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Every morning when I wake up, I dedicate myself to helping others to find peace of mind. Then, when I meet people, I think of them as long term friends; I don't regard others as strangers.
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well said .. strangers are just friends that I did not get to meet yet
I'll have to train that. It is not easy.
This is a great dedication of life... You are blessed Dalai Lama....
What du you think about rituals, like military honours at visits of statesmen?
Words escape me so I will take the easy route and hit the plus key.
What a nice thought shared, thank you.
Its amazing only few people can do the same... If you smile the world, the world smiles back unto you!
That is a tough and amazing thing to do.
Tropical paradise - Your Holiness the Dalia Lama.......... You must do alot of Training, meditation and good eating habits.That is a very positive way of thinking.......
everymorning when i wake up,
i put on my make up.
and say a little prayer for youuuuuuu

together together...... (haha)
My hope is that you can always do everything your heart desires.
A great approach, but one which runs contrary to what we're taught from a very early age - i.e. "Don't talk to strangers, they might be bad" I wonder whether we carry this mantra subconciously into our adult lives?
Of course, we can think them as long term friends and even treat them very favourbly but we don't trust them, they don't trust us beyond a certain border. Ours is the world of rate race.
please help me be peaceful
Every morning when I wake up, I dedicate myself to SEO, after all, I have to earn my bread without butter.
His holiness Dali Lama can do what we can't. He is protected; we aren't.
zee Ali
There will never be peace around me
I remember His Holiness Dali Lama once said "You must fight fire with fire" Did the American periodical Time carry his holiness's image on the front page that day?
Every morning when I wake up, I dedicate myself to myself. I will make happy all those who make me happy and screw back, when somebody tries to mess with my happiness. Then when I see their eyes, I make out a friend from a foe. I treat them for their merits.
Wish more people would act as you, you are an inspiration.
try peace of pizza and find peeace of mind in that moment. people confuse world peace with inner peace
someone please bring a grammar police here.. these comments are aching to be fixed.
Every morning when I wake up, I dedicate myself to helping others to find peace of mind. By Lunchtime the whining, moaning, aggressive, selfish tossers have managed to piss me off. Ah well....tomorrow's another day!
hi, Excellency Dalai Lama.
I admire and praise your idea and try to be like this; I'm a Moslem .Our Holy Prophet has expressed this 1400 years ago.
Cool. You must have alot of friends then.
@ Oescan Wang Chinese govt is joke? You are the big joker.
Hey Boss ^^ C u on Friday. But i just have 25 Box. So I can visit Hall D. It cost 15.- :D

C u in channel ^°^
From what i've found an know about you. My life has much more Peace !!!
If this is Dalai lama....then its gr8
@ Nitin Singh. Herein among us is His Holiness Dalai Lama living , preaching peace and doing SEO.
That sounds like a nice plan, but as Mike Tyson said "everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face". Being friendly and positive for me only lasts till I cross paths with a jerk who kills the good vibes. 
i also dont regard others as strangers - specially girls :)
Dalai Lama has risen higher then thoughts because of his character and work....pll don't disgrace him
According to Hindu Mythology, it was described "Look for God at every Soul", Regards to every soul. But Illusion makes us to think "YOU" & "ME" creates strangers. We all must remember LOVE is the only TRUTH and where there is LOVE, TRUTH resides there. Here Truth is No Other than Almighty GOD.
Not an easy task... But when it's done it makes a difference 
When I meet people, I think of them in term of a faraway piece of myself I would have forgotten and that I need to reacquainted, force my both selfs to understand each other.
Others never look as strangers to me.
How do you not dead yet!
I think in current materialistic world, this is the secret of happy life.
That we always keep us from hate.
Огромное спасибо за Вашу миссию, вдохновение и мудрость...
@ His holiness Dalai Lama. As I have seen poeple who are capable of in performing as you say you would (of course you can, you do and we believe you), don't normally talk about it; they just go on doing serenely and very silently.
But your holiness has opted to talk too.
There is no doubt, you can walk the walk, But what I am unable to figure out is how you talk the the talk.
Yes . He is right. We should tresure anyone who we come across and not take anyone for stangers! Keep up the habit!

Le He
all creatures are equal. why do you think there are strangers or friends?
i agree with da gong all creatures/ humans are equal
não sei falar, tampouco escrever e/ou traduzir inglês, mas entendi o que Dalai Lama falou: Todo dia eu me dedico a ajudar a todos a sentirem e a praticarem a paz, penso que tudo e todos são amigos, não faço distinção entre patricios e estrangeiros...
All creatures are not equal. We keep changing.
@ Wang. What political? Chinese government love its people and the rest of the world. But they brook no nonsense. When you love more than one billion of your own people, you cannot let individual rights of individuals supersede the collective responsibilities of the masses.If you do, you make way for billion mutinies.Chinese government has learned from Confucius and Buddha.
Everything goes different in PRC,HOWEVER,I still will help others. Though in the very country,helping strangers may leave me in trouble.
Dear Lama, you represent the best of the humanity
Dear Dalai Lama,
May you continue to remain happy and have peace of mind all days of your life as you make people and humanity in general to be happy.
You are wonderful!
No one is perfect under the sun,so as a human being sometime we need forgivenest

Tat Mik
We should do what he says.
if every thing is differences exists between any form of matter then my dick and @brandon power are similar
Mr.Dalai Lama, U a an stranger to me, But I do not need your help, because I do not want to burn myself after your helping.
Very nice statement and I appreciate it.
thanks much
It's a good gesture from you to humanity. What makes you keep alive and working so hardly? Do you believe that the Pure Spirit of God inspires you?
Thank you. A good thought to sleep on.
How's a kid supposed to "not take candy from stangers" with this philosophy? (Laugh, it was mostly a joke. I have nothing but respect for Dalai Lama, but the god of Sarcasm required this retort)
Dalai Lama Is always smiling, I'd say that he is a happy man. May peace be always with you Dalai Lama.
i think thes make you feel happe
We all do like that , It's huminity . superb ......
How do you help others?
My grandfather had a wonderful phrase that I believe he may have originated. When someone would ask him, "How are you doing?" He woudl say, "All the better for meeting you." This Quakerism is near and dear to my heart, and so much better than "How you do'in."
Said is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh easier than done.

What have you done today, master? Again, don't speak to response but just do it.
Every morning when I wake up, I dedicate myself to developing the manifestation of my true will. Then, when I meet people, I think of them in relation to how useful they can be to me.
Thank You so much for posting. These people need you very much(the ones that commented on your post). They do not seem to understand peace comes from within.
who is u friends?JAPAN or USA ?
Ree H.
Wish the world was like that. Imagine the kind of world our children would have!
I wish all of us could do that! Greetings from Norway to you sir:)
I'm not in the Dalai Lama's league.
Every morning when I wake up, I try to remember where I am and what was last on my mind when things suddenly went black. When I meet people, I think of them and try to remember who they are, and am embarrassed when I think long-ago friends are strangers.
Thank U 4 your Kind Ness
ru su
Ok a blank check will do the same
Fred Wz
early morning when i wake up, i get wood. i dedicate myself to softening this wood. then, when i meet people, i think of them as sexual fantasies, i don't regard them as strangers.
This is my first comments. I didn't write to any one since I used IT platform .

This is right altitude and mind for living world according to their knowledge and life. I totally agreed with you.

Everybody should be use and behave what this genius people try to say/ share/ transfer his knowledge.

Thank You,

God Bless You
A good man because you think that others also
I'm going to steal that mantra. Thank you... but I'll share it too.
If each of us each day treated a stranger as a friend, what an amazing effect that would have to our world. Let's try it
Wonderful sentiment! So, when was the last time you welcomed Western seekers, who weren't celebrities, in any notable number? Insulation isn't less so, because someone's online and actually, this veil of protection can lend to less one on one socialization.
you call someone else a moron and cant even spell it. Fail.
That's the true!... :"> "we should all follow this example!"
when is your morning after dawn or before dawn. if its before dawn try to wake up after dawn and stop such crazy thoughts.
let us begin I am stranger who by this comment offer to be your friend what is your responce?
Peace of mind is relative to a certain extent, i.e. how some people cannot be helped as much as you try to help them

Be careful Dalai Lama,
Good luck
that's gay on soooo many levels. unless you only associate with nice people :o)
ad go
this is disrespect man , u should not say it
if only the world would try and understand the simple thing of friendship
Many blessings come from having an open perspective on life.... Well said!
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See yourself in others. See God in others. But what can you do when others take advantage of you or abuse others?
If you can't helping others to find peace of mind, you could do the peace with youself! Everyone could do this.
Rui Lv
You should really do what you said,
But what if they are strange?
I love your words.
u should back to China do what u have not done.
the world is all conceted and we are all one in one way or another
so recpect him and fast
That is the way of human kind. our Job on this earth is to make sure we are touching lives were ever we find our selves. We don't have to ask what our nation can do for us but we should rather ask what can we do for our nation. it is always better to give than to receive.
As you said no strangers in your life, it is really ? can't you say there are no strangers in your mental life ,maybe tha is ture. 国语 “大言不惭”
That's totally a lie dude. Everybody knows what you are thinking right now. Look at what you've done, are there anything related to the term "peace"?
Peace of mind , It's a difficult job . I hope you can really help other people !!!!
Think about yourself Mr Lama. Where do you think you will go? Nice to think about others, but only when you get peace in the deep of your heart.
it past long time having such thought in me.....n i ll keep on tryin,,untill i find i m no one for myself....n also i expect frm help ur imminent rinpoche...
Strangers are friends you don't know yet.
every morning i eat paper
Hi Google - how does one turn off this moralistic dogma-vomit channel? I'd like to fine-tune my cyber-reality-tunnel to receive only intelligent and free-thinking transmissions.
If only more people was think like that it would be a much better place to live
I try to follow that philosophy, but it does get me in trouble from time to time.
wow great..being a positive person is a god way to face all the problm in our life.. 
thats true God face/takes care of every ones problem
...and helps on facing solutions instead of problems! :)
Every morning when you get up first thing you give thanks to the Lord for seeing another brand new day then everything else
I cannot promise you
a life of sunshine,
I cannot promise riches,
wealth, or gold,
I cannot promise you
an easy pathway
That leads away from change
or growing old,...
Maybe Ud better be yourself.
I can't picture the actual Dalai Lama using google +
This' the sound of a heart that God intended us to have, thank you for the post, if the world has more people like you, it was going to be a better people to live. Thanks once again. 
Meh; go to Afghanistan and try to sell your crap .
Pues. hoy. dedique mas. tiempo. porque. de. esa. paz, voy. a okupar mas de 3 ton s. . y gracias, muchas gracias, por tan noble intencion. Ah. ! ! si todavia queda, algo, por favor se la envia a mi fam. en. La Cruz, Sinaloa, Mexico. Gracias.
If you've not got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!!!!
If someone behave me like enemy then what I should do?
You should wake up and thank God for giving you breath
Justin Wheeler just got to be the one -.-
Spoken like a true leader, human evolution at its purest
Then You treat with him as well as you'll treat with your best friend...
A nice divine person, wishing good for humankind.
if u see like in this way a theif be seen to u as a friend.
The world will be a better place, if all of us can be like him.
well said..indeed a,world will be a better place
The world so truly need someone to help them with a piece of mind.
I don't know if you are the real Dalai Lama or not, but that was great!
I should do that too, everyone should!
Hey Lama.. Do you think that god really watches over drunks and fools?
No one is stranger in this world. It is not a matter to find peace of mind. If one is dedicated to humanity peace will automatically find a permanent place in the mind.
What a lovely way to start the day, Thank You.
Que bellas palabras, y tener este firme convencimiento, de que todos somo UNO, y la misma cosa, me conmueve y me hace pensar que talvez pueda yo alcanzar esa madure Espiritual algún día. Gracias, por hacerlo posible. !!!!!!
少林寺里骂和尚的,lao tu lv。
truley your are the shadow of god. you thought just like a light in the dark which shows the direction of peace to the people, without you we lost in the darkens of anger, hate ,war
Can you explain the vandalism incident in Tibet?
His Holiness please how to i join tha religion Buddhism , cause i think only Goutam Buddha is path of peace of mind
With my respect- Monaj Das India
I would rather regard others as strangers,because i always treat strangers all right
Share with other is human and do that is the best way to show our humanity. 
When I am at peace, I am peaceful to everyone around me regardless of friend of foe. Finding the peace is the challenge.
tan ct
支持达赖. 在中共的阴淫威下没有屈服,明明只要歌颂中共政权就可永保富贵,却不为荣华富贵所动. 真正做到了富贵不能淫,威武不能屈.
long term friends only want you`r money - short term friends you know that they take you for who you are .
fan li
Being a Southerner, the only strangers that I meet are the ones that exist a moment before we chat or introduce ourselves to each other.
in life its hard to find an intimate friend
This is a good way to start a day
Mike G
It makes me smile when I read all of the comments on this post. It is great that technology allows so many people from all corners of the Earth to have daily access to the wisdom of the Dalai Lama.
my step dads brother did a photo shooting with you?
do u remember his name Tiff Park.
i dont know if that is just my familys nick name for him or not.
if only everyone would treat each other as friends, just imagine what could be accomplished
Tom Lau
friend?wish you
Dew Hao
Must one find happiness before they can find peace?
"Todas las mañanas cuando me despierto, me dedico a ayudar a otros a encontrar la paz de la mente. Luego, cuando me encuentro con gente, pienso en ellos como amigos de toda plazo, yo no considero a los demás como extraños". Dalai Lama
Try to do as you said
Ce Feng
This is nice thought but are we honest for this thought? are we appling in our life.
Agreed. Thank you for reminding me to be 'human'. :)
We all thankfully to u and I almost have your books.
That is a awsome life.. my is not i which it was like urs
aaawww thats so sweet i wish i could be like that.
Peace is sometimes different in someone's words.
u dont even make these google + posts
I think that is a great one but I will also want to be on your mind, do you mind that? Friends
thank you I had the honor to go to a seminar you gave in the royal Albert Hall in London, You completely changed my outlook on live I make it a point to always treat people with respect and friendliness and have noticed a big change in how people treat me
Thank you your Ven. for all your LOVING KINDNESS to others !
I pay my great respect and homage to your Ven.
Thank you your holiness, please continue shining your light. This world needs you more than ever +DalaiLama
I start the day off that way, every day... It could be your last!
If only Christ had said the same, first... ;)

Hey, tee ture, up there! I am not a Lama follower, but gee, you're a tad harsh.
With this philosophy, the world could be more human...
we human don't know when we'll be leaving this world, so doing the right thing is the best way to fill up our day.
keep move on!!! ^,^
but you're liar, at least in some topics.
hmmm wndrful thnkn..we shud also thnk lyk dis..
It depends on where you are with yourself in life. If we could add years by helping others, everybody would be in line.
We can't all be Lama but we can learn from him. Open up your hearts!
True mankind lives within u. ull stay with us forever.
Is anyone else tickled by the fact that someone in one of the most ancient positions in society is using the social network technology of today?
If only everyone in the world done that everyday, there would be less conflict and wars in the world.
Its good to hear that someone is doing something somewhere to make the world a better place.
I thank you for your dedication and your time :) you might not make a difference everywhere but you are making a difference where you are. Hopefully this will spread and others will start this and then everywhere someone will be making a difference.

If only everyone in the world done that everyday, there would be less conflict and wars in the world.
Its good to hear that someone is doing something somewhere to make the world a better place.
I thank you for your dedication and your time :) you might not make a difference everywhere but you are making a difference where you are. Hopefully this will spread and others will start this and then everywhere someone will be making a difference.

and if u realy want the new samsung s3 or the next isheet, where do u get the money from?
Omg we learned about u in 6th grade!!!!!!!!!! OMG
I need a help u people,, some one to ge me a fever and be my tired of lonely life
If we follow Allah almighty we will find complete happiness & peace ,may Allah guide us to the straight path ameeeen
Thank you for this uplifting perspective.
Too often I find myself caught up in my world. Though I am in the healing profession, and do things to foster peace within, and teach others to do the same, it's keeping that space of openness, even around "strangers" that can be a challenge.
help me get famous please
nice ,i want to do the same thing .take me into youe shelter
kui cai
this morning, thanks to u, i start my day with something more than yesterday, thank you
Teach me you're ways to get famous?!
I don't regard others as strangers this is true....
Buddha and HH Dalai Lama give me strength..................
Edwin Soh
The magic of Kindness, a language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can see. :)
God bless you. In South Africa we used to say Ubuntu. I think now its time for us to go back to those blessed days.
The Dalai Lama is the Chuck Norris of friendship
This thought of Mr Dalai Lama is beautiful, truly I say to you that there are few people who think and act as well. Congratulations thus follow Mr Dalai
So unselfish, so giving, and full of love, and compassion, not just for you or me but for the whole EARTH....What a pleasure to find
trueness of ones being....Like when I died and was lifted up beyond the stars, and they were thousands, and beautiful, I went beyong that to the lights that were so bright I could not focus...I was so lith, weightless...And when I returned, and was told I had passed, I had already knew this for I said my prayer to GOD and said even though Earth was so beautiful, I got to see it all, and he was going to take me just as I am..
When I awoke I cried, I wanted to see the beauty other than here, I was told I was not done yet, for there was something I was to do..
I ask to be shown or guided, and know his voice, and will know if it is said by another, for I know how he speaks to me..I await, but until then I give and love, and recieve so much...I have been blessed once again, But when I awoke, my nails, which i never had were long, and my hair was long, and used to be brown, but is now white,
I dare not color, for this was truly a gift...And I am a woman, and I very much so welcome all HE has done, and given me..I love you GOD  Amen
so powerful mind he is full of love and compassion
what wonderful thoughts... i would like to hang out with people of your mentality.. your kindness will be rewarded
Wish atleast 20 percent population of this wonderful world be similar to Lama Sir and His Thoughts.....but sorry, perhaps the guy smiling and chatting with you might be foreseeing some advantages possibly drawable from you. Caution....there is no such real love anymore in this world, unless one has richness of all kind and has a weak and simple heart to gift away to a body who are smart to twist and make him fall into his clutches.....
The hardest thing is to have compassion for the ones that have harmed you by their actions and words. I had to learn true compassion so that my prayers are not empty words. 
Si se pensara como el Dalai Lama, el mundo sería diferente.
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