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His Holiness the Dalai Lama enjoying a moment of laughter with some of the elders of the Tibetan Muslim community who escaped from Tibet in 1959/1960 during his visit to Srinagar, J&K state, India, on July 14, 2012. Photo/Tenzin Choejor/OHHDL
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The man on the far right seems quite reserved. He doesn't look to be enjoying the ordeal very much.
i think he should be looking on what the Buddhist terrorists are committing in Burma ( Myanmar) !!!!!!! go and make peace there not with yellow and lying smiles!!!! what did muslims there do to get treated like that!
What I seemingly most appreciate of His Holiness is the equally open approach to all people disregarding their religion, social status or whatsoever else. I'd love to see that behavior from other religions' leaders - but I just don't feel like I ever will... Fantastic individual, really!
my respect and admiration to the Dalai Lama has now doubled, tripled.....
Iam also a fan of you
I live in India
great men always known by his words, great voice of a big leader among us. He always welcome ever.
Live goes to quick to be serious all the time!
What's up, Dalai! How's the weather down there? A bit windy over the hills up here North, but blue sky and a steady 20ºC in the shade. Watching the clouds turn into shapes I know, just to turn into shapes never seen before. Just me living my waking living state. Hope the best for you and your kingdom! In my petty prayers, and in my bounderless thoughts. 
This man is a nice nature for The Tibetan peoples......He is a good human being....God may be live long such kind of man on the earth...
+Salim Baidoun "What did the Muslims do?"  Umm.. There were those Mughal wars of conquest.  Admittedly, that's a long time to hold a grudge (although some Muslims seem to still be upset at the Christians about the Crusades, which were even further back in history).  I'm not saying that makes it right, just pointing out what some other people seem to think justifies it.
Lord of humanity Dalai Lama, one name is enough.
+Valdis Kletnieks, that's no reason for him not to look into it. Buddhism has an incorrect image in the west, for many (especially in Burma and Sri Lanka), it's violence thugocracy. +Salim Baidoun is merely wanting the dalai to address what is being totally ignored by Western journalists. As I've said before, 1 Muslim goes against his faith and murders it's splashed all over the western media, an entire Buddhist nation suppresses it's people and murders and rapes ethnic minorities to extinction, and it's almost completely ignored. It's very important that the Dalai focuses on such matters and isn't afraid to speak out against them.
Does his holiness support Kashmir's cause of Freedom from Indian occupation? 
+Salim Baidoun , +Valdis Kletnieks , +Francis Anderson ; it's too simple to state that muslims/buddists/christians/jews... carry out atrocities, it's tribal politics. It's easier for politicians to manipulate people through fear than to try and convince them, so creating an ethnic or religious tribe does the trick. When they're made to believe something, or to fear the "other", people will kill (and die) for free ... And, because of their complecity, all religous texts have within them the necessary "mental manipulating tools".
+Francis Anderson I never said the Dalai Lama shouldn't look into it.  +Salim Baidoun asked where it started, and I answered it. Although I may know where it started, it will take somebody with more wisdom than me to solve it.  Unfortunately,  I worry that even the Dalai may not be able to talk sense into the two sides of the conflict.
oh,no ...  MR大骗子
Kis your People?? So he is wrong to have snaked their hands??
The Dalai Lama should act on Burma's issues quickly and stop the killing of Innocent Muslims by Buddhists mobs.  
+George Nasr, +Valdis Kletnieks . George I wasn't meaning to be simplistic, and you are right, it's like calling the IRA Catholic, when clearly they care little for it. The problem is, it's also not as simple to just dismiss. In Sri Lanka the government is very strongly inter-twined with Buddhism and the monks, and while I agree it is not acting upon their faith which causes the problem, but acting upon tribal issues, it would be great if the Dalai could do more introspection in public (especially the western countries where they really have no idea what goes on in the world). My point on the western media and Buddhism still stands, they would run a full page spread on a single Muslim violating their faith, and wouldn't even talk about an entire nation which claims to be Buddhist .. While I believe both are obviously not true to their faith, the Muslim gets "MUSLIM TERRORIST" .. while the Buddhist gets no criticism at all, and even if it did, it would be regime violence .. I was merely trying to point out that as westerners we see what our media want us to see, and have very poor knowledge about these issues. Valdis, I didn't mean to suggest you hadn't realised that, I guess it simply hadn't shown in your initial post, without realising it, you came across as anti Muslim and pro Buddhist, I accept you may not have meant that to be the case, but it is indicative of how western nations report on issues of faith.
and when will his "Holiness" at least issue a statement over Burma Killings by His Precious Followers??? ...
Looks like His Holiness can only issue political active statements... he looks more like a political figure to me then a religious one
He figured out long ago that it works to isolate the haters and emphasize bringing people together.  ML King and Gandhi used the same  plan--with great success.
"Killings by His Precious Followers"?? You really think this is true? He is not the Pope on a new crusade, and not every Buddhist is a real  Buddhist. All the great religions tell you to NOT KILL. But humans do kill each other. It has nothing to do with Buddhism, Islam or whatever religion people are. It's all about greed, hate and lies. Yuo don't need a religion to kill people. People use religion as excuse to do bad things.
+Hans-Erik Gaßner  i dont see any muslim or christian killing any one else there..its purely buddhist killing muslims there on account of their religion... and His Holliness big mouth is all silent on the issue..or he can just say that Buddhist doesnt listen to him?? that the case so... please enlight me further
Why are Arab Leaders silent? 
 thank you    Salim Baidoun‏  

Uh ... you)(  Dalai Lama ) feel the pains of conscience, O innocent ... Not here must be ... But in Burma
I would remind them also that the wars of the Mongols against Islam  the Crusaders was Responsible for ... Today the silence of the West at the events of Burma is like silence on the massacres Mongols against Muslims in Baghdad
Aung San Suu Kyi Nobel Peace Prize winner, where is the peace in Burma?
salam arab have evry think tha need but you and me we dont have evrything like tham i think we muslim need salhudin ayubi to day muslim daie evry day no muslim have eyes we have by name muslim leder like malak abdullAH just by name hi ledr of all muslim contry but just by name not by real all muslim ledr want to america be happy with tham 
satisfying smile for killing thousands of innocent muslims in Burma.....?
+hassan niazi I think he can't be responsible for all wrongdoing of all the buddhists in the world. Do you think the religios leader in the islam are responsible for the wrongdoing of all muslim in the world? Don't think so.
Only the ones that misled themselves,it's in every religion.
Why the "His Holiness" before his name if he is a sinner like you and I ?  I don't agree either to call the Pope "His Holiness" either.  Moreover, is he a god  (a false god) or something that you should call him this?  The fallacy of men and their pride.  
this thread makes me feel sick. humans are simply not capable of dialogue. one points at the other - as it has always been ...
is it dalailama who said 'go and kill non-buddhist' ?... i don't think so, but i've seen many non-buddhist leaders to say on TV, 'go and kill who doesn't believe in our thing'... Guys, i'm against war and killing, but i think problem is somewhere else, not in dalailama... 
Contrary to Islam, Buddhism doesn`t have a iota of aggressiveness in its teachings
The dalailama  is the nicest man in the world.I will not say any thing negative of him is that simple.
+Leo Morales Sr. you said 'is he god'... obviously you have no clue about buddhism as there is no god in it.
Jasib, and why your gang of muslim terrorist kill??? they don't listen to you? Same BS like telling pope to stop IRA omfg...
All bad what happens is a result of causality. The never-ending circle of violence must be stopped. And YOU can stop it! All you have to do, ist not doing violence. Gandhi did it. Read the history!
And muslims terrorists  bombing churches in Nigeria,who is insane here?
we are not saying dalai lama is responsible for burma massachare, he didn't even provoke his people to do that.we just want his reaction on the bloodshed of innocent muslims.
what did you said it is not the same Iraq war for oil Afghanistan is war of killing secrets that bin ladin was an american agent in cold war to do terrorism job in Soviet union  
Dalai Lama is kinda lame! Chinese have improved the standard of living and human rights in Tibet.
I wish you all write "people" instead of christian/muslim/buddhist. Do you really think it's about religion? Do you think the crusades of the past was about religion? It was all for gold, land, and power. Religion is used by some bad people to lead weak people to the wrong way. People with money and power.
you want the 'reaction' of a buddhist leader regarding a violent act? why don't you go and express dessert stones for water instead? 
one more thing people... you all blame dalailama (and obviously everyone who like him), but what YOU or YOUR GOVERMENT did to stop it? Looks like nothing... so i got nothing more to say.
+peter ducai same here bro sorry for all the killing i am gonna say them stop it all.after all i have total control over the black sheeps of my it??
I do not know of Buddhist killing others. The first precept is not kill/harm another sentient being. Compassion is the foundation of Buddhism. If killing has occured, it is very bad karma and against the entire philosophy. I wish everyone peace and happiness.
The Christian  BIBLE is never corrupted; is just simplified that is why the whole world love it.The  whole world will become Christian soon ,Christians do not burn mosque or other religions place of worship.Mark my word.
wt about the Burma... whr kids r being alive just because they r Muslims...
+Long John Silver let me explain, there is no such thing as Buddhist terrorist. Only terrorist can explain why there are such people, i don't know who told them what, but it will never be for greater good...
Tolerance is the best religion
+chikezie Jack I read translations of Bible, Quran, Tora, Talmud and Buddhism. Original text? Never was, because it all started without books. Told from father to son. Told to other people. There was never a god, coming to us humans with books in his hands. There was always some humans to write it down, because the text told already changed too much.
ultimate deception:@ O man! look at Burma....
India's Jain and Buddha religions are tolerant towards all
The Elders are happy and smiling with their visitor!
this photo is some how a big lie ! these days we see the real face of Buddhist in Myanmar . they kill muslims horribly and eat their meat....
they are really wild.
and i dont know why un and other international committees are silent .
you can see pictures here
+John Prescott Right. That's why I like buddhism. You don't need a god to understand how the universe works. And if you fully understand the universe, there is no evil or good anymore. Just causality. There are things you like, and others (like pain) you don't like. If you are true to yourself, the "good" will happen just from understanding causality to avoid pain.
munju s
thank god for little mercys
People! if you wanna peace, do something for it, help, say peaceful words... words of hate won't change anything, even make it worse.. you want peace but all you can do is hate and condemn. wake up or enjoy violence around you...
fucking prick where is he now when Muslims are being slaughter in burma 
This guy is a show off, he went to visit Israel, a country occupying Arab land and torturing the Palestinians. How does that help his cause?
Hey Waqas, okay for one, what kinda name is Waqas? And second look who the prick is, you ya dirty fucking bitch whorebag, no no, scratch that HOEBAG!!
+Dalai Lama did you heart about the Muslims in Burma. And the crimes of the Buddhaism there. I don't think so
+hamideh bahrami 10 muslims were killed in Myanmar. Your pictures are propaganda and are not backed by the news in ABNA. Buddhists do not partake in violence against others.
+Francis Anderson+Valdis Kletnieks+George Nasr

Gentlemen, with due respect I will be foolish and shows ignorance that Muslims are the only people to be blamed in the world, we never said that the British and French conquest to our world as a christian terrorism and never called the occupation if The Israelis to Palestine as a Jewish terrorism because Arabs hold all kind of religions, philosophies and sects.
The issue with the western media is that they became so much biased that they even believe their own lies... The Dalai Lama is asked to talk with the people and government of Myanmar due to his position! Then if he couldn't do that so who can?! The guy is holding a very spiritual and deep role in the Buddhist world and am sure they will be listening to him 
im lost whats going on here? i just recently heard of the dalai lama. he seems understnading and far from arogent like some people i know and i have a great respect for that. but u sound mad hafez alayat. why do u sound mad? or am i just wrong?
listen when muslim save our religion then is terriost oky wait now i know that not whole world muslim r not sleeping little bit r wakeing nearly hi kills budist we dont leave our muslims
Sorry gentlemen but I am commenting using my phone so please discard my typo mistakes :)
+John Hersey I think that you should start digging for trustworthy news.
A lot of Muslim activists fled the massacres and told stories that are inhumane, terrifying and terrorizing 
+Dalai Lama we are asking your holiness to stop the killing of Muslims in Myanmar, it's enough already with the blood that is spilled 
I bet he ask them for phone numbers :) but they told him get life loser :) 
lol imagine the money a dentist would make at that meeting
Sincere laughter comes from the most humble among us. Thank you Tibetan people and your holiness.
thank you +Francis Anderson for your logic in analyzing things around you away from being biased.
+chikezie Jack am sorry for what our Christian brothers are suffering from in some parts of Nigeria, the problem is that Muslims are persecuted in the Christians parts and vice versa... The only thing I can tell you that all teaching, philosophies and religions embraces tolerance and love...and I hope one day we can be able to stop all the bloodshed covered with the name of religion 
In my opinion, all "gods" are man's creation; not the other way around. Buddha did not emphasize anything except recognizing suffering as the cause of human behavior, and of the many ways to overcome one's suffering as part of your daily life.  I grew up in the Christian heritage, but eventually came to believe that Christ's message was  corrupted over the centuries by his followers.  It looks as if the same could be said of the followers of Buddha and Mohhamed.  The Dali Lama  seems to be following closely to the the teachings of the Buddha.  This is a wise course--both religiously and politically.  Let the fanatics on the fringes of all religions rant and rave;  but in the long run,  the position of the Dali Lama will prevail.  This also holds true for the peacemakers of the other major religions.
Pam Lee
Love the Dalai!!
Anyone who calls themselves 'chosen one' should be presumed guilty until proven innocent.
I respect his holiness dedication of his life  to serve for Tibetian Peoples
As a Buddhist meditating in France lets me tell you some things :
1)  People killing other peoples in any circumstance  have a really bad Karma, are they Buddhists, Muslims or Christian. 
2)  Buddhism is not opposing to any religion that promote human values : kindness, brotherhood,  etc. ... We will fight all evil or satanic practices based on oppression and barbary : dictatorship of any kind, human sacrifice etc. ... But we will fight without violence, with words and good practices.
 3) They are a lot of Buddhist "religions" all around the world because Buddhists never try to change the positive religious traditions they will encounter, they are integrating these traditions into Buddhism.
5) Despite great differences in cultural practices and  subjects of meditation  around the world, all Buddhists are speaking of the same things
6) Buddhism is an individual practice to attain the better possible level of illumination in this life. You can't be seen as a true Buddhist if you didn't practice meditation at a moment in your life.  Going to a temple and Killing people after that is just hypocrisy.
what do you believe about the way i paint bisounti and anaxat tsakra ?
Mr.Dalai Lama, can you explain to me why Muslim being killed in Myanmar, Is Buddhism a peace religion? or when it come to Islam it become something else! 
Bad people will do bad things no matter what label they slap on themselves.  Can you explain why people try to make "oo I got you!" statements online?
It's always the same. If the other people die, it was for a greater good and in self defense. If your people die, it is terrorism and evil. I say, if any people die from violence, we all did it, more or less, because we are all part of humanity. We are all connected to this world.
I believe it was the buddhist monks in 2007, the Saffron Revolution, that marched in protest of the militaristic regime that currently holds power in Myanmar.  Buddhism is indeed a peaceful religion/practice/way of life.  So it would be apparent that if one acts in violence then they are not buddhist. Pretty simple really.
What is happening in Myanmar is simple Muslim minority extermination from the country, and not one act or event from Buddhists!, but what i am really facing when there a terror accidents occurred Islam and all Muslim became terrorist....etc
I accept that he is a holy man.But I don't believe that he is an incarnation of Buddha.
+Mohammed Afsal.M  holiness comes from spreading love, peace and divine ethics and morals, also it comes when a person can stop bloodshed with even a word
De Java
+Salim Baidoun ABNA was the source your "peaceful Muslim" brother +hamideh bahrami quoted as his reference. Perhaps you should do YOUR research before commenting. ABNA is an Iranian Muslim propaganda mouthpiece, and the articles are filled with patent falsehoods, illogical reasoning and misinformation.
ABNA English:
All you guys complaining about your own specific pet world problems miss the entire point of the Dalai Lama's work throughout the world.
His holiness is awesome indeed. Craving more info on how the two sects inter-connect.
Dalai lama should do something to stop this nuisance and the western media must focus on whats going in burma
What a beautiful picture, they always say laughter is the best medicine! ^_^
Love is all i can give
I love how you can bring people of all religions together in peace.
After reading this full page i came 2 know that this page is full of contravercies based on religon why cant we live in peace , in harmony after-all we all r human beings. Cant we tolerate each other ,is this what the religon tells us?. No religon gives on the authority to kill someone . I hope one day this human race will forgot all the discriminations based on religon........TOUCHWOOD 
When people loses sense of religion and don't believe even in their duties and taxes, there are buildings made great in apparence that are ruins from the beggining. This sort of people doesn't want a place, but the whole universe for their own, while peaceful people use a simple every day dialog to achieve their own place in a world that is made for everyone, and everyone may have it in mind. A warrior is a warrior, and may kill, is his job, and ist's a pity even for him and for the place where identities were invented.
but the new alaskan mayor is a kitty cat,alien capablity,do unto others as you would have them do unto you,innocents,nothing you can do
I love looking at happiness! !
I really think that world's safety needs first self-safety, when I lose a big place in my relations I ask for a smaller one, that is never denied to me, and from small I can make my place some bigger, sense of place is in mind and mind is in relation with the other people: when someone I don't know gives me the simple word of 'thank you very much' then I know I've achieved a little great place for me, that's all.
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yes he rearly diffrent who dasint need tweeta .ha ha got his own follow er s eh hahaha sheen him around a couply time s wisdom right here beginnings true holy is to much wisdom ,cool .kiwianna ,trevorjnr corr. he owe god Dalai Lama .cool.
how does this man travel so much? I would be so Jet lagged.
Looks like friends just chatting....nice to let your hair down once in awhile....
+Francis Anderson The Dalai Lama is the spiritual head of Tibetan Buddhists. A spiritual head only advises on the correct interpretation of the philosophy.

Buddhists don't tell other people what they should and shouldn't be doing. They lead by their own example
it was a knock knock joke
Sah lin
well +Rizwan Khan  we as muslims should unite for peace and human happiness, the +Dalai Lama  is not practicing his own philosophy that he himself is embracing
so +John Hersey you are smart enough to put out bits and pieces and puzzle them together as you wish; am not telling you that the followers of Islam are perfect and just asking you to get a Quran and read what it is about
Just a picture of smiling old people. However many have made irrelevant comments here.
There are no budhist, christian, hindu or muslim people in the world. Believe me there are only two kinds: one who aim to do good and others who aim to do bad.
Photo is Just Pure innocent expressions of older.@Sanjeev kumar  --- Those irrelevant comments shows us knowledge,Tendency,Poor Thinking, Maturity of the people.
+Salim Baidoun 
Killing of masses or even a single innocent is wrong - that is being done by bad people.
And I respect the good people whichever community they belong to.
guru govind douu khade kake lagu pau,balihari guru apne govind diyo batay
आश्चर्यजनक तिब्बत में मुस्लिम, दलाई लामा महान हैं
he should go to burma to see the reality of buddhist kiddness and how they treated muslims there
i love buddhism coz i thought its a peacefull relegion but wat is happing in burma shocked me
are they really buddhists ?
Christianity is the only religion of peace.
+Rizwan Khan Last I checked, the Quran didn't mention you as the person who decides as who goes to hell, but you sound real peaceful.
+Rizwan Khan Your ignorance is displayed to full (but sad) effect. How does it feel to be a puppet of those that feed on hate?
+Jim Pauley am sure that +Rizwan Khan is very angry of what is happening in Burma, so let's take out the hatred words and try to send the message of peace and love to everybody in the world

+chikezie Jack That is not true that Christianity is the only peaceful religion, because it came from Judaism and islam came from both, let's be clear about this and no need for discriminative statements 
Hey +John Hersey you are right because nobody on earth will judge neither know who will go to heaven or hell....that's God's judgment not ours, the Quran shows the way to reach Heaven but I can tell you that the passage is long and not easy as you need to look at our deeds, heaven is not for Muslims only as the Quran states as well so let's be clear about this 
+laila sheets who told you about listening or not!!! What is this related to our subject, please read all statements then you start commenting on whatever you like 
Yo!  +Rizwan Khan or Ghengis Khan or whatever your name is...  Leave the US or stay out of it...  We don't need you!
take it easy +Jim Best  the US constitution respects and protects freedom of speech, am not defending anybody but please understand the catastrophic situation the Muslim Burmese are living in
+Rizwan Khan You do more damage to Islam and Muslims with your mindless ranting than what your "enemies" do. All Muslims are now judged by your personal bad behaviour.
 "Try to pass your mornings and evenings in a state where your heart is free from all ill-feelings, jealousy and hatred for everyone, and remember that this is my Sunnah, and he who loves my Sunnah will be with me in paradise."
There's only one GOD.His name is JESUS.You don't have to like him but He loves you anyway and I say amen.
We are all free to believe as we will, and perceive as we wish.  Words however are a malleable weapon; only those who use them wisely and in reason conquer more than the moment and breath utilized to expel them. 
That comment was to Sanjeev kumar..I agree what he says that respect to good people. i only said other people's comment which were irrespective of that beautiful innocent photograph. @ Salim Baidaun --who do good work goes to heaven. No need to follow our diff diff religions books. and last important i didn't  describe my religion. and no need ask people to zip their comments or respect my religion. 
I believe the "good" guy does NOT finish last. the "good" guy finishes,period,  *UPRIGHT* regardless of the order 1st, 2nd, 3rd ...last. As well as HONORABLE ,B`cuz at the end of the day and/or life he still is,hopefully, the "Good Guy" & of course a WINNER.
Tibetan people lost everything ! I kind of so sad !
And take THAT, China. As long as they can laugh they are not beaten.
Budhism and Islam unity in one God, love and peace, for a better world  for human rise and wise, Om.
For all those that have posted words of hatred, anger, and violent thoughts within this comment thread, please scroll just two posted down here on the Dalai Lama's Google+ page, his words are wise and very cutting and should provide an enlightened perspective for all, should you be intent on finding such light in your life: "Like anyone else, I too have the potential for violence; I too have anger in me. However, I try to recall that anger is a destructive emotion. I remind myself that scientists now say that anger is bad for our health; it eats into our immune system. So, anger destroys our peace of mind and our physical health. We shouldn’t welcome it or think of it as natural or as a friend." -Dalai Lama
Давай! Лама давай! Давай зажигай, да подливай не зевай!
Kim li
Stop buring of Tebet body.,please tell them again,holiness.
the former noble in tibet?
مهربان با قلبی پاک... آرزوی دیدارت را دارم.
Beautiful moment who watch masterchey ausralia where the daila lama came to the show
Hellow Excelence, I send my best wishes to you, many love and peace too. I'm loocking for a new job and an oportunity to study at University a Postgraduate relative to International international affairs, because I'm an internationalist.In that sense, You could guide me on options and scholarships for international students like me.Thanks a lot.
+Salim Baidoun Muslims and terrorism are unfortunately synonymous with eachother much to the dismay of those Muslims that understand and live the peaceful message of the Prophet, may peace be upon His soul. But by and large, unlike Buddhists, Muslims are known to be biased and commit violence not only against other religions but also against other Muslims! Shia Sunni violence in Iraq and elsewhere , Ansar Dine destroying Sufi Muslim shrines in Mali to name a few. So before you point at Buddhists or any religion being terrorists, why don't you look at your own religion which seems to churn out terrorists like a factory in China!
The Muslims in here seem to be up in arms over Burmese Muslims being exterminated, and I do not condone these acts at all.. but Burma is one place. What about the countless places in the world where Muslims seem to be on a crusade to force their religious beliefs on minorities like in Bali, Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, I could go on.. people who live in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones! Ever heard that before?
@ Ali Hatami - Firstly (although I still think of it as Burma) the country is now called Myanmar. Secondly I don't think that Holiness the Dalai Lama has anything to do with, or any control to stop, the the issue in Myanmar. Then, lastly, it is not currently genocide to my knowledge, the Rohingya tribe certainly seem to have been denied rights they clearly should have, however there are no reports of genocide at this point. They are not being persecuted for their religious believes, it is purely an attack against an ethnic group seen as outsiders - One of many other (Muslim and non-Muslim) ethnic minorities suffering in the region. A bigger plight is that of either Tibet, hence the focus on his Holiness the Dalai Lama, or in some respects worse, that of the Hmong people who have been harrassed, denied civil liberties and murdered (true genocide) across most of South-East Asia. This is not to downplay the issue you raised in Myanmar, however please do not portray it as a religious attack. Genocide of each and every ethnic group across the globe needs world attention, not out of religious reasons, purely for the aim of saving the lives of other human being who are suffering...
شماها همتون زنا زاده اید به همین خاطر  هست که قلبتون ساهه
The killing of Muslims in Myanmar are Buddhist.
Zionists' dog
Shimon peres's dog
Barack obama's dog
George w bush's dog
CIA's dog
مسلمان مظلوم بوده و هست و راز سربلندی اش در همین مظلوم بودن در عین اقتدارش است...
ولی ای قاتلین و ظالمان بدانید که اگر اذن از جانب ولی امر مسلمین جهان، امام خامنه ای برسد، طوری طومارتان را در هم میپیچیم که تاریخ وجود داشتنتان را به خاطر نیاورد.

(نشر دهید تا به گوش همه قداره کشهای عالم خصوصا بودایی های جنایت کار برمه برسد.)

Muslims have been oppressed during entire history and is oppressed now. and the secret of their pride is at being oppressed while he has might. ...
But murderers and oppressors know that if the permission from the supreme  leader of worlds Muslim, Imam Khamenei arrives, we will wipe you from earth so that history couldn't even remember your existence.

(Publish and reshare this message so that arrive to all oppressors of world especially Burmese Buddhist murderers)

وكانت المسلمين المضطهدين في كل تاريخ ومضطهدة الآن. والسر في كبريائهم هو في كونها مضطهدة في حين لديه ربما. ...
لكن القتلة والظالمين يعرف أنه إذا كان وصل الحصول على إذن من القائد الأعلى للمسلم في العالم، الإمام خامنئي ، ونحن سوف مسح لكم من الأرض ذلك أن التاريخ لا يمكن أن تذكر حتى وجودكم.

* (نشر هذه الرسالة بحيث تصل إلى كل من الظالمين القتلة وخاصة العالم البوذي البورمي) *

穆斯林被压迫的整个历史过程中,现在是被压迫。他们骄傲的秘密是在被压迫,而他有可能。 ...

Fellow CIA, the Myanmar Muslim Holocaust
Tibetan Buddhists and the Holy Land is the world's tallest residential area, which it called the "Roof of the World" is also mentioned, in the People's Republic of China and India, is located on the border. The traditional capital of Tibet, Lhasa City, capital of Tibet, which China is now. Department of Land Affairs, which was sponsored by China, the Tibetan Buddhist religious leader of the seventeenth century onwards was the title of "Dalai Lama" is.

"Tnzyn Gyatsv" is the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet in 1937 in his reincarnation as the Buddha's spirit, was introduced. Based on the popular superstitions of the age and Buddhism, the Tibetan throne hereditary in his fifteen years on the Tibetan government was elected as a ceremonial leader. "Dalai Lama" in twenty-four years, to provoke the West and to stabilize its autonomous government, the Tibetan revolt against Chinese rule called, but the thousands of Tibetans were killed in battle with Chinese soldiers, for fear of his life, to fled to India and the Delhi government had sought political asylum.

In the years 1380 to 1386 (2001-2007 AD), four private meeting "Dalai Lama" America president in the White House disclosed that a series of meetings that the sample was done in the world to advance its velvet coups, coup d'etat Burmese - Myanmar - (known as the Saffron Revolution) is. "Dalai Lama" in the fall of 1386 (2007 AD), from George W. Bush received the highest United States. At the dedication of this great show, America's pro-war president "universal symbol of peace and tolerance" calls, but his real Buddhists' spiritual options CIA spy agency in the velvet revolution "know.

Dalai Lama in Iran, for the first time on 6 July 1385, by the daily "Etemad Melli" was introduced with the aim of promoting "secular spirituality" and "American Prayer," a detailed discussion of his advertising was published. Newspaper "Kayhan," the second Persian date Bahman 1386 with the publication of photos and documents disclosed that the Dalai Lama with "Carl Grshmn", the "National Charities Foundation for Democracy" and the leaders' CIA spy agency ", held regular meetings to advance the velvet coups will.

This is not limited to a sectarian conflict, in line with orders to the Dalai Lama and the government of Myanmar to reform America consider America, happened after Clinton's visit to this country.

The Myanmar government was accused of human rights violations against the Tibetan laws against Muslims in this country will miss the pressure on them. Log in to meet with President Clinton and was starting on more pressure on the Muslims. After this visit to Sin Tien, President of Myanmar said in a speech: "Muslims should be deported Rvhyngya be transferred to the United Nations refugee camps."

Myanmar government official ordered other Muslims as well as the right to not build new mosques or repair old mosques. The same bill was enough to Buddhist and Hindi extremists destroyed a mosque close to 72 people.
+Shaqayeq Shams so that's why Muslim sects like Shia and Sunni regularly kill eachother and blow each other's mosques cause y'all are just protecting all Muslims?! You people are so imbecile!
This is a good place for the CIA to identify potential Islamic terrorists! Wonder if these fanatic idiots have their own G+ Page?
Dalai Lama is a terrorist.
Dalai Lama to kill innocent Muslims, Israel and America will help
this picture is a big lie , now dayes we see real face of buddhists in Myanmar
the scene of killing innocent people by the dogmatist budisms is brodcasted over the world.
For the followers of the one who says that  respect all, isnt it wrong to kill any one?
I hope you condemn the wrong doings of your friends and do something to stop that!
Islam religion will fail because of this people following hate. You transforming your religion into a religion of hate and anger. I know, you will never understand how reality works.
I might link large quantities of war crime photos from all over the world too. Where is the point? Doesn't change the fact that it does not belong here. We are already against all form of violence. Use your energy to fight the warmonger.
Do the peace loving buddhists know about atrocities and killings of muslims by their brethern in Burma.
Actions speak louder than words.
+Dalai Lama .
Oh I am getting so fed up with the idiots posting up about Myanmar, this has nothing to do with the Dalai Lama, nothing to do with Buddhism and half of the B.S. reports being posted as links are nothing but terrorist propaganda. Anyone trolling here about this subject is nothing more than a brainwashed zealot who needs to read unbiased media reviews of the events in Myanmar, or they themselves are twisted terrorists trying to turn a non-religious event into something it isn't!!! The attack against the civil liberties in Myanmar is appalling, however it has nothing to do with either Buddhists or Muslims, please stop the mindless and idiotic posts in this peaceful environment.
If you didn't notice he's not killing anybody but just talking to the people and laughing with them.
تا حالا کسی جفت پا اومده تو سر کچلت Dalai Lama!
I hate you مرتیکه مادر ننه ! اینو دیگه بلد نبودم انگلیش بگم!
to all the Muslims who have posted; Ask for the killing of innocent people in Burma to be stopped. If you want to save your fellow Muslims, stop the religious bullshit and ask that the violence be condemned and stopped. Religious views often evoke emotional responses that defeat your purpose. Appeal to common human decency. Avoid words of conflict. May your fellow Muslims be safe and happy. Peace be with you.
Stop killing the muslims in Burma!
This is only a show...

Stop slaughtering Muslims

shelters the world's oppressed is Allah
I doubt you are human, I belive you are satan in fact
Great Murder in the Burmese. What you say?
to all the people here offered are speak about death of 20000 *Humans* you know?!?!
human....the word which became so unimportant and do worthless these days....
why you're like this?!?!
i just can't understand!!
evrything new you hear,you just try to reject it and not to think about it!!
we wish you after hearing new facts,think about that and Analysis that..
18. Those who listen to the word, then follow the best of it; those are they whom Allah has guided, and those it is who are the men of understanding.
IN Arabic:*الَّذِينَ يَسْتَمِعُونَ الْقَوْلَ فَيَتَّبِعُونَ أَحْسَنَهُ أُوْلَئِكَ الَّذِينَ هَدَاهُمُ اللَّهُ وَأُوْلَئِكَ هُمْ أُوْلُوا الْأَلْبَابِ*
In Farsi:*به سخن گوش فرامى‏دهند و بهترين آن را پيروى مى‏كنند اينانند كه خدايشان راه نموده و اينانند همان خردمندان.* day...
you shuoldn't kill muslims.
you are not peasfull people and you are wild.
There is no genocide occurring in Burma or Thailand. In fact, Muslims are the ones killing dozens of peaceful Buddhists. The claim that Buddhists are committing genocide on Muslims is absolutely false propaganda, meant to mislead and deceive you into believing Muslims are the victims when in reality, they are the ones killing off Buddhists! For more information, please read my recent post here:
+David Greene  Have some shame , trying to cover the filthy game......... 

 BBC is not Muslim media .............

and persecution of Muslims in Burma is not new , Its been from  several decades that Muslims live is miserable in Burma ........

If u cant help then at least don't try to act over smart and spread  spurious propaganda   .......
The BBC link stated:

It was thought to be carried out by mostly Buddhist ethnic Rakhine people.

"More than 100 people beat and killed those people," a resident told AFP news agency. "The residents even torched the bus."

The reason for the attack is unclear, but some residents say it was a revenge attack following the rape and murder of a Buddhist girl in another part of the province last month.

This was in direct retaliation to the rape and murder of a Buddhist girl, as well as the repeated attacks Muslims have made on Rakhine villages, +Talal Hassan. Buddhists are being pushed and forced into retaliation by repeated attacks and assaults by Muslims. As for the +Wikipedia link, that is not about the Buddhist attacks, only that Muslims have been persecuted in Burma before.
Read both links , obviously u'll not agree .... But watch the UN videos.... about Rohinya Muslims......
  "This was in direct retaliation to the rape and murder of a Buddhist girl,"  why it was when the culprits were came to justice....... why ????

And the Wikipedia link , see the last paragraph ....

"2012 violence
Main article: 2012 Rakhine State riots
In June 2012, 2000+ people were displaced in sectarian violence in the state in which most victims were Muslims. The government promised a full investigation. Representatives from different religions and minorities condemned the atrocities inflicted on the Muslims of the Republic of Union of Myanmar. They said that minorities across the world had equal rights to lead their lives according to their belief, traditions and culture while the majority should not exploit their rights and narrow their path towards free movement. They said that genocide of Myanmar Muslims was a serious threat to world peace and was a serious human rights violation, which the United Nations should stop immediately. [40] It all started on 3rd June 2012 when 11 innocent Muslims were killed by the Burmese Army and the Buddhist mobs after bringing them down from a bus. A vehement protest was carried out in the Muslim majority province of Arakan, but the Protestants fell victims to the tyranny of the mobs and the army.More than 50 people were reported killed and millions of homes destroyed in fires as Muslim-ethnic Rohingya and Buddhist-ethnic Arakanese clashed in western Burma."
you are going to be next to my friends in boston ur awesome dalai lama
So +Raj Medhekar can you remind me what happened in Gujarat? How many Muslims the fanatic terrorist Hindus killed?
An something else, assuming that you are from India +Raj Medhekar, why the east Asians and specially Indians come and work in our Muslim counties if you don't like our religion and you consider us as terrorists? Then zip your bags and get out of our land if you don't like us instead of just coming and take our money and jobs!
He is very wonderful person,,,  love you dalai lama.. i love all religion because there have only one motto that is honesty, Compassion Simple... No need to complicate 
Do not joke with my religion
Please report the Muslims posting hateful comments as abuse to block them from posting again. They are in violation of Google's policy.
Please report as abuse the vile comments of these ignorant hate mongering Muslims so they can be blocked from commenting here in the future. The Lama's posts have been infiltrated by Iranian and Chinese government agents and other reprobates with a subversive agenda aimed at fuelling conflict in society. The more people report them, the less of them we will see. Thank you!
+Raj Medhekar, you are sick and pathetic! Our religion tells us not to talk with ignorant and stupid people like you because they are dangerous on society and theirselves 
he is probably talking bout one of the scenes in my video
my question is....
Why kill anyone? 
Occupies was once the injustice that has been on innocents will be back to God. So you can take to oppress the oppressed
Why Buddhist terrorists. Myanmar Muslim assassin to kill Vshma Saktyd?
Stop killing Muslims in Burma
Giết người Hồi giáo ở Miến Điện
متوقف كنيد كشتار مسلمانان را دربرمه.
বর্মা মুসলিম প্রাণনাশ বন্ধ করুন
And now we see a real Holocaust in Myanmar.
moral principles!!! funny
stop killing muslims in buruma
What is behind your smiling face Mr. Lama? A predator? How can you conceal your villainy against Muslims by exhibiting a ridiculous smile in front of cameras?       
Burning humans ! its very nice ? are U like?
so see news for BRUMA!

We are Muslims!
Kill us...
This is Your law!
This is Your religion!
This is Your Logic!
When you have not Human Reasoning, you only know eradicate your Opposition!
some of the people with killing, like Muslims in +BURMA!
some of the eople with blocking in +Google+
These days, the western governments, who protect and defend animal rights , dont speak about killing lots of innocent and defenseless humans, women, men and unfortunately children.
Its their way of performing human rights.

Its the cause of "*human rights*" which disconnected from morality, intellectuality, and God.
they say muslims dont belong to burma, ok! assume they do not.
Is it wisely to kill them? Did we permitted to kill them?

although we know that muslims are living in burma for 3 or 4 centuries. And so, they belong to burma ! 
قُتِلَ أَصْحَابُ الْأُخْدُودِ ﴿۴﴾

النَّارِ ذَاتِ الْوَقُودِ ﴿۵﴾

إِذْ هُمْ عَلَيْهَا قُعُودٌ ﴿۶﴾

وَهُمْ عَلَى مَا يَفْعَلُونَ بِالْمُؤْمِنِينَ شُهُودٌ ﴿۷﴾

وَمَا نَقَمُوا مِنْهُمْ إِلَّا أَن يُؤْمِنُوا بِاللَّهِ الْعَزِيزِ الْحَمِيدِ ﴿۸﴾

الَّذِي لَهُ مُلْكُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ وَاللَّهُ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ شَهِيدٌ ﴿۹﴾

إِنَّ الَّذِينَ فَتَنُوا الْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَالْمُؤْمِنَاتِ ثُمَّ لَمْ يَتُوبُوا فَلَهُمْ عَذَابُ جَهَنَّمَ وَلَهُمْ عَذَابُ الْحَرِيقِ(10)
قران کریم - سوره مبارکه بروج

4. Cursed were the people of the ditch (the story of the Boy and the King).

5. Fire supplied (abundantly) with fuel,

6. When they sat by it (fire),

7. And they witnessed what they were doing against the believers (i.e. burning them).

8. They had nothing against them, except that they believed in Allah, the All-Mighty, Worthy of all Praise!

9. Who, to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth! And Allah is Witness over everything.

10. Verily, those who put into trial the believing men and believing women (by torturing them and burning them), and then do not turn in repentance, (to Allah), will have the torment of Hell, and they will have the punishment of the burning Fire.

Quran-Surah Al-Burooj
Please report as abuse the vile comments of these ignorant hate mongering Muslim retards so they can be blocked from commenting here in the future. The Lama's posts have been infiltrated by Iranian and Chinese government agents and other reprobates with a subversive agenda aimed at fuelling conflict in society. The more people report them, the less of them we will see. Thank you!
+Salim Baidoun I am an American of Central/South Asian origin. Without East and South Asian labor you and your lazy ass fellow Arabs would still be living in tents sweating bullets in the desert. Your tall tower cities could never have been built without this labor, so instead of asking them to zip their bags and leave you should be thankful to them for working in that inhospitable climate! Your countries are so dependant on this labor, you couldn't sustain economic growth without them. Your kind invaded my ancestral home and massacred millions of people in the quest to spread Islam... and continued to persecute my ancestors in their own land. Your comments demonstrate your ignorant and illiterate character to everyone here... besides your kind have proven yourselves quite vividly to be a danger to society and yourselves. The way you Muslims kill eachother you all will end up just destroying yourselves anyway so keep at it.
Please report as abuse the vile comments of these ignorant hate mongering Muslim retards so they can be blocked from commenting here in the future. The Lama's posts have been infiltrated by Iranian and Chinese government agents and other reprobates with a subversive agenda aimed at fuelling conflict in society. The more people report them, the less of them we will see. Thank you!
+Shaqayeq Shams how can you call Shias and Sunnis brothers and mention problems between them in the same comment.. besides the bombings in Iraq yesterday serve to validate my point even further. As I mentioned to +Salim Baidoun in an earlier comment, that y'all will end up destroying eachother anyways. As far as the Sauds are concerned, I don't know if there be anyone happier than them to get rid of Iran and the Shias. You should be feeling more than sad you should be ashamed of yourselves killing religious pilgrims and destroying each other's mosques. Oh, and other places with Muslim sectarian violence on a regular basis Pakistan, Kerman-Baluchistan in south eastern Iran, Kurdistan, Mali.. I could go on but my fingers are getting worn trying to communicate with you imbeciles (that's how its spelled correctly just in case).
+Salim Baidoun if you want to be reminded of Gujarat.. instead, why don't I remind you of the Mumbai attacks!
Please report as abuse the vile comments of these ignorant hate mongering Muslim retards so they can be blocked from commenting here in the future. The Lama's posts have been infiltrated by Iranian and Chinese government agents and other reprobates with a subversive agenda aimed at fuelling conflict in society. The more people report them, the less of them we will see. Thank you!
Hi Raj... Unfortunately as the His Holiness probably will attest too... resolution has to come through the meeting of the minds and hearts of enough people to make change.  No one is selectively chosen to walk the earth without value and lesson.  I do not wish to put words in His Holiness' mouth of course but the reason these postings can take place is because of an open forum for all who seek to converse can and will. Of course people have frailties that are generations old Domination is a part of human kinds history. I know you may not like the ideal but reasoning through and bringing light to more and more people may be exactly what we need!  Meaning not to shut down your wisdom because of emotion.  I do not like the absence of justice myself but the solution is not going to come from turning away.
Salim Baidoun - Can you provide a factual post of both sides of your information you are providing?  I am ignorant to the content of your accusations. I would like to learn more but the heat of your passion within the conversation does not help 
What I am seeing is labeling.  Surely each one of you has grown up with yourself being labeled as the group, the gang, the guys, the women righteously.  Surely, you have seen the violence when the labeling/name calling gets out of hand by this same labeling/name calling occurs. Why is it that their cannot be individual efforts by incident to call out the individuals involved. These issues have not come from the good efforts of strong individuals but an injustice of hunger, anger, frustration, lack of hope, power, or any other common and daily occurring injustice that tries men's souls. Sometimes it is Mastery of instant gratification by all. For some reason people do not see the tie among humankind. We all abhor weakness and all desire strength. Somewhere down the line pockets of pain come to fruition and destruction and confusion abound. If you desire the killing to stop in a specific area strong individuals must make it known to all who will listen. The luxury of the internet is you can obtain this goal.  What would be important is that it is articulated well.  The integrity of the communications you provide must go through many ears.  I don't know if you know the whisper game?  Most American's learned it in our youth. You take a single sentence whisper it to the next person in line.. There is no other discussion other than the whispered sentence. Well inevitably by the time it is sent to the 10th person the whole sentence is out of context.  It is human nature. If we allow each other to be human, if we allow ourselves to stay to the task, if we allow our truths to be known .... change will occur. 

I am sorry if this sounds like fluff.. I realize I am not of a masculine tone but as far as I can tell the masculine tone isn't working to its greatest potential in this instance.  And the listener.... poignant solutions, an objective point of view, sometimes a stranger only wishes to know they are heard right, wrong, or indifferent. Ever put your arm around someone in need? It makes a difference rather than some form of an emotional reaction or negative alternative, label etc... Humankind can obtain anything they desire if they try hard enough and pursue their challenges and struggles together, commitment, and an eye towards the care of innocent individuals who need protection, understanding, and community to make their world a better place. 
I do wish the best for all in this post and those who are on the front line of this life and death situation. My prayers will most definitely go out to these families, sons, daughters, moms, dads, and grandparents.. My actions are forever changed by their and the people of this posting's desires
Go use your God power for my Ph.D in Business Administration admission. 
+Indranil Ganguly if you need God power to get admitted into a doctorate program, I think you should reconsider going to school.... but if you study for the exam you have a better chance getting admitted.. God helps those that help themselves.. good luck! 
+Melissa Smith that was quite an essay you've written and I applaud your efforts. There have been several attempts by different persons to reach out to the angered mass of Muslims using compassion and reason to no avail. The minds of these people has been so filled with misinformation and fanatic propaganda that any attempt at a constructive dialogue has unfortunately been met with deaf ears and fierce fundamentalist rhetoric. Under such obdurate conditions your words struggle to find an audience. 
Dear Mr. Mohammad Sajjad,
Please go to Iraq; they will happily accept your request...
A fanatic killing spree is going on there.

Die soon,
with love
Does the same religion you mentioned, allows you to genocide, rape and burning alive??
Do you see:
compassion in burn innocent people?!!
Loving in massacre women and children?
You proved that you do not even believe in your own religion
stop killing Muslims if you really believe in peace
+Rizwan Khan I had posted a long ass comment that I have since deleted upon realizing that hate just generates more hate. I am not Buddhist but have met the Lama and he does not deserve the hateful abuse and accusations that have been hurled at him by absolutely illiterate characters here that are either Chinese or Muslims. He is an old man exiled from his country and who has been peacefully struggling for the rights of his people as long as I can remember against the behemoth that is the Chinese government so have some empathy for this person. Let's not burden him further at his age by having him assume responsibility for the actions of a people unrelated to the the Tibetan Buddhists whom he leads. It's like if a Sunni organization commits a crime and the Shia are blamed for it too just because they are Muslims.. do you understand? Just as there are different sects in Islam so too is the case with Buddhism..and one is completely unrelated to the other except for the common umbrella of Buddhism that they share. You're from Pakistan, remember that your ancestors were Hindus or Buddhists too before converting to Islam and that Raja Dahir mentioned in the Chach Nama you probably referenced is part of your history! You've been vividly displaying ignorance and wrongfully blaming someone for something they are not responsible for. YOU NEED TO STOP! Also upon researching the Burmese issue, I found that your so called victimized Muslims aka the Rohingya raped and killed a Buddhist Rakhine girl and they retaliated in response! The news y'all are getting is fundamentalist Islamic propaganda and all the reports are filled with doctored photographs to suit those needs! Shame on you and those that have been attempting to convolute the TRUTH and create divisions and conflict in the world, but certain Muslims are renowned for that! Also, if you condemn terrorists, how is that Osama Bin Laden was hidden in your backyard for all these years? How is that every known terrorist organization like the Haqqani network, the Quetta shura, Harqat-ul-Ansar, Lashkar-e-Taiba, I could go on.. is based out of Pakistan, a Muslim country and has widespread support among many Muslims? Why are you people not condemning these known terrorists unless you're actually one of them? So before you accuse me or anyone here supporting the Lama of terrorism why don't you try cleaning up your own house that seems to be filled with murderers and criminals aka terrorists. It pains me to know that my tax dollars are being used as aid for a country like Pakistan that clandestinely supports cross border terrorism, several terrorist organizations and whose people overwhelmingly want the destruction of America. I don't need to report you to anyone, I am sure these forums are probably being monitored by NSA and CIA anyways, so watch your back TERRORIST! 
Leaders of the Buddhist Rakhine people in Arakan staged collective massacres of Rohingya Muslims
isn't +ahura mazda the chief zoarastrian deity of pre-Islamic Persia/Iran? Funny that who I assume is a Muslim person would choose this moniker! 
ali ali
Wondering to know how it feels to be able to stop a genocide just by saying one sentence!
اَلسَّلامُ عَلَيْكَ يا اَباعَبْدِاللَّهِ وَ عَلَى الاَْرْواحِ الَّتى حَلَّتْ بِفِناَّئِكَ عَلَيْكَ مِنّى سَلامُ اللَّهِ [اَبَداً] ما بَقيتُ وَ بَقِىَ اللَّيْلُ وَ النَّهارُ وَ لاجَعَلَهُ اللَّهُ آخِرَ الْعَهْدِ مِنّى لِزِيارَتِكُمْ
ahmad u
اخبار، تحلیل، عکس، پوستر و گزارش هایی کامل از فاجعه میانمار

میانمار کجاست؟ و مسلمانان میانمار چه کسانی هستند؟ + تصاویر

درخواست دانشجویان از احمدی‌نژاد برای تشکیل کاروان آزادی میانمار

مرگ مردم میانمار کار کیست؟/ فاش می‌شود دوباره راز، دور نیست

عکس‌های میانمار بنا به تحقیق دروغی بیش نیست!

فیلم: کشتار و زنده زنده سوزاندن مسلمانان میانمار

گزارش تصویری/ وحشی گری بودائیان علیه مسلمانان میانمار (18+)

فعال مالزیایی: در اعتراض به نسل کشی مسلمانان میانمار تظاهرات کنید!

مسلمانان میانمار چه کسانی هستند؟

همکار CIA، عامل هولوکاست مسلمانان میانمار

نامه بسیج دانشجویی دانشگاه امام صادق به رئیس سازمان ملل درباره میانمار

مسلمانانی که "کباب" می‌شوند!

مهمانپرست: جنايات‌ میانمار قابل تحمل‌ نيست

جنایات چنگیزخانی علیه مسلمانان برمه

کاريکاتور/قتل عام مسلمانان در میانمار

سعیدی:باید جلوی‌جنایات میانمار گرفته‌شود

نسل كشي مسلمانان در برمه‌ + تصاویر

چند پوستر وطرح از جنایت میانمار

از جنجال برای کشتار ۱۰۰ نفری در «حوله سوریه» تا سکوت رضایتمندانه درقبال هولوکاست۲۰ هزار مسلمان میانمار
bla bla, by the way buddhist pshcyos kill thousands of people and dalai lama smiles to world and ignore the massacre!
 از بودا بترس. اگر از خدا نمی ترسی.
Dalai Lama, i am so fat
i am learned again
they are so bad and cruel
truth, they should know accepting
they make me think that: "i am false!", "i made a mistake!"
they make me have doubts about everything
Because i think of my mum&dad (the humans brought me to life)
its today am the one that fine john from the bible its the rastafre spirit that fine him,we have been looking for him for more than 2,000 years ,,,,, kings of kings lord of lord The Lion of Judah haile selassie the first ...... God was crated in the spirit 
His Holiness the Dalai Lama has a good "spirit"...he means well in all he does!
you are looking good in this age.i want to reach your age,
Gan Lu
Intent - goal objective, purpose, meaning.... 

I would ask the men specifically who are attempting to reason in conversation to take two perspectives before they address someone else.  This may be basic communication skills but many may benefit from it. 

Everyone grew up in a home and neighborhood. Everyone grew up with good and evil in their lives. Each of us has taken this knowledge and built up defensive mechanisms, fighting skills, barriers, tones, and  aggressive tendencies. That is a given~  These characteristics are generational!  Passed down through time both good and evil.

When you speak to a group of children you use one tone. When you speak to others behind a screen safe in your home you use another tone.

All I am saying is that with such a huge group of diverse individuals take heed to how you are speaking one with another.  Yes, it may be customary in a war torn region to speak fight or flight. Yes, if your in your safe home, doors locked, and living the dream another tome may arise.  Each can stretch their communication skills to accommodate everyone. If we added some school aged kids to this posting the tone would change all together I would hope!

Is the intent to solve problems, communicate problems, ask for help with a problem?  Or is it to accuse, piss off, instigate, or use tried and true old communications skills that probably didn't work well back when and certainly don't work well now? We the people have the best the world has to offer right now in this posting! We have leaders in the audience, we have the most spiritual leader at the helm!!! Is any of this perfect?  no but equilibrium can and should be maintained.  Both balance and chaos have to exist until we the people can find the better path together. 
Please also pray for minorities suffering from prosecutions by Muslims in Indonesia.
Hi Kommaliapati.. Are you thinking that an accusation will return more accusations just as a turn or tone of forgiveness will do the same? If not why not if so why so?
Dalai Lama - Dharamsala - Three Main Commitments of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Firstly, on the level of a human being, His Holiness’ first commitment is the promotion of human values such as compass..
Dalai Lama - Dharamsala - Three Main Commitments of His Holiness the Dalai Lama Firstly, on the level of a human being, His Holiness’ first commitment is the promotion of human values such as compass..

This is the promotion of human values​​?
Myanmar's blood drowned ....
and when will his "Holiness" at least issue a statement over Burma Killings by His Precious Followers??? ...
Looks like His Holiness can only issue political active statements... he looks more like a political figure to me then a religious one.
Stop violence against Muslim minority in Myanmar
وقف العنف ضد الأقليات مسلم في ميانمار
دست از خشونت علیه مسلمانان میانمار بردارید
I am a tibetan muslim and the social harmony he provides is amazing
The simple fact is that the +Dalai Lama is a life lesson for world peace and harmony amongst all, and against violence against all. ALL.

It is sad that this threat has been hijacked by politics. It is even sadder to realize that all those involved are moved by good intentions; saving innocents from murder. 

But, by focusing the debate on the latest atrocities, we miss the deeper danger. We forget that violence is an easy tool for political gain. It allows politicians to go after the “lowest political denominator”, and use human emotions to rule over us. 

We humans like to "categorize", so power-seeking people use that to their advantage. They identify "classes" of people, and persecute them, paint them as an enemy.. Al this helps them consolidate their own power over the gullible groups that they want to rule.

This is the dynamic at play in Burma. As +Emir Öznur Özbakir  some “leaders” of one group, the Rakhine, are attacking another group, the Rohingya. They even claim, as +Mir Amir Fayaz points out, that "Muslims do not belong in Burma". The fact is, all of us humans belong everywhere, but that would be politically useless. 

So, in the case of Burma, the conflict is amplified because we have now a power-shift. So powerful interests attack those of their own citizen who are a bit "different", in this case, those whose traditions are Islamic. Such mass murders are sordid political tools, 

Those who do those things use the labels that suit them. They call themselves “Buddhists” in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, or “Sunnis” in Syria, or “Jews” in Israel… Whatever “works” for them. They are not “Buddhists Terrorists”, +Salim Baidoun  , they are murderers who label themselves Buddhists.  Lebanon should have taught us this subtlety. 

And no, +Amir Hossein Rezvani  , it is not the Dalai Lama who’s doing those killings. So, why damn him, +Amin Rasouli  ? And why you ask God to damn him, +Maryam Hedayati  ? Isn’t God “Al Rahman Al Rahim”? 

Those murderers are not his followers, +Rizwan Khan and only claim to be Buddhists. They would be out of a job if we had world peace and harmony amongst all…

Still, it is sad to see all those comments blaming the Dalai Lama for those crimes. It is even sadder to realize they are playing into those hands. Peace mongers have enough enemies, as +Raj Medhekar suggests. But herein lies the paradox of his mission; the +Dalai Lama  would be hard pressed to “block them”, since his mission is to be open to all, whether they are politically motivated or not. 

In the Middle East, this was used by politicians time and again. This played out in Palestine. Then in Lebanon. Then in Iraq. Now, in the latest edition, in Syria, the fighting powers are attacking “groups”. People were targeted only for being “Sunnis”. Later, “Alawites” and “Christians” are targeted. And the cycle goes on as we feed onto each other.  

It is not retaliation. It is MANIPULATION.

And we're merrily rolling this wheel of blood around. When they come for me, I would be just another spoke in that sordid wheel. 

To paraphrase, +Jahangir Ganaie  , may God save ALL of us around the world from such atrocities,

Allah ynajjima men el hokama2 wel hokkam ...Ameen
hello sei que podes fazer em mim meus dentes em ouro thank´s 
Probably not but remember it is the Chinese government that is the main problem. Most people are good. I believe that no matter how much evil I see.
I agree Ambarish.  It is very difficult to speak to a solution when the people who seem to think His Holiness is the end all be all answer.  I know when I have to handle specific tasks with the US government it is an act of Gawd and has lots of red tape involved but if you can pinpoint the specific individuals and have enough backing to address the topic it can be resolved. Moving the topic up the chain of command brings all those into alignment. This isn't a wave your wand thing.  It is a cultural movement from a very horrible place.  I don't see it happening externally but internally.
Everyone kills, they just got the media coverage. 
Keep smiling and one day life get tired of upsetting you :-:-
Keep smiling and one day life get tired of upsetting you :-:-
Dear Dalai Lama, Thanks for your words,thinks,and tips...yesterday a have a vision, VIEW A GREAT EYE, INVOLVED IN LIGHT, IN THE CENTER A CIRCLE GOLD AND SYMBOLS, You cant translate, and interpreteneur this DREAM and VISON.
Best Regards,
Freddy Tinajero.
Thanks for a good presentation of a revered well wished of mankind.
His holiness the Dalai Lama has dominated the googles all circles 
Peace and Christian love to You!!!
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