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His Holiness the Dalai Lama Wins the 2012 Templeton Prize

The Templeton Foundation's statement said - "The Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader whose long-standing engagement with multiple dimensions of science and with people far beyond his own religious traditions has made him an incomparable global voice for universal ethics, nonviolence, and harmony among world religions, has won the 2012 Templeton Prize." The statement further said, the Dalai Lama " has vigorously focused on the connections between the investigative traditions of science and Buddhism as a way to better understand and advance what both disciplines might offer the world."
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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats, but I thought you weren't supposed to care about material things? ;)
dalai lama is the greatest personality in the world.
gd liu
+Clint Coady Just because he received a reward doesn't mean he's lusting for material wealth, does it?
Dub Cee
i always respect him so i hope all Mongolian religionist....
you are chief! make you as gad.
All Brothers & Sisters:
What will happened if USA & China had reached for understanding about Tibet...What is the future fate of the Dalai Lama...???
I think no body will here from him...Because of the overlapping interests of US-China political relations.
no longer young,still naive
hello when you arrive in Mongolia? We waiting every our life.....
Congratulations to His Holiness Dalai Lama...........
The best part is meeting all those people which = to moments and stories they carry. Tough many moments would have been but glad the journey was this song with this music and lyrics. I would love something like this in my life but i do not have the courage to stand and among people..... i love they way you interact and talk, unique.
Thanks for your help and knowledge, sharing and spreading your wisdom through your examples...
I wish there were more accolades that you could receive but mostly I wish you could take a step as a free man in your home country
I wonder if he would get all that recognition if he wasn't coddled, cultured, cultivated, groomed, prepared, & acknowledged by the faith the people of his culture have in the belief that 1 is everything and nothing in all it's various degree's... and no named thing has a value since an unknown value can be placed on what may not be significant to one but to another would be... Though i do believe in his ability... but without speaking and only hearing of him and his ways...
Dear Dalai Lama..have you read the letters that every one knows about and talking about it.. pray you well, r.c.v.y
Your religios of peace and what you are doing for it,is greatful. I think,Your Holiness that we can to do many thing for better world, because all are in our hands. Pease and truth wish to you. Anser is our hearts good will 
Many many thanks to DALAI LAMA for his great contribution in this critical world.From the darkest site of the underground we always try to see the light of hope through this kind of people.DALAI LAMA you are one of them.May be our religion,boundaries are varies one to another,but the meaning of peace is same to all...
I have no words than can say how beautiful this photo is, its got character.
I had a privilege to see him once when he was in was a true breath taking moment for me.
bill Lu
Congrats! I hope I can meet him someday.
Pity that the Templeton Prize has such a shameful legacy...
Ah yes, the Templeton Prize. The least prestigious thing you can be awarded. Are you willing to prop up religion by pretending the utterly opposed techniques of faith and empiricism mesh together just fine despite being an intelligent person who knows better? If yes, here's your pile of cash. The Templeton Prize is a political tool with an agenda.
+Franco Cabral money on his car insurance by switching to gieco. GTFO. "jesus" has caused more people to be murdered then any other religious figure. On top of that.. he never even existed. HOLY SHIT.. is jesus.
独裁者 五毛 反对分裂 就如同 黑社会 流氓 热爱和平 一样搞笑。Made in china。
you should act more like a Shaolin monk
Read the Dalai Lama's book "The Universe in a Single Atom". He has nothing but respect for science and has tried over the years to augment traditional Buddhist thought to incorporate scientific discoveries.
Nicholas you know that Tibetan monks could easily hang out with Shaolin monks
peace and harmony are near Asian temples but the Shaolin monks have something that has been going on for years their iron body can stand anything but they're trained professionals so do not attempt it anywhere at any time unless you have permission from a proper instructor
Templeton is honoured by awarding this prize to Dalai Lama
Sa Sainteté le Dalaï Lama est un personnage des plus indispensables de nos jours dans ce monde. J'ai beaucoup de reconnaissance envers lui.
It's awesome when someone can devote their entire life to something like this. He deserves it. Congratulations.
Great monks are still burning themselves, about time you stopped polishing your awards and taking pats on the head from those destroying the world and the lives of those without power or position. Do your job there is only one truth and it doesn't hand out awards.
+jimmy lee I thought it was about faith, not facts? Or are we bending that now to make a point?

Congrats Lama. Those who wish to compare you and yours to a religion know very little.
The world would be a better place if we all tried to practice putting others first. Then our needs would be fulfilled.
Congratulations! Well deserved!
Christopher Franko,you are very wrong. If you say,that all is nothing,you are the peack of this nothing
well deserved its good to know people are out there in the world who are standing for non-violence!
Congratulations +Dalai Lama ! Thank you for feeding our hearts and minds with words of wisdom that will make us better humans.
i'm a fan of your religion but not the one that practice it , they got it all right till the part they try to proof who is wrong and fake cant they see they are all the same
All the haters can go back to Facebook! Even if the award has an agenda and is practically worthless, at least they're giving it to someone worthwhile and not just another politician. Keep Jesus out of these arguments, he's just a carpenter.
I'd like to meet the dairy llama, and I'm a Christian
be omid rozy ke consertet toye meydon azady bashe
+Kevin Hopkins The award is worse than merely worthless. It's actually of negative worth. It's detrimental to have the award in existence because it teaches the lie that faith is compatible with science. It is not. They are directly opposed methods of thought, and the only reason people have successfully been able to practice both is because humans are good at cognitive dissonance.
Can you invest in my project Dalai Lama?
M Tam
How can I find inter peace in my heart?
my grandama is your biggest fan she buddhist
The Dalai Lama is indeed an extremely admirable person with a LOT of Klout! BUT, Buddhism is a non-Theistic philosophy following the 'Eight Fold Path', but it is the wrong path! The Bible tells us that only a fool follows his own understanding!
Really?Humour Prize?
congrats dalai lama u really deserved
B Kelly
Congratulations! May you continue to spread your wisdom.
+Greg Knapp We all follow our own understanding. You for instance, have just taken your understanding and applied it towards a post on Google+, as I am pretty sure the bible didnt tell you to do it.
I am happy for the Dalai Lama, and agree with the award. For those who disagree, I respect and honor your right to do so. May we all find peace and wisdom ... wherever it is we look to find it.
+Doni elle Google+ puts him in our "What's Hot" section whether we like it or not.
He is prejudiced against gays. Not very enlightened of him.
and you have to comment? nothing is compelling anyone to be hateful on here, you have to go and post to do that. so no excuse. if you don't want to see the what's hot, then make a circle for reading and just read that.
I really like they way he talked, he is a happy person!!
it's just small tribute to this Guru .
+Don Ciomei Stop being a hater by deliberately mislabeling everyone you disagree with here as a hater, hypocrite.
ei mann der weiss was er macht
you have to have the God in your hearts if you want to have life.
Great effort to Dalia Lama.i wish those staborn politician soon see what he's about.
+Greg Knapp I find it funny when religious people argue with each other over who has the right answer. When it's faith based, there's no way to resolve that argument because there's no agreed upon need to make beliefs agree with evidence - so nobody can tell anyone they're wrong because faith is all subjective. It's why religions fight each other - because there isn't a way to prove somebody wrong and get them to accept it when faith trumps evidence. So what should be debates become wars instead.
This picture says to me,he is a wise old man with a story to tell about his life. He has live a long life with lots of knowlege to share.
Nata m
You are an amazing religious boss!
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
you better find JESUS before its too late!!!!!!!!!! CAUSE HELL IS REAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #JESUS IS THE ONLY LIVING GOD(AMEN)
The beauty of God's creation that we all find our own way in believing and not judging another for their way to believe...
Congrats, but I would have to agree about the Chuck Norris comment!!! LoL PeaCe <>><
Matt V
What does the Dali lama do exactly? 
Wait the Dalai Lama is accepting materialistic and ego stroking prizes?

Dawn dawn dawn...
When wie al achieve the level of humanity that Dalai Lama practice, then will be peace on Earth...
If I'm not mistaken, is sinful 2 commit suicide in Buddhism. How come nobody try 2 prevent them, for Buddha sake. Please..don't just keep mum, preach them 2 the truth ways. Keep up the KARMA~ cause and effect.
I Like your firmness, to express your Beliefs in the None existence of God. Although I'am in opposite spectrum, to your beliefs?,I nee to make this comment, because of your own comment. That in fact, opens the door for my self to also express self in regard to what I see and find, also a fact, and I might add, and been said (your) fact, a negative opinion, against, all living beings. What this post underline is the Work of a man for Humanity. The disciplined of the Lama, can be seeing as a religion, by peoples incapable of supporting what Humans are supporting just to keep Humanity a life in this World. this you don't believed because you believed you are human??, Right??
+Rihard Svetec If people could achieve peace in an internet thread about a man receiving an award, I would be surprised enough...
Can none of you people spell?
Leaders who advocate PEACEFUL means of conflict resolution are those we should put in power.
Congratulations your holiness - a fitting and super tribute - Ts
Well then,your name should be Tiger Lama lols :)
Translate are you a ninja... Me How Viginia...... waaa yaaaaa!!!!!!.....
just kidding ninja dude don't kick my ass ok... whats a dali lama? i think i had that put on my angus BLT or somthing one night.
I'm sorry, cat. You gotta give unto Caesar no matter what race he is
His holiness the Dalai Lama, so confident on his philosophy that even put it to the test of science. Awesome.
Hang in there bud...your time is coming.
+Pablo Diaz I like your comment, but I want to point out that it's not confidence in his philosophy. I saw him speak in DC, and he said that he would throw out his philosophy if it were shown to be false. He is not committed to a philosophy, but to truth.
It's +1 now, get it through your thick lama head! :D JK
Platitudes. Words are cheap. The Dalai Lama sounds like the Pope. What about some wise words from the Lama about justice and what the oppressed should do in the face of violence? Are they supposed to just suck it up or have they the right to defend themselves? The Irish and Americans gained their independence through taking up arms as well as other strategies. The Greek motto is "Liberty or Death." What does the Dalai Lama think about this?
@Sean Kenan: You have misunderstood "Liberty or Death" and non-violence. Liberty or death doesn't imply that you kill others for your liberty, only that you reject all forms of oppression (including violence). Instead it means you should choose death over committing violence or oppression.
Tell that to the Greeks. What are your thought on the American War of Independence? Do you think Washington should have not killed British troops; that he should have acted non violently and allowed his troops to accept their bullets?
+Sean Kenan You're getting way ahead of yourself. You're making a vast number of assumptions that you don't even realize. The situations you describe didn't magically occur; they resulted from the actions of many people before that. Think about the roots of the events, it is there that you will escape the gray issues and see with moral clarity.

Specifically, it is the initiation of force which is wrong. IF the soldiers you refer to were defending themselves, that is not the initiation of force. If they had ulterior motives, then it was the initiation of force. Don't confuse defense with aggression.
That is pretty sick, lol, i still not find any Tibetan buddhism temple in Toronto
+Sean Kenan It is a common mistake to think that Americans won independence through violence, but that is obviously incorrect if you look at Canada or India. Violence, as always, hindered freedom, and it was despite the violence that the US "won" independence. Far more important were the non-violent economic and cultural changes that made the majority reject the oppression of the British.
Best Wishes your Holiness, Thank you for all you do to bring Peace to the world.
Muchas felicidades Dalai Lam se lo merece por su lucha =)
For once it is given to a person very worthy. Your Holiness I hold you in the highest respect. You are an inspiration for the human race. Heidrun Kuegerl
Joe Li
Congratulations, that is a well deserved honor!
Well done, those who's deeds are humble in purpose but far reaching in impact will always be recognized by other as impactfull and wise.
Kesenangan, kebahagian dan kesedihan ....adalah sesuatu yang harus dirasakan setiap manusia ...... semoga ALLAH melindungi orang2 yang berjalan di rel ....KEBENARAN ..... amien ....
达赖尊者恭喜你 你 会不会汉语喔 我的英语不好
Living symbol of love and peace.A man who represents a nation without any doubt.Whatever honour we may confer to him to be glorified ourselves still he will be alone to cherish his dream within himself under the ugly Eco-Politic struggles and wars of rich-powerful countries of the world.Only we can hope on this occasion someday will come when peace and love will reign the world and millions of Dalai Lamas voice proclaim today`s dream of silent Dalai lama.
I am an agnostic atheist, unsure and unknowing of what I believe. I have always found great wisdom in his holiness' words. He brings hope and promise to the world where there already is too little faith. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world!
Congratulation!!!!Change is Coming...
Congratulations to His Holiness who is always deserving of any and all awards he receives. I would take issue with the word "incomparable" in the award narrative. There are other voices. But there can be no question at all that His Holiness' is among the leading voices for good.Despite his rigorous life of self-discipline and self-sacrifice, His Holiness always bears that charming smile on his beautiful visage.
Congratulations, Dalai-BLESS YOU /|\
Yes, a perfect choice for this honor!!!
The only thing His "Holiness" is engaged in is a misguided effort to bring himself into power and pushing impressionable young people to do selfish acts i.e. suicide in the name of a lost cause. Shame on Mr. Dalai Lama!
I do not believe that at all. I think he just wants to do what his creator/annihilator chooses for his betterment. China should withdraw from Napal and return the people they displaced from there and remoive them it sent there. I am not Buddist or Napaleese, I am Beast and think it is wrong when nations reach out against other nations to enter their lands and do violences by their flesh.
beast i think you dont know what your talking about ,anyone that calls them selves the beast has problems
A recognition well-deserved.
as a frnd frm heart i'm very very happy.Lord Buddha blss u...
Thank you, for your prayers...............
Congrat's Your Holiness. Well deserved and fitting reward would be return to Tibet Homeland for Government-in-Exile.
I am looking at my volcanic rock statue of Buddha right now. I am proud to be a Buddhist.
First I m proud to be a Buddhist flower.His live long is my dream for non-violence.
thanks for allowing the free-flowing trade of high quality hashish!! Legend :)
That is not having an affect in Syria is it ?
If this guy thinks that religions will ever be able to live in peace together , he is madder than I thought .
that is true in a way. but atleast he could try.........
It is great to see you getting the Prize. Congrats....

Vhaskar Mukherjee
I meet him twice in my life.First at University for Peace,at Costa Rica .Second at National Endowment for Democracy meeting, the Unfinished Revolution at Washington D.C.
Peace be with you and the rest of the UNIVERSE'S children.
+Nicholas Howard you are only part right. Buddhism as a belief system is science neutral, despite encouraging analysis and not just blind belief. But within the various systems of Buddhism, tho little practiced widely by the masses until modern times are various mental and positive pychological systems who's practices and results have achieved both a degree of repetition and now confirmation with FMRI... Many of these practices have widespread apllicability in non religious or even antireligious settings, but the do serve to undescore the narratives of the Buddha Dharmas psychological systems, if not any supernatural beliefs.
A fair question is not whether everything in it is right, but to hold it up to its main claims..."Does Buddhism relieve suffering?" There is scientific and medical evidence to YES, in ways considered Falsifiable, and verifiable and repeatable and thus scientific.
one of the courageous men in this world
nonvoilence? do you think self-immolation is spiritual rite?too many west people were cheated by him.
+mingming peng 如果我没记错的话,达赖已经不支持自焚了。
The Chinese people have no right to criticise a man who has espoused nonviolence amazingly taking a stance of forgiveness toward those who so horribly abused his people both in the past and in the present!
337 comments, is any body reading those comments? Just wondering, not even time to check if anybody commented my comment :-)
greatest man and most loving. long live H.H
lord Buddha all person, who do help other person/nature/wild .
Yeh Dude!! woo!! Im gonna win that prize some day...
saadar pranaam his holiness ........badhai.
What science or religion has ever stopped wars? On the contrary, both have always been the cause for more wars!!! Look at what's happening since the wars of the colonialists-it seems non-stop!!!
Science or religion does not outright cause wars. Humans do. Religion is used as a very bad and misunderstood excuse to conduct war, and research into weaponry and technically speaking, science, is a result of warfare. If you look at history, periods of war have sparked many discoveries within science. Take for example Florence Nightingale, a nurse who revolutionized the art of taking care of wounded with respect to hygiene, is a result of the crimean war. The V-2 rocket revenge weapon during WWII by the Germans resulted to become the predecessor of the space race during the cold war. Science helps us achieve our goals, whether they're malicious or peaceful, I wouldn't say science is a cause of war in itself.

I think it's important that people understand that we all have different opinions, and that there will always be conflicts as long as we disagree with each other. Whether it be moral questions, or ways to reach our goal. Buddhism promotes peace and tranquility, that are efficient values. However, I would like to point out that Christianity, Islam etc, other major religions, also promote such values. Some people interpret their religion is a rather far fetched manner though... for example the line in the bible that says "Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination." makes some people believe that it condemns homosexuality. Now I know it's up to each individual to interpret this line in their own mind, but I think such things should be personal, not forced onto others.

I would like to express to Dalai Lama on the situation of Tibet. Much hatred has been directed at China due to the current situation. And while I can understand that what the authorities do can be inefficient and morally "wrong" (we all have different thoughts on right and wrong), I think some focus should be directed at the tibetans themselves. Last time I visited the area, I saw disturbing things. While tourists showed little respect for the great artwork of the Potala Palace (whom's now closed), I found tibetans not to be the "peaceful people" portrayed in the media. I saw a dispute between an elderly monk and apparently a tourist where the result was the elderly monk hitting the astonished tourist and shoving him out of the temple. I also saw a dispute between a Chinese driver and a tibetan driver who got into a row about who touched the other's car first that resulted in damage on the two cars. A crowd gathered around them to see the tibetan call for his friend and beat the chinese down until he was lying bleeding on his car hood while the perpetrators fled the scene. While I did want to help him out somehow, my relatives told me to stay out of it due to how the Chinese police can work.

There are other bright sides of course. I've met many friendly monks who gladly tried to communicate with me, telling me about their lifestyles etc, and I would like to tell people that while there will always be violent, disrespectful and arrogant people, there are always other ones who have a kind heart that are willing to lend a helping hand.
So please do not label China as the evil nation and Tibet as the good separatists, because it's very very narrow sighted to look on situations as black and white.
I express my greatest sympathies to people who have suffered under Chinese rule, and also to the han-Chinese population in Tibet that have suffered from violence acted on them due to their country of origin.
i definitely agree with the above comment
May you continue to inspire millions around the world ohm mani pademe uhm
Free Tibet
Jun He
wei wu。。。。
hello dalai lama
please read the leo tulestoi and mohammad .
i am kurdish .
Yes, his love is spreading as we start remember we are "ONE" Thank you to his Holiness
your holiness, may the grace of our lord Jesus Christ show you the way,the truth ,and the light.amen.
Congrats Buddha people on the murder of thousands of innocent muslims
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