preaching, not how is he preaching.
its not popycock! Every religion has the same theme-do unto others-try it sometime-it works
Bingo! Satyakam Panda has made the point perfectly - there may have been uneducated saints in the past - but not many who return to this world would overlook the need to adapt to the modern age! So it is illogical to expect a modern saint to ignore the opportunity to reach more people!
I have livedit for more than 20 yrs. I know by hardwork and dangerous experiences. Not lazy-quick judgment by people who are rotten to the core.
@Rachael there are few people that I can name with the worlds history that are rotten to the core. You cant change negative with a negative. It takes a positive to change a negative.
Exactly - it is about compassionate action!
Religion tries to identify a feeling or experience that transcend explanation.
Don't get me wrong tho, religion can make some wonderful positive changes in the world.
Well I have a plane to catch! Sorry for flooding your Google+ page Mr Lama.
raj sha
Dalai Lama15:09 - PublicThe quality of everything we do: our physical actions, our verbal actions, and even our mental actions, depends on our motivation. That's why it's important for us to examine our motivation in our day to day life. If we cultivate respect for others and our motivation is sincere, if we develop a genuine concern for others’ well-being, then all our actions will be positive.

Hindi Translaion
हमारे शारीरिक कर्म, हमारा मौखिक कर्म यानि बातचीत, यहां तक कि हमारे मानसिक कर्म... वो सब कुछ जो हम करते हैं...हमारे द्वारा किये जाने वाले सारे कार्यों की गुणवत्ता हमारी अंत:प्रेरणाओं पर निर्भर हैं। यही कारण है कि यह हमारे लिए बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण है कि हम अपने रोजाना की जिन्दगी की अंत:प्रेरणाओं को जांचें। यदि हम दूजों के लिए सम्मान विकसित करें और इस बारे में हमारी प्रेरणा गंभीर हो, यदि हम दूजों की भलाई के लिए... गंभीर मौलिक रूप से परवाह करें.. तो हमारे सारे कर्म सकारात्मक होंगे।

— दलाई लामा 7.5.12
Those people who use profanity when responding to a post written by what is probably THE most peaceful human being on the planet- you should re-assess what it is that is in your heart right now. Peace above all else people. No need to be crass or act as though u have no tact. Using your words wisely is only one step in getting closer to the peace we all want for this planet! Peace to all of you 
the actions of the religion are already defined??? When we are looking for how the religion should act, are we looking at how it is interpreted by the religious heads. Can't they be wrong?
Is it your desire that you blow out all your desires?
of coarse narasimha when you decide to do something FOR someone that does not always have a positive effect. People need to do things for them self and take the positive from that.
You can not force someone's experience or interpretation of something to be positive.
i know i said i was done but not its for reals =D Enjoy life...

Peace. We all get good advice, but can only take it to heart when we are ready. It takes time to learn the lessons of life. Once one realizes that empathy is good for oneself as well as others, the rest of the lesson follows, experience reinforces goodwill and life is less stressful.
How can they be wrong, they are the ones saying they are right. And do you know what they all disagree. Come on some are liars, cheats. They teach what is not written, they refuse to follow the simply Biblical edit and act upon it, 'God hate's a liar'. They close eye's to morality, endorse the concept of Hell, not even written in scripture. They are Babylon the great harlot as mentioned in the book of Revelation. The Beast turns on them being the political powers and they go down. Even Jesus, Gods son, would say 'Go away from me you workers of lawlessness, I do not know you.'
@ mike dalton. Am I understanding you correctly? You are assuming that your 'God' is the creator, all while chastising those who look for peaceful wisdom in the form of words, not an almighty source. People in glass houses sir.... U assume to know everyone else is wrong and u are right. Wouldn't that be taking a page form your almighty Himself? Ye who judge assume the position of God. He is the only judge sir 
I often read these posts and think to myself 'I can copy/paste from the bible too', but sometimes, like with this post, it seems that the author has some depth too. A good lesson to learn :)
The Quality - the main in life.
The Beauty - the main quality.
The Reason - the main in beauty.
The Love - the main in reason.
Bin Lee
theory and practice
Si todos examinaramos nuestras motivaciones y buscaramos en lo posible el bienestar comun, seria más secillo convivir los unos con los otros.
If everyone were to examine our motives and we looked as far as possible the common welfare, it would be more secillo live with each other.
We should not worry about the actions of other only that you do all that is right only your actions dictates your motivation
but why don't people care about their motives
Thank you, Your Holiness. This is especially true since we humans tend to behave alongside the way we think.
+Janel Buckman You're right: we have no place to judge others. However, the Bible has clearly laid out the terms of judgement. All it takes for you to be innocent is to believe that Christ died for your sins and mine--pretty simple actually :P

Sorry if we're judgmental sometimes. (ok, alot of the time. :) )
Ha ha ha, so simple. is all abt love only.... Nothing else.... But this is not completed....
It'd be nice if Christianity included judgement on cultivation of respect for others, or genuine concern for others' well-being, or some other potential source for good in the world instead of simply how much you bought into the doctrine.
Last week i went to Macau and saw many monks shopping inside the 5 stars hotel shopping mall, some went inside the Tudor watch store and bought expensive watches, just like rich people. Is religion already become a business and cheat people donation to have good life?
this is so true, spoken from the wise!!
persona meravigliosa! Ma purtroppo la maggioranza della popolazione mondiale sta su altri parametri. Comunque se ognuno di noi comincia... diventeremo tanti e poi forse tutti...
Agree. FOr me, what I've lost now is MOTIVATION, I don't know how to get it,
Sounds good!Thx lama!
what will you be in your coming next life? indian or chinese?
For those who missed it, His Holiness the +Dalai Lama is elaborating the second point in Buddhism's Noble Eightfold Path.

Right Intent.
Jay Li
The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop and says, "Can you make me one with everything?"
Satyakam Panda & James Kohler You Get My Respect :-)
But I Just Want To Confirm Is That Is It The Real Dalai Lama Or Any Welwisher Of Him ??? :-)
Success or failure, wealth or poverty, freedom or slavery- These too depend on motivation.
Respect is important but also the willingness to treat each other with humor. Respect and humorous are my motivations.:)
also a difference between faith & belief my friend.
"Without Charity there is no salvation"- Allan Kardec-Spiritism... Charity comes in many forms, being kind to others when they offend you is an another type of charity that can be practiced.
Li Ding
With respect for others and humility is the "salvation" not charity. Charity is good for notoriety and rich and famous like to do that, times to times and media likes it.
Priest are pedophiles. That's my perception of religion
Its a waste of time contemplating into things. Act according to your instinct.
Sha Qi
I feel that we shouldn't split Tibet however you don't like China or hate China. Because from many hundreds years ago, Tibet is part of China!
After scarborough shoal china is now claiming tibet
minchia ma questo Vauro è proprio senza vergogna! Ha scelto la statua che gli conviene con tante vittime della mafia.Mestatore vergognati!
I try to strive to respect everyone for who they are. It becomes hard when there are others who try to upset that balanceof respect and are only motivated by their own personal gain.
+Dalai Lama I've one question in this statement. If we have no capabilities or knowledge sometimes, even we have good motivation, even we want deliver goodness to others, it's also possible that we could hurt others by our actions, by our choices.
I don't want start an argument or anything ,but that guy is soo right i guess...
+Antony Harvell Agree with you, but I think we can explain that LOVE is also a kind of sincere motivation.
My question is even our motivation is sincere, we can't ensure all our choices, our actions based on this good motivation can deliver goodness to others.
Why would an animal care that it gets bloody and bruised, if not for it's fighting right to survive!
批评者也好不信者也罢 但你确要知道你信的或不信的信息 是指向哪种未来
不要否定未知 因为否定只是让你的眼界思维更狭隘 由啥比井底蛙否定天空比井口大还来的悲哀?
Mr. Harvell, I think you just need to extend what he has said here to your reactions. We can react with a more appropriate response by cultivating the proper motivation, which I believe you have identified correctly as love. If you train yourself to act with love toward others, then you will react with love toward others.
En español:
La calidad de todo lo que hacemos: nuestras acciones físicas, nuestras acciones verbales, e incluso nuestras acciones mentales, depende de nuestra motivación. Es por eso que es importante para nosotros para examinar nuestra motivación en nuestra vida cotidiana. Si cultivamos el respeto a los demás y nuestra motivación es sincera, si desarrollamos una verdadera preocupación por los demás el bienestar, entonces todas nuestras acciones será positivo.
This status is talking about some truths of life ,not politics!So some stupid Chinese Wu Mao,getout of here,don't you feel shameful when you said such nasty words ?
Think about who u really are, what u should do.
+Victor Abbott what do you think the motivation is, for that suicide?

You do realize, that in their worldview, death is merely the passing into the next life?
People of all different cultures, ethnicities, and religions commit suicide. Their "worldviews" are definitely not all the same, and not all share a belief in an afterlife at all. People do drastic things like suicide for their own reasons, and it's irresponsible to try and lump them all into one belief category.
He isn't real Dalai lama!!!
Thanks. Your words enlightened my heart.
i respect you except your political ideas.
Yi Fang
Motivation is one thing, if learned young, it's our responsibility to help teach the young.
Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder.
Never in my lifetime would I expect to be in touch or hear from the Dalai Lama, thank you.

I read everything you post, its food for the soul for me.
True indeed. Live with positive attitude and positie motivation and all things will follow in that positue path But what do u say to someone that keeps say they can't find that motivation? How can we guide them
Thank you for the words of wisdom.
You see the big picture where others are blinded. Thank you for your share.
Your words are unique. I would like very much to hear your words that will light and awaken my spirit.
+Victorie Weasley Please tell me then, how meaningful is your life? And if it is so meaningful, don't you have something better to do right now?
Yes...thank you for your words of wisdom!!
hummm...picture this...
First point: Religion is 24h a day, 7 days week, 365 days? Or is just something that you can use/live by as you may need? You MUST leave by your belives, ALL the time...
Second point: Who is your neighbor? The next door family? Your boss? Your president? The "guerrilla" or "drug lord" in a 3rd world country?
You walk the front door, just to find out that a bad guy is there, with you can fell the horror in the air...try to live by yours 3 little words...Do No Harm.

As you may notice, all is base on perspectives...your either belive or not. One thing you can't do it...simply someone belives in 3 little words...
One thing I've learned everyone has their own selfish motivation some more positive some more negative. Every now and then we all go to the dark side.
Doesn't sound religious to me at all....
I should had more compassion to my families , I tryed many times with them ,it was so hard I gave up quickly that's my fault , poor family background, not enough advice from parents, politics cruelty,media not giving example for youngster ,school real life teaching never been the issue for gorvenements of the world money is the problems,corruption is too failed politics, for the poorer of our futur generations today world is an accumulation of failed humanity rich are too blame,greed ,arms dealing, blood for fuel,etc.. appaulling let's build a greener and fairer,world it s the most urgent need our humanity needs .j.m
Its been our privilege to understand the word 'motivation' more precisely from you, Your Holiness! Thanks.
There's a store near my place called the Dollar-Rama.
Dear Dalai Lama! This is the truth! The motivation we have a go-to light the Lord! She did not give an error. If we care about your neighbor, the Lord takes care of us! Thank you! Victor!
If you truly develop concern for others then you would spend every moment of every day miserable trying to help everyone everywhere. If you only care about a few people deeply, you're ignoring everyone else in pain, and caring about everyone all time is impossible.
Just as a man who killed a farmer's lamb shouldn't be found guilty, if his whole family is starving and his children is suffering; but he should found quilty to do this for fun or his own enjoyment.
You make the truth seem so easy to see through the fog of life. Thank you
A Behavior and activities that do for the people and others, would be important. However, some aspects very difficult.
Truly most wise. I really appreciate your quotes Mr. Lama. They make me reconsider how I live my life.
Humanity is naturally violent due to our DNA. Unfortunately non-violence is not a Genetically viable survival characteristic. It will take much enlightenment and proof to mankind to get over this hurdle. We need to reward non-violence and punish violence at all levels. Politics is inherently viloent, so in a Democracy or a Dictatorship, our leaders are by nature violent. That is the dilemma that faces humanity. Poverty and wealth both breed violence.

So what is the true solution ?
"intention" that's what it really is. What is the intention? Our actions are judged by our motives.
Well I guess im doing great then! Woo
to matt bedell: so at what ratio or % dose out of the blue not even looking for it beat methodic direction related investigation and perseverance ?
Thank You. The time this was posted is God's Time.
But there are people who have done negative actions to meet certain needs, usually for survival, sometimes in sympathy with others who they see were oppressed.
+Andrew Glover "Kenneth, you need to identify that the negative exists but not with yourself. and realize the only negitivity you can controll is your own. 7 days ago i would have said that human beings normal inclination is to be negative. But it is the opposite. all living things strive for positivity rather than negativity, because in the end feeling good is so much better than feeling bad. LOLZ! =D"

I don't need to identify any such thing. I have not denied that negative or positive exists at all nor am I trying to control anyone's negativity, and why would you assume that I am not aware of my own negativity or how to control it? I don't recall asking you for such advice.
What I said was that limiting yourself to "positive" or "negative" is a primitive and two-dimensional way of looking at a complex universe. Do all living things really strive for positivity, or do they more or less strive for survival and happiness? Happiness and positivity are not the same. When a lion kills an antelope, is it "being positive"? Most people would say not. The lion is simply striving to survive and be happy and healthy. I'm glad you used nature as an analogy, so I will too. Is the wind always EITHER full hurricane force OR pleasantly mildly breezy? No; while those states do both exist, they are neither one a constant, and there are an almost infinite amount of varying degrees of wind in between the two. Should we only consider the sun to be at Winter Solstice OR Summer Solstice, ignoring the other 363 days of the year?
However, should we INSIST on using that limited view of life, here are a couple of other analogies that may help further explain my original post to you.
If you only attach the positive cable to your car battery, and leave the negative cable loose, your car will not start or function. You will go nowhere in your car.
In order to walk, you must step right, then left, then right, then left, then right, then left..........only using one leg would take you in circles.
Again, assuming the 2D view; if you deny negativity, and are only positive you are denying half of your self. If you deny positivity and are only negative you are denying half of your self. Either way you are not balanced.
I am atheist, but consider the Judaeo/Christian/Muslim myth of the Garden of Eden. Mankind was happily living in a paradise, getting real face-time with their creator. They were allowed anything in paradise except for the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Why did the wise creator not want Man to know Good and Evil? Remember, this was not the "evil" fruit or the "negative" fruit, this was KNOWING Good and Evil. Why not then? Because dividing and defining everything into "A" or "B" TOOK THEM AWAY FROM ENLIGHTENMENT AND HAPPINESS. It is a similar myth to Pandora's Box.
Well, long enough for now.
当心啊,达赖喇叭 共产党欢迎你回国
Lama都玩google plus?
liu fan
还有谁比中共更会说一套做一套更虚伪的? 中国政府才是最大的liar.
The Dalai Lama has a Google+ page? Sorry, this is kind of news to me. I like him, he reminds me of Gandhi or MLK.
thank you for youre council santity!! buda be with you & the yours always!!
Funny how motivation can be a double-edged sword, isn't it?!
Your readings are renewing my faith in mankind, Thank you kind sir!
love you man!! thank you, for being here with me in this life
What's your motivation then?
Konh liao chin sui!!!
What is left when you take away a human being characteristic?
there is no truthness in this world how true person can live in this false world
See others as the embodiment of GOD
That is the power of intention in its maximum expression.
Eso esel poder de la intención en su máxima expresión.
Der Versuch einer Übersetzung in die deutsche Sprache:

Unser innerer Antrieb ist es, der die Güte all dessen bestimmt, was wir tun: die Güte unseres Handelns, unserer Worte und unserer Gedanken. Deshalb ist es wichtig für uns, laufend unseren inneren Antrieb zu erkennen. Wenn unsere Achtung vor den anderen aufrichtig ist, wenn wir in unserem Bemühen um das Wohlergehen anderer aufrichtig sind, dann wird unser Handeln ein Segen sein.
its true but how someone do this who have no sensitivity for others. In today's life everyone is chasing one another for getting more and more.They don't have any sensitivity and sense of responsibility.They are the part of a race which is organized by some professionally blind persons and which ends in a dark hell.
Thank you, Kind Sir; this is a very useful idea. I'm afraid I'm a bit out of condition mentally, but this is a good point of focus!
So sad to see a lot people unmotivated, frustrated and filled of "hate" in the middle of a motivational message. : (

The truth is that I appreciate and welcome any positive and motivational message, and above all respect for this person regardless of their religion or race. I understand that this should be our position.

Thank you for these words in the bad times and age!
however, one can not develop a genuine concern for others' well-being before his or her needs are satisfied. human are always selfish, sir.
when a human has to get motivated thier heart should be clean ,b

:) My motivations are for everyday`s new experience of discovering nice attitudes in others..
even for small things we need motivation. for drinking water thirst the motivation. also for get your foot in the door we need a motivation . goal that makes us to get up early in the morning, to work hard without overwhelming.
True !!! simple, love this post !!! me encanta este lugar todos los idiomas, benne !!!
Palabras de sabiduría Notoria que si la cumplimos al máximo así mismo viviremos al unísono con nuestros semejantes , Al Máximo !
it is true, i my self is realizing and practicing in my daily official work which happening as you mentioned above, dear god Lama!!!
You cant just say "I will change my motivation now" and your motivation follows, its hard to apply. Thats why the Dalai Lama encourage to "cultivate" and "develop". Over time we attain clear motivations.
whatever,the dali lama is not a vegetarian for health reasons,i have end stage liver disease and maintain my vegetarianism,and the world leader he has met that he respects the most he says is george w bush.i will look for wisdom elsewhere thank you
Why bother posting, then, Mr. Jon Green? A man can have wisdom and follow a bit of a different path than your own.
Miss Cheung, is 小妹妹
hee hee hee I'm google friends with the dalai lama :) actually I'm christian I believe in Jesus Christ and to know him is the only way to come to inner piece.
Laura, why bring your religion into this?
喝酒吧 ! Everybody !
В мире стало-бы жить проще, если-бы все стали добрее и искренними по отношению друг к другу, не стало-бы конфликтов и войн, насилия в любом его проявлении. Сейчас об этом можно только мечтать, материальные интересы стоят превыше всего. А ведь в мире столько богатств, хватит на всех. 
everyday we see/work with many corrupt people, how can we give them respect, in such circumstances what kind of behaviour will be good and motivate us
I really like quanta poems. First choose "Title" then only four more poem lines. Peace.
Those who want to be better person, go to practice 5 principle virtues by Confucius Sages.......Wisdom, Benevolence, Trustworthiness, Righteousness, Propriety. ....if  everyone was practice 5 principle virtues, then the whole world will be harmony and
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