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The practice of patience guards us against losing our presence of mind. It enables us to remain undisturbed, even when the situation is really difficult. It gives us a certain amount of inner peace, which allows us some self-control, so that we can choose to respond to situations in an appropriate and compassionate manner, rather than being driven by our disturbing emotions.
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May our "certain amount of inner peace" becoming more and more...
Thank you so much for your advice.
I´ve been waiting for so long for a lot of things, I know patience is a virtue and it is the will of God.
Heh Basically, counting to ten is a good thing! :)
Kane Wang
Patience is a rare quality of man which can be very hard to acquire and very easy to lose.
True, with patience can be done a lot and a lot of thing in our life, and use our own energy for a better scope
Easily said... practicing is the key!
Controlling one own self ,soul & thought process is key to patience ...
Correct, but after this process you gain more calm and better behaviour
Beautify put. The only thing my mother taught me other than compassion, is patience.

"Paitence is a virtue practiced by only those with a strong will to survive the struggles of life".

Thanks for the words of wisdom +Dalai Lama as always.
I learned Ktalega Dgta hearts and secrets
I am well into the ignorant of grief
Atbeko after my death for the day I'm alive
Mazkrtona weeping and wailing Mavid
Atnoalli Guetltona
however if you remain undisturbed in difficult situations, perhaps they never get resolved, sometimes action might be prudent. I seem to misjudge when to act, when to just let things ride
Canaries sing even more beautifully than this old dude puts his thoughts together, but both do it for some crumbs from their master. Look who feeds this one and you may find your own path to enlightenment.
BTW, patience is not a virtue when your house is on fire.
You are so right, but it is so difficult to accomplish. I find myself getting emotionally entangled in other people's emotional circles and I find this causes myself to move away from the inner peace you talk about. I am trying to practice empathy rather than sympathy to give myself some protection or at least enough of a gap between thinking impulsively and choosing to react in a calm rational way. Heightened emotional situations, especially, around family can cause difficulties in choosing the right reaction or been able to choose at all. All the best from Limassol Cyprus.
Very true but practically difficult, we can only try and try again.
being patient is very hard to practice. especially when you're stressed and work keeps on hammering you
Find myself in same situation as Richard Bedenham but with persistence efforts one will attain the level advocated by the Lama
what if you're running out of patience?
Yes, nice, but try to do it in a country with highest level of crime, where you can't know if you'll awake tomorrow, where you can't know if will find your car or house tomorrow, where everybody is trying to survive each day passing over people taking all resources without deserve it, where anybody is afraid against death, how can prey?
This probably couldn't have come at a better time for me
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Easy for the Dalai Lama to say! Difficult for me to do...
Thank you sir , for yr advice 4 how can i control my self....
+Dmitry Kosynkin, actually, patience is a virtue even when your house is on fire: it's called "don't panic" and any panic might get the situation to worsen. "Leave the building in an orderly fashion" requires patience when you feel that people in front of you are not moving "fast enough."
I think the hectic life I (we) lead helps to prevent this from becoming possible. Patience is a virtue that must be worked for ( and waited :) for.) This will be my concentrated effort of the day. I'm glad you were up early and I was led here to read this. These things keep me up late. Thank you with all my heart.
Patience is a virtue, but "compassion manner," is the key to everything in life!#growingup#learnfrommymistake
be patient like a patient or wait like a waiter lol
I think that patiance makes you calm, so bieng calm is the one that is important. But patiance leads you to being calm, so they are equal.
I agree with m mohamadi
patience = victory and achievement
Never in my life have i been so fortunate to hear the words of some one so kind and wise. my words really can't express... Thank you.
Agreed agreed agreed! It's just that patience doesn't come easily to me!
It's always good to be enlightened.thanks
For me, these are very timely words, I printed them off and posted them up on a couple of doors on a calming magenta background
I'm in my 60th year and taking leave to work toward a next beginning
A goal requiring more patience and presence of mind than I ever imagined -
This one time I stated the obvious.
You the man, Lama.
" Innallaha masaabireen" i.e. God is with those who obsrve patience.
اللهم أجعلنا من عبادك الصابرين ،،، اللهم أمين يا رب العالمين
come on summer where r u at we need the haet of awsomeness
and no more things to do please
True! Yet.. not ALL THE TIMES! But in this Yuga, remaining a Dharmaraja wont do.. You have got to train urself as 'Krishna-moulded Arjuna' to get things done.. for ur own very survival!! otherwise.. a member of ur species called YOU will be just wiped out!! Bottled up feelings n emotions shd be let out once in a while, otherwise.. u becm a victim of diabetes, hypertension, etc.
yes and u r right to our goverment is puting us more indete less than bush did and gas prices i think should go down to any one eles
I am working to attain this level of mindfulness.
that thing!will not help me feed my son and give their needs(sprite)
True statement no reason to get anxious or worry about things that haven't happened yet
very interesting theory need to practice on that
that is so so real........ i swear!
But it is also true that , being patience would not achive anything in life or live like not existed. But I agree that you should always live in the moment. If you start living in the moment, there is a chance of getting angry when people start bugging you! .
Mallika ... being patient does not mean being slow or unambitious.
Wisdom is wisdom for everyday life and long term plans. That was well put.
Ask me about patience.I can tell you it's virtue.Thanks for sharing sir. We all need to exercise patience in order to become better individuals.
the thing about patience is that it takes an incredible amount of effort it may be best sometimes to simply state clearly to the obstacle whether it is animate or inanimate to kindly get out of the f-------ing way and then we can get the job done Rough justice tough love. Its a cruel world and sometimes waiting patiently is not an option
This is something that i really must work on myself!!!
ahahahahaha Martyn Rudin just refuted the dalai lama. Nice logic there mr.
Patience is the most important skill you'll ever learn.
Patience is the mother of all virtues
A daily challenge, determined to achieve by my child with autism and myself, as we know the reward is worth it, for others not just ourselves. : )
hello i'm from indonesia, please follow me, gomawo
Please tell that to all people in Tibet who got their hands chopped of during the Lama rule for stealing a loaf of bread.
what if the situation requires a quick response?
I think that patience is good, but after we do our best to resolve the situation. It is the last resort to remain undisturbed by unsolved situations.
And its a fun game when you are bored...
Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city
I've got the feeling that my chancellor, Andrea Merkel, is a true follower of yours - at least in this matter.
Beware the wrath of a patient man.
I wish I could excercise this kind of discretion in my own life.
Better a patient man than a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city
The thing is to not let emotions control you. Emotions are like tools to help us understand and learn about the world. They can help use to better ourselves and share sympathy or empathy. Though if these emotions are not rational and control the mind soon the body will follow in reaction.
One must search with in and know that even disturbing emotions are not what drives actions to be good, and to find ways to look in one's self how to bend not break with the wind of these storms that bind us in side.
People hear awesome advice, think that’s great! But carry on living their lives the way they were doing before. We all know patience is good! And it benefits us. but to put it in to practice is another thing. We can only serve one master! Who are you or what are you worshipping? Because that in which you put your heart becomes your master no matter how intelligent you are…
No body No mind No Dalai Lama No Buddha
And fun is
His Holiness is right. Patience is not a pasive thing. It is a moving force within the soul.
I will have a peaceful sleep having read this.
You are certainly right Dalai Lama, I also say "Don't panic, stop and think. Things aren't as bad as they seem". People who panic make mistakes. People who stop and think find the answer is right in front of them.
I serve no masters. I serve others of the world and share myself with the life on this planet. I don't worry about what I can't do and only seek for understanding what I can do for others.
When one door closes another will open in time as the saying goes. The thing is to keep an eye on that door and not panic if one will not ever open again. One must look with in and there is window and doors that can open up to share all the good for better things in life. Hope is not easy but neither is patience.
How we learn to cope with things matters to if we will have peace or destruction growing in our internal gardens.
Coming from a family of warriors, I have made my own discovery of zen by making an area of my yard strictly for meditation through dance. I've also burned music that induces mental relaxation, Jean-Michele Jarr, some Madonna, Enigma & to everyones amazement--Lady Gaga.
When patience is nominal I start with Lady Gaga, Monster to get heated emotions out changing the musical tones to switch over to being docile & meek.
How one learns patience is to sit and think of not the past. We have no control over what happened in the past.
One can think of the future and plan but one should not worry about what has not happened yet.
One can only concentrate on the now and focus on ones own being. This is how we start to learn to wait.
There are distractions but do use positive and creative ones to help find ways to be compassionate.
my dad designed your business card also that's really true
Truth sir, but still we don't practise it,for it is tougher. Thankyou sir for the thought!
The odd thing is I have no religions or worship to gain these things. I do keep an open mind and try to learn even from those that call themselves my enemy.
I try to learn from every one.
that is so true.... patience is one key component in a happy successful life... =)
+Michelle sargent: I believe nature is around us to show how life truly is, not the hyped up tripe that humans have made out to be important and necessary. watching birds nest, feed their young, gather in communities, protect their flock, etc shows how life is meant to be. The flip-side, which I don't always care for, is nature has It's balances, too. I don't like to see the wolf eat the deer, but its part of the circle. Observing nature can truly be medatative and freeing. Seeing a balance is possible to exist in life can help to teach humans to practice important skills. I don't like even the internet or media and tv, but finding a home like this page makes me forgive the parts I disapprove of and concentrate on worthwhile pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and peace. Those same to you.
Jennifer saying you dont serve a master is like saying you have no unique purpose. When I say master it can mean something that has dominion or rule in your life.
Well it is really hard to practice patience when you are surrounded by people(easy to achieve in Himalayas) , In this real world you should get angry if and only if there is a profit if doing so. Sometimes it is good to be angry. (You cannot achive anything without getting angry)!
kind words wont drive out your demons.
When it comes to natures balances I do not think it is always balanced. How ever even though there is hunger, anger, and fear in nature there is also that ability to understand how to control urges to use these in destructive ways.
Rational fear can teach us not to burn ourselves in a fire or harm ourselves. Rational anger can help give us a presence of reason to courage and fight for just causes. Hunger gives us a passion to how to learn and grow. Though with these things always one must not hang onto and ward of the negative effects so not to cause damage that can never be replaced.
To improve things we must prepare ourselves inside the mind before we can do anything outside it. To understand the world with in will help us to better understand the world around us.
As a nurse I feel the truth of these words. I hold myself to account each day by these thoughts.
I´m think, that angy is weakness. Who is weak move to be angry. You can be angry for itself. But sometimes is realy hard to stay calm.
@Jennifer I. History, on a world and personal level, will continue to repeat itself if humans do not study it and learn to change our behaviors to make peace. I'm not talking about ruminating over petty happenings or worrying obsessively, but studying and being creative to change the world for the better. I don't think you have to have a master or specific denomination for this. It is a personal lifestyle choice to live a compassionate, peaceful life. Influencing and showing by example those around us is the best way to introduce a lasting, harmonious, real change in our localized, everyday life. Peace >you
Ah but there is different kinds of anger. There is the selfish anger and hateful kind. Though there is the anger with love and protection to do what is right.
The thing is also not to hold on tight to emotions or they will consume you. Then but to use them to learn and find understandings with one another. One must use such things to build bridges not burn them.
Have you ever studied the life of Jesus Christ and the testimonies of his gosphels? Men in which gave thier lives and Our Creator, sending his Only Son to live and die as a sacrafice for all of His Children to be able to recieve his Gracious gift of Salvation? Eternal asurrance, I know because He lives in me, in spite of myself. Only have to believe in Him and what He's done.
Jennifer what is your personal desire, what is your legacy to the world?
How true, Inner Peace is so important to everything in life.
That's so fitting for me,the dali lama was just here in san diego,what an honor.
Powerful! Reminds me of the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling "if you can wait and not be tired by waiting"
People today want instant gratification in their lives. Patience develops character. The more you practice it, the better you can live with it. "With perseverance, the SNAIL reached the ARK". (Charles Haddon Spurgeon)
patience also keeps us from looking like a fool by not having a knee jerk reaction to a situation.
I have no strong belief in absolutes on how the world will always work. I do not truly assume things but try to explore in understand it all. I keep looking through my mind's window and see that drive to be loving and caring over my own desires to gain anything of power or to satisfy hunger.
If a child is hungry and I am as well I will give my food to the child. I would still feel hunger and a desire to look for more food. That drive just comes naturally I need no reasons other than that. I also have a drive for love and compassion.
For some these drives are more or less than others. The drives do start with in and the learning of ourselves about these things do as well.
+Radu Nitulescu I think patience is even more important in a crisis requiring a quick response. The more urgent the problem, the more essential it is to remain calm and undisturbed. You are more likely to make the correct decisions and navigate the complexities of the situation in the most appropriate manner. For example, if you require emergency medical attention, wouldn't you prefer your surgeon to remain calm and thoughtful while working quickly?
Hex HE
nod, The patience is important for the inner peace.
" I am" here for my sanity, peace, love and prayers. Saw you on piers the other night, interesting.
Patience comes along with acceptance. The only power we have is our own action & reaction not people, places & things.
Leah o
I wish you were here to remind me this all the time... I can easily lose my temper against someone I care and I don't like it. I don't think I know how to talk in the appropriate and compassionate manner.
I really need to practice that, so i will stop getting so hotheaded #Peace :)
Thank you. I needed to hear this today. I'm dealing w enormous physical pain today. Which is very distracting. I will do my best to be patient w my body.

For the sake of all Samsara, I will do what I can to radiate peace, joy and compassion. And I will let the pain pass through me and not take residence.

Again... Thank you.
Being rational about the world helps me with inner peace and in being patient. Being creative helps me in being patient as well.
Hope this message or realisation applies to dealing with the Chinese government leaders and instead of ''self--immolations '' by Tibetan young protestors --they shud practice this peaceful maxim ?---" that we can choose to respond to situations in an appropriate and compassionate manner, rather than being driven by our disturbing emotions."....if There is a Buddhist LAW OF CREATION --then whats the use of commiting suicide ???
Jennifer if you don’t accept absolute truth. then your open to conditioning by half truths, lies and deception. ps ur cleaver girl, i would like to talk with you more...
patience .... mother of all virtues.
The art of patience is to do something else in the meantime. - (?)
Were do you get patience. Can you buy it on ebay?!
Or are there somethings one can't buy!! Just a thought.
I am always touched by His words. So simply written but the meaning is so deep that touches the innermost of my being. Reading His words does give me strength.
Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. Your soul yield it, your body manifest it. Except you are born of 'the' Spirit, you shall not bear such fruits. You must be born again!
As a second thought, sometimes it's emotions that drive us into doing amazing things!
佛爷 求庇佑
I believe it was his culture, not himself personally, who dubbed him with the title +G.R. Miller , besides, I think of all the people God would mind least of sharing such a title with, it would be a man who practices and teaches peace and healing worldwide. Are priests and preachers not holy as well? Get off your high horse on this one, there are worse people in the world for you to ridicule.
Liam subjective and objective truths are a balance that one must seek to work together.
It is almost like baking a cake when it comes to how we use truths.
Got to look at the recipe to really know how to make it come out just right.'s a quote from a man who is very wise...and yet I see from the comment above that there has been some dissent about the man himself. He's human, too, you shall we look past his failings and take a REAL look at what he is trying to teach?
yep...yep,,,patience takes effort,,,,in the end... big worth
I disagree Jennifer I don’t think it’s up to us to make up or blend together the truth. We can only discern accordingly to what ever we believe the truth is
The only time I hear/read about patience is once it is found. RBTL.
We need to peacefully stand together and patiently tell the ruling class and government to stop raping the worlds natural resources for corporate greed because soon being patient won't help anyone as soon the earth will be more dead zones than paradise.
I was actually thinking something along these lines the other day during a confrontation with a couple of friends, not nearly as profound as the Dalai Lama's post ofcourse. Always a source of immeasurable wisdom.
Thats really true. quite fascinating really!
Bądź asertywny, a samo przez się zrobisz konstruktywny. Zachowaj umiar w okazywaniu uczuć do ludzi nie pewnych. Nie bądź obojętny, ale podchodź z dystansem do ludzi. Najważniejsze niech Twoja dusza będzie klarowna. Sumienie zawsze gryzie, ale wtedy odpłyń w nienamacalne ;)
I needed to read this quote really connects with what I'm dealing with. Thank you Dalai Lama!
What the hell were we given all this strength for then ? To bash people who get on your nerves ,of course.
Difficult situations are created by humans only, so these can be can be neutralized by them soberly.
Very well said. I had this in mind for years, but I couldn't describe it in words.
I'm happy being driven by what you call disturbing emotions so I don't spend my precious time practicing the extreme asceticism that is being patient. Eastern culture fails to understand that the Bodhi is not necessarily achieved through a contemplative state, au contraire, its etymology suggest quite the opposite.
Patients is like truth.! Allah (god) sees the truth but waits is patience for all
Absolutely right your Holiness, But it is difficult to put this in to practice.However once you get in to the mode, you improve every moment and finally achieve a condition where you respond to a situation with compassion.

When you are driven by disturbing emotions, you heart others, and when you hurt others you automatically hurt your own soul.

So being driven by disturbing emotions is self inflicting exercise.

Will u please come and give your valuable comment again and again, coz we need it for our betterment as a human being.
Don't you think the follow up question to that is what is the measure of what is the right course of action?
Thank you! I will try to be more patient. I am slowly learning this but it is good to be reminded and especially from you.
I wish to practice it all the time but am just a mediocre human......its not always easy!
Being patient is the ultimate challenge for anyone but to learn self control is a gift. Sometimes we say and do things we dont mean so to have something to fall back on is good. This could be the challenge of the week try to be more in control of your life and just live it up. :)
Thank you for your benign words, +Dalai Lama. Although I do not follow your religion, I follow you 'til the end. There needs to be more loving, understanding individuals in this world like you, sir. You are the equivalent to the modern-day Jesus Christ.

God bless.
I too and a mediocre human who is challenged with patience daily. I find serenity in accepting that which I cannot change.
Being patient has been a nemesis in my life. It was one of the things that lead me to meditation, and even there I have trouble with my impatience. Thank you for reminding me to continue to be aware of this issue.
nice to meet you. i think so,… where bring the peace?and where surch around ? …if we surch the peace bird, i can not understand the peace Okinawa.
peace bird will not come Okinawa. if we lost all , we know that nobody lost.
I shall continue to work on my capacity to accept and tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. I have come a long way in my years but still find much room for self-improvement in the area of patience.
the hard part is knowing when the practice has begun!
Positive thinking and very helpful in moments where we don't know what's going on in ur life ...patience...
Yes patience and self control is the foundation of all knowledge .But they come only after total detachment from the self,...the "I" in us...
God! If I was on the boat, WHAT SHOULD I DO?
We should rather take a good look at ourselves and, except responsibility for our faults. Its so easy to set the blame on others, "As do I." I'm trying to learn patience so that I can pass love w/respect for others.
Si que es necesario en control de nuestras emociones internas ,puesto que muchas veces estas nos llevan a actuar irracionalmente y herimos a personas sin darnos cuenta.
Patience is an essential virtue.
to love unconditionally.
one must learn to love the strengths, as well as the weaknesses of another.
only then will you have the power to turn weakness to strength.
learn to love yourself. only then will you be able to love others.
by: John P. Duff
thank you, dalai. i especially love your good karma post from 2009.
Emotions do have their uses, but being able to put them to one side for a little while in order to properly concentrate on something is a skill I think everyone should practice.
My situation is I have to take a crap in a compassionate manner
Grape Ape, and something about Grace.
The mind is like a still pond, when a problem arises it is like a stone crashing upon that still water many waves there will appear but in reality there is but one wave .
+Victor Abbott Not quite. The idea isn't to never get angry, or frustrated, or happy or sad. The idea is simply to be conscious of and at least a little in control of whether you are angry, or frustrated, or happy or sad.

Instead of flying off the handle in anger, cultivate the ability to pause for a moment first and ask: "is becoming angry the best course of action?" And guess what? It might be! Anger is a powerful emotion.
Emotions are merely chemical reactions to outward circumstances and stimuli. We have ingrained, through repetition, these chemical responses in our brains. Therefore if the emotion is a response to a stimuli, I believe the Dalai Lama is not suggesting that we have a world without emotions but that we are to control and differentiate the chemical response in our body and our physical response in the world.
Great to think about on day like a monday!
Ok, I'm going to ask a question that will make me look like a true blond, is this really the Dalai Lama? Is it "the" Dalai Lama or is it just Mr. Lama? Or is it "hello Dalai"
Apparently, +Kelline Pickett, it is customary to address the Delai Lama as Gyalwa Rinpoche ("Precious Victor"), however, i feel that if i was ever to meet the 14th incarnation of this most enlightened being I will probably fail to get past the whole "We're not worthy!!! We're not worthy!!!" stage.
don't pay attention to the messenger

listen to the message ;)
I go beyond that which I am to something that I want to be ... something beyond my emotions and behaviors to what my sould truly is. If we were all masters of patience, we would all be in our buddah state.
Compassion, tolerance and forgiveness help you build patience
Inpatience is a re-action and patience is a calculated action.a virtue indeed.when personal afairs,eperience and history is involved the good guys always plan for the bad guys in no time.the fact is,patience is a notime place of mind and we all have it as potential except that it might be too dark to see especially when you have taken too much of it.can kill. 
But surely emotions cannot just be there to fight against? I respect your opinion, and I like zen more than most other things in life, but I still believe that everything was put here for a purpose.
Needless chatter clouds the mind, nurturing one's inner calm through silence leads to strength.
Joe Lay
emotions aren't simply how you feel, alot of the time its how you feel completely over exaggerated by your state of mind, which is how depression occurs I guess, when things are bad and your mind keeps telling you to sit and breakdown. Alot of the time you should fight against them because over wise your mind reigns control over your emotions and you do end up being driven by disturbing emotions. Patience is a strength, as no matter what happens you can still remain to sit still
something...something....something.... darkside
Hmmm, yes, i remember fondly the days when Mom didnt 'need' to work, when 'after school' meant it was 'play' time and not time to do six hours of nightly homework and 'everyone' actually had time to 'think a moment on that...' and maybe even stop to smell those roses i've heard an awful lot about, but haven't really had the time to figure out where in the heck some darn jerk went and hid them on me!!! lol Yes, it would seem more and more these days good ol Uncle Sam just doesn't want the majority of having a free second or two to reflect on, well, much of anything. Golly gee, Wally, do ya think this means that were gonna be latch-key kids now??? Awww, Beave, I dunno, but I'm feeling it's every kid for themself from here on out, so dont ya be droppin them bars o soap around Eddie Haskel no more, you hear me??? Ah, Wally, youre the best... No, Beave, not the best...just the last! See ya around, Beave...
I believe that "the practice of patience" only keeps you from hurting someone else feelings and that may not be helpful all the time. Noble but who saves you from being hurt.
Practicing patience needs a lot of patience....
Quite intuitive it works practically it could save you lots of regrets from reacting bluntly.
True ...........prayiny for more of it

Thank you D.L. I wish I could have put it that well, guess that why your where you are and I continue to strive. Peace to you, you are respected.
+Jamie Anon that took some courage to make such an incredibly ignorant statement in such a public forum.
I needed this reminder today, as I struggled with impatience and irritability.
I so needed this, thank you sir and Blessed Be!
Yes, this post helped very much today. Some things as purposeful as they might be and reckless may be benign by intention. 
I'll try to practice this on drive to work tomorrow, thx!
it is not the situation, it is your response to it that makes the difference.
Patience was regularly administered in my family. Or, maybe it was laziness or procrastination.
D Paul
Good Point! Not everyone can be patient it requires self-discipline
True patience does equate to an inner peace, as the DL stated. It's not a separateness from situations. When called for, it allows for quick action to be taken ( when needed) instead of inner tumult thwarting action.
Wow you guys are super wise! I mean im 12 and this is amazing. I can't belive it! Also i really admire you because you believe more how politics and religion should be separite so much you are giving up all that power!!! Blows my mind
Haha man, his holiness the Dalai Lama says A LOT more on Google+ than Twitter.
Emily C
How to keep the Patience? I realised that I had many stuff flowing in my mind when i was doing yoga yesterday. Those stuff are not easy keeping away.
sometimes you have to wait and see how things fall in place rather than driven by your emotions and see them to just fall!!!
The real problem with patience is you have to wait for it.
You don't need to wait for patience, it's always now. [But, yes, I get the joke.]
I look forward to postings from the Dalai Lama in the evening. It reminds me to be happy every day, no matter what. The impermanence of upsetting events have nothing on the lasting impact of happy thoughts.
David, the whole world can see, that you Chinese are brainwashed..But that is your right. Its ok!
Rihard, you can clearly see and feel the atmosphere inside China by this.
i think you as my father and i have a hope that one day you will free the Tibet from china.
I Think
Patience leads to the goal as quickly and effizenter haste and pressure
no, +Jeremy Ray, emotions are not there just to fight against. No buddhist path (you mention Zen) is about having no emotion; it's about not being automatically driven by any, that's quite different. It's about having an emotion but without a neurosis to make it appear "what has to be dealt with now " when actually it's "just" an emotion... Emotions are impermanent phenomena, no buddhist path would deny impermanence or phenomena, it only attempts to give it back its right, appropriate, importance.
it's exactly right....but for me, it's really hard to do.....
I find that the practice of patience buys me time & very often that time offers me the space in which I can make calmer choices especially in situations that may provoke negative emotions. I say the 'practice' of patience because like all things good, the more I do it, the better I get at it. It's straightforward but not easy.....
Patience...or I will help you not.
I do practice in patience a lot, especially in this day and age. Some people are born with it, others have to learn, some people don't bother and in some cases- especially if there is a life threatening event those who are able to think things through and get it done immediately can be heroes. Its not always slow and steady (the turtle) that wins the race...
knowing who we are and appreciate that we avoid being upset with life and with ourselves, detachment from material lifts our spirit away from the human condition increasingly closer to the great spirit
How is it that you've always posted something I needed to read?
Time for The Magic Pause
I just took a deep breath. Thank you.
So true, patience give us more freedom, helping other too.
When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.
- Unknown
As pride is often the excuse for anger rethinking what we are in this world to do, is extreamly important thing. Pride is the evidence of an early injury to the soul, and the wish never to be at the mercy of anyone and desire to control your existance sad.
Patience in today's world would be a gift to all...
patience also analyze all the circumstances that point of view more clearly the problems faced in the struggle for justice
True but very difficult to inculcate !!!
Der Versuch einer Übersetzung in die deutsche Sprache:

Geduld zu üben schützt uns vor Geistesabwesenheit. Es ermöglicht uns, auch in schwierigen Situationen ruhig zu bleiben. Es verschafft uns ein gewisses Maß an innerem Frieden, der uns hilft, uns selbst zu beherrschen, damit wir auf Ereignisse angemessen und mitfühlend reagieren, anstatt uns aufzuregen.
Thank you, HHDL. I love your words which are always full of wisdom.
This happened to me yesterday. I have much to learn still.
Do someting for our for china
Sir.. its so great to find that the thoughts that my religion preaches is same as all others and of yours too (like the one above)... My only question is, then why do we have these fights between the religions ??
Religions have their own ideals and one religion differs from the other. Its like the age old question of which colour is better, Red or Blue? some would say red, others would say blue those who like a different colour would state their favourite. You'll then get the fanatics of their colour (blue or red for example) insulting their opposites and that would escalate into a fight. I think it is a little like that and that is why I don't support any religion. Religions and clashes between them causes conflict.
Religions are the ways people go to the one goal - inner peace and clear presence of mind. Ways are different, people's lives are different, approaches, colors, tastes and kinds - all of them may be different. But the goal remains the same.
Fights between religions? For what? At the beginning, the way I go is shorter for me, than yours, and yours is shorter for you. But the goal is the same I think, and as close you stay to yours you can see how close all reaching it too. Could you help them a little?
For whatever you believe in for whatever reasons there is for you to believe in them in the end dont we all strive for the same goal....that is for PEACE...period. So with that being said we MUST NOT judge our brothers and sisters for what they believe to be the truth. This is their god given right as a human being. We all as individuals have a right to our opinions. As well we also have this right to express such opinions as we see fit, BUT not to force feed our thoughts and opinions down each others throats for this is why we are individuals. This is what makes us uniquie and the world such an interesting life to live in. To share ones experiences with one another helps us to grow, to experience other lives and possibly become more open minded, hencefore then , more lets say.. compassionate and a better understandind of ones trials and tribulations of ones life.After all God said "help your brothers and sisters people" , for we are ALL only has strong as our weakest link. And we are all put on this earth to serve a purpose, for whatever god has intended it to be.In the end only God knows, and we have to satisfied with that, and that alone. Amen
So true, thank-you for reconfirming the lesson of patience.
true... but sometimes due to our social responsibilities all the goodness left behind as first we have to fulfill our duties otherwise it will not be less then a sin...
I suggest you try using an "and" instead of a "but"...
Hello sir Esquire I am Ala al-Ahmad Greetings to you and respect for the growing I am from Iraq Had previously sent to the prestige of some posts Thanks for the effort you are doing the humanitarian Salami and respect

Patience is not a virtue, it is a necessity.
Can Choose to respond to situations!!!!. We normally don't do this. we are driven by emotions!!!!. Great words
Let us try
Being inspired by His Hollines Dalai Lama, +Challenge:Future organises and gathers youth voices from all over the world, to say what Dalai Lama means to them. Patience is one of the mentioned inspirations!
Ric Wei
I’ll respect you.
I want to go there.
Yes ,patience is one of the tool to get the inner peace.i will respect your words.
I always told my children "patience is a virtue"
nothing more important than to see peaceful places and beautiful places . . . . and wonderful people . . . .
sometimes it is a state of mind . . . quite amazing but we need to cross bridges and cross roads in life . . . .
Yan Hui
intelligent man!
Patience is a virtue, & I pray to God everyday for more patience in my life, so down have patience and stop & look @ the flowers.:-) very good comment
Slow down and look at the flowers and everything around u have more patience and give more love from the heart.
So...Dalai Lama uses G+?....RIIIIGGGHHHHTTTTT
I practice patience and tolerance even if it goes against all that I believe or care for. You can learn from other peoples perspectives and even see how similar they are to you. You know what else is in short supply? Trust and compassion.
You'r totally nonsenses...
How did Your Holiness know that I needed this words this morning? Thank You very much.
This Dalai lama's post in particular can help you to accomplish your purpose. And then find your next! With patience, nothing can stand in the way you goal.
Control on your emotions is conquering yourself !
Now I'm way far from this...but that doesn't means that I cant achieve it.
And Patience is the only discipline I will need. Never let the emotion blind the thought.
One i continually practice daily.
I always work to remember that when all is said and done, 'what is' has nothing to do with who we really are. Therefore, patients with it is just the acknowledgement that all is happening in a perfect way. As such, we will appear to have self-control, when what we have is presence...
+Ruth Rader you won't "benefit" of anything... ever... its a matter of choice all about surrendering your inner to chaos... either u can find something for yourself even now or you will take lots and lots of steps back just for nothing... all that way back knowing ull have to go forward again somehow

i dont know if he ever reads comments here and though i cant be of any use in comparison with that guy... i just dont want to motivate you or pretend to go positive... well i just hope YOU read responds
Ruth, sounds like you needed to find new place to work. your lowly opinion of self is worrying

your value as a person doesn't come from what you do for a living, its about what your doing for the living!! 
thank you. please can you write about bullying how to deal with this at times when your life is at stake.. i seem to be in trauma ..
believing in god is the most important thing which can makes us more powerful , strong ,patient,and ofcurse peaceful..
when you recognize that the death is coming for sure then you understand that you are a geust in this life which makes you behave on your best
Dear Dalai lama im having problems at shool with bully i tell the teacher but he still carrys on what do i do?
Practice of inner peace: The removal of disturbance inside our minds allowing a clarity to see peace.
It is true ...... Beyond emotional influences ... We can see differently .... More patience .... More peace ......
I see, you post April 30th.... And I am anxiously awaiting your next post.....patience... I'm working on it. But maybe you can't work on it. Maybe it must just exist. By pursueing it, I am causing it to elude me.... Hmmmm. Mayb I'm not on the right track.
Tout à fait d'accord! :) La Sagesse est un Chemin Sinueux mais vers lequel le Bonheur n'en sera que Meilleur...
Such inspiring words from no other than my good friend the Dalai Lama.
this is so very true & sometimes hard to but with much prayer you can do it
That's beautiful! Please read opal fretcan's posts they're good posts!
Thanks for the new desktop photo!  Great job.
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