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His Holiness the Dalai Lama will have a conversation with Archbishop Desmond Tutu by live video over a Hangout (Google+'s video conferencing platform) as part of the Inaugural Desmond Tutu Peace Lecture in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 8, 2011, starting at 10:30am South African time (GMT+2.00). A link to the Google+ Hangout will be available approximately 20-30 minutes before the event begins.
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Why not a hangout instead?
Incredible. Does Google know about this? Seems like a good candidate for an "On Air" hangout! What do you say, +Vic Gundotra?
this is great! using tools like this for peace and interfaith dialogue is a great idea
how about some israeli-palestinian 'hangouts'? I could see future peace talks being done this way...
Just incredible how technology can give a voice to everyone nowadays, especially to those forced to be quiet.
AC Zul
+Alexandre Romao 10:30 am South African Time translates, I believe, to 4:30am Eastern Standard Time here on the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. I do not know where you are, but, maybe that helps?
I wish the Dalai Lama would drop into my live hangout. My dharma name is Shenpen Dorje, ༀམཎིཔདྨེཧཱུྃ།: Matt. I shall be there. Thankyou your Holiness.
(-4 GTM)
Paraguay - Asuncion

4.30am or 5.30am(with the hour change)

I am sorry that South Africa is playing the pollyticks game and refusing a visa because of being in bed with China.
Oblivious to the pillage that China does in this country, our leaders willingly pocket backhanders and refute the coming together of 2 incredible spiritual leaders.

The loss is ours South Africa
you are such a blessing to us all. Thank you
Chan Li
this is one of the reasons that China Govt blocked G+ ,damn you , GFW !
Tibet doesnt belong to China...thats what they think.
If they want to get independent...they can, they wil...THEY ARE!
+Sirius Chen ,

sorry previous conversions had errors , in the post GMT+2 is the timezone and not the time of event, which was confusing.

10:30:00 a.m. Saturday October 8, 2011 in Africa/Johannesburg
02:00:00 p.m. Saturday October 8, 2011 in Asia/Kolkata (IST)
01:30:00 a.m. Saturday October 8, 2011 in America/Los_Angeles (PST)
Miguel Rozsas,you are wrong!If you are right,Scotland is a country,Okinawa is a country,Catalan is also a country!But they are not and never will!
Brilliant. South African Government should struggle to jeopardize this.
Nice way to get around the visa problem for His Holiness!
Bob Ngu
It's on 01:30:00 a.m. Saturday October 8, 2011 (PST)
Fantastic to see you on G+ your holiness.
Welcome to Google+, Your Holiness and Archbishop Desmond Tutu!
Long Live! H.H. the dalai lama.
Welcome to Google+ is an honor to have you here
"Benvenuto su Google+ dall'Italia"
wow what a major breakthru for using social media on google +
Jason F
Yes! This will be so nice to listen too.
Your Holiness.
Sincere congratulations on using technology to connect with others and spread the message of peace and non-violence by doing so.
As a proud and passionate South African I want to apologize for the fear and greed which drive so many of our politicians.
I would however like to assure you that the controversy you have caused by wanting to visit our beloved Arch and in fact, by just being who you are, have shone a light on the hypocrisy of those in power.
Thank you for bringing what is still hidden to so many of the vulnerable on our wonderful continent into the light, even if only for a little while.
Every bit of light helps and empowers those of us who are committed to leave behind a better earth than the one we entered.
Be blessed kind sir, be blessed.
Congratulations Dalai Lama! Great! Be blessed! Good message of peace...
Thank you for connecting with so many people via the internet, it is very much appreciated!
AWESOME! I'm hoping that we can talk to them as well :)
How hard do you think it will be to get into that'll be crazy.
this is certainly the most wonderful use of G+ hangout yet ...

+FengYin Lu ... i'm not going to get involved in a political discussion, but in one thing you most certainly are mistaken ... scotland actually IS a country! ... it belongs to the UK, but is a separate country sharing a border in the south with england ...

+Miguel Rozsas ... i'm afraid you are mistaken too ... fair or unfair, tibet is not a separate country! ... it was incorporated into the people's republic of china in 1951, following a military conflict ...
Hora Monterrey (Mexico - Nuevo León) Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 5:30:00 AM... Ojala se pueda ingresar...
+Don Denesiuk thank you +Vic Gundotra Quite amazing and this should be a fabulous Event.. You and the whole team ought to be very proud.. this is
TROOL-Y Social Networking Customer Service Excellence..
I had the chance to exchange greetings with you in Bad Ischl Austria in 1996. I still have the film of our exchanges and cherish it. Blessings to you dear soul, Ariaa
trying to workout if it falls during the England France rugby game or during my friends wedding ?
It would have be good to hangout what's the chance they move it a bit later ?
Social media used for social good! Huzzah! :)
Succes for Dalai Lama. Keep strong and always change the world
Great to have you with us, looking forward to your posts.
你丫要敢来北京瞎转悠,我 ta ma 就剁了你丫的~
Looking forward to this historic technology moment with these two world leaders.
Evening from Brazil! Minas gerais state, Belo Horizonte City!
Isn't The Arch Presenting his Peace Lecture around the same time tomorrow?
Can't wait for the b day bash! Sorry s africa won't let you in HHTDL. :( Love this work around tho! I hope the next reincarnation embraces technology as much as you have to better connect with the world. And I also hope to meet you one day in this lifetime, you truly are an inspiration! Thank you for being such a great example of true humanity. 
Nez Nez
Жду с нетерпением! Еще 6 с половиной часов..
Sir, you definetely have know idea who I am, but I know who you are and even though I am just an American student and you are the spiritual leader for a billion people I must know. Why is it that you believe what you believe about the answers to the purpose of man on this earth? I would be more than thankful and honored if you would grace me with one of your wise responses.
where is the link going to be posted????
Your Holiness: Thank you for using technology to spread the message of love, peace and harmony among all human beings.
Now for the DDOS. One wonders. Shields up! Megaphone on! Alarm clock set. To work.
Your Holiness, thank you for helping us to teach our children how to respond with calm mind and peaceful steps when confronted by the less skillful beings of our universe. You and your "mischievous friend" will show, once again, how life is lived by the enlightened ones.
I'll be there, thankful to His Holiness!
+Vic Gundotra Thank you for the confirmation dear Sir, and also for allowing the hangout.
I'll be watching 15:30 (GMT+7) Jakarta time. Thank you too Your Holiness.

Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sam Buddhasa
I looooooove love love the Dalai Lama -- what a joy to see him speak live back in 2009 in Calgary, Canada... along with Sir Richard Branson! Yay. Today is a landmark day -- global spiritual leaders using streaming video technology to communicate their messages of Peace to the world! Thank you Google+ and team!! Wow.
Wow... That will be awesome.
great use for google hangout! thanks for doing this, it's a great idea.
As a Tibetan and a Googler, I am so glad to see this happen. It would have been best if he had gotten the visa but this is the next best thing.
In case some of the people following your video hangout with Archbishop Desmond Tutu on the occasion of his 80th birthday are unsure of the time difference they can reference it on this site:
I do hope to follow it myself, even though it would be 4 in the morning here.
+丹羽渚 Dalai Lama does not support independence. Read more before you post your opinion.
Jack Wu
Definitely looking forward to it!~
Welcome your Holiness, you always leave me smiling, chuckling, in peace and with a great feeling of universal unconditional love. Wish you could be here in person.. yet in joy this hangout was created, and it's wonderful to see the internet being used as it should be :) Way to go, G+
This is going to be my bestest 'Magic Moment'.
i hope it is recorded. i would love to see it live but i can't
+Chong Chen Tong He changed his mind many times before. In the 50s, he received millions and weapons from the CIA to support the independent movement and after his failure of doing that, he gradually changed his tone on independence. What he says does not matter any more cos his credibility has been ruined.
all about politics in the coat of doing good things. 大家一起来剁了这个老头,大家都对西藏和藏族同胞那么好,还煽动起来互相伤害,何必呢。老头也活不长了。:)
Unbelievable, well worth missing my much needed sleep. I wouldn't miss this opportunity for anything. Two of the most impressive humans ever.

Never underestimate the power of a few dedicated people to change the world. Indeed it's the only thing that ever has. Nothing could be more true than the work of these two great men. I'm honored to have been in the same room and learned so much from both of them.
I like. The Link will be available 20 minutes before the event starts.
Could some please direct me to the link?
Video format not supported on android device?! @+ What's up with that Google? 
Just a black screen in Germany. A terrible #fail
that will be great. i am looking forward to it.
A genuine sense of mutual respect exists between these two wonderful spiritual leaders.
History is happening today, hangouts are not only fun but can change the world ! for a better place where no visa's are required
This is a historic moment and I'm looking forward to it!
So in awe i can sit here at 4am in my pj's and watch two amazing guiding lights of the world you Love from Arkansas USA xox

Overall rating
I'm so glad there's technology such as this that can bring us all together to listen live to the wise words of the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu! It's awesome that they're hanging out on G+! They're promoting peace and technology simultaneously!
Really worth the night out to watch the two wonderful human beings give us a deeper knowledge of Life. Thank you G+. Wish we have more hangouts like these.
im so sorry but this guy said fucking stupid words!! dalai lamaaa i love it!!
Nick J
I joined late from Denver, but am so happy to see these two able to join with each other.
Absolutely wonderful! Technology working at it's most compassionate! It is young. It has to crawl before it walks. ( But it only needed the "Reload" button once in a while - and to be watched on ) I could sit and listen to these two precious men for days and days and all my life!! Thank you to BOTH of you!
It was wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to watch and listen. <3 <3
I missed it, anywhere I can see it? The posted Youtube clip says it's private :(
Desmond Tutu's profile says they'll be posting the recording soon!
Pone: "este video es privado." Alguien sabe porque?
Como se puede ver?
this just absolutely amazes me.
HG Hinz
tu (y me) no estas en el circulo de este hombre, que haces el video. par eso no es no possible para nosotros ver el video.
Cannot see the video in Bangkok.So sad I missed it
+Fredrik Åkerberg The Hangout was not available in Sweden, Germany and possibly some other locales (probably also China :-) I used a proxy ( to connect, although I can not access the same link now, even with Tunnelbear, maybe it will be accessible later. Perhaps +Vic Gundotra or +Sergey Brin can answer the question why this Hangout and clip was/is not available in these fairly democratic ;) countries?
+Ove Holm In Germany, it's because of "legal uncertainties". You need to get some kind of licence to get permissions to broadcast. Without this licence, there is a fine of half a million.

But Youtube did not submit a request for such a licence yet (as far as I know).
But the YouTube video is private. :(
I wasn't able to see the conversation--but so glad it happened! I would be so grateful to see it posted somewhere later. Will it be on via the Dalai Lama's FB page? I didn't see anything on the GooglePlusUpdate on YouTube. Thanks for your generosity
dol ly
the video is private..
I missed it and I really really really hope it will be available on YouTube later on - not yet though. :(
It's definitely a great thing that this conversation could happen via technology anyway. :) Hopefully more great thinkers will follow this example and we can get some good education in a pretty easy and convenient way.
Video is already available, see link a couple of comments above this one.
i hate made in china products!
Unbelievable! It's really a good platform to spread some important information to Gpluser and other Chinese who do not know the truth. By the way , are the "Wu Mao" can only speak Chinese? Maybe it's time to employ some new "Wu Mao" and kick the current SBs..
Is there a copy or screen cast of this anywhere? Would love it see it.

NM, found it in the link above. Thanks Hugo Diaz
Hello Sir,I have missed your hangout. I have questions to ask you on the Tibetian skill of reading aura around a person.
Thank you to be a part of the Social Media Community! Best wishes from Europa - Austria -Vienna. Andreas
The Video is still private! Is there Information available.... When we can watch it? Greetings from Germany!
i cannot figure how to get the lecture?????
What finer choice could be made? Skip over oppression of body... meet in shared mind!
His Holliness, You are a very courageous man who fears nothing on earth but only the Lord of the Universe. You are a great inspiration to millions of people who suffer the scourge of tyranny, injustice and fear. Please continue to speak about the ills of oppressive systems of government which reduces the human mind, human body and spirit to nothing. Your support of Desmond TUTU is a source of great respect for the man of God who spent all his life fighting apartheid system and today defying the wrong deeds of the ANC government. May Our Lord continue to Protect and Guide His Holliness to give hope and comfort to the aggressed wretched human souls. Long Life Dalai Lama, the Prayer of many in the world.
Nish a na boo.May the Great mystery make the sunrise in your heart.
Your Holiness, that is very sad that you were unable to make contact with Desmond Tutu. I share that sadness. Wishing you the best of health.
I missed this bc technically in South Africa is it Sunday already and Im still on Saturday. Ugh.
has anyone found a transcript of the recording? nothing found on google and it was hard to follow his Holiness.
Wish I had known! Hope it went well. :-)
Fantastic Your Holy Awesomeness .. Brilliant platform to share.... Wooo-hooo !!!!
Alex Yu
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